Blockchain Technology In Industrial Internet Of Things .

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Blockchain Technology in IndustrialInternet of Things ApplicationsJohn SoldatosHead of IoT Group, Athens Information [email protected] Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Dispelling the Hype: When (not) to useBlockchain in IIoTWhen to use blockchain technology You need a shared database You need a database with multiple writers You have a situation with multiple non-trusting writers You do not want to rely on a trusted intermediary You desire interaction between transactions in the databaseAvoid using block chain technology If you lack any of the five above conditions “If trust and robustness aren’t an issue, there’s nothing ablockchain can do that a regular database cannot”, GideonGreenspan, CEO of Coin Sciences Ltd. ( Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Prominent Blockchain Use Cases for IIoTDistributed ProcessesSynchronization SynchronizeDistributedOperations E.g., Automation,Data AnalyticsIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019Security Secure & TrustfulSharing of Data Coordination ofdifferent securityplatformsTrustful Supply ChainManagement VirtualizedProductionOperations Using SmartContracts

“Enterprise” Features of PermissionedBlockchains Industrial Deployments are most basedon permissioned rather than publicblockchains Improved Privacy Management (Controltheir members) Performance (not subject to Proof ofWork) Support for Smart Contracts (i.e.sophisticated applicationsIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Benchmarking & Comparison of PermissionedBlockchainsCharacteristic/ AttributeEthereumEnterprise(Quorum)Blockchain TypePermissionless (public or private)PermissionedConsensus MechanismPoW at the level of the entire Multiple Mechanisms at the Multiple Mechanisms at the NotaryNodesledgerTransaction LevelTransaction LevelTransaction LevelCurrencyEther orContractsReported Performance15 TPSSmart Contracts SupportSmart ContractSolidity)TokensviaEthereum Hyperledger FabricSmart Tokens via Smart Contracts 100s of TPSCode(e.g., Smart Contract CodePermissionedPermissionedattheNone, possible to implement Nonevia ChainCode 1000s of TPS15-1768 TPSSmart Contract Code (e.g., Smart Contract Code (e.g.,Java, Go)Java, Kotlin) & Legal ProseInteroperabilityacross NoNoNonetworksKey Value PropositionGeneric Blockchain Platform – Community – Cryptocurrency Performance and ModularityCommunity – Cryptocurrency SupportSupportIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019R3 CordaYesLegalProseInteroperabilityand

Market Insights (source: IoT Analytics) Tangible market interest & manypilot projects Large scale deployments in theirinfancy Today: 174M spent in Industrial &IoT Blockchain The market is likely to expand to 573M by 2023 Driven by encouraging pilot projectresults and ongoing corporateinvestments 15 different types of use casesreportedIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

FAR EDGE Project at a GlanceH2020 FoF-11-2016 RIAProject SummaryStarting Date01/10/2016Duration36 monthsPartners12Resultswww.edge4industry.euIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Blockchains in H2020 FAR-EDGE Project: ReferenceArchitectureIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Blockchains in H2020 FAR-EDGE Project: OverviewOrchestrationOpen APIfor AutomationOpen APIfor VirtualizationCloudTierOpen APIfor AnalyticsConfigurationLedgerTierData PublishingSynchronizationDistributed LedgerEdge AutomationServicesEdge AutomationServicesEdge AnalyticsEngineEdge AnalyticsEngineEdge AnalyticsEngineEdgeTierEdge AutomationServicesFieldTierIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Blockchains for Distributed Data AnalyticsLocal Level Analytics (“Edge Scoped”) Close to the Field E.g., Level of a Station in the Factory Supported by Edge Analytics (“Edge Analytics Engine”)Global Analytics (“Ledger Supported”) Factory-wide (or even across factories) E.g., spanning multiple stations & instances of local level analytics Supported by Open API for AnalyticsIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Blockchain Empowered Distributed Data AnalyticsDistributed Data Analytics system integrated with: Data Routing & Pre-processing, Data Bus, Device Registry, Data Storage (cloud and local) and Model RepositoryBenefits: Configurable Extensible Dynamic Stream HandlingIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

IIoT Security: NGAC for IIoTNGAC functional architecture: Multiple Policy Enforcement Points (PEP) Multiple Resource Access Points (RAP) At least one Policy Decision Point (PDP) One Policy Access Point (PAP) One Policy Information Point (PIP) An optional Event Processing Point (EPP)Ledger Tier use: Smart Contracts (SCs) used to effect changes to the distributedinformation and to enforce constraints on such changes Having multiple PDPs, and a distributed PIP, adds fault tolerance to theoperation of the distributed reference monitor (DRM) Smart contracts used to implement updates to the security policy thatmaintain consistency across the distributed PIPIoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019

Blockchain Technology in Industrial Internet of Things Applications John Soldatos Head of IoT Group, Athens Information Technology [email protected] IoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019 Dispelling the Hype: When (not) to use Blockchain in IIoT When to use blockchain technology