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SCALE DRAWINGSArchitects regularly use scale drawings when they design houses and buildings.A scale is a ratio that compares the measurements used in the drawing to the actualmeasurements. Scale drawings or models are similar to the actual drawing or figure,and therefore the sides are proportional.The ratio you should use when working with scale drawings or models isScale measurementActual measurementThis is called scale ratio. For example, if a model car measures 2 cm for every 1 ft ofthe actual car, the scale ratio is 2cm/1 ft. Knowing this ratio allows you to set up aproportion to figure out how long the actual car would be if the scale model was 36 cm:2cm 36cm . By solving the proportion, you can determine that the actual car length is1 ftxft18ft.

EXAMPLE: The height of the symbol in the accompanying drawing is 1.5 inches.The actual symbol will be 12 inches tall once it is placed on a sign. If the width of thissymbol is 1 inch, how wide will the actual symbol be?Set up a proportion.Scalescale Actual actual1.5 1 12 x1 · 12 1.5 x12 1.5 xThe actual symbol will be 8 inches wide.

Sample Questions

Scale Drawings Coord. Geometry WorksheetName:1.2.Mrs. Lewis wants to have a new house built. She used graph paper to sketch somethoughts for a possible floor plan for her house. The bold outline in the figure belowrepresents the outline of the first floor of the house.Mrs. Lewis intends to have the dining room floored with wood flooring that comes insquares 1 foot wide. A 12 pack of the squares sells for 38.40 and single squares can

be purchased for 3.70 each. What will it cost, in dollars, to buy just enough squares tocover her dining room floor?3. A landscape architect planned a new garden using graph paper. The gardenincludes a circular fish pond as shown below.The fish pond is to be surrounded by a low brick wall. To the nearest foot, which is thebest approximation of the circumference of the fish pond?[A] 13 feet[B] 27 feet[C] 38 feet[D] 51 feet4. Three vertices of an isosceles trapezoid are shown in the figure below.y1010 x–10–10What are the coordinates of the missing vertex that make the y axis the line ofsymmetry?

b[F] – 4, – 9gb[G] – 9, – 4gbg[H] – 3, – 9bg[I] – 4, – 105. The line shown in the figure below is the only line of symmetry for a hexagon. Thefigure shows three of the hexagon’s vertices.y1010 x–10–10What are the coordinates of the other three vertices of the hexagon?b gb gb g[H] b6, 6g, b1, 5g, b0, – 1g[F] 6, 6 , 5, 1 , – 1, 0b gb gb g[I] b6, 6g, b6, 0g, b– 1, 1g[G] 6, 6 , 5, 1 , 0, – 16. The line shown in the figure below is the only line of symmetry for a hexagon. Thefigure shows three of the hexagon’s vertices.

y1010 x–10–10What are the coordinates of the other three vertices of the hexagon?b gb gb g[H] b6, 5g, b6, 1g, b – 1, 0gb gb gb g[I] b5, 6g, b0, 5g, b – 1, – 1g[F] 6, 5 , 5, 0 , – 1, – 1[G] 6, 5 , 5, 0 , – 2, 0bgbg17. Triangle ABC is a right triangle, with A – 8, – 1 , C 0, – 7 , AC 10 and CB 7 .2y10–10AB10 xC–10Which of the following are the coordinates of B? Round to the nearest hundredth[F] 4.71, – 1bg[G] 4.5, – 1bg[H] 55. , –1bg[I] 4.32, 4.5

8. Sela is creating a design for a variation on the Maltese cross using a coordinate grid.Which two ordered pairs will complete the design so that it has rotational symmetry?b gb g[F] 1, 2 , 2, 4b gb g[G] 2, 1 , 2, 4b gb g[H] 2, 1 , 4, 2b gb g[I] 4, 1 , 2, 2

SCALE DRAWINGS Architects regularly use scale drawings when they design houses and buildings. A scale is a ratio that compares the measurements used in the drawing to the actual measurements. Scale drawin

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Grade Math Third Quarter . Unit 6: Scale Drawings - Ratios, Rates and Percents (2 weeks) Topic A: Ratios of Scale Drawings . In Unit 6, students bring the sum of their experience with proportional relationships to the context of scale drawings (7.RP.2b, 7.G.1). Given a scale drawing, students rely on their

5. do not scale the drawings. written dimensions take precedence over scaled drawings. 6. larger scale detailing shall take precedence over smaller scale -- verify with architect. 7. architecture drawings take precedence over other drawings for layout, dimensions, and number of items provided. upon discrepencies between architectural drawings and

CCC-466/SCALE 3 in 1985 CCC-725/SCALE 5 in 2004 CCC-545/SCALE 4.0 in 1990 CCC-732/SCALE 5.1 in 2006 SCALE 4.1 in 1992 CCC-750/SCALE 6.0 in 2009 SCALE 4.2 in 1994 CCC-785/SCALE 6.1 in 2011 SCALE 4.3 in 1995 CCC-834/SCALE 6.2 in 2016 The SCALE team is thankful for 40 years of sustaining support from NRC

12.2 ENGINEERING DRAWINGS Successful bridge fabrication and construction depend on the accuracy and completeness of the engineering drawings. Two types of drawings are normally used: design drawings and shop drawings. Design drawings show the structure configuration and provide information necessary for field assembly.

Planar Drawings A planar drawing is a drawing in which edges do not intersect each other in the drawing (for example, the drawings (a), (b), and (c) in Figure 5.1 are planar drawings, and the drawing (d) is a non-planar drawing). Planar drawings are normally easier to understand than non-planar drawings, i.e., drawings with edge-crossings .

4. Teams must produce four scale drawings of the dog house on the provided half-centimeter grids. Drawings should be simple, two-dimensional drawings of the front, rear, side, and top of the dog house. See examples on pages 5 - 6. 5. Teams must determine how much they would need to scale up their design in order for an average-sized dog

Svstem Amounts of AaCl Treated Location Scale ratio Lab Scale B en&-Scale 28.64 grams 860 grams B-241 B-161 1 30 Pilot-Plant 12500 grams MWMF 435 Table 2 indicates that scale up ratios 30 from lab-scale to bench scale and 14.5 from bench scale to MWMW pilot scale. A successful operation of the bench scale unit would provide important design .

3 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website,, or contact ASTM Customer Service at For Annual Book of ASTM Standards volume information, refer to the standard’s Document Summary page on the ASTM website. 4 Withdrawn. 5 Available fromAmerican Concrete Institute (ACI), P.O. Box 9094, Farmington