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ADC-20 and ADC-24High-Resolution Data LoggersUser's Guideadc20.en r7

IContentsContents1 Welcome . 12 General information . 21 Conformance . 22 Software license conditions . 23 Trademarks . 24 Warranty . 35 Minimum system requirements . 36 Long term support . 33 Getting started . 41 Connecting the data logger . 42 Checking the installation . 44 About the unit . 81 DB25 analog connector . 82 ADC-20/ADC-24 terminal board . 93 LED . 95 Glossary . 10adc20.en r7Copyright 2005–2019 Pico Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.

ADC-20 and ADC-24 User's Guide11WelcomeThank you for buying a PicoLog ADC-20 or ADC-24 from Pico Technology!The ADC-20 and ADC-24 high resolution data loggers are multichannel, high-accuracy USB data loggersfor use with PCs. Features such as true differential inputs, galvanic isolation and software-selectablesample rates all contribute to a superior noise-free resolution.The 8 channel ADC-20 is equipped with a 20-bit A/D converter, and can maintain a gain error of 0.2%.The four true differential inputs may be configured as eight single-ended inputs or any combination inbetween, such as two differential and four single-ended.The 16 channel ADC-24 is equipped with a 24-bit A/D converter, and can maintain a gain error of 0.1%.The eight true differential inputs may be configured as 16 single-ended inputs or any combination inbetween.Power and connection to a PC or laptop is through a USB 1.1, USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. Using our PicoLog datalogging software, you can record, monitor and analyze collected data, even exporting to third-partyapplications such as Microsoft Excel.PicoLog software is free to download from and can be used with anylaptop or PC running Windows, macOS or Linux.The following items are suppl

· ADC-20 or ADC-24 High-Resolution Data Logger · Quick Start Guide For detailed technical information, please refer to the ADC-20 and ADC-24 Data Sheet. An optional PP310 ADC-20/ADC-24 Terminal Board is designed for use with both data loggers. For simple applications, you can connect sensor wires to the screw terminals on the terminal board,

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DAC DAC ADC ADC. X19532-062819. Figur e 2: RF-ADC Tile Structure. mX0_axis Data Path ADC VinX0 mX1_axis Data Path ADC VinX1 mX2_axisData Path ADC VinX2 mX3_axis Data Path ADCVinX3 mX3_axis mX1_axis ADC mX0_axis Data Path ADC Data Path ADC VinX_23 VinX_01 Data Path Data Path Dual RF-ADC Tile Quad RF-ADC Tile. X23275-100919. Chapter 2: Overview

2. ADC Clock: Clock synthesis circuit to provide required clock frequency to the ADC 3. ADC Supply & Reference: Power supply circuits to provide analog and reference supplies to the ADC Designing for best possible performance MPC57xx SAR ADC Implementation and Use, Rev 0, 06/2014 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 5

The ADC-20 and ADC-24 are designed to measure voltages in the range 2.5 volts, but are protected against overvoltages of 30 volts. Any voltages outside the overvoltage protection range may cause permanent damage to the unit. Mains (line) voltages. The ADC-20 and ADC-24 data loggers are not designed for use with mains (line) voltages. Safety .

An ADC refers to a system that converts an analog signal into a digital signal. ADC architectures, notably the Flash ADC, Successive Approximation Register (SAR) ADC and the Pipeline ADC have evolved over the years, each offering one advantage over the other. High speed of operation while resolving a high number of bits with

2 Proposed Pipeline ADC Architecture . A novel design of 9 bit pipeline architecture is shown in Fig.1. 9-bit pipeline ADC architecture is built using 3 stages. Each stage of the pipeline ADC Architecture Consists of Sa mple and hold block, Flash ADC, DAC and summer, which gives 3 bit output. Fig.1 9 bit pipeline architecture. 2.1 Sample and .

PC boArD AND PANel moUNT ADC SerieS OPTI NS: Add designator(s) to end of part number RT PC Board Retention Feature (Type 007 & 009 only) HT Hi-Temp insulator for Hi-Temp soldering processes up to 260 C N Notch option, (ADC-002 only) ADCH DC Power Jack Hi-Current 5 Amp Version ORDERING INFORMATION ADC 002 1 SE RINDCATO ADC DC Power Jack .

Rev.A, 10/08, WK Page 1 of 12 MT-022 TUTORIAL ADC Architectures III: Sigma-Delta ADC Basics . by Walt Kester. INTRODUCTION . The sigma-delta (-ΔΣ) ADC is the converter of choice for modern voiceband, audio, and high-

patience and understanding during the long and comprehensive revision process. We believe you will find it was well worth the wait. Deborah E. Wilson, DrPH, CBSP L. Casey Chosewood, M.D. Director Director Division of Occupational Office of Health and Safety Health and Safety Centers for Disease Control National Institutes of Health and Prevention Bethesda, Maryland Atlanta, Georgia September .