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Company ProfileSince 1944, Marco has developed a strong tradition of providing innovative and reliable products and services to thesurface preparation and protective coatings industries. We are the world’s premier provider of Abrasives, BlastingEquipment, Coating Equipment, Engineered Systems, Rental Equipment, Safety Equipment, Service, and Repair.Through innovative designs and a total commitment to quality, Marco manufactures products that increase productionrates, create a safer workplace, and reduce maintenance costs. Marco’s industry experience, manufacturingcapabilities, legendary customer service, product availability, logistics services, and technology leadership is yourassurance that we deliver high quality products and services, providing the best value to you, our customer.The Marco Difference I ndustry Experience – With Marco on your team, you have access to expertise which can only come fromdecades of industry leadership. We have organized our engineering department, production specialists, customeroperations, and safety support into a “Center of Competence.” As a Marco customer, you have access to hundredsof years of cumulative experience related to your operations. M anufacturing Excellence – Marco is a U.S. based, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of equipment for theSurface Preparation and Protective Coatings industries. Marco’s engineers benchmark the industry to ensure thatwe design and manufacture superior products that set the “Gold Standard” for performance, safety, and quality. L egendary Customer Service – Marco’s legendary customer service team is staffed by friendly, highly-trainedindividuals who are focused on providing the highest level of product support, order accuracy, and customersatisfaction. P roduct Availability – We stock over 10,000 SKU’s and have over 45 shipping locations to serve North Americanand International markets for all major brands of blasting and painting equipment. As the largest provider of surfacepreparation and protective coatings equipment in the world, our inventory levels and product availability areunmatched. L ogistics Services – Marco’s in-house logistics team is dedicated to moving your shipment anywhere in the world.We move over 14,000 truckloads every year, allowing you to save on freight costs by leveraging our buying power.Lower your process costs with a single invoice, which includes product and freight. T echnology Leadership – Our website provides: Operator’s Manuals, Part Numbers and Schematics Guides,MSDS information, and Features and Specifications Guides, providing access to information 24/7. Our Extranetapplication allows you to receive quotes and place orders online. Our Intranet maintains a complete record of yourpurchase history to assist with ongoing support of your existing equipment and future purchasing decisions.Vision StatementMarco is the world’s premier provider of Abrasives, Blasting Equipment, Coating Equipment, Engineered Systems,Rental Equipment, Safety Equipment, Service, and Repair.Mission StatementMarco provides strong leadership and innovation to the surface preparation and protective coatings industriesWe dedicate our efforts to the continuous improvement of our products, services, processes, people, and mostimportantly, the quality of our customer’s experience.Quality PolicyMarco is committed to providing superior quality in the design, manufacturing, distribution, rental, service, and repairof our products. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification extends throughout all operations in all locations. Continuousimprovement of our processes and supply chain Integration comprise the core of our business strategy for deliveringexceptional quality and value in all Marco products and services.Management PhilosophyWe are a company dedicated to the success of every customer and associate. We discuss, debate, challenge,measure, and test our ideas. We will be boundless and limitless in our passion to improve. Through soundleadership and dedicated associates, we will ensure a long term, profitable future for Marco, our associates,customers, and suppliers.2Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps

TABLE OF CONTENTSCompany Profile.2Table of Contents. 3Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps. 4-18Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps .4-5Xtreme Airless Sprayers. 6-7NXT Model 6500 Air Motor and Exhaust. 8-9220cc Lower Displacement Pump Repair Parts. 10-11Xtreme Seals Repair Kits. 12-13Tuff-Stack Repair Kits. 14-15X-Tuff Repair Kits. 16-17Filter Cap Series Key. 18Optional Accessories.19-21Suction Tubes and Accessories. 19High Pressure Ball Valves. 19Xtreme Airless Sprayer Stainless Steel Hopper. 20-21Maintenance Notes.22-23Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps3

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDEGRACO XTREME 60:1 AIRLESS SPRAYERSXXXXXXXXXXHopper Included6 Feet x 1/4" I.D.Airless Spray HoseXXXXXXDataTrakTMBuilt-In FilterXXXXXX50 Feet x 3/8" I.D.Airless Spray HoseXXXXXXXXTR 7Airless Spray L320GX60DL120GX60DL520GX60DW420GX60DW2HOSESWall MountPartNumbersLight-Weight CartHeavy-Duty CO XTREME 60:1 AIRLESS SPRAYER – SPECIFICATIONSOutput Per Cycle6,000 psiPump Lower Output per Cycle220ccMotorNXT 6500ccDe-Icing MotorYes Xtreme Seal and Leather PackingYes4Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDE*20GX60DH4 ShownGraco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps5

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDEGraco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray PumpsItem#Fig. 8107220G10010120G10013320G247312Heavy-Duty CartLightweight Cart1" Suction Tube1" NPT x Quick Connect, 6 ft. Suction Hose1" NPT x Quick Connect, 10 ft. Suction Hose (Wall-Mount Units)Elbow AdapterQuick Connect AdapterGround Assembly Wire with ClampStrainer InletHex Head Cap Mounting ScrewLock WasherAdapter Kit Plate(Includes Lock Nut and Adapter Plate)Air Control (Heavy Duty Cart)1/2" F x 3/8" M Swivel Union FittingXTR 7 Spray Gun for 55:1 – 90:1 ratio only (Not included with all models, see page 4)Fluid Hose (Nylon, 1/4" I.D. x 1/4" NPS (M), 6 ft.), 6100 psiFluid Hose (Nylon, 3/8" I.D. x 3/8" NPS (M), 50 ft.), 5800 psi3/8" x 1/4" NPT Reducing Nipple FittingSpray Pump (See page 4)Pump Lower (See pages 10-17)NXT Air Motor (See pages 8-9)Part Numbers and Schematics Guide – Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray PumpsPart Numbers and Schematics Guide – Graco XTR 7 Airless Spray GunOperator's Manual – Graco Xtreme Pump 3850*20G164856———206M540206M362209V508*Not included with all models, see page 46Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDEFigure 1: Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray PumpsGraco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps7

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDENXT Model 6500 Air Motor and ExhaustItem#Fig. 304120G120088NXT Model 6500 De-IcingAir MotorNXT Model 6500 De-IcingAir Motor with SensorNXT Model 6500 LowNoise MotorTop CoverCylinderBottom CoverPiston AssemblyPacking, V-block; NitrilePacking, Backup; LeatherRetaining RingPiston Bumper, includesMagnetPoppet(Includes Item #'s: 12a-12d)O-Ring, buna-NO-Ring, buna-NO-Ring, Backup, buna-NO-Ring, buna-N1/2-13 x 8" Hex Head Bolt,(203 mm)1/2-13 Nut with LockWasherMufflerPiston O-Ring, NitrileEnd Cap O-Ring, NitrileO-Ring, buna-NLift RingDe-Ice Exhaust Kit(Includes Item #'s: 20, 25,44, 56, and 57)Remote Exhaust Kit(Includes items 20, 44)Low Noise Exhaust Kit(Includes item #'s: 20, 22,25, 44, 54, 55, 56, and 57)1/4-20 x 1" Machine Screw,Hex Head, (25 mm)3/8-16 x 4" Screw (101 mm)8Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray 600—209V509Description1/4-20 x 2" Screw, ThreadForming, (51 mm)1/4-20 x 2-1/2" ThreadForming Screw, (63 mm)GasketValve Cover, OuterSafety LabelSafety LabelDeflector1/4-20 x 1/2" ThreadForming Screw, (13 mm)Exhaust SealGasket, buna-NPoppet MufflerBumperGround Screw, M5 x 0.8Lock Washer, 5 mmDe-Ice KnobExhaust DiffuserRepair Kit NXT 6500 AirMotor (Includes Item #'s: 7,8, 9, 17, 18, and 46)Operator's Manual –Graco NXT Air Motor

PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDEFigure 3: NXT Model 6500 Air Motor and ExhaustGraco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps9

10Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps

Sep 16, 2015 · 4 PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDE Graco Xtreme 60:1 Airless Spray Pumps GRACO XTREME 60:1 AIRLESS SPRAYER – SPECIFICATIONS Output Per Cycle 6,000 psi Pump Lower Output per Cycle 220cc Motor NXT 6500cc De-Icing Motor Yes Xtreme Seal and Leather Packing Yes Part Numbers GRACO

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115: 115cc Xtreme 250: 250cc Xtreme 145: 145cc Xtreme 290: 290cc Xtreme 180: 180cc Xtreme Filter/Packings: 1: No built-in filter with Xtreme Seal (3) Leather (2) 2: Built-in filter with Xtreme Seal (3) Leather (2) 3: No built-in filter with TuffStack (5) 4: Built-in filter with TuffStack (5) Example: L115C1 is a 115cc Xtreme lower with

4 PART NUMBERS AND SCHEMATICS GUIDE Graco Xtreme 45:1 Airless Spray Pumps Part Numbers GRACO XTREME 45:1 AIRLESS SPRAYERS MOUNT Built-In Filter DataTrak TM Hopper Included XTR 5 Airless Spray Gun HOSES Heavy-Duty Cart Light-Weight Cart Wall Mount 50 Feet x 3/8" I.D.

Airless Accessories Airless Spray Guns Gun and Hose Kits Airless Tips Tip Guards, Seals & Gaskets Airless Hose & Hose Fittings Pressure Rollers & Accessories Pole Guns & Accessories Strainers & Filters Fluids and Pump Lowers “Graco equipment is known for its reputation and accessibility for pa

The Graco e-Xtreme Electric Airless Sprayer is the world’s first electric sprayer for protective coatings approved for hazardous locations. The e-Xtreme sprayer operates on a more reliable, convenient and

in the airless sprayer market. As the industry leader, Graco offers the largest line of quality painting equipment and accessories in the world. Graco has achieved high market preference—painting contractors have known and trusted the Graco name for over 40 years. Graco works hard to meet the needs of today’s painting contractor. Ongoing

PARTS Ultra Max 695 Airless Paint Sprayers 3300 psi (227 bar, 22.7 MPa) Maximum Working Pressure 220–240 VAC Type Series Hi-boy Lo-boy 695 B 245004 245005 A 246927 100–120 VAC Type Series Hi-boy Lo-boy 695 B 245006 245007 245008 GRACO INC. P.O. BOX 1441 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55440–1441 COPYRIGHT 2001, GRACO INC. Graco Inc. is registered to Location: 245004 . . . . . . .

All Graco manufacturing locations are registered to ISO 9001. Revised 10/20111 Graco Standard Warranty Graco warrants all equipment referenced in this document which is manufactured by Graco and bearing its name to be free from defects in material and workmanship on the date of

Organizations have to face many challenges in modern era. The same is the position in schools and collages as they are also organizations. To meet the challenges like competition, efficient and economical uses of sources and maximum output, knowledge of management and theories of management is basic requirement. Among Management Theories, Classical Management Theories are very important as .