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The Power of the Mind***** Special Bonus Report *****The Power of the Mind“Six Mental Laws”This small report could change your life! The information contained here isso powerful, that if used properly, can cause you to use your mind in waysyou could never imagine. Imbrace these concepts, as they absolutelywork Once you truly understand the power that your mind has, you will be able toachieve everything that you could ever imagine. As you read each word ofthis powerful report, you’ll find yourself becoming excited about taking actionto change your life with the concepts contained in this document.This realization of how these concepts will benefit your life will become moreand more important to you by the second .As you read and understand the powerful concepts discussed here, you’llfind yourself getting more and more compelled to take action with the itemsin this report that I am going to suggest you take.The concepts contained in this report are condensed down so that you canassimilate the information much faster and when you do that you will beable to use the concepts that much faster.What may seem like a simple concept to you can be the most powerfulconcept of all, so make sure that you read and re-read this report until youhave the concepts integrated into your mind fully and completely.By all means integrate this report with any of the other products that youhave from us as you will find that all of our products carry a very specialmeaning to them and often times you will find them to be very profound.It is my intention to give to you the knowledge to take your skills to an evenhigher level than you ever thought possible. After reading this report youmay naturally feel as if a door has opened up in your mind, anunderstanding if you will that can allow you to grasp the simplicity of theseideas and cause you to use them to your advantage. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com2

The Power of the MindLaws of the MindLaw #1Every Mental Image Which You Allow to TakeComplete Control of Your Mind Tends to beRealized:This brings up the point that you must focus on what you want and makesure that your intent and focus is like a laser. You must also remember thatif you let negative images control your mind, you will have them come topass as well.This may sound like a simple concept, but the fact is you are where you aretoday in life based on the mental images that you have pictured of yourselffor years.Be on guard with this first law as it has a tendency to be realized in thepositive or negative.So how do you keep the mental images in your mind of the things that youwant to achieve, not those that you do not?The key is “focus of thought”. Focus of thought is where you mustbecome very aware of where your mind is going. An example would be thatif you were looking to earn a lot of money, but you kept focusing on yourlack of ability to do that, the mental image would be the stronger one of thetwo.One of the surest ways to do this is through good afirmations (see MasteryThrough Meditation, Magneto & Manipulation courses for completeoverview) so that you can program the mental image in your head that youwant, not the one that you don’t want.Once you become aware of the mental images that you are harvesting inyour mind you can then learn to change them into the ones that are going tobe beneficial and get rid of the ones that won’t be beneficial. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com3

The Power of the MindI use a block technique when a thought comes into my mind that I don’twant in there, I just say to myself “BLOCK” and I visualize a big wall goingup in front and the concept not being able to get through. I may have to dothis numerous times in order to fight off the incoming negative thought.Remember that your thoughts are truly one of the only things that you are incontrol of and that you are the one responsible for those thoughts so makesure that you have the right mental images that you want so that you cangain a positive outcome.Law #2Nothing in Your Mind Should be in Oppositionto the Mental Image You Wish to Bring Aboutat that Momement:Ok, so know we are getting into some really interesting territory here. Keepin mind that the concepts are powerful concepts that can like a doubleedged sword cut both ways.What you need to do here is make sure that when you have a thought inyour mind, it is a pure thought not a double thought. An example would bethe thought of you moving into a new house, but having the thought that youcould never sell your old house.When you give your mind a thought and then you put a potential block upsimilar to what I did in the last law, your original thought or mental picturewill not work out the way you expect it to.Another point to make is to try and be as clear and precise as you can withyour thought image. In other words don’t second guess your image with theexact opposite or the negative version of it. I know these concepts can behard to handle and the reason you are reading this is to understand howyou can get better control over your mind and create a tremendous amountof Mind Power.Of course, when you study the concepts In the Manipulation course, youwill truly begin to understand the complete power and control you can exertfor yourself and to others with these concepts. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com4

The Power of the MindLaw #3If Will and Conviction are Opposed, ConvictionWill Prevail:Will is your intent to do something, conviction is your belief of what is provenin your own mind. Belief is a big factor when it comes to using the full andcomplete power of your mind. If your belief is too diffferent or opposed toyour intent, the belief will always win.There is a very thin thread between intent and belief and in some casesthey are very similar. As with all types of control, you must be able to controlthe intent but also have the belief that what you are intending will come topass.This could very well be the most important of the laws. I speak with peopleall the time who say their intention to do something is there, but for somereason they just don’t get it done. The key is your belief level.How do you work on controling your belief level?This is a hard thing to control because we are all made up and wireddifferently as this relates to using our mind power. The key is to start to havefaith in what you are doing and then the belief will start to come as you seethe evidence of what you are doing, thus bringing on a conviction that canbe quite strong.The Bible says, “Faith is the evidence of things hope for but not yetseen”. Can you believe in something before you see the physical aspect toit?That is something that you must work on to get this law to work for you andwhen you do get that under control you will find yourself doing things thatyou always wanted to do, but were afraid to do because of your belief! Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com5

The Power of the MindLaw #4Effort Alone Produces the Reverse of theHoped for Effect:What this law is referring to again is really your belief factor and how thatplays into what you are looking to accomplish with the power of your mind. Ifyour belief level is low on what you are looking to accomplish, even puttingin the effort will nule and void out what you are looking to accomplish.You must learn how to build your belief up so strong that when you put theeffort behind the belief that your outcome or objective will be met. To do thisyou must train the mind to accept what you want to give unto it not justwhat it wants to do.As you develop habits, your mind starts to accept them as the way thingsshould be done. If those habits that you have are bad habits and you wantto change them, the mind is very resistent to change. That is why you mustforce the change so that you can start to take the control back of your mind.Once you have a high enough belief level you can now put in the effort andrealize that you will accomplish that which you are looking for. Another keysaying from the Bible is “Faith without works is dead”, which means youcan have a lot of faith or belief, but if you don’t have the action put behind it ,it will be all for naught. Really think on these laws and start to put them touse to empower every area of your life.Law #5Any Thought that is Motivated by a FeelingTends to Become Reality:Anytime you add an emotion in to thoughts you increase the thought andmind power substantially. Emotions are powerfull tools when used correctlyand when used in-correctly can back fire on you and can create anemotional roller coaster that is hard to stop. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com6

The Power of the MindThoughts are things. God created the earth first with his thoughts and thenwith his words. He spoke the world into existence. You have the samecapability to do the same thing because you were made in his image, yetmost people don’t think that they can do a great thing.Take the thoughts that you have and add substance to them, make themvivid, make them so real that you could reach out and touch them. Believeand know now that your thoughts definitely have power.Everything that you have ever done in your life started with a thought. Onceyou had the thought, if you had the belief high enough, you started to go forthe thought.Understand what feelings or emotions you can use to your benefit and learnwhich ones will only bring you pain. What we eventually realize is that wecreate our own pain based on our own punishment and judging of what wedeem to be wrong.You will want to use good positive emotions of love and happiness, notnegative ones like anger, fear or jealousy. Your mind will respond in kind tothe information that you put into it. If you put highly charged positiveemotional energy in, you will receive like results, if you put in negativeemotions, you can only get back that which you put in.If you have ever had a feeling or a hunch you know what this means. Youbecome so clear and lucid to the outcome that you could bet on it. That iswhat is meant by the feelings that you attach to the thoughts. The moreemotionally involved you get into the thought the more that it can berealized. Stay focused and keep your thoughts powerfully directed for youroutcome.Law #6You Must Be Convinced & Believe in theResults You Want:This law speaks to the all important concept of being convinced of theresults that you want. As you are reading these laws it will be apparent toyou that these laws work and that you can get them to work for YOU. In factthe more you use these laws and some of the concepts that go along withthem the more you will understand the true power that they hold for you. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com7

The Power of the MindThese mind power concepts work when you develop the neccesaryconviction and belief to magnify the goals and objectives that you have inany area of your life.All Voluntary effort to reach your goal without the help of a vivid, detailed,believable mental image is fruitless. You cannot leave your thoughts andwishes at the abstract level. You cannot vaguely want something, and get it.To get this to work as you want it to, each of your thoughts and goals mustexert a very precise and detailed mental influence. It is necessary to controlthem, to discipline, to vivify them, to be able to make them real in theoutside world.Think on these laws and apply them to all areas as it relates to getting morepower out of your mind.A Powerful Technique for YOU to UseThe Challenge/Resolution SolverThis technique is used when you want to resolve a challenge or issue thatyou are faced with. Remember, you can rely on your subconscious mind todo a lot of the work for you if you will only believe that it will work.“The necessary inspiration or resolution to ( ) will come to me duringsleep.Tomorrow, I will have the answer to this situation as a matter ofcourse.”Naturally as you say this you want to put all of your belief, conviction andwill to it so that you be given the answer to your situation.The concepts, methods and techniques in this report are used as examplesof what you could do with the power of your mind. As you begin to use theseconcepts you will find that they work very well, almost to the point that itbaffles your imagination.Please use these techniques in the right way, a way that benefits people notone in which you would hurt them. Remember that knowledge is power andused the right way is a truly wonderful thing and used the wrong way canbring you and others harm. Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacshttp://www.advancedmindpower.com8

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The Power of the Mind Copyright 2000-2008 A. Thomas Perhacs http://www.advancedmindpower.com 3 Laws of the Mind Law #1 Every Mental Image Which You Allow to Take

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