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How to Connect State IT Systemsto the Training Provider RegistrySeptember 2020

What does the Entry-Level Driver Training rulerequire of States with regard to the Registry? Beginning February 7, 2022, States must verify thatdrivers have completed required training prior toadministering relevant skills or knowledge testsFor more details onState ProceduresSee 49 CFR § 383.732

How will States access driver data?TrainSubmitRetainRetrieveDRIVERselects trainingprovider, completestrainingTRAININGPROVIDERsubmits driverdata to TPRFMCSAretains driverdata in TPRSTATEretrieves driverdata from TPRusing StateIT system

How will States retrieve driver data?States must: Use an IT system to accessand display data from theTraining Provider Registry Decide which technicalsolution they will use toretrieve and display data4

Interfacing with the Training Provider RegistryTwo different connection paths are available:StatesViaCSTIMS/ROOSTRDirect to TPRWeb ServiceTPR Web ServiceOption to connect viaAAMVA Web Service isno longer available.States must connect viaTPR Web Service orCSTIMS/ROOSTR.X5

Web Services Development Handbook Instructions for requesting a Registry user accountfrom FMCSA How to retrieve data from the registry using arepresentational state transfer service (REST) Fields from the Registry to display in State systems Driver search and results elementsVersion 1.0 to be posted on theDeveloper’s Toolkit page later this fall6

Process for Interfacing with the RegistryAuthenticationSearchRetrieval7

Authentication FMCSA will issue a client certificate and private keyfor a State to use during authentication When connecting to the service, the client willgenerate and sign a time-limited JSON Web Token(JWT) The client will include the JWT in an Authorizationheader when sending the request Authentication errors will be communicated back tothe caller with 401 and 403 response messages8

Search Callers may submit a search using combinations of: License Number License Issuing State First Name Last Name Date of Birth In response to a search query, the caller will receive: Status code indicating success or various failure conditions In the case of success: Up to 100 drivers matching the search sorted by date ofrecord entry in the TPR with the newest records beingreturned first Driver records including a unique ID and descriptiveinformation In the case of failure a more detailed message may be returned9

Retrieval The client will retrieve detailed driver records from theservice using the unique ID returned from the driversearch Driver record will contain: Descriptive information (name, license, etc.) All training data recorded in the TPR for the driver Training data for a driver in the TPR may containmultiple series of trainings taken by the driver over time System calling the service is responsible for identifyingthe relevant training record10

Coming Soon: Testing Test credentials will be provided on theDeveloper’s Toolkit page of the TPRwebsite States will not need to register with the TPR toperform system integration testing, thoughregistration will be required to receive non-testcredentials. Registration is scheduled to open insummer 2021. Users will be able to use these test credentials to submit test requests to thereal service endpoints and receivesimulated responsesTesting services are scheduled to beavailable by winter 202011

Resources & Support Available to States Training Provider Registry Developer’s ) Web Services Development Handbook for SDLAs Testing support Access to Registrydevelopers forquestions andtroubleshooting12


Connection Considerations Current system used (in-house orCSTIMS/ROOSTR) Onsite IT resources and funding Ongoing access to IT support onceconnection is live What system third-party examiners use,and how to ensure that they adhere toapplicable requirements for checking adriver’s training information14

Where can I find resources?Sign up for email updatesTraining Provider Registry website: TPR Team: AAMVA:Philip [email protected]

What does the Entry-Level Driver Training rule . Developer’s Toolkit page later this fall. Process for Interfacing with the Registry 7 Authentication Search. Retrieval. Authentication 8 FMCSA will issue a client certificate and private