ABB Drives And Controls The Green Guide To More Profitable .

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ABB drives and controlsThe green guide to moreprofitable business

Contents4678What can you expect from the world’s largest drives manufacturer?The most effective way to a green process is also the most profitableABB authorized value providers. Extending your choicesOur extensive drives and controls portfolio means the most optimal solution for 2323333343435363637383838383939Low voltage AC drivesABB micro drives for basic applicationsACS55 seriesACS150 seriesABB general purpose drives offer ease-of-useACS310 seriesACS550 seriesACS580 seriesABB machinery drives for flexible needsACS355 seriesACS850 seriesACSM1 seriesAll-compatible machinery drives – persistent and adaptable performanceACS380ACS880ABB industrial drives for comprehensive solutions for all industriesACS800 seriesACS800 series, wall-mounted and free-standing single drivesACS800 series, cabinet-built single drivesACS800 series, multidrivesACS800 series, single drive modulesACS800 series, multidrive modulesACS880 series, all-compatible ABB industrial drivesACS880 series, wall-mounted single drivesACS880 series, cabinet-built single drivesACS880 series, cabinet-built regenerative single drivesACS880 series, cabinet-built ultra-low harmonic single drivesACS880 regenerative single drive module packagesACS880 series, multidrive modulesACS880 series, single drive modulesACS880 regenerative single drive module packagesACS880 ultra-low harmonic single drive module packagesABB drives for HVAC and water and wastewater tailored to save energy and moneyABB drives for water and wastewaterACQ810 seriesABB drives for HVACACS320 seriesACH550 seriesACH580 series4040414142424343Motion control drivesABB motion control drives provide capability without complexityMicroFlex analog, motion control drivesMicroFlex e100, motion control drivesMicroFlex e150, motion control drivesMotiFlex e180, motion control drivesNextMove e100, motion control drivesComplete motion control solutions444646464748484849Medium voltage drivesABB general purpose and industrial drives offer ease-of-use with standard motorsACS580MVACS1000ACS2000ABB special purpose drives for engineered solutions to specific needsACS5000ACS6000MEGADRIVE-LCI50525252525353DC drivesABB standard drives designed for machine manufacturersDCS550-S modulesABB industrial drives offer flexibility for a broad range of applicationsDCS800-S modulesDCS800-A – complete drive solutionDCS800-E, -R – modernization solution545455Power controllerABB thyristor power controllers offer precise control of heatersDCT880-W565858585959606061Programmable Logic ControllersPLC Automation product familyAC500 PLC platformCP600 and CP600-eCo control panelsAC500 PLCAC500-eCo PLCAC500-XC PLCAC500-S PLCAutomation Builder62Connectivity and software tools64ABB drive services2 ABB drives Product guide

Introduction4–9Low voltage AC drives10–39Motion control drives40–43Medium voltage AC drives44–49DC drives50–53Power controller54–55Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)56–61Connectivity and software tools62–63Drive services64–65Product guide ABB drives 3

What can you expect from the world’slargest drives manufacturer?Technology is the core of our business. For over 100 yearswe have invested a significant proportion of our turnover inresearch and development. As a result, we developed the veryfirst high-power AC drive in the 1970s, and today we offeryou the most advanced range of variable speed drives in theworld. Still, the cutting edge technology is not the only thingthat makes us the global leader in AC and DC drives. You canexpect more from us.A drive is only a part of the solutionOur attention to service matches the technological pursuits ofour R&D department. This means a globally local presence,customer service, support, expertise, various tools and atechnical partnership to give you added value as a customer,designer or end user.You can expect us to understand your business, your processand your needs from A to Z. We know by experience howto increase your production capacity, improve your productquality, reduce waste and lower your maintenance costs.Our dedicated experts talk your language and can offer thequickest route to a profitable solution, without forgettingpersonnel safety and environmental responsibility.Buy a drive and you get our expertiseThe world’s leading application engineering organizationis at your service. We have a thorough knowledge of allapplications from pumps, fans and compressors through toconveyors, extruders, winders and marine applications.4 ABB drives Product guideIn your plant, our expertise extends across entire electricalinstallations from correct selection, dimensioning andinstallation through to operation and maintenance of drives,PLCs, motors, transformers, relays, switches and contactorsand all the way to transducers and meters. Optimal choicesnot only save energy, but also reduce the application’smaintenance needs.For instance, a combination of ABB motors and drives helpsminimize the life cycle cost of pumps, fans and other drivenmachines as well as the entire mechanical installation.Wherever the drive goes, we are there to supportyour businessYou can expect us to be beside you, wherever you are. Ourcompanies and sales offices are at your service in more than100 countries, and chances are that one of our authorizedvalue provider companies is probably located right in yourneighborhood.If you are a machine builder, the global ABB can be a vitalpart of your customer service. You, and your product, arenever alone.So, what can you expect from the world’s largest drivesmanufacturer? Not only the most optimal drive, but the thingsyou really want to be investing in: efficiency, productivity,reliability and safety.

IntroductionLow voltage drivesMotion control drivesMedium voltage drivesDC drivesPower controllerPLCsConnectivity and softwareDrive servicesProduct guide ABB drives 5

The most effective way to a green processis also the most profitableBenefits of using ABB drivesSubstantial energy savings – Rather than have an electricmotor running continuously at full speed, an electric driveallows the user to slow down or speed up the motordepending on the demands. Reducing motor speed to meetthe actual demand of the process often means substantialenergy savings and reduced operating costs.Optimal process control – An electric drive enablesa process to achieve the right speed and torque whilemaintaining its accuracy – this contributes to a moreconsistent quality and throughput of the end product.Reduced need for maintenance – Being able to vary thespeed and torque of an electric motor means there is lesswear and tear on the motor and the driven machine. Forexample, the ability to bring a process up to speed slowlyprevents the sudden shock loading that can damage themotor and the driven machine over time.Efficient system upgrade – An electric drive allows for theremoval of valves, gears and belts. It also ensures networkdimensioning based on a lower starting current.Functional safety – Most ABB drives offer functionalsafety features providing safety for machine operators.The features comply with the requirements of the EuropeanUnion Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This directive isassociated with standards like EN 62061 (IEC, definingSIL – Safety Integrity Level) and EN ISO 13849-1 (definingPL – Performance Level).6 ABB drives Product guideABB drives common featuresEasy to select – Selection can be as simple as choosingthe power rating, voltage and current through detaileddimensioning and adding of various options.Easy to purchase – ABB drives are available from ABB andselected ABB authorized value providers. See the followingpage for more details about our value provider network.Easy to install and commission – The drives are simpleto install and commission. ABB has developed some of themost advanced control panels and PC tools in the world. Thecontrol panels feature plain-language instructions, which canbe accessed via soft buttons. This combination, togetherwith a series of Help menus, provides for quick and effectiveaccess to all parameters. PC tools provide an easy approachfor the selection, commissioning and use of ABB drives.Easy to use – The drives are designed with the end user inmind, to make it as easy as possible to use our drives. Theadvanced control panel allows instant adjustments to speedor other application parameters.

Extend your choices by ABB authorized value providersIntroductionLow voltage drivesThe ABB authorized value provider network provides morechoices and flexibility when buying ABB products and services.The network members deliver sales, support, service andengineering in seamless cooperation with ABB.Motion control drivesMedium voltage drivesAvailabilityAuthorization forSalesSupport (*)Technical distributorProduct specialistSalesSupportService (*)Engineering (*)System integratorHardware andSalessoftware integrationSupportService (*)EngineeringPanel builderPanel designsService providerLife cycle providerEngineeringSupportServiceEngineering (*)PLCsFinding your local ABB authorized value providersTo learn more about our unique ABB authorized valueproviders near you, please visit:Focused offeringDistributorPower controllerProducts and services for your specific needsThe multichannel network offers more choices and flexibility tomatch the local business requirements via globally consistentoffering.Channel typeDC drivesABB authorized value providers are members of the ABBchannel program – the ABB Value Provider Program. Theyare fully trained, regularly audited and officially authorized torepresent the defined ABB products and services. With theirin-depth knowledge of local markets and expertise in selectedproducts and services, they can ensure speed, efficiency andconsistency in daily operations. Their work ensures that ABBproducts are backed by the same high standards of serviceand support all over the world.(*) OptionalConnectivity and guide ABB drives 7Drive servicesThis label is a sign of quality services from the officialmembers of the ABB Value Provider Program.

Our extensive drives and controls portfolio meansthe most optimal solution for youABB low voltage AC drivesThe ABB low voltage AC drives product range, from 0.18to 5600 kW, is the widest selection available from anymanufacturer. These drives establish the global benchmarksignifying reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuitythroughout the entire life cycle of the drive.ABB micro drivesABB micro drives are suitable for a variety of low powerapplications such as pumps, fans and conveyors. The focusin the design has been the easy integration into machines,which provides flexible mounting and straightforwardcommissioning.ABB general purpose drivesABB general purpose drives are easy to install, commissionand use. They are designed to offer control over a broadrange of standard drive applications and have a wide range ofbuilt-in features simplifying all operations.ABB machinery drivesABB machinery drives can be flexibly configured to meetdemands set by different machines. An order-basedconfiguration is an integral part of the machinery drivesoffering. The drives have a broad range of standard andoptional features. Their programming capability offersadditional flexibility to meet challenging machine requirements.ABB industrial drivesABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives that can becustomized to meet the precise needs of industrial applications.The drives cover a wide power and voltage range up to 5600 kWand 690 V. The drives are designed for industrial applicationssuch as those found in pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement,power, chemical, oil and gas, water and wastewater, and foodand beverage. Drives adapted and approved for use in marineenvironment are also included in this drives family.8 ABB drives Product guideDrives for HVAC and water and wastewaterThe drives for HVAC and water provide customers withdedicated drive solutions for virtually any type of motorcontrol which speaks the same languages as users and theirsystems.ABB motion control drivesABB motion control drives offer flexible technologies and highperformance motor control for a wide variety of applications.The drives enable operation with single and three-phasesupplies for global markets, and have open communicationoptions as well as real-time Ethernet technologies such asEtherCAT and PowerLink. In addition to drives, ABB offerscomplete motion control solutions, including human-machineinterfaces, programmable logic controllers, safety technology,motion controllers and servo motors.ABB medium voltage AC drivesABB offers an extensive portfolio of variable speed drives andsoft starters for medium voltage applications with a powerrange from 250 kW to over 100 MW.ABB medium voltage drives are used in a wide range ofapplications in industries such as metals, marine, mining,cement, power, chemical, oil, gas, water and wastewater.The drives are equipped with air or water cooling and withdifferent line supply connection options. Some products comewith an integrated input transformer or with the capabilityto operate direct-to-line without an input transformer, andtherefore minimize both, weight and space.ABB general purpose and industrial drivesABB general purpose and industrial drives are used to control

IntroductionLow voltage drivesMotion control drivesABB DC drivesABB offers a comprehensive range of scalable, powerful PLCsand robust HMI control panels. The PLC range starts with theaffordable AC500-eCo. AC500 is the powerful flagship PLC,offering a wide range of performance levels. High availabilityconfigurations are easy to implement. For eXtreme Conditionslike in marine, wind, solar, vibrating machines and wastewater treatment, the AC500-XC series is the first choice.PS501 Control Builder Plus is the effortless, straightforwardengineering tool for PLC, drives, HMI and internet services.Drive servicesABB industrial drivesABB industrial drives are designed for all industrialapplications. The fast drive-to-drive DCS link is designedfor demanding high power 12-pulse applications, as well assmart master-follower configurations. ABB industrial drivesare available both as complete enclosed DC drives and asConnectivity and softwareABB standard drivesWith compact dimensions and robust technology, ABBstandard drives are an ideal solution for any machinery andOEM manufacturer as a new installation or a replacement forolder analog devices.ABB ProgrammableLogic Controllers (PLCs)PLCsThe DC drives feature auto-tuning capabilities. Intuitive usersoftware minimizes startup time and improves daily operation.This helps to increase process productivity and improveproduction quality.The DCT880 thyristor power controller provides precisecontrol of resistive or inductive heaters and infrared heaters inapplications for annealing, drying, melting or heating in glass,plastic or metal industry.Power controllerABB’s DC drives portfolio, from 9 to 18000 kW, providesthe highest power-to-size ratio on the market. The drivesare designed for most industries and applications includingmetals, cement, mining, pulp and paper, printing, food andbeverage, wire manufacturing, and test rigs. ABB DC drivesare available as complete cabinets, modules for cabinetassembly, and retrofit kits.Power controllerDC drivesABB special purpose drivesSpecial purpose drives are engineered drives, typically usedfor high power, high speed or special performance applicationssuch as test stands, marine propulsion and thrusters, rollingmills, SAG and ball mills, large pumps, fans and compressors.converter modules to meet the requirements of the users,OEMs and system integrators. These drives are highly flexibleand they can be configured to meet the precise needs ofindustrial applications.Medium voltage drivesstandard motors. These motors are typically used to driveapplications such as pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, millsand conveyors.Product guide ABB drives 9

10 ABB drives Product guide

ABB low voltage AC drivesIntroductionLow voltage drivesMotion control drivesThe ABB low voltage AC drivesproduct range, from 0.18 to 5600 kW,is the widest selection available fromany manufacturer. These drivesestablish the global benchmarksignifying reliability, simplicity, flexibilityand ingenuity throughout the entire lifecycle of the drive.Medium voltage drivesDC drivesPower controllerPLCsConnectivity and softwareDrive servicesProduct guide ABB drives 11

ABB micro drives for basic applicationsLittle big driveseasy to set upusing switchesLittle big driveswith a widerpower range andfunctionalityABB micro drives are very easy to install and set up. They provide flexible mounting alternatives and straightforwardconfiguration for many basic applications. Where ever the micro drives are delivered and installed the local ABB will bethere to support your business.ACS55 highlightsACS150 highlights The drive works with single phase power and is suitable fordomestic environments as standard A more advanced micro drive with functions such as PIDcontrol and a built-in brake chopper Intuitive user interface with DIP switches andpotentiometers Integrated user interface and a speed control potentiometer DriveConfig kit enables drive set up without a powerconnection to the drive The drive is available for both single and three-phasesuppliesFeaturesFeatures Power range 0.18 to 0.37 kW (1-phase 100 to 120 V)Power range 0.18 to 2.2 kW (1-phase 200 to 240 V)IP20 enclosure (UL open type)For basic machinery applicationsScalar controlEntry-level product for new usersSuitable for domestic networks as standardParameter setting by switches or by PC softwareBuilt-in C2 EMC filterOptions DriveConfig kit PC tool, potentiometer Input and output chokesFor further information, see catalog “ABB micro drives, ACS55,0.18 to 2.2 kW”, code: 3AFE68899842 EN.12 ABB drives Product guidePower range 0.37 to 2.2 kW (1-phase/ 3-phase 200 to 240 V)Power range 0.37 to 4 kW (3-phase 380 to 480 V)IP20 enclosure (UL open type), optional NEMA 1 kitFor basic machinery applicationsScalar controlIntegrated user interface and potentiometerBuilt-in brake chopperBuilt-in C3 EMC filterOptions External C2 EMC filter Input and output chokes FlashDrop tool for unpowered drive configuration in 2 secondsFor further information, see catalog “ABB micro drives, ACS150,0.37 kW to 4 kW”, code: 3AFE68596114 EN.

IntroductionLow voltage drivesMotion control drivesMedium voltage drivesDC drivesPower controllerPLCsConnectivity and softwareDrive servicesAbout 70 percent ofelectricity consumedby industry is used torun electric motors.Product guide ABB drives 13

ABB general purpose drives offer ease-of-useA wide powerrange for abroad range ofindustriesBuilt-in featuresfor pump and fanapplicationsABB general purpose drives are designed to control a wide range of applications such as pumps, fans, conveyors,compressors and mixers, as well as process control in industries including material handling, food and beverage,chemical, rubber and plastics, textile and printing. The drives are easy to select, install, configure and use, savingconsiderable time as most features are built-in as standard.ACS310 highlightsACS550 highlights Designed for squared torque applications such as pumpsand fans, but can also be used in compressor solutionsused within refrigerated systems Wide power range and vector control for variable andconstant torque applications from pumps and fans toconveyors and mixers Compact dimensions with unified height and depth savespace and facilitate cabinet installations Many built-in features including an EMC filter for 1stenvironment, a Modbus interface and a swinging chokeenhance drive performance and help reduce the spaceneeded for installation Equipped with pump and fan control (PFC), PID con

ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives are highly fl exible AC drives that can be customized to meet the precise needs of industrial applications. The drives cover a wide power and voltage range up to 5600 kW and 690 V. The drives are designed for industrial applications such as those found in pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement,

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ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives ABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives, designed for industrial applications, specifically for those in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries. The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of

8 ABB INDUSTRIAL DRIVES, ACS880, SINGLE DRIVES, CATALOG — Easy to use All-compatible user interface saves commissioning and learning time The ACS880 is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Other drives in this portfolio are the ACS380, ACS480 and ACS580. These drives share the same easy-to-use PC tools and multilingual control panels.

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