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Community WorshipThursday, February 27, 2014Davis Chapel

Today in WorshipPlease silence all electronic devices during worship.Gatherinq Call ! " # Welcome andto WorshipUyai Mose / Come* Song: "Come All You People/Uyai Mose" All You PeopleSki Szymanski (MDiv/MA '17)Lift Every Voice 3 Text: Alexander Gondo, b.1936Tune: Alexander Gondo, b.1936; arr. by John L. Bell, b.1949, 1994, Iona Community, GIA Publications, Inc., agentCenterinqConfessionOne:All:Josh Godwin (MDiv '16)Christ came bathed in light, dazzling and radiant:Forgive us, God, when we linger too long by the waters, and on themountaintops, enthralled with the glory that flows from you.1

One:All:One:All:Christ came appearing with Elijah and Moses:Forgive us, God, for demanding exclusive expressions of faith even in the faceof your expansive vision. Like Peter, we often want to stay on the mountain.“It’s good for us to be here. Let’s get comfortable.” We are also oftentempted to keep the experience of the Divine to ourselves, to enjoy thecompany of the saints instead of going back down the mountain to continue thework of the Kingdom of God.He came while a voice was shouting, “this is my Beloved; listen!”Forgive us, God, for silencing the voices of the other struggling to praise yourname. When we fail to listen to your voice leading and guiding us, shake us fromour contentment and send us forward endowed with your power.* AssuranceOne:All:Whether we hear a voice from the heavens or a still small voice in our hearts,listen carefully for the love of God. Let us believe and accept God’s love and livein God’s freedom.We believe! Thanks be to God!* Sung Response: “Glory to God, Whose Goodness Shines on Me”2

ProclaiminqScripture Reading: Matthew 17:1-9SermonLi Hooper (MDiv ‘15)Rayce Lamb (MDiv ‘16)Nicole Johnson (MDiv ‘16)Paula Wells (MDiv ‘14)Oliver M. Thomas (MDiv ‘10)Glory toto GodGod Sampler:SamplerSampler:Sampler LayoutLayout 5/3/20125/3/2012 11:0711:07 AMAM PagePage 6666GloryRespondingDean Gail R. O’DayJUSTICE ANDAND RECONCILIATIONRECONCILIATIONJUSTICE38* Song: “For Everyone Born”For Everyone BornE Cantor or AllA2EA2### # # ## 1212 ŒŒ Cantorj or Allj#j.&8œ &8 œœ œœ œœ œ . ŒŒ œœj œœ œœ œœ œœ œjj œ .œ œ.1122334455Forborn,ev -- eryery -- oneone born,For evForman,wom -- anand man,For woman andold,for old,Foryoung andFor youngand forjust,Forand unjust andun -- just,For justForone born,born,For evev -- eryery -- ,ble,ble,ble,ble,ble,ble,ble,EA2BBA2B sussusB## ## ## ## EŒ jj612j612Œ.œjœ.Œœ&œœœ8œ8&œœ œœ œœ œ œ . œ œœ 8 œ œ 8 . œœ . Œ .#F # m7## ## ## ##F Œm7Œ&&foroneery -- onefor evev -- eryretheing thevis -- ingre -- vistoaa voicebevoice to beer,aa -- busbus - er, aa -outwith -- outlive withto livetoborn,wacleanborn, cleanterwa -- terroles,de -- cidroles, deingcid -- ingaheard,partheard, ainpart inbused,with needbused, withtoneed toandfear,plysim -- œj œœ œœ œœ œœ . œœ œœj œœ œœ œœ œœ œœj œœ .E/GE/Gshelaater, aashel -- ter,withanddom andwis -- domwith wisaatheofhands ofthe handsger,anininan - ger, ininspeakto speakwork, toto ut,out,A2A2aadidiininaatotoBB sussussafesafe placeplace-- vidvid -- inginghandshands thatthatmindmind - setsetwit -- nessnesswitforforthetheareareofofandandgrowgrow -powpow -wrinwrin -mermer -wor -worEBB sussus## ## ## ## EŒŒ jj6j6j.&œœœ8&œœ œœ œœ œ œ . œ œœ 8 œœ . œœ œœ œœforforforforforforforforforforevev -- eryborn,ery -- oneone born,womman,wom -- anan andand man,youngforandold,young and for old,justunandjust,just and un - just,evoneeryborn,ev - ery - one born,#aaaathetheaathethestarstarsyssys -rightrightnewnewrightrightovero -- vertemthat’stem that’sbetobetowaytoway E121288 .E-- head.head.fair.fair.-- sussusBAll E## ## ## ## BŒŒ Alljjj.œœœœœjjj.œœœœœœœ&œœœœ&œœ œœ œœ œœœœœœ œœ œœRefrainRefrainŒŒ .BB sussusAndAnd GodGod willwill dede--lightlight whenwhen wewe areare crecre -- aa -- torstors ofof jusjus -- ticetice,,jœœjandandThis hymn from a noted New Zealand hymnwriter affirms that God’s hospitality transcends the barriersThis hymn from a noted New Zealand hymnwriter affirms that God’s hospitality transcends the barrierserected by human society and that we who have been created in God’s image are called to live in ways thaterected by human society and that we who have been created in God’s image are called to live in ways thatreflect our Creator’s values: justice and joy, compassion and peace.3

&####For ev - ery - one born,For wom - an and man,For young and for old,For just and un - just,For ev - ery - one born,# ##& # Ó.A2#### œ . œjœœœ œ œ œ j .œ&œœ œ œœ œ#God be with youAnd also with you.Lift up your hearts.We lift them to God.#C mjoy,GodB susshel - ter, aawith wis - dom andathe hands ofan - ger, ininto work, to speakspace,gracechildhurt,out,adiinatoœ œ œ œ.E/G#C m/Bwill de - light when we are cre - a - tors ofBŒ. œ œœ .(jus - tice and joy!B# # # # EŒ j6j&œ œ œ œ œ. œ œ 8s-vhamiAborn, cleanroles, de - cheard, apbused, with nandfear,sE/G# # # #F m7 jjŒ&œ œ œ œ œ. œ œ#for ev - ery - onere - vis - ing thea voice to bea - bus - er, a to live with - outj6Œ jœ œ œ œ œ. œ œ 8E12345##& # # œ.E#œcom - pas - sion and peace:U)Efor ev - ery - one born, aafor wom - an and man,thefor young and for old,afor just and un - just,for ev - ery - one born, thejœ œA2FineA2#œB susŒ. Œ.RefrainE/G# # # # BŒ Allj Eœ . œ&œ œ œ œj œ œœJUSTICE AND RECONCILIATIONœCommunionjus - tice,EÓ.And God will de-light when we arœ.BŒyes,B susŒ . Œ . .BTEXT: Shirley Erena MurrayMUSIC: Brian Mann, USAText 1998 Hope Publishing Co.Music 2006 Brian Mann. Admin. the General Board of Global Ministries.All rights reserved. Used by permission.This hymn from a noted New Zealand hymnwriter affirms thaterected by human society and that we who have been created ireflect our Creator’s values: justice and joy, compassion and pejœDean Gail R. O’DayAngel Lee (MDiv ‘17)Lindsey Altvater (MDiv ‘16)Andrew Burner (MDiv ‘16)InvitationBeloved in Christ,the Gospel tells us that on the first day of the weekJesus Christ was raised from death,appeared to Mary Magdalene,on that same day sat at the table with two disciples,and was made known to them in the breaking of the bread.This is the joyful feastof the people of God.Men and women,youth and children,come from the east and the west,from the north and the south,and gather about Christ’s table.The table is for all peoplewho wish to know the presence of Christand to share in the community of God’s people.Communion Prayer4

Let us give thanks to God Most High.It is right to give God thanks and praise.[The leader leads in thankfully recalling God’s great acts of salvation and concludes:]With your sons and daughters of faith in all places and times we praise you with joy.Sanctus [This will be sung; please follow the directions of the leader.]Holy, holy, holy LordGod of power and mightHeaven and earth are full of your glory.Blessed is the one who comesin the name of the Lord.Hosanna in the highest![The Leader continues the thanksgiving. The institution of the Lord’s Supper is recalled.The leader concludes:]“Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.”Let us proclaim the mystery of faith:Christ has died.Christ is risen.Christ will come again.[The Leader continues in prayer. The Holy Spirit is invoked to bless the gifts of the Table.The leader concludes:]Be present with us as we share this meal and throughout all our lives, that we may know youas the Holy One, who with Christ and the Holy Spirit, lives forever.Amen.Let us pray as Christ our savior has taught us:Lord’s Prayer5

Communion Song:meev -- er,er,evblood,blood,die,die,comecomemímína,ter -- na,tersan –– gre,gre,"IsanAmthera,ra,domunmun - doFatheun - lessliveyoushallliveyoushallnothavelifeshallnot have lifeshallliveyoushallliveyoushallthetoin -- totheintraselPamienmien - tras el Padráviten -- drávitendrávinoten -- drávinoBreadoftenLife"drá vivi -- dadaten -- drátenraparapa-- RefrainRefrain up,up,ré,ré, and II willwill raiseraiseyouandyouYoleresucita -Yo le re - su - ci - ta----therforforwith -withforforbeck - ons.ev -- you.inev -- nosnos llame.lla -- me.dreda e -- terna.ter -- na.da edati.endati.enEmilyHedrick(MDiv '16), cantorna.ter -- (MDiv '16), violinsal - Rachelvar - nos. And II willwill raiseraiseyouup,Andyouup,Yo lele rere -- susu -- cici -- tata -- ré,ré,Yo-youyou and II willwill raiseraiseandYo lele rere -- susu -Yo upupréréon thetheonelelyouyouci -- tata -ci day.lastday.lastde El.diadi - a de El.Text: John 6; Suzanne Toolan, SM, b.1927; translator unknownText:6; SuzanneToolan,SM, b.1927;translatorunknownTune:JohnBREADOF LIFE,Irregularwith refrain;SuzanneToolan, SM, b.1927; acc. by Diana Kodner, b.1957Tune:BREADLIFE,Irregularwith refrain;Inc.Suzanne Toolan, SM, b.1927; acc. by Diana Kodner, b.1957 1966,1970, OF1986,1993,GIA Publications, 1966, 1970, 1986, 1993, GIA Publications, Inc.Sendinq* Benediction Go in Peace, Go in LoveDean Gail R. O'Day* Song: "Go in Peace, Go in Love"4&b4 Go&b Go&b Go&b God2.&bw&bwinpeace.œ.jœ œ.jœtohopeœ . jœwithœGotoœœœ AndwGodlove.jœtowork1.œ œ wgoespray.wthe way.jœwith Œ œjœ andœ.Ó serve.œ. Ójœ inœ. you all .Text: Mary Louise Bringle, b.1953Tune: GIPGIL; Sally Ann Morris, b.1952 2011, GIA Publications, Inc.GoŒ œ œ. Óseek.ingoesÓjœ œ.œœyouAnd œœ œall.the way. As you leave the chapel, please be mindful of those who are working and learning in the building.* Please stand in body and/or spirit.6

Notes for Today’s WorshipAbout the Worship LeaderGail R. O'Day is Dean and Professor of New Testament and Preaching at the School of Divinity. Herscholarly research focuses on the Gospel of John, the Bible and preaching, and the history of biblicalinterpretation. She has written a number of books and articles, including the commentary on the Gospelof John in The New Interpreters Bible (1996) and Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary: A Guide(Abingdon Press, 2007). She is editor or co-editor of several volumes, including the Oxford Access Bible(Revised Edition Oxford University Press 2011), and the Theological Bible Commentary (Westminster JohnKnox Press, 2009). O'Day is currently General Editor of the Society of Biblical Literature book series, EarlyChristianity and its Literature. She is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.CommunionCommunion will be received by intinction today. Each station will have both bread and gluten-free wafers, and each chalice will hold both wine and grape juice. The wine in each chalice is closest to the piano(marked with a “W”) and the grape juice in each chalice is closest to the windows (marked with a “J”). Allare welcome to partake. We will be serving one another as directed by the celebrant.MusicAll music is reprinted with permission under License #A-722959 orCCLI License #11144687 unless otherwise noted.Playing alto sax with us today is our friend, Dave Reid.WorshipToday's worship service was planned by Dean Gail R. O’Day, Kenneth Pettigrew (MDiv ‘16), and AnalyseTriolo (MDiv ‘15).The altar design was created by Patti Parker (MDiv '14) and Analyse Triolo (MDiv '15).The Wake Divinity Dancers: Pia Diggs (MDiv ‘16), Maranda Greene (MDiv ‘16), and Analyse Triolo.Today’s communion liturgy was adapted by Kenneth Pettigrew (MDiv ‘16) from the United Church of ChristBook of Worship.The confession and assurance was adapted by Kenneth Pettigrew (MDiv ‘16) from liturgies by KatherineHawker at and Rev. Dr. David Bahr at Words of WelcomeThe Office of Admissions welcomes our guests who are joining us for the Wake Divinity Scholars Visit.Today's worship is enriched by your presence.Cover image created by Analyse Triolo using make the Earth a much healthier planet simply by saving paper.View this bulletin and previous versions online, using your mobile ortablet device, at

Apr 27, 2015 · 4 5 For For For For For young just ev ev wom ery ery an and and one and for un one born, born, man, old, just, E Cantor or All Œ j œœ œ œ œ œj œ. a a a a a place place place place place at at at at at the the the the the ta ta ta ta ta ble, ble, ble, ble, ble, A2-----& #### 8 6 8 Œ j 12 œœ œ œ œ. œ œj re a a to for ev vis voice .

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