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Friday, March 12INDIANAPOLIS6:00 PM - Dance Development Academ6:12 PM - Talent Factor6:15 PM - Formations Haus of Danc9:14 PM - AWARD2021regionalsSaturday, March 138:30 AM - Dance Xtrem11:05 AM - AWARD11:40 AM - Dance Kraz1:42 PM - Style Dance Academ2:00 PM - Rockford Dance Compan2:03 PM - Dayton Dance Conservator3:50 PM - AWARD4:30 PM - Studio4:33 PM - TDP Dance Compan5:04 PM - Dance Class Studi9:15 PM - AWARDSunday, March 147:00 AM - Prestige Arts Compan7:42 AM - Momentum Dance Companank youfor joining us!12:40 PM - AWARDS1:25 PM - Julias Dance Academ4:25 PM - AWARD5:05 PM - Eclipse Performing Art5:09 PM - Kaleidoscope Dance Compan5:33 PM - Creative Arts and Talent Studi8:35 PM - AWARD8:55 PM - HIGH SCORE AWARDSyoAGE DIVISIONLittle Bigwigs: 7 & undeMini: 8Junior: 10 - 1Teen: 13 - 1Senior: 16 - 24y0yyleyslyyyyor)SyeeSM24SSSSS4S0425SCORING SYSTEUp in the VIP (Hollywood Level Only) 295 - 30Diamond 283 - 29Platinum 275 - 28Gold 261 - 27Silver 246 - 269ThSCHEDULE OF EVENTSCOMPETITIVE LEVEL(in Mini, Jr, Teen, Sr onlyOff-Broadway - Recreational LeveBroadway - Intermediate LeveHollywood - Advanced Level

Meet the Judges.Aaron NedrickNicole WassermanTim FlatteryAaron attended the North East School ofthe Arts at the age of 13 and was trained inballet, tap, jazz and modern and performedin musicals such as "Cats" and "Beauty andthe Beast". He later attended OklahomaCity University for two years with a focus inDance Performance and then went toperform in the musicals "42nd Street" and"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" at Lyric Theatreof Oklahoma. Aaron then performed forRoyal Caribbean Cruise Lines for 3 yearsas a featured dancer, aerialist and singer inmany different shows and musicals onboard their ships. He most recently wascast the supporting role of Dante in thefeature Netflix film Honey: Rise Up andDance alongside Tiana Taylor and SierraMcClain working with choreographerJamaica Craft. And has played therecurring role of Jeff in the tv drama Clawson TNT.A Southern California native, NicoleWasserman grew up training under thedirection of former Joffrey ballerina ElizabethHuebner and master teacher Huggy Ford.She later spent several years traveling thecountry on scholarship with Tremaine DanceConventions and The Pulse. Nicole was ableto study under and assist faculty such asDoug Caldwell, Brian Friedman, and MiaMichaels to name a few. She then went on toreceive her bachelor's degree in Theatre Artsfrom California State University, Long Beach.Nicole has been sharing her love of dance forthe last 20 years through teaching, and herchoreography has been performed at theLatin Music Awards as well as competitionstages all over the United States. Shecurrently resides in Louisiana, teaching andchoreographing at award winning studiosaround the state. She recently accepted aposition teaching dance at Louisiana StateUniversity, and has enjoyed working with thestudents there. Nicole is thrilled to bespending the weekend with VIP and can'twait to see what the dancers have to share!Tim Flattery originally from Onaga Kansasbegan dancing at Studio 1 Dance Center.He attended The University of Kansaswhere he was a member of the Rock ChalkDancers and The University DanceCompany. After earning his B.F.A degreehe worked professionally on HollandAmerica Cruise Lines, for Broadway DanceCenter one for the New York Citycontemporary and modern companyBeings. Tim was a studio director for acompetitive studio in Kansas, the assistantcoach for The Rock Chalk Dancers as wellas the coach for a High School dance team.He is currently choreographing for studiosand universities all over the midwest alongwith pursuing his passion for judging.

Friday, March 126:00 PM Dance Development Academy1234My Boyfriends Back6:00 PMDance Development AcademyDuo/Trio Little Bigwigs JazzExistence6:03 PMDance Development AcademyDuo/Trio Broadway Junior ContemporaryWhen I Grow Up6:06 PMDance Development AcademyDuo/Trio Broadway Junior JazzI'll Keep You Safe6:09 PMDance Development AcademyDuo/Trio Off-Broadway Junior LyricalBellamy CainAlyvia FalerAshlin CollinsEmri MetzgerKinzley HaynesIsabella SuttonSamantha FranscoviakRuth Gutwein6:12 PM Talent Factory5Wildfire6:12 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Teen JazzMackenzie Schick6:15 PM Formations Haus of Dance6789101112Human6:15 PMFormations Haus of DanceSolo Off-Broadway Teen ContemporaryPerfect6:18 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Junior LyricalHeads Will Roll6:21 PMFormations Haus of DanceSolo Broadway Senior JazzEverybody Rock And Roll6:24 PMTalent FactoryLarge Group Off-Broadway Teen Musical TheatreThe Academy6:28 PMDance Development AcademySmall Group Off-Broadway Junior Hip-HopChloe BelcherLilly ThomasLaci SundquistChloe SmithEmma MarshallMadison MaxwellSimon PetersAbbriel RingenBraylin ShepperdMaisie ToosleyEli SloanKara CulleyNatalie McphersonVanessa SchultzAlyvia FalerEmri MetzgerRuth GutweinHere I Come6:31 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Teen JazzRock This Town6:34 PMTalent FactorySmall Group Off-Broadway Mini OpenEmily KonzMackenzie SchickOlivia ParkerZoey MeisbergerAshlin CollinsIsabella SuttonSamantha FranscoviakHannah PierceBlake LagrangeNeo HoustonDella DiningerGenevieve Schultz

131415161718192021222324252627Bruises6:37 PMFormations Haus of DanceSmall Group Off-Broadway Teen ContemporaryFearless6:40 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Junior Acro DanceA Friend Like Me6:43 PMDance Development AcademyDuo/Trio Off-Broadway Mini OpenStand Up6:46 PMDance Development AcademySolo Little Bigwigs ContemporaryYou Say6:49 PMDance Development AcademySolo Little Bigwigs LyricalSong For Viola6:52 PMFormations Haus of DanceSolo Off-Broadway Junior ContemporaryWhat The World Needs Now6:55 PMDance Development AcademySolo Little Bigwigs LyricalA Dream Is A Wish6:58 PMDance Development AcademySolo Little Bigwigs LyricalShake The Room7:01 PMDance Development AcademySolo Little Bigwigs OpenBeautiful People7:04 PMFormations Haus of DanceSolo Off-Broadway Teen TapSelf Love7:07 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Junior JazzAshes7:10 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Mini LyricalDo Your Thing7:13 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Mini JazzSalute7:16 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Mini OpenThrough The Eyes Of A Child7:19 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Mini ContemporaryChloe BelcherJacob MeasleyEmily GonzalezLaci SundquistKara CulleyElizabeth McclureOlivia SchmickerBellamy CainKinzley HaynesJacob MeasleyJia GutweinGwendelyn KennedyAbigail JohnsonEmma WattersonZoey MeisbergerKylenn O'keefeKaila EllerOlivia SchmickerElizabeth McclureEmma Watterson

28293031Strike That Reverse It7:22 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Junior Musical TheatreDesenfrenado7:25 PMTalent FactoryDuo/Trio Broadway Teen JazzOops7:28 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Junior JazzHallelujah7:31 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Junior LyricalEli SloanMackenzie SchickMadison MaxwellNatalie McphersonBraylin ShepperdEmri Metzger7:34 PM Break32Colors Of The Wind7:39 PMMahogany Contemporary Dance AcademySmall Group Off-Broadway Junior LyricalAr'rhianna ReeseAria RichardsonDanajah ParkerDei'ana ElliottKarrington WilliamsNella SpencerQira Motley333435363738394041Strut7:43 PMTalent FactorySmall Group Off-Broadway Mini JazzWork It Out7:46 PMTalent FactorySmall Group Off-Broadway Junior JazzWhat I Like About You7:50 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Teen OpenAnother Brick In The Wall7:53 PMFormations Haus of DanceSmall Group Off-Broadway Teen Musical TheatreRescue7:57 PMDance Development AcademySolo Broadway Junior ContemporarySlippin And Slidin8:00 PMMahogany Contemporary Dance AcademySmall Group Little Bigwigs JazzFor My Help8:04 PMDance Development AcademySolo Broadway Junior ContemporaryFergalicious8:07 PMDance Development AcademySolo Broadway Junior JazzBelieve8:10 PMDance Development AcademySolo Broadway Junior LyricalBlake LagrangeLilly ThomasChloe SmithKara CulleyDorothy CottenEmily KonzZoey MeisbergerGenevieve SchultzHannah PierceOlivia ParkerChloe BelcherJacob MeasleyEmily GonzalezJasey BarwilerEmma WattersonLaci SundquistAshlin CollinsAbigail VaughnHanna SpencerJohnae MundyAigner ElliottJacsyn ElliottMonteria MackIsabella SuttonSamantha FranscoviakAlyvia FalerChannelle VaughnJazayah WynnMonteriyae Mack

4243444546474849505152535455Life Begins8:13 PMTalent FactorySolo Broadway Teen LyricalTainted Love8:16 PMFormations Haus of DanceSmall Group Off-Broadway Teen JazzCandy Shop8:20 PMDance Development AcademyLarge Group Little Bigwigs Hip-HopMove To The Beat8:23 PMMahogany Contemporary Dance AcademySmall Group Little Bigwigs Pom & CheerBreezy8:27 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Teen Hip-HopStrange Love8:30 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Teen ContemporaryWho I Am8:33 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Teen LyricalBleach8:36 PMTalent FactorySolo Off-Broadway Teen ContemporaryAre You Gonna Be My Girl8:39 PMTalent FactorySmall Group Off-Broadway Teen JazzOpen Hands8:43 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Mini LyricalWrong Direction8:46 PMTalent FactorySolo Broadway Senior LyricalMoney8:49 PMFormations Haus of DanceSmall Group Off-Broadway Teen Hip-HopRip It Up8:53 PMMahogany Contemporary Dance AcademySmall Group Off-Broadway Junior JazzFly Me To The Moon8:57 PMDance Development AcademySolo Off-Broadway Teen TapNatalie McphersonChloe BelcherJacob MeasleyAbigail JohnsonElizabeth McclureJosie LemanKylenn O'keefeOlivia SchmickerAbigail VaughnHanna SpencerJohnae MundyEmily GonzalezJasey BarwilerBellamy CainGwendelyn KennedyKaila EllerMadeline PhillipsAigner ElliottJacsyn ElliottMonteria MackEmma WattersonLaci SundquistBerklie HuffJia GutweinKinzley HaynesMirabel YoungChannelle VaughnJazayah WynnMonteriyae MackAbbriel RingenMaisie ToosleyRuth GutweinChloe SmithEli SloanOlivia ParkerEmma MarshallVanessa SchultzMackenzie SchickKaylynn KovachMadison MaxwellChloe BelcherLaci SundquistAr'rhianna ReeseDei'ana ElliottNella SpencerMalachi FitchEmily GonzalezAria RichardsonJacsyn ElliottQira MotleyJacob MeasleyDanajah ParkerKarrington Williams

5657Hurt9:00 PMDance Development AcademySchool Of Rock9:04 PMTalent FactoryLarge Group Off-Broadway Junior ContemporaryAbbriel RingenBraylin ShepperdIsabella SuttonOlivia SchmickerAlyvia FalerElizabeth McclureKylenn O'keefeRuth GutweinAshlin CollinsEmri MetzgerMaisie ToosleySamantha FranscoviakProduction Off-Broadway Junior ProductionBlake LagrangeDella DiningerEmily KonzGracelynn HartLilly ThomasNatalie McphersonShaelynn DickinsonZoey MeisbergerBrooklynn KilgoreDorothy CottenEmma MarshallHannah PierceMackenzie SchickNeo HoustonSimon PetersChloe SmithEli SloanGenevieve SchultzKara CulleyMadison MaxwellOlivia ParkerVanessa Schultz9:14 PM AWARDSSaturday, March 138:30 AM Dance Xtreme585960616263646566Business Of Love8:30 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Junior JazzAmerica8:34 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen Musical TheatreIt's A Hard Knock Life8:38 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Little Bigwigs Musical TheatreWorkin Day And Night8:42 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior JazzI Won't Grow Up8:45 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Off-Broadway Mini Musical TheatreMalificent8:48 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Junior Acro DanceGood Morning!8:51 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Hollywood Teen Musical TheatreTea Party8:54 AMDance XtremeSolo Off-Broadway Junior JazzStray Cat Strut8:57 AMDance XtremeSolo Off-Broadway Mini JazzEmma HartGretchen OlichwierPaislea BrownSavanna WilliamsonAddison DouglasKhloe MorlockGracie YoungbergKendall SchmidNoelle HarrellEmma HartSaige WilliamsonAlyssa HartKambree CarterKiana JohnsonJasmine FergusonKaylee WhittedMadelynn BurchSavanna WilliamsonStella OlichwierGretchen OlichwierAlyssa HartKhloe MorlockVanessa DevoreStella OlichwierSavanna Williamson

67686970Space Jam9:00 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen Hip-HopSnap Clap9:04 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Junior JazzEmergency!9:07 AMDance XtremeSolo Off-Broadway Mini JazzI Will Follow Him9:10 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen OpenAlyssa HartPaislea BrownHayden SchlagSavanna WilliamsonKhloe MorlockJosie BlakelySaige WilliamsonGretchen OlichwierKhloe MorlockHayden SchlagPaislea BrownJasmine FergusonSavanna Williamson9:15 AM Break717273747576777879Bad Case Of Loving You9:20 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior JazzWhen You're Good To Mama9:23 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Teen Musical TheatreStole The Show9:26 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Senior TapLaverne & Shirley9:29 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior Musical TheatreSax9:32 AMDance XtremeSolo Hollywood Junior JazzMen9:35 AMDance XtremeSolo Hollywood Senior Musical TheatreI'm Not Okay9:38 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Teen LyricalI Just Can't Wait To Be King9:41 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Teen Musical TheatreSweatin To The Oldies9:44 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Junior OpenEmma HartJosie BlakelySavanna WilliamsonAlyssa HartJasmine FergusonGretchen OlichwierKhloe MorlockHayden SchlagSavanna WilliamsonKhloe MorlockPaislea BrownAlyssa HartGretchen OlichwierKhloe MorlockVanessa DevoreEmma HartHayden SchlagSaige WilliamsonJosie BlakelyStella Olichwier9:48 AM Break80Crown9:58 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior ContemporaryEmma HartPaislea BrownSavanna Williamson

8182838485868788Burlesque10:01 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Teen JazzHere Comes The Sun10:04 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Senior TapEdward Scissorhands10:07 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior OpenBroadway Baby10:10 AMDance XtremeSolo Broadway Junior Musical TheatreCamille Collette Fifi10:13 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Teen Musical TheatreBathing Beauties10:16 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Little Bigwigs Musical TheatrePurse First10:19 AMDance XtremeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior JazzIn The Air Tonight10:22 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen ContemporaryAddison DouglasAlyssa HartKhloe MorlockJasmine FergusonGretchen OlichwierPaislea BrownEmma HartAddison DouglasKaylee WhittedHayden SchlagAddison DouglasSavanna WilliamsonAlyssa HartKendall SchmidJosie BlakelyKhloe MorlockKhloe MorlockNoelle HarrellVanessa DevorePaislea Brown10:26 AM Break89One10:31 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen Musical TheatreAddison DouglasAlyssa HartEmma HartJasmine FergusonKhloe MorlockPaislea BrownSavanna Williamson9091Let's Bowl10:35 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Off-Broadway Junior Musical TheatreOn Broadway10:39 AMDance XtremeSmall Group Broadway Teen JazzGretchen OlichwierSaige WilliamsonAddison DouglasJasmine FergusonSavanna WilliamsonHayden SchlagStella OlichwierAlyssa HartKhloe MorlockJosie BlakelyVanessa DevoreEmma HartPaislea Brown10:44 AM Break92Swing!10:54 AMDance XtremeLarge Group Broadway Junior OpenAddison DouglasAlyssa HartEmma HartGretchen OlichwierHayden SchlagJasmine FergusonJosie BlakelyKhloe MorlockPaislea BrownSaige WilliamsonSavanna WilliamsonStella OlichwierVanessa Devore

11:05 AM AWARDS11:40 AM Dance Kraze93949596979899Cardi11:40 AMDance KrazeSmall Group Hollywood Teen Hip-HopI'm A Lady11:44 AMDance KrazeSmall Group Off-Broadway Junior Hip-HopEverybody Knows11:48 AMDance KrazeSolo Hollywood Teen ContemporarySum 2 Prove11:51 AMDance KrazeDuo/Trio Broadway Junior Hip-HopMonsters11:54 AMDance KrazeDuo/Trio Broadway Mini ContemporaryFever11:57 AMDance KrazeSolo Hollywood Teen JazzPack Up Your Troubles12:00 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Little Bigwigs Jazz100 Confident101102Hannah JulienKaleigh SmockRyley RobrahnSavannah BeilfussCarissa RadtkeSavannah SuchCarleigh MasseyTempest StarettAubrey LiskovecAdleigh WeatherspoonHailey AlexanderAlayna RobsonRyley RobrahnAsella Weatherspoon Ellyanna BouwmanNoelyn HiemstraDirty Paws12:07 PMDance KrazeDuo/Trio Broadway Teen ContemporaryLet Loose12:10 PMDance KrazeLarge Group Hollywood Teen Jazz104 Stand In The Light12:17 PMDance Kraze105 Hope12:20 PMDance KrazeLydia BitelySolo Broadway Junior JazzClara Cooper12:14 PMDance KrazeEllisyn Hooker-julienWinnery NanceEmma Patrick12:04 PMDance Kraze103 Sound Of WarLily BozeDylan RobrahnAbbey WesterhouseEmma PatrickLillie CrossSavannah BeilfussKeri RobrahnAurorah SchafferHannah JulienOlivia ErlandsonSolo Broadway Mini OpenAdleigh WeatherspoonSolo Broadway Junior LyricalNyra CrossSolo Broadway Teen LyricalZoe KorreckChelsea LordKaleigh SmockRyley Robrahn

106 Looking At Me107Hailey AlexanderAway12:26 PMDance KrazeSolo Hollywood Teen Contemporary108 Avengers 2.012:29 PMDance Kraze109 I'll Stand By You110Solo Broadway Junior Jazz12:23 PMDance KrazeOlivia ErlandsonSmall Group Broadway Junior Acro DanceAdleigh WeatherspoonClara CooperNyra CrossAngelika Papanichola Anna PapanicholaKaylee RobsonMorgan LordRyley RobrahnTristyn ConnorSolo Broadway Senior Contemporary12:33 PMDance KrazeHannah JulienBo 12:36 PMDance KrazeDuo/Trio Little Bigwigs Hip-HopAsella Weatherspoon Ellyanna BouwmanNoelyn Hiemstra12:40 PM Lunch Break111112113114115116117118Unwell1:00 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Teen LyricalNobody1:03 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Teen LyricalCar Radio1:06 PMDance KrazeLarge Group Hollywood Teen ContemporaryThe Heist1:10 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Broadway Junior JazzWarrior1:14 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Broadway Junior JazzBrave1:18 PMDance KrazeSolo Little Bigwigs Acro DanceCardigan1:21 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Senior ContemporaryFly Away1:24 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Junior ContemporaryAurorah SchafferAnna PapanicholaAbbey WesterhouseEmma PatrickKaylee RobsonRyley RobrahnAdleigh WeatherspoonClara CooperNyra CrossChelsea LordHannah JulienLily BozeSavannah BeilfussAubrey LiskovecHailey AlexanderAngelika Papanichola Aurorah SchafferKeri RobrahnLillie CrossZoe KorreckAsella WeatherspoonChelsea LordClara CooperDylan RobrahnKaleigh SmockOlivia ErlandsonAva AndersonJulia BitelyEmerson RitsemaVivian Radtke

119SCRATCH1:27 PMDance Kraze120It's Going Down1:27 PMDance KrazeDuo/Trio Broadway Teen Hip-HopPrince Ali1:30 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Junior Musical TheatreSimple Man1:33 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Junior ContemporaryTime1:36 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Teen Contemporary121122123Ellisyn Hooker-julienHannah JulienKeri RobrahnAubrey LiskovecDylan Robrahn1:39 PM Style Dance Academy124125126Echoes In The Darkness1:39 PMStyle Dance AcademySolo Hollywood Mini ContemporaryDon't Let Go1:42 PMStyle Dance AcademySolo Hollywood Teen LyricalHearts In Harmony1:45 PMDance KrazeProduction Broadway Junior ProductionIsla BaileyElle BaileyAbbey WesterhouseAngelika PapanicholaAubrey LiskovecCarissa RadtkeClara CooperEllyanna BouwmanHailey AlexanderKaleigh SmockKimmy SlezakLydia BitelyNoelyn HiemstraPipar HarringtonSavannah SuchVivian RadtkeAdleigh WeatherspoonAnna PapanicholaAurorah SchafferCarleigh MasseyDylan RobrahnEmerson RitsemaHannah JulienKaylee RobsonLillie CrossMiley RobsonNyra CrossRyley RobrahnTempest StarettWinnery Nance1:51 PM Break1:57 PM Rockford Dance Company127Right Now Right Here1:57 PMRockford Dance CompanySolo Hollywood Senior LyricalAlayna Story2:00 PM Dayton Dance Conservatory128Venture2:00 PMDayton Dance Conservatory CompanySolo Hollywood Senior ContemporaryTrinity BurtonAlayna RobsonAsella WeatherspoonAva AndersonChelsea LordEllisyn Hooker-julienEmma PatrickJulia BitelyKeri RobrahnLily BozeMorgan LordOlivia ErlandsonSavannah BeilfussTristyn ConnorZoe Korreck

129Under The Spotlight2:03 PMStyle Dance Academy130 Off The Rails131132133Sassy2:10 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Off-Broadway Mini JazzRainbow2:14 PMDance KrazeSolo Off-Broadway Mini LyricalNo Mercy2:17 PMDance KrazeSolo Hollywood Teen Acro DanceSubtle Thing2:24 PMDance Kraze136 Let's GoColbie YonkersRozy LuckettSmall Group Broadway Junior LyricalAdleigh WeatherspoonHailey AlexanderAubrey LiskovecMiley Robson140 BareClara CooperNyra CrossSolo Broadway Senior JazzHannah JulienSolo Broadway Mini Hip-HopSolo Hollywood Teen Lyrical2:36 PMDance KrazeEmerson SpencerSylar LuckettRyley RobrahnPhotograph2:30 PMDance Kraze139 Bury A FriendAurorah SchafferLillie CrossZoe KorreckWinnery NanceEllisyn Hooker-julien2:33 PMDance Kraze142Brooklyn CockerelLillian Szatkowski2:27 PMDance Kraze138 Bedtime Stories141Small Group Broadway Junior ContemporaryAngelika Papanichola Anna PapanicholaEmerson RitsemaKeri RobrahnMiley RobsonMorgan Lord2:20 PMDance Kraze137Elle Bailey2:06 PMDance Kraze134 Shiny Happy People135Solo Hollywood Teen Musical TheatreEmma PatrickSmall Group Broadway Junior Acro DanceAlayna RobsonAurorah SchafferAsella Weatherspoon Aubrey LiskovecSavannah SuchZoe KorreckDuo/Trio Hollywood Teen ContemporaryOlivia ErlandsonRyley RobrahnSolo Broadway Senior Lyrical2:39 PMDance KrazeChelsea LordBad Dream2:42 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Mini ContemporaryBefore You Go2:45 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Broadway Junior LyricalAdleigh WeatherspoonAurorah SchafferLillie CrossEmerson RitsemaMorgan LordKeri RobrahnZoe Korreck

143 Steady Now2:49 PMDance Kraze144 Zombie2:53 PMDance Kraze145 Jealous Of The Angels2:57 PMDance Kraze146 Pure Gold147150 Therefore I AmAnna PapanicholaHannah JulienLily BozeSavannah BeilfussChelsea LordKaleigh SmockOlivia ErlandsonSmall Group Little Bigwigs LyricalAsella Weatherspoon Ellyanna BouwmanNoelyn HiemstraLydia BitelySolo Broadway Junior LyricalAurorah SchafferSmall Group Broadway Junior ContemporaryAdleigh WeatherspoonClara CooperAlayna RobsonHailey AlexanderAubrey LiskovecJulia BitelySolo Broadway Senior ContemporaryKaylee RobsonSmall Group Hollywood Teen Jazz3:14 PMDance KrazeAbbey WesterhouseKaleigh SmockSavannah BeilfussAwoo3:18 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Junior JazzStrays3:21 PMDance KrazeSmall Group Off-Broadway Junior JazzThe World We Made3:25 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Teen Jazz154 Uptown Girl155Abbey WesterhouseEmma PatrickKaylee RobsonRyley RobrahnSolo Broadway Teen Contemporary3:11 PMDance KrazeEllisyn Hooker-julienSavannah SuchLarge Group Hollywood Teen LyricalDarkside3:04 PMDance Kraze149 Follow Me153Carleigh MasseyPipar HarringtonWinnery NanceLillie Cross3:07 PMDance Kraze152Ava AndersonJulia BitelyTristyn Connor3:01 PMDance Kraze148 Old Pine151Small Group Off-Broadway Junior LyricalEmma PatrickOlivia ErlandsonHannah JulienRyley RobrahnMorgan LordCarissa RadtkeKimmy SlezakTempest StarettCarleigh MasseyPipar HarringtonTristyn ConnorAngelika PapanicholaSolo Broadway Mini Tap3:28 PMDance KrazeAva AndersonBetter Off3:31 PMDance KrazeSolo Broadway Teen LyricalLily BozeEllisyn Hooker-julienSavannah SuchWinnery Nance

156 The Krazed Asylum3:34 PMDance KrazeLine Broadway Junior JazzAbbey WesterhouseAubrey LiskovecClara CooperHailey AlexanderKeri RobrahnMorgan LordRyley RobrahnAdleigh WeatherspoonAurorah SchafferEmerson RitsemaHannah JulienLillie CrossNyra CrossSavannah BeilfussAnna PapanicholaChelsea LordEmma PatrickKaleigh SmockMiley RobsonOlivia ErlandsonZoe Korreck3:47 PM AWARDS4:27 PM Studio 4157Past Lives4:27 PMStudio 4Duo/Trio Hollywood Junior ContemporaryHannah FreschiPiper Leddell4:30 PM TDP Dance Company158 The Voice Within4:30 PMTDP Dance Company159 Once Was4:33 PMStudio 4160 Stand By Me161162Brooklyn BurrisKayla CarrDuo/Trio Hollywood Junior ContemporaryDayna FlemingMia HardestyDuo/Trio Hollywood Junior Lyrical4:36 PMTDP Dance CompanyHaleigh MenserSlights And Trespasses4:39 PMStudio 4Duo/Trio Hollywood Junior Contemporary6 Feet Apart4:42 PMTDP Dance CompanyDuo/Trio Broadway Mini Lyrical163 Tribe4:45 PMTDP Dance Company164 Turn The Beat Around4:48 PMTDP Dance Company165 Love In The Dark4:51 PMTDP Dance Company166 Curious Yellow167Duo/Trio Broadway Junior LyricalBree CurtisKaelynn OsweilerRhyan PendygraftJoli DuquenneViolet WinstonSmall Group Broadway Junior JazzAddison HultmanKayla CarrBrooklyn BurrisMadalyn BaticCora SchmittPaige SalendaDuo/Trio Broadway Mini JazzAllie HoltAubrey NolandDuo/Trio Hollywood Senior LyricalAubree YantissCori TillmanLarge Group Hollywood Teen Open4:54 PMStudio 4Ayla MoellerGabby IrwinMorgan GentryPiper LeddellFame4:58 PMTDP Dance CompanySolo Broadway Junior JazzKayla CarrBree CurtisHannah FreschiNatalie OlmsteadDayna FlemingJoli DuquennePeyton Aschemann

5:01 PM Dance Class Studio168 Half Light5:01 PMDance Class Studio169 Splish Splash170171Solo Broadway Senior OpenAllie NeumannSmall Group Little Bigwigs Open5:04 PMStudio 4Charleigh BlessmanKhloe CagleShake Your Tail Feather5:07 PMTDP Dance CompanySmall Group Little Bigwigs JazzHyperreal5:10 PMStudio 4Small Group Off-Broadway Junior OpenBrielle SchmittSaige GulleyAvery RowseyJazmine KnabenbauerSydney Brown172173174175176177178179Harlow OverbergTenley CvetanEmerson BeltonVictoria GallowayElla RowseyLacey EverettSymone DavisHazel OverbergJamie RootGabrielle MontgomerySophie McguffinVoyage5:14 PMStudio 4Small Group Hollywood Teen ContemporaryHero5:18 PMTDP Dance CompanySmall Group Hollywood Junior LyricalGrass Roots5:21 PMStudio 4Small Group Hollywood Junior OpenGrow5:24 PMTDP Dance CompanySmall Group Off-Broadway Junior LyricalRemember5:28 PMTDP Dance CompanySolo Broadway Junior LyricalThe Words5:31 PMTDP Dance CompanySolo Broadway Junior LyricalBurnin Up5:34 PMTDP Dance CompanySolo Broadway Junior JazzThe Party's Over5:37 PMStudio 4Small Group Hollywood Junior Contemporary180 Turning Page5:40 PMTDP Dance CompanyAubry BlakeJoli DuquenneAllie HoltCori TillmanLexi MercurioBree CurtisMia HardestyAddison HultmanLillian LloydAyla MoellerMorgan GentryAubree YantissHaleigh MenserRhyan PendygraftDayna FlemingPeyton AschemannAutumn JenningsMaggie HemirckGabby IrwinNatalie OlmsteadBrooklyn BurrisKayla CarrSadie MercurioHannah FreschiPiper LeddellLauren MaudlinSydney ParkerCora SchmittSydney BeltonBrooklyn BurrisBree CurtisJoli DuquenneDayna FlemingPeyton AschemannSolo Broadway Junior LyricalAubrey NolandHannah FreschiPiper Leddell

181182Running After You5:43 PMTDP Dance CompanySolo Broadway Junior OpenCoastline5:46 PMDance Class StudioDuo/Trio Broadway Senior Contemporary183 Opportunity5:49 PMTDP Dance Company184 A Deal With Chaos5:52 PMStudio 4185 Into The Canyon5:56 PMStudio 4186 Blooming187Ava KesterSmall Group Broadway Teen OpenAbby YantissGracie HoltZoey KriechAllison BarnesKennedi BellAubry BlakeJoli DuquenneAyla MoellerMorgan GentryLacey EverettSolo Hollywood Junior ContemporaryLarge Group Hollywood Junior Lyrical6:09 PMDance Class Studio190 Never EnoughGabby IrwinNatalie OlmsteadSolo Broadway Junior ContemporaryHome6:02 PMTDP Dance Company189 Gimme ThatDelaney AlbinReagan LaserSmall Group Hollywood Teen ContemporaryPiper Leddell6:06 PMTDP Dance Company192Allie Neumann5:59 PMStudio 4188 I Cant Make You Love Me191Madalyn BaticAllie HoltBrooklyn BurrisKayla CarrSadie MercurioAubree YantissCori TillmanLexi MercurioAubrey NolandHaleigh MenserRhyan PendygraftSmall Group Broadway Teen LyricalCarson BottemaMaggie HemirckFallon JonesMakenzi MorganMadalyn BaticZoey KriechSolo Broadway Teen Hip-HopMakenna ThompsonSolo Little Bigwigs Lyrical6:12 PMTDP Dance CompanyEmerson BeltonConversations With Angels6:15 PMStudio 4Small Group Hollywood Junior ContemporaryRise Up6:19 PMTDP Dance CompanySmall Group Broadway Mini Jazz193 On Broadway6:22 PMTDP Dance Company194 Strut6:26 PMDance Class StudioBree CurtisJoli DuquenneAllie HoltSydney BeltonDayna FlemingMorgan GentryAubrey NolandViolet WinstonHannah FreschiPiper LeddellKaelynn OsweilerSmall Group Hollywood Teen JazzAubree YantissHaleigh MenserRhyan PendygraftBrooklyn BurrisKayla CarrSadie MercurioSolo Broadway Teen JazzGrace ShortridgeCori TillmanLexi Mercurio

195 Toss6:29 PMStudio 4196 The Rain197Solo Hollywood Senior ContemporaryNatalie OlmsteadSmall Group Hollywood Junior Open6:32 PMStudio 4Bree CurtisJoli DuquenneCall Me6:35 PMStudio 4Solo Broadway Junior Jazz198 Tree6:38 PMStudio 4199 Scribbles6:41 PMStudio 4200 Deeper6:45 PMTDP Dance CompanyDayna FlemingPiper LeddellHannah FreschiLacey EverettSolo Hollywood Junior ContemporaryPeyton AschemannSmall Group Hollywood Teen OpenAyla MoellerNatalie OlmsteadGabby IrwinMorgan GentryLine Broadway Junior LyricalAlexis SchmittAubrey NolandCori TillmanHaleigh MenserKennedi BellReagan LaserSydney BeltonAllie HoltBrooklyn BurrisGracie HoltKaelynn OsweilerLexi MercurioRhyan PendygraftViolet WinstonAubree YantissCora SchmittHadley MenserKayla CarrMadalyn BaticSadie Mercurio6:50 PM Break201Without You7:00 PMStudio 4202 Sunrise Sunset7:03 PMStudio 4203 At The Surface7:06 PMStudio 4204 You Say7:09 PMTDP Dance Company205 Just Got Paid7:12 PMTDP Dance Company206 Volcano7:15 PMTDP Dance Company207 SCRATCH7:18 PMStudio 4Solo Hollywood Junior ContemporaryDayna FlemingSolo Hollywood Junior OpenPiper LeddellSolo Hollywood Senior ContemporaryGabby IrwinSolo Broadway Mini ContemporaryViolet WinstonSmall Group Off-Broadway Junior JazzAddison HultmanLillian LloydAutumn JenningsMaggie HemirckSolo Hollywood Junior LyricalRhyan PendygraftLauren MaudlinSydney Parker

208 You Are The Reason7:18 PMTDP Dance Company209 Hello210211212213214215216217Aubree YantissLexi MercurioSolo Broadway Mini Lyrical7:21 PMTDP D

8:30 AM - Dance Xtreme 11:05 AM - AWARDS 11:40 AM - Dance Kraze 1:42 PM - Style Dance Academy 2:00 PM - Rockford Dance Company 2:03 PM - Dayton Dance Conservatory 3:50 PM - AWARDS 4:30 PM - Studio 4 4:33 PM - TDP Dance Company 5:04 PM - Dance Class Studio 9:15 PM - AWARDS Sunday, March 14 7:00 AM - Prestige A

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Birthday Party Packages and rolled them into one extreme party! The VIP Birthday Bash!! VIP BIRTHDAY BASH F.A.Q. Q. What day can I book a VIP Birthday Bash Package? A Birthday Bash Party Packages are exclusively offered only on Sundays. Q. What is the timeframe for the VIP Birthday Bash?

Step 1: Install Symantec VIP desktop app on your PC If you already have Symantec VIP installed on your PC, you can move on to Step two: Set up Symantec VIP in Universal ID. 1. Visit the Symantec VIP website. 2. Click Download. Under VIP Access for Computer, select your Operating System (Windows or

From the following 14 events: Big Bang Dance Classic, Desert Dance, Line Dance Showdown, Xperience, Line Dance Marathon, Fun In The Sun, Ft Wayne Dance For All, Hotlanta, Palm Springs Line Dance Festival, Windy City Line Dance Mania, Motor City Dance Classic, Vegas Dance Explosion, Flor

3 The VIP Enterprise Gateway validation server instructs VIP Service to send a push to the credential associated with the user. 4 If the user has a VIP Access for Mobile credential that is enabled for VIP Access Push authentication, a push sign-in request is sent to the mobile device. The user taps Allow/

Symantec VIP Overview About this guide This document includes a high-level description of VIP Authentication Service and how it can be used. It describes the VIP Authentication Service, its planning recommendations, uses, and deployment methods. This document also describes the VIP Authentication Service components, and architecture.

accessible type of dance to teach is the patterned communal dance form called folk, or more often nowadays, world dance. It may be called “traditional dance” in the British Isles or in Arab lands, “peasant dance” in parts of Europe or Asia, “village dance” in the Balkan countries, “tribal dance” in sub-Saharan Africa, or all of .

Hot Wings Bellevue Dance Academy Power DYNAMYX Dance Company Uptown Girl iDance Proj ect Heaven On My Mind DYNAMYX Dance Company Sucker Bellevue Dance Academy Cruella de Vil Bellevue Dance Academy Something To Believe In Center Stage Dance Flashlight Center Stage Dance Intermediate 9-11 Small Groups Place Routine Name Studio Cooties Dance .

New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts . Page 1 of 12. Grade 4 . The standards define general, cross-disciplinary literacy expectations that must be met for students to be prepared to enter college and workforce training programs ready to succeed. The K–12 grade-specific standards define end-of-year expectations and a cumulative progression designed to enable .