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Low voltage AC drivesABB industrial drivesACS800, multidrives1.1 to 5600 kWCatalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 130.3.2011 7:57:33

Selecting and ordering your driveBuild up your own ordering code using the type codekey below or contact your local ABB drives salesoffice and let them know what you want. Use page 3as a reference section for more information.Type code:ACS800-X07-XXXX-X XXXXProduct seriesTypes andconstructionRatingsVoltagesOptions2 ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives Catalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 230.3.2011 7:57:46

ContentsABB industrial drives, ACS800, multidrivesABB industrial drives4Multidrive main features8Technical data11Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V12ACS800 liquid-cooled multidrives18Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V19Brake options253-phase high power brake units26EMC filters28du/dt filers29Standard user interface30Standard I/OOptions3031Control panel31Optional I/O32Fieldbus control33Remote monitoring tool34Standard control programs35Optional control programs37Control solutionsDimensioning yzer42DriveOPC43Summary of features and options44Services46Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 315604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 330.3.2011 7:57:47

ABB industrial drivesACS800-X07-XXXX-ABB industrial drivesABB industrial drives are designed for industrial applications,and especially for applications in process industries suchas the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power,chemical, and oil & gas industries. ABB industrial drivesare highly flexible AC drives that can be configured to meetthe precise needs of these applications, and hence orderbased configuration is an integral part of the offering. Thesedrives cover a wide range of powers and voltages, includingvoltages up to 690 V. ABB industrial drives come with awide range of built-in options. A key feature of these drivesis programmability, which makes adaptation to differentapplications easy.Industrial designABB industrial drives are designed with current ratings tobe used in industrial environments for applications requiringhigh overloadability. The heart of the drive is DTC, directtorque control, that provides high performance and significantbenefits: e.g. accurate static and dynamic speed and torquecontrol, high starting torque and long motor cables. Built-indrive options make the installation work fast and easy.One of the most significant design criteria of ABB industrialdrives has been the long lifetime. Wearing parts such as fansand capacitors have been selected accordingly. Togetherwith the extensive protection features this results in excellentreliability in the demanding industrial market.X XXXXType codeThis is the unique reference number that clearly identifiesyour drive by construction, power rating voltage and selectedoptions. Using the type code you can specify your drives fromthe wide range of options available, customer specific optionsare added to the type code using the corresponding code.Functional safetyThe ABB functional safety solution complies with therequirements of the European Union Machinery Directive2006/42/EC. This directive is associated with standardslike EN 62061 (IEC, defining SIL - Safety Integrity Level)and EN ISO 13849-1 (defining PL - Performance Level).Both standards require a documented and proven safetyperformance and life cycle approach to safety. Safe torqueoff is a certified solution offering SIL2 and PL d (Cat.2) safetylevels.ABB drives can be provided, as an option, with the safetorque-off function. Safe torque-off can be used for theprevention of unexpected start-up and represents a costeffective and certified solution for basic safety. Other safetyfunctions include safe stop 1 (SS1) and safely-limited speed(SLS), which can be used to achieve SIL2 or PL d (Cat.2)safety levels.Other products:Please also see the separate technical catalogsACS800, single drives code, 3AFE68375126 EN.ACS800, drive modules code, 3AFE68404592 EN.4 ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives Catalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 430.3.2011 7:57:47

MultidrivesThe multidrive principle is based on a standard DC busarrangement enabling single power entry and commonbraking resources for several drives. There are severalpossibilities on the supply side starting from a simple diodesupply unit up to highly sophisticated active IGBT supplyunits.RectifierInverterInverterInverterWhere are multidrives usedGenerally speaking, multidrives can be used wherever severaldrives form part of a single process. The common supply ofthe multidrive enables the implementation of overall safety andcontrol functions. The shafts of the individual drive motors canbe more or less tightly coupled. In tight coupling, for examplein a paper machine, the individual ABB drive modules providefast communication of torque and speed signals between thedrives, for controlling the tension in the paper web. But alsoin those cases where the shafts of the individual drive motorsare not tightly coupled, for example in sugar centrifuges,each drive module can be programmed with a speed profilein order to minimize overall energy consumption. These twoexamples merely demonstrate the range of applications wheremultidrives offer substantial benefits over other types of driveconstructions.Multidrive promises Flexibility Compact design A wide range of options Adaptive programming Reduced installation costsThe multidrive construction simplifies the total installation andprovides many advantages such as: savings in cabling, installation and maintenance costsspace savingsreduced component count and increased reliabilityreduced line currents and simpler braking arrangementsenergy circulation over the common DC busbar, which canbe used for motor-to-motor braking without the need for abraking chopper or regenerative supply unit. The common supply of the multidrive enables theimplementation of overall safety and control functions.Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 515604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 530.3.2011 7:57:49

ABB industrial drivesOverview of the constructionA multidrive is made up of several different units (see figurebelow). These sections are called multidrive units and themost important units are:drive unitsdiode supply unitsIGBT supply unitsthyristor supply unitsdynamic braking unitscontrol units (optional)Drive unitsInverters have built-in capacitors for smoothing the voltageof the DC busbars. The electrical connection to the commonDC busbar is fuse protected. However, an optional fuseswitch with a capacitor charging device can be selectedto disconnect the whole drive unit. Each inverter has aDiode supply unit (DSU)A diode supply unit is used in non-regenerative drive systemsto convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. A 12-pulsebridge configuration can be implemented with the unitsupplied by a three-winding transformer with a thirty degreephase shift between secondary windings. A diode supply unitis controlled by an RMIO board similar to drive units and IGBTsupply units. This allows parameter setting, monitoring anddiagnostic with CDP312R control panel, DriveWindow andfieldbuses.Supply unitICUDSU/TSU/ISUInvertermoduleI/O DCUInvertermoduleI/O DCUInvertermoduleI/O DCUDSUTSUISUI/O DCU115/230 VACInvertermoduleFilterunit24 VDCInvertermoduleACUDrive unit(s)Invertermodule drive control unit (DCU) which contains the RMIO boardand optional I/O modules. Several different I/O extensionmodules for different functions such as control, monitoringand measurement purposes are available. A separate pulseencoder inter-face module is also possible. Other optionalfeatures include the prevention of unexpected start-up for theinverters to provide a safe interlock for the system.AC6 ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives Catalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 630.3.2011 7:57:49

IGBT supply unit (ISU)An IGBT supply unit is used in regenerative drive systemsto convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. In powercontrol it gives the same firm but gentle performance as DTCgives in motor control.The main circuit consists of a main switch, a filter and aconverter. The converter is hardware compatible with driveunits. The converter can operate in both motoring andgenerating modes. The DC voltage constant and the linecurrent sinusoidal. The control also provides a near unitypower factor. The control performance is excellent due to theultra-fast control technology, the same as in DTC.A fully regenerative IGBT supply unit with power factor 1requires no power compensation. The unit can also boostDC voltage e.g. when line voltage is low. Harmonic contentremains extremely low due to DTC control and LCL filtering.Brake unitIn resistor braking whenever the voltage in the intermediatecircuit of a frequency converter exceeds a certain limit, abraking chopper connects the circuit to a braking resistor.Standard braking resistors are separately available in theirown cabinets. Non-standard resistors can be used providingthat the specified resistance value is not decreased and thatthe heat dissipation capacity of the resistor is sufficient for thedrive application.AC800M control unit (optional)The multidrive concept also includes the control unit for theAC800M and S800 I/O. The control unit is equipped withcommunication interfaces, power supplies and the frontdevices necessary for the automation equipment.Thyristor supply unit (TSU)A thyristor supply unit is used in regenerative drive systemsto convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. Thethyristor supply unit contains two 6-pulse thyristor bridges inantiparallel connection. It has the ability to regenerate backto the mains, providing considerable energy savings withapplications having excessive braking powers. A 12-pulsebridge configuration can be implemented with two thyristorsupply units supplied by a three-winding transformer. Thisconfiguration reduces harmonics in the supply network.Parallel connected supply unitsIt is possible to connect two supply units in parallel to thesame DC bus to get higher power or redundancy. These twounits will be located at the rear ends of the drive DC bus. Thispossibility concerns parallel connection of two diode supplyunits (DSU DSU), two IGBT supply units (ISU ISU), or a DSUand an ISU to the same DC bus.Higher power is needed, for example, in high powerapplications where it gives more drive flexibility to connectdrive units to the same DC bus, or for high overloadrequirements.Redundancy is needed in critical processes and also whenmaintenance intervals are long.Using DSU ISU connected in parallel is a solution for whenthe need for braking power is much lower than for motoringpower. ISU is dimensioned for braking power and operatescontinuously, while DSU is dimensioned for motor power minusISU power.Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 715604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 730.3.2011 7:57:51

Multidrive main featuresFeaturesBenefitsNotesSmall sizeThe inverter modules are dramatically smaller. The averageOptions inside the drivelength of the multidrive line-up has now been cut to half theModular and redundantPower modules are available in 7 different sizes (R2i-R5i, R7i,Fewer spare partsR8i) starting from 3 kVA for motor inverters and 70 kVA forInnovative designline supply.Compact and completeIntegration and compact sizeprevious size.Construction simplerAll the powers from about 210 to 6900 kVA are differentconfigurations of R8i units, single or in parallel. Only fourtypes of diode rectifier units cover the power range of 200 to4540 kVA. The modules have a plug-in connector, meaningvery easy assembling. The modules are also equipped withwheels, which enables fast maintenance. The modules canbe freely connected in parallel for higher output current. Thismeans a limited number of different module sizes and fewerspare parts.Wide range of options availableCommon ABB drive technologyStandard solutions available from ABB thatCustom made solutions are available for the whole productmeets the customer needs.range.Industrial drive platformCommon control platformSoftwareSame spare partsLess trainingUser interfaceUser-friendly customerEasy and fast commissioning and operation.interfaceEasy to use PC tools available for commissioning,maintenance, monitoring and programming.Control panel has clear, alphanumeric display.Versatile connections andStandard I/O covers most requirements.Extensive standard and optional I/O.communicationsConnectable to commonly used fieldbuses.I/O fulfils PELV (EN 50178).Extensive programmabilityFlexibility. Possible to replace relays or evenTwo levels of programmability:PLC in some applications.1. Parameter programming (standard)2. Adaptive programming (free block programming)- Standard feature- More blocks available as options- All I/Os are programmable8 ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives Catalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 830.3.2011 7:57:51

FeaturesBenefitsNotesIndustrial designWide power and voltage rangeOne product series suits everywhere meaningless training and fewer spare parts, and astandardised interface to drives.Wide range of robust enclosuresSuitable solutions available for differentavailableenvironments.Robust main circuit designSuitable for heavy industrial use.Reliable.Components dimensioned for heavy duty and long lifetime.Extensive protectionsEnhanced reliability, fewer processSeveral adjustable limits to protect other equipment also.IP21 - IP54, except braking resistor cabinet IP21Advanced thermal model allows high overloadability.interruptions. Possibility to also protectmotors and process.Galvanic isolation of I/OSafe and reliable operation without separateIsolated input signals and relay outputs as standard.isolators and relays.All terminals designed for industrialuseWorldwide approvals: CE, UL, cUL,CSA, C-Tick, GOST RAdequate size even for large aluminium cables.No need for special tools in I/O cabling.Safe products that can be used everywherein the world.Right performance for every applicationDTC, accurate dynamic and staticspeed and torque controlDTC - allows high overload-abilityExcellent process control even without pulseencoder - improved product quality, productivity,reliability and lower investment cost.and gives high starting torqueReliable, smooth start without overdimensioningthe drive.DTC, fast controlNo unnecessary trips and process interruptions.Fast reaction to load or voltage variations prevents tripping.Rides through power interruptions by using kinetic energy ofthe load.Optimal flux in the motor reduces losses.DTC, flux optimisation andsophisticated motor modelExcellent motor and drive efficiency - costsavings.DTC, mechanics friendlyLess stress for mechanics improves reliability.No shock torques.No torque ripple - minimised risk for torsional vibration.Active oscillation damping.Applies for ACS800-207.DTC, line supply controlHigh performance and robust control in activesupply unit.Made in ABBGlobal market leader in AC drives.Long experience.World wide service and supportnetworkWell proven, safe and reliable solutions.Application know-how.Professional support is available around theworld.Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 915604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 930.3.2011 7:57:51

ACS800, multidrivesAir-cooledIGBT supply unitDrive unitsLCL filterIncoming unit (ICU)Auxiliary control unit (ACU)Liquid-cooled3-phaseHigh power brake unitDiode supply unitDrive units10 ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives Catalog15604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 1030.3.2011 7:57:52

Technical dataACS800-X07(LC)-XXXX-Mains connectionVoltage andpower range3-phase, U3IN 380 to 415 V, 10%3-phase, U5IN 380 to 500 V, 10%3-phase, U7IN 525 to 690 V, 10%(600 V UL, CSA)Frequency48 to 63 HzPower factor DSUcosϕ1 0.98 (fundamental)cosϕ 0.93 to 0.95 (total)cosϕ 1 1 (fundamental)cosϕ 1 0.99 (total)Power factor ISUTDHI (total harmonicdistortion of current) ISU 5%Efficiency (at nominalpower)98%97% with ISUX XXXXAltitude0 to 1000 m1000 to 4000 mRelative humidity5 to 95%, no condensation allowedDegree of protectionAs optionACS800-xxxLCAs optionIP21IP22, IP22R, IP42, IP42R, IP54 and IP54RIP42IP54Paint colourcabinet RAL 7035, modules: NCS 1502-Y,RAL 9002, PMS 420 CNo conductive dust allowedIEC 60721-3-1, Class 1C2 (chemical gases),Class 1S2 (solid particles)IEC 60721-3-2, Class 2C2 (chemical gases),Class 2S2 (solid particles)IEC 60721-3-3, Class 3C2 (chemical gases),Class 3S2 (solid particles without airinletfilters)IEC 60068-2-6, 10 to 58 Hz 0.075 mmdisplacement amplitude 58 to150 Hz 10m/s2(1 g)2 to 13.2 Hz: 1.0 mm amplitude (peak)13.2 to 100 Hz: 0.7g accelerationContamination levelsStorageTransportationMotor connectionVoltagefor 500 V units3-phase output voltage 0 to U 3IN/U5IN/U 7INplease see “Filter selection table for ACS800”under the du/dt filters on page 29OperationFrequency0 to 300 Hz, also with built-in du/dt filters inR8i module0 to 120 Hz with external du/dt filters inR2i-R7iVibrationField weakening point8 to 300 HzMotor control softwareABB’s direct torque control (DTC)Torque controlOpen loopClosed loopTorque step rise time: 5 ms with nominal torque 5 ms with nominal torqueNon-linearity: 4% with nominal torque 3% with nominal torqueOpen loopClosed loopSpeed controlOpen loopClosed loopOpen loopClosed loopStatic accuracy:10% of motor slip0.01% of nominal speedDynamic accuracy:0.3 to 0.4%sec. with 100% torque step0.1 to 0.2%sec. with 100% torque stepEnvironmental limitsAmbient id-cooledCooling methodAir-cooledLiquid-cooled-40 to 70 C-40 to 70 C0 to 50 C, no frost allowed40 to 50 C at reduced output current(1% / 1 C)0 to 55 C, no frost allowed45 to 55 C at reduced output current(0.5% / 1 C)without deratingwith derating (1% / 100 m)(690 V units 1000 to 2000 m with derating)Vibration marineclassificationC chemically active substancesS mechanically active substancesProduct complianceCELow Voltage Directive 2006/95/ECMachinery Directive 2006/42/ECEMC Directive 2006/108/ECQuality assurance system ISO 9001 andEnvironmental system ISO 14001UL, cUL 508A and 508C and CSA C22.2 NO.14-95, for some typesavailable later.C-TickGOST RMarine type approvals for ACS800-xxxLC: ABS, DNV, Lloyd s RegisterEMC according to EN 61800-32 nd environment, unrestricted distribution category C3 as option1 st environment, restricted distribution category C2 as option up to1000 A input currentDry clean airzDirect liquid-coolingInlet water temperature with liquid cooling-unit(optional): 45 C max. customer circuit, fresh water orsea water 38 C to 45 C at reduced output current1% / 1 CInlet water temperature without liquid-coolingunit: 48 C max converter circuit, fresh water 42 to 48 C at reduced output current1% / 1 CCatalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 1115604 ACS800 Multidrives catalog 3AUA0000098165 US RevH.indd 1130.3.2011 7:57:56

Multidrive ratings, types and voltagesDrive unit, UN 400 VACS800Nominal-107-XXXXNo-overload Light-overloadratingsuseusePcont. maxINI cont. max I maxA (AC) AkWAUN 400 V (Range 380 to 415 3135374842200033964223578024004054-3 9110133156187218277351423554831

Catalog ABB industrial drives ACS800 multidrives 3 Contents ABB industrial drives, ACS800, multidrives ABB industrial drives 4 Multidrive main features 8 Technical data 11 Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V 12 ACS800 liquid-cooled multidrives 18 Drive and supply units 400, 500 and 690 V 19 Brake options 25 3-phase high power brake units 26

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ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives, designed for industrial applications, specifically for those in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries. The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of

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