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2-Internet of Things1. allows us to control electronic componentsa) RETful APIb) RESTful APIc) HTTPd) MQTT2. MQTT stands fora) MQ Telemetry Thingsb) MQ Transport Telemetryc) MQ Transport Thingsd) MQ Telemetry Transport3. MQTT is better than HTTP for sending and receiving data.a) Trueb) False4. MQTT is protocol.a) Machine to Machineb) Internet of Thingsc) Machine to Machine and Internet of Thingsd) Machine Things5. Which protocol is lightweight?a) MQTTb) HTTPc) CoAPd) SPI6. PubNub publishes and subscribes in order to send and receive messages.a) Networkb) Accountc) Portald) Keys7. By clicking which key the PubNub will display public, subscribe, and secret keys.a) Paneb) Demo Keysetc) Portald) Network8. The messageChannel class declares the class attribute that defines the key string.a) command keyb) command-keyc) commandkeyd) Key command9. method saves the received arguments in three attributes.a) Initb) Initc) Initd) init10. and saves the publish and subscribe keys that we have generated with the PubNubAdmin portal.a) public key and subscribe keyb) Public-key and subscribe-keyc) publickey and subscribekeyd) Key public and key subscribe11. specifies the function that will be called when there is a new message received from thechannel.

a) Reconnectb) Errorc) Connectd) Callback12. specifies the function that will be called on an error event.a) Callbackb) Errorc) Connectd) Reconnect13. Specifies the function that will be called when a successful connection with the PubNub cloud.a) Callbackb) Errorc) Connectd) Reconnect14. specifies the function that will be called when a successful re-connection is completed.a) Callbackb) Errorc) Connectd) Reconnect15. specifies the function that will be called when the client disconnects.a) Callbackb) Errorc) Connectd) Disconnect16. which is not an element of IOTa.peopleb.processc.securityd.things17. what risks and challenges should be considered in the internet of everything?a. privacy and securityb.energy consumptionc.network congestiond.all of the above18. what is IIOT?a. Information Internet of thingsb. Industrial Internet of thingsc. innovative Internet of thingsd. none of above.19.who invented the term internet of things.a. Bill gatesb. kevin ashtonc. steve jobsd.McDonald20. the huge number of devices connected to the internet of things have to communicate automatically,not via humans, what is this called?a.Bot to bot(B2B)b. Machine to machine (M2M)c. Intercloudd. skynet21. what is the size of the IPV6 addressed?a.32 bitb. 64 bit

c. 128 bitd. 256 bit22. what is the name of first recognized IOT device?a.smart watchb.ATMc.Radiod. video games23. is being used by internet of things.a. radio identification technologyb. satellited. broadband24. best describe the MQTT protocol.a. machine to machine (M2M)b. publish/subscribec.request/responsed. mesh networking25. the internet of things will run on many communications standards. Which of this is not standardbody or protocol.a.zigbeeb.Allseanc. Tyrelld.Z-Wave26.when was the term IoT first coined.a. 1998b.1999c. 2000d. 200127.when did IoT devices surpass people in numbera.2005b. 2006c.2007d. 200828. How many key features must an IoT device have,according to the Internet of Things Global standards.a. 5b.6c.7d.829. Which is not one of the features of Internet of Things devices.a. remotely controllableb. programmablec. can turn themselves off if necessaryd. all are features.30. How many devices are estimated to be connected to internet of things in by 2020.a.approx 2 millionb.approx 20 millionc.approx 75 milliond.approx 100 million31. This alliance is composed of 20 world technology leaders working to develop standards and protocolsfor device communication.a. AllAboardb. AllConnectedc.Alldevyced.AllJoyn

32. which is not one of the concern of the Internet of things?a. Data storage standardsb. Efficiencyc. Privacy concernd. Cyber security33 IANA stands for:a. Internal Assessment Numerical Accessb. Internet Association Numbers Authorityc. International Aid for Network Automationd. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority34 Standard port number for secure MQTT is:a. 1883b. 8000c. 8883d. 888835. Bluetooth 5.0 promises:a. 4x Speed, 2x Range, 2x Datab. 6x Speed, 3x Range, 3x Datac. 2x Speed, 4x Range, 8x Datad. 3x Speed, 4x Range, 8x Data36. Terms SSL and TLS stand for:a. Secure Socket Layers and Transport Layer Sessionb. Secure Socket Layers and Transport Layer Securityc. Secure Socket Layout and Transport Level Sessiond. Session Socket Layers and Transport Layer Session37 Which one out of these is not a data link layer technology:a. Bluetoothb. UARTc. WiFid. HTTP38 Which transport layer protocols is used by DHCP?a. RSVPb. TCPc. DCCPd. UDP39.Which layer is called a port layer in OSI model:a. Sessionb. Applicationc. Presentationd. Transport40 What is a firewall in computer networks:a. A system designed to prevent unauthorized accessb. A web browserc. The physical boundary of networkd. The Network Operating System41. Router operate at . layer of OSI reference model?a. Layer 2 (Data Link)

b. Layer 3 (Network)c. Layer 1 (Physical)d. Layer 4 (Transport)42. Each IP packet must contain:a. Only Destination IP Addressb. Only Source IP Addressc. None of Aboved. Source and destination IP Addresses43 Which one of this is not a networking device:a. Routerb. Switchc. Bridged. Traffic Analyzer44 What is the standard length of MAC address:a. 16 bitsb. 32 bitsc. 48 bitsd. 64 bits45. What is the use of Ping command:a. To know network speedb. None of the abovec. To test a host on the network is reachabled. To test storage device46. What is Secure Shell (SSH):a. A routerb. A firewallc. A network protocold. Python Shell47 What does VNC stand for:a. Various Network computersb. Virtual Network Computingc. None of the aboved. Virtual Network Communication48 What is the purpose of bin directory in Linux environment:a. Contains essential device filesb. Contains essential binary commandsc. Containing configuration filesd. Contains user home directories49 What is Inter Integrated Communication(I2C):a. An application layer protocolb. A networking communication protocol for multi-master supportc. An OS for distributed network communicationd. A cellular communication protocol50. How many wires does SPI protocol use:a. 2b. 3c. 1d. 451 What does LTE stand for:

a. Long Term Errorsb. Long Term Evolutionc. Lengthy Terminal Estimationd. Long Term Estimates52 Which one out of these is not LPWAN technologies:a. SigFoxb. WiFic. NB-IoTd. LoRa53 Frequency band used by 802.11 ah standard is:a. 60 GHzb. 2.4 GHzc. Sub 1 GHzd. 5 GHz54. Fuzzy Logic is a form of:a. Hexa state logicb. Two-valued logicc. Binary set logicd. Many valued logic55 involves predicting a response with meaningful magnitude, such as quantity sold,stock price, or return on investment.a. Summarizationb. Clusteringc. All of the mentionedd. Regression56 Which of the following language is preferred for IoT analytics ?a. Pythonb. Sc. Rd. All of the mentioned57 Which one is simplest form of analyticsa. Predictiveb. Descriptivec. All of the mentionedd. Prescriptive58 The method by which companies analyze customer data or other types of information in an effortto identify patterns and discover relationships between different data elements is often referred to as:a. Customer data managementb. Data miningc. Data diggingd. None of the above59 A collection of lines that connects several devices is called .a. Busb. Cablec. Power lined. Transmission Line60 A start bit in UART communication is always:a. 1b. Neither of these

c. 061 Machine learning isa. The selective acquisition of knowledge through the use of manual programsb. The autonomous acquisition of knowledge through the use of manual programsc. The selective acquisition of knowledge through the use of computer programsd. The autonomous acquisition of knowledge through the use of computer programs62 HTTP resources are located bya. unique resource locatorb. unique resource identifierc. none of the mentionedd. uniform resource identifier63 What is the TCP name for a transport service access pointa. none of the mentionedb. nodec. piped. port64 A Denial of Service attack is:a. Connection floodingb. Bandwidth floodingc. All of the mentionedd. Vulnerability attack65 A packet sniffer isa. Active receiverb. Both of the mentionedc. Passive receiverd. None of the mentioned65 IPSec provides security at:a. Physical Layerb. Network Layerc. Transport Layerd. Session Layer66 WPA is a security mechanism ina. WiFib. Cloudc. Bluetoothd. Ethernet67 Network topology with a central hub or switch isa. Meshb. Token ringc. Stard. Token bus68 Internet domain name and hostname are translated into IP address bya. Domain name systemb. Domain name databasec. Routerd. Domain information system69 Which protocol allows user at one site to establish connection to another site and pass keystrokefrom local to remote host:a. Telnetb. FTPc. IP

d. HTTP70 How many times setup function runs in Arduino IDE:a. None of the aboveb. 10c. 2d. 171 How many times loop function runs in Arduino IDE:a. 4b. foreverc. 1d. 572 What error occurs when you execute?x abca. NameErrorb. SyntaxErrorc. ValueErrord. TypeError73 PWM stands for:a. None of the aboveb. Pulse Width Modec. Pulse With Modulationd. Pulse Width Modulation74 Raspbian is:a. Assemblerb. Languagec. Compilerd. OS75 CGI stands for:a. Common Gateway Interestb. Common Gateway Interruptc. Common Gate Interferenced. Common Gateway Interface76 MQTT is:a. Based on client-server architectureb. Based on publish-subscribe architecturec. Based on both of the aboved. Based on none of the above77 What is the access point (AP) in wireless LAN?a. none of the mentionedb. wireless devices itselfc. both (a) and (b)d. device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network78 In wireless ad-hoc networka. none of the mentionedb. access point is not requiredc. nodes are not requiredd. access point is must79 Which multiple access technique is used by IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LAN?a. ALOHAb. CSMA/CAc. CDMA

d. none of the mentioned80 Which is the correct operator for power(x y)?a. x yb. x yc. x**yd. None of the mentioned81 What is WPA?a. wi-fi protected accessb. wired process accessc. wired protected accessd. wi-fi process access82 The answer of 2 3L is:a. 5.0b. 5Lc. 5d. Error83 An interconnected collection of piconet is calleda. micronetb. scatternetc. mininetd. none of the mentioned84 In a piconet, there can be up to parked nodes in the net.a. 511b. 63c. 255d. 12785 Secure shell (SSH) network protocol is used fora. remote command-line loginb. remote command executionc. all of the mentionedd. secure data communication86 The network layer concerns witha. bitsb. framesc. none of the mentionedd. packets87 Ethernet frame consists ofa. none of the mentionedb. IP addressc. both (a) and (b)d. MAC address88 What is internet?a. interconnection of local area networksb. a vast collection of different networksc. a single networkd. none of the mentioned89 DNS database containsa. hostname aliasesb. hostname-to-address recordsc. all of the mentionedd. name server records

90 IoT stands fora. Internet of Technologyb. Intranet of Thingsc. Internet of Thingsd. Information of Things91. Which is not the features of IoTa. Connectivityb. Self-configuringe. Endpoint managementc. Artificial intelligence92. Which is not an IoT communication Modela. Request –responseb. Publish subscribef. Push producerc. Exclusive pair93. WSN stands fora. Wide sensor networkg. Wireless sensor networkb. Wired sensor networkc. None of these94. Devices that transforms electrical signals into physical movmentsa. Sensorh. Actuatorsb. Switchesc. Display95. An embedded system is a microcontroller or microprocessor based system which isdesigned to perform a specific task.96. An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software, either fixedin capability or programmable, designed for a specific function or functions within alarger system.97. An embedded device contains few or all the peripherals inside the module which is calledas SOC(System on chip).98. Wireless communication media- Bluetooth,zigbee, WI-FI,GPRS(General package readioservice) ,edge99. Wired communication media- RS232,USB,TCP/IP,PC2,FIREWIRE PORT,SPI,CAN100.PIC controllers are the smallest microcontrollers which can be programmed toperform a large range of tasks.101.AVR was developed in the year 1996 by Atmel Corporation.102.AVR is also known as Advanced virtual RISC.103.ARM stands for Advanced RISC machine.104.ARM is 32 bit microcontroller and introduced by Acron Computers organization in1987.105.ASIC stands for application specific integrated circuit.106.The Internet of things is a computing concept that describes the idea of everydayphysical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves toother devices107.The “Things” in IOT usually refers to IOT devices which have unqiue identifies andcan perform remote sensing,actuating and monitoring capabilities.

108.protocols determine how the data is physically sent over the network’sphysical layer or medium(e.g. copper wire, coaxial cable or a radio wire).a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer109.determines how the packets are coded and signaled by the hardware deviceover the medium to which the host is attached .a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer110.are responsible for sending of IP datagrams from the source network tothe destination network.a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer111.performs the host addressing and packet routing.a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer112.provides end-to-end message transfer capability independent of theunderlaying network.a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer113.provides functions such as error control, segmentation, flow control andcongestion control.a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer114.protocols define how the applications interface with the lower layerprotocols to send data over the network.a. Network layerb. Application layerc. Transport layerd. Link layer115.HTTP stands for

a. Hyptertext transport protocolb. Hyptertext transmission protocolc. Hyptertext transfer protocol116.COAP stands forConstrained application protocol.117.Websocket(full duplex communication protocols)118.MQTT(Message queue telemetry transport) : light weight messaging protocolbased on the publish subscribe model.119.XMPP(Extensible messaging and presence protocol)120.Dds(data distribution service)121.AMOP(ADVANCED MESSAGE QUEING PROTOCOL)122.Link layer protocol- 802.3-ethernet , 802.16-WiMax, 802.11-WIFI123.Network layer protocol – IPV4,IPV6,6LOWPAN124.Transport layer protocol – TCP,UDP125.Application Layer protocols are- HTTP, COAP, Websocket, MQTT, XMPP, Dds,AMQP.126.Zigbee is one the most popular wireless technologies used by WSNs.127.Cloud computing is a transformative computing paradigm that involvesdelivering applications and services over the internet.128.Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large setsof data.129.Big data analytics can help organization to better understand the informationcontained within the data and will also help identify the data that is most important tothe business and future business decisions.130.Big data analytics involved several steps starting from data cleansing, datamunging(or wrangling) , data processing and visualisation.i. IOT LEVEL1- Home automation.131.IOT LEVEL2- smart Irrigation132.IOT LEVEL3- tracking package handling133.IOT LEVEL4- Noise Monitoring134.IOT LEVEL5-Forest Fire Detection135.IOT LEVEL6- weather monitoring system.136.IOT-DEVICES- Arduino uno 2. Raspberry pi 3. Intel Galileo 4. Nodeµ137.Temperature sensor :To measure the amount of heat energy generated froman object or surrounding.138.Humidity sensors : To measure amount of water vapour in air.139.image sensors : Found in digital camera, medical imaging systems, nightvision equipment,thermal imaging devices, radars , sonars media house andbiometric systems.140.accelerometer sensors: These sensors are used in smarphones,vehicles, aircraftsand other applications to detect orientation of object, shake, tap, tilt, motion,vibration.Different.141.IR sensors:measure heat emitted by the objects.142.ACTUATORS are the devices that transforms electrical signals into physicalmovements.

143.REST stands for Representational state transfer.144.Request-Response is a communication model in which the client sends request tothe server and the server responds to the request.145.Publish subscribe is a communication model that involves publisher,brokers, andconsumers.146.Push-pull is a communication model in which the data producers push the data toqueues and the consumers pull the data from the queues.147.Exclusive pair is a , fully duplex communication model that uses apersistent connection between the client and server.a. bi-directionalb. unidirectional148.Exclusive pair is communication model.a. statefulb. stateless

a. Information Internet of things b. Industrial Internet of things c. innovative Internet of things d. none of above. 19.who invented the term internet of things. a. Bill gates b. kevin ashton c. steve jobs d.McDonald 20. the huge number of devices connected to the internet of things have to communicate automatically,