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Our resources supportquality trainingCatalogueSeptember 2014Updated 1 September 2014

ContentsVocational training resources3Qualifications we support3Skill sets we support9Individual units of competency12Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and LandManagement12Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair12Basic Education14Beauty Training14Business Services15Community Services35Financial Services57Food Processing59Health60Information and Communications65Property Services67Retail Services69Tourism, Travel and Hospitality76Transport and Logistics88Training and Education94Skills and Education95Workshop based resources with PowerPoint presentation96Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB4080796Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE4011097Professional development resources98How to Order100Trading terms and conditions101Copyright103

Vocational training resources3Qualifications we supportOur vast range of training and assessment support resources covers 13 training packages and over170 qualifications from Certificate 1 to Diploma level. For a detailed listing of qualifications and thecore and elective units we support visit: www.smallprint.com.auBUSINESS SERVICESBSB10112Certificate I in BusinessBSB40907Certificate IV in GovernanceBSB20112Certificate II in BusinessBSB41007Certificate IV in Human ResourcesBSB20207Certificate II in Customer ContactBSB41013Certificate IV in Human ResourcesBSB30112Certificate III in BusinessBSB41307Certificate IV in MarketingBSB30110Certificate III in BusinessBSB41412Certificate IV in Work Health and SafetyBSB30207Certificate III in Customer ContactBSB41507Certificate IV in Project ManagementBSB30307Certificate III in Micro Business OperationsBSB41513Certificate IV in Project Management PracticeBSB30412Certificate III in Business AdministrationBSB41607Certificate IV in PurchasingBSB30712Certificate III in Work Health and SafetyBSB41707Certificate IV in RecordkeepingBSB30807Certificate III in RecordkeepingBSB50207Diploma of BusinessBSB30912Certificate III in Business Administration(Education)BSB50407Diploma of Business AdministrationBSB31012Certificate III in Business Administration(Legal)BSB50507Diploma of FranchisingBSB31112Certificate III in Business Administration(Medical)BSB50607Diploma of Human Resources ManagementBSB40212Certificate IV in BusinessBSB50613Diploma of Human Resources ManagementBSB40312Certificate IV in Customer ContactBSB51107Diploma of ManagementBSB40407Certificate IV in Small Business ManagementBSB51312Diploma of Work Health and SafetyBSB40507Certificate IV in Business AdministrationBSB51407Diploma of Project ManagementBSB40607Certificate IV in Business SalesBSB51413Diploma of Project ManagementBSB40610Certificate IV in Business SalesBSB51607Diploma of Quality AuditingBSB40812Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Vocational training resources4COMMUNITY SERVICESCHC10108 Certificate I in Work Preparation(Community Services)CHC40513 Certificate IV in Youth JusticeCHC10212 Certificate I in Active VolunteeringCHC40608 Certificate IV in Leisure and HealthCHC20112 Certificate II in Community ServicesCHC40708 Certificate IV in Community Services WorkCHC20212 Certificate II in Active VolunteeringCHC40808 Certificate IV in Community DevelopmentCHC30112 Certificate III in Community Services WorkCHC40912 Certificate IV in Social HousingCHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Educationand CareCHC41012 Certificate IV in Community Services AdvocacyCHC30212 Certificate III in Aged CareCHC41112 Certificate IV in Pastoral CareCHC30213 Certificate III in Education SupportCHC41212 Certificate IV Children's Services (OSHC)CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community CareCHC41308 Certificate IV in Children's Contact Services WorkCHC30408 Certificate III in DisabilityCHC41412 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention(residential and out of home care)CHC30512 Certificate III in Social HousingCHC41512 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention(Child Protection)CHC30612 Certificate III in Active VolunteeringCHC41612 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention(Family Support)CHC30712 Certificate III in Children's ServicesCHC41712 Certificate IV in Education SupportCHC30912 Certificate III in Employment ServicesCHC41812 Certificate IV in Youth WorkCHC31008 Certificate III in Telephone Counselling SkillsCHC41912 Certificate IV in Youth JusticeCHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged CareCHC42012 Certificate IV in Employment ServicesCHC40113 Certificate IV in School AgeEducation and CareCHC42112 Certificate IV in Career DevelopmentCHC40212 Certificate IV in Home and Community CareCHC42212 Certificate IV in Telephone Counselling SkillsCHC40213 Certificate IV in Education SupportCHC42312 Certificate IV in MediationCHC40312 Certificate IV in DisabilityCHC42412 Certificate IV in Relationship EducationCHC40313 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and FamilyInterventionCHC42512 Certificate IV in Community Services(Information, advice and referral)CHC40412 Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other DrugsCHC42608 Certificate IV in CelebrancyCHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth WorkCHC42712 Certificate IV in Volunteer Program CoordinationCHC40512 Certificate IV in Mental HealthCHC42812 Certificate IV in Community Services (Developmentand or Humanitarian Assistance)

Vocational training resources5COMMUNITY SERVICESCHC42912 Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer WorkCHC51108 Diploma of Children's Contact Services WorkCHC50108 Diploma of DisabilityCHC51208 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family InterventionCHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education andCareCHC51308 Diploma of Education SupportCHC50212 Diploma of Community Services(Alcohol and other drugs)CHC51408 Diploma of Youth WorkCHC50213 Diploma of School AgeEducation and CareCHC51512 Diploma of Youth JusticeCHC50312 Diploma of Community Services(Mental Health)CHC51612 Diploma of Employment ServicesCHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and FamilyInterventionCHC51712 Diploma of CounsellingCHC50412 Diploma of Community Services(Alcohol, other drugs and mental health)CHC51812 Diploma of Family Intake and Support WorkCHC50413 Diploma of Youth WorkCHC51912 Diploma of Relationship EducationCHC50512 Diploma of Leisure and HealthCHC52008 Diploma of Community Services(Case Management)CHC50513 Diploma of Youth JusticeCHC52108 Diploma of Community Services (Financialcounselling)CHC50612 Diploma of Community Services WorkCHC52212 Diploma of Community Services CoordinationCHC50708 Diploma of Community DevelopmentCHC52312 Diploma of Community Services (Development andor Humanitarian Assistance)CHC50812 Diploma of Social HousingCHC60112 Advanced Diploma of DisabilityCHC50908 Diploma of Children’s Services(Early Childhood education and care)CHC60208 Advanced Diploma of Children's ServicesCHC51008 Diploma of Children’s Services (OSHC)CHC60312 Advanced Diploma of Community SectorManagement

Vocational training resources6FINANCIAL SERVICESFNS10110Certificate I in Financial ServicesFNS40210Certificate IV in BookkeepingFNS20110Certificate II in Financial ServicesFNS40211Certificate IV in BookkeepingFNS20111Certificate II in Financial ServicesFNS40610Certificate IV in AccountingFNS30110Certificate III in Financial ServicesFNS40611Certificate IV in AccountingFNS30111Certificate III in Financial ServicesFNS41811Certificate IV in Financial ServicesFNS30310Certificate III in Accounts AdministrationFNS50210Diploma in AccountingFNS30311Certificate III in Accounts AdministrationFOOD PROCESSINGFDF20111Certificate II in Food ProcessingHEALTHHLT21212Certificate II in Health Support ServicesHLT33112Certificate III in Basic Health CareHLT32412Certificate III in Allied Health AssistanceHLT40412Certificate IV in Health SupervisionHLT32512Certificate III Health Services AssistanceHLT42512Certificate IV in Allied Health AssistanceHLT32812Certificate III in Health Support ServicesHLT43012Certificate IV in Dental AssistingHLT32912Certificate III in Health AdministrationHLT43212Certificate IV in Health AdministrationICA30111Certificate III in Information,Digital Media and TechnologyCPP10211 Certificate I in Cleaning OperationsCPP31011Certificate III in Cleaning OperationsCPP20611 Certificate II in Cleaning OperationsCPP41011Certificate IV in Cleaning ManagementINFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONSICA10111Certificate I in Information,Digital Media and TechnologyICA20111Certificate II in Information,Digital Media and TechnologyPROPERTY SERVICES

Vocational training resources7RETAIL SERVICESSIR10107Certificate I in Retail ServicesSIR30307Certificate III in WholesaleSIR10112Certificate I in Retail ServicesSIR30312Certificate III in Retail SupervisionSIR20207Certificate II in RetailSIR30412Certificate III in Business to Business SalesSIR20212Certificate II in Retail ServicesSIR40207Certificate IV in Retail ManagementSIR20307Certificate II in WholesaleSIR40212Certificate IV in Retail ManagementSIR20312Certificate II in Retail Fast FoodSIR50107Diploma of Retail ManagementSIR30207Certificate III in RetailSIR50112Diploma of Retail ManagementSIR30212Certificate III in Retail OperationsTOURISM, TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITYSIT10213Certificate I in HospitalitySIT31312Certificate III in TravelSIT20112Certificate II in TourismSIT40212Certificate IV in Travel and TourismSIT20213Certificate II in HospitalitySIT40313Certificate IV in HospitalitySIT20312Certificate II in Kitchen OperationsSIT40413Certificate IV in Commercial CookerySIT30112Certificate III in TourismSIT40812Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and ResortsSIT30713Certificate III in HospitalitySIT50112Diploma of Travel and TourismSIT30813Certificate III in Commercial CookerySIT50313Diploma of HospitalitySIT31013Certificate III in Catering OperationsSIT50412Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts

Vocational training resources8TOURISM, HOSPITALITYAND EVENTSSIT10207Certificate I in HospitalitySIT30707Certificate III in HospitalitySIT10307Certificate I in Hospitality (KitchenOperations)SIT40207Certificate IV in TourismSIT20107Certificate II in TourismSIT40307Certificate IV in HospitalitySIT20207Certificate II in HospitalitySIT40809Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and ResortsSIT20307Certificate II in Hospitality (KitchenOperations)SIT50107Diploma of TourismSIT30107Certificate III in TourismSIT50307Diploma of HospitalityTRANSPORT AND LOGISTICSTLIPC110Certificate I in Transport and Logistics(Pathways)TLI21810Certificate II in LogisticsTLI10410Certificate I in Transport and Logistics(Rail Operations)TLI30410Certificate III in Transport and Logistics(Rail Operations)TLI11210Certificate I in Warehousing OperationsTLI31310Certificate III in International Freight Forwarding(Operator)TLI11310Certificate I in LogisticsTLI31610Certificate III in Warehousing OperationsTLI20410Certificate II in Transport and Logistics(Rail Operations)TLI32410Certificate III in LogisticsTLI21413Certificate II in StevedoringTLI40410Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics(Rail Operations)TLI21610Certificate II in Warehousing OperationsTLI41810Certificate IV in Warehousing OperationsTLI21710Certificate II in Road Transport YardOperations (Freight Handler)TLI42010Certificate IV in Logistics40625SACertificate II in Education andSkills Development 40625SATRAINING AND EDUCATIONTAE40110Certificate IV in Training and AssessmentSKILLS AND EDUCATION40650SACertificate I in Education andSkills Development 40650SA

Vocational training resources9Skill sets we supportOur vast range of training and assessment support resources covers 10 training packages and 95skill sets. For a detailed listing of the skill sets we support visit: www.smallprint.com.auBUSINESS SERVICESBSBSS00001 Aspiring SupervisorBSBSS00012 Key RecordkeepingBSBSS00002 Basic Contact Centre OperationsBSBSS00018 Small Business Financial ManagementBSBSS00006 FranchisingBSBSS00022 Small Business MarketingBSBSS00007 Governance InductionBSBSS00023 Small Business Operations PreparatoryBSBSS00011 Key ManagementBSBSS00024 Small Business PreparatoryCOMMUNITY SERVICESCHCSS00001 Alcohol and other drugsCHCSS00031 Literacy and numeracy tutorCHCSS00003 Basic foot care– community services focusCHCSS00032 Literacy tutorCHCSS00004 Basic foot care– health focusCHCSS00035 Medication assistanceCHCSS00005 Career development practiceCHCSS00036 Mental health peer leadershipCHCSS00006 Case managementCHCSS00037 Mental health– including recognise individuals atriskCHCSS00007 Chronic disease self managementCHCSS00038 Mental health– including respond to risk of suicideCHCSS00008 Community sector team leadershipCHCSS00040 Numeracy tutorCHCSS00009 Dementia support– planning andcoordinationCHCSS00048 Orientation for managers new to the communitysectorCHCSS00010 Dementia support– service deliveryCHCSS00049 Palliative approach– plan and provide careCHCSS00013 Disability work– active support of clientswith a disabilityCHCSS00050 Palliative approach– provide supportCHCSS00014 Disability work– behaviour supportCHCSS00051 Pastoral careCHCSS00015 Disability work– disability advocacyCHCSS00053 Quality systems for aged and community caresectorCHCSS00016 Disability work– disability support inemploymentCHCSS00054 Social housing workCHCSS00017 Disability work– people with a disability whoare olderCHCSS00055 Suicide bereavement support

Vocational training resources10COMMUNITY SERVICESCHCSS00019 Employment services– service coordinationCHCSS00058 Education support workCHCSS00020 Employment services – service deliveryCHCSS00059 Middle childhoodCHCSS00023 Financial literacy educationCHCSS00060 Early childhoodCHCSS00026 High support and complex care – agedcareCHCSS00061 Family support services work - provide supportCHCSS00027 High support and complex care – disabilityworkCHCSS00062 Family support services work - coordinationCHCSS00028 Homelessness support workCHCSS00063 Working with familiesCHCSS00030 Leisure and recreation – program supportCHCSS00065 Workforce PlanningFINANCIAL SERVICESFNSSS00001 BAS Agent RegistrationHEALTHHLTSS00013 Food safety supervision – for communityservices and health industriesINFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONSICASS00015 Develop and Implement EnvironmentallySustainable Cleaning ProgramsICASS00017Digital Literacy - eCitizenICASS00016 Computing FundamentalsICASS00018Digital LiteracyPROPERTY SERVICESCPPSS00014 Computing and Application FundamentalsCPPSS00016 Implement Environmentally SustainableCleaning ProgramsCPPSS00028 Perform Environmentally Sustainable CleaningOperations

Vocational training resources11RETAIL SERVICESSIRSS00001 Coaching and MentoringSIRSS00009 Human Resources ManagementSIRSS00004 ManagementSIRSS00011 Stock ControlSIRSS00006 OperationsTOURISM, TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITYSITSS00006 Airfare ConstructionSITSS00019HousekeepingSITSS00008 Business ManagementSITSS00020Licenced Travel AgencySITSS00009 Customer ServiceSITSS00021Mentoring and SupervisionSITSS00010 Customer Service ManagementSITSS00024Responsible Service of AlcoholSITSS00011 Espresso Machine OperationSITSS00027Visitor Information ServicesSITSS00012 Essential Business Skills for a RestaurantManagerSITSS00028Sustainable Hospitality and Restaurant OperationsSITSS00016 Food HandlingSITSS00032Supervision of ApprenticesSITSS00017 Food Safety SupervisionSITSS00033Understanding Basic Financial ConceptsSITSS00018 Hospitality ComplianceTRANSPORT AND LOGISTICSTLISS00009Driving InstructorTLISS00084Stevedoring Operation Induction and SafetyTLISS00022International Freight ForwardingTLISS00087Stevedoring Team LeaderTLISS00070MentoringTLISS00091Stevedoring Equipment Operations/SpecialisedLoad ShiftingTRAINING AND EDUCATIONTAESS00001AssessorTAESS00006Workplace supervisorTAESS00003Enterprise trainer and assessorTAESS00007Enterprise Trainer - PresentingTAESS00005Sustainable practiceTAESS00008Enterprise Trainer - Mentoring

Vocational training resources12Individual units of competencyOur vocational resources support Registered Training Organisations’ deliver accredited training.Each resource is available as a Participant Guide (PG) with companion Trainer / assessor manual(TAM). Each resource is designed as a self-paced learning material that can also be used fordistance or classroom based delivery.Superseded units are not available in the new assessment model formatAGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE AND CONSERVATION AND LAND MANAGEMENTUNIT CODETITLESTATUSUNIT PRICEAHCBUS301AUse hand held e-business toolsCurrent 15AHCCCF411ADevelop approaches to include culturaland human diversityCurrent 15AHCMER301AProcess customer complaintsCurrent 15AHCMER303ASell products and servicesCurrent 15AHCMER401ACoordinate customer service and networkactivitiesCurrent 15AHCOHS301AContribute to OHS processesCurrent 15AHCOHS401AMaintain occupational health and safety(OHS) processesCurrent 15AHCWRK209AParticipate in environmentally sustainablework practicesCurrent 15AHCWRK313AImplement and monitor environmentallysustainable work practicesCurrent 15AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY RETAIL, SERVICE AND REPAIRUNIT CODETITLESTATUSUNIT PRICEAURA254280AOperate in an automotive administrationenvironmentSupersededReplaced byAURAAA2001 11AURAAA2001Work in an automotive A 11AURACA3003Build customer relationsCurrentAURAEA4004Manage environmental compliance in anautomotive workplaceCurrentReplacesAURC472082A 11AURAFA2004Solve routine problems in an automotiveworkplaceCurrentReplacesAURC252327A 11 11

Vocational training resources13AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY RETAIL, SERVICE AND REPAIRUNIT CODETITLESTATUSUNIT PRICEAURAFA2005Write routine texts in an automotiveworkplaceCurrentReplacesAURC251179A 11AURAKA3002Adapt work processes to new technologiesCurrentReplacesAURC361101A 11AURAMA3004Maintain business imageCurrentReplacesAURC363337A 11AURAMA4005Manage complex customer issuesCurrentAURAQA2001Contribute to quality work outcomesCurrentReplacesAURC261314A 11AURAQA3003Maintain quality systemsCurrentReplacesAURC361337A 11AURC251179AWrite routine texts in the workplace andcomplete automotive documentationSupersededReplaced byAURAFA2005 11AURC252327AIdentify clarify and resolve problemsSupersededReplaced byAURAFA2004 11AURC261314AContribute to quality work outcomesSupersededReplaced byAURAQA2001 11AURC361101AAdapt work processes to new technologiesSupersededReplaced byAURAKA3002 11AURC361337AMaintain quality systemsSupersededReplaced byAURAQA3003 11AURC363337AMaintain business imageSupersededReplaced byAURAMA3004 11AURC472082APlan and manage compliance withenvironmental regulations in a workplace orbusinessSupersededReplaced byAURAEA4004 11 11

Vocational training resources14BASIC EDUCATIONUNIT TITLECOLOURB&WEveryday job search skills 15 9Everyday learning skills 15 9Everyday money skills 15 9Everyday number skills 15 9Everyday reading skills 15 9Everyday skills for starting work 15 9Everyday skills for using digital technology at work 15 9Everyday skills for using tables, graphs and charts 15 9Everyday spatial skills 15 9Everyday verbal communication skills 15 9Everyday writing skills 15 9BEAUTY TRAININGUNIT CODETITLESTATUSSIBXPSM502AManage treatment services and salesdeliveryCurrentSIBXPSM503APromote a personal services businessCurrentUNIT PRICE 14ReplacesWRHSM502B 14

Vocational training resources15BUSINESS SERVICESUNIT CODETITLESTATUSUNIT PRICEBSBADM101AUse business equipment and resourcesCurrent 11BSBADM301BProduce texts from shorthand notesCurrent 14BSBADM302BProduce texts from notesCurrent 14BSBADM303BProduce texts from audio transcriptionCurrent 14BSBADM307BOrganise schedulesCurrent 14BSBADM311AMaintain business resourcesCurrent 14BSBADM405BOrganise meetingsCurrent 18BSBADM406BOrganise business travelCurrent 18BSBADM407BAdminister projectsCurrent 18BSBADM409ACoordinate business resourcesCurrent 18BSBADM502BManage meetingsCurrent 18BSBADM503BPlan and manage conferencesCurrent 18BSBADM504BPlan or review administration systemsCurrent 18BSBADM506BManage business document design anddevelopmentCurrent 18BSBADV404BSchedule advertisementsCurrent 18BSBAUD402BParticipate in a qualit

CHC51408 Diploma of Youth Work CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care CHC51512 Diploma of Youth Justice CHC50312 Diploma of Community Services (Mental Health) CHC51612 Diploma of Employment Services CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention

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