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MemorandumDATETOSUBJECTCITY OF DALLASJanuary 10, 2020Honorable Mayor and Members of the City CouncilPublic Works Project Report – FY 2020 2nd QuarterTo provide the public and each respective City Council District with an update of ongoingprojects managed by the Department of Public Works (PBW), the department hasprepared the attached report which contains information on maintenance, bond, and othercapital projects. The project information, separated by Council District, is provided for anyprojects that will be started or under construction between January 1, 2020 and March31, 2020.The report will be posted to the Department of Public Works’ website and any otheravailable social media outlets (Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.). Moving forward, this report willbe updated and distributed on a quarterly basis.Should there be any questions or need for clarification, please let me know.Majed A. Al-Ghafry, P.E.Assistant City Manager[Attachment]c:T.C. Broadnax, City ManagerChris Caso, City Attorney (Interim)Mark Swann, City AuditorBilierae Johnson, City SecretaryPreston Robinson, Administrative JudgeKimberly Bizor Tolbert, Chief of Staff to the City ManagerJon Fortune, Assistant City ManagerJoey Zapata, Assistant City ManagerNadia Chandler Hardy, Assistant City Manager and Chief Resilience OfficerMichael Mendoza, Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood ServicesM. Elizabeth Reich, Chief Financial OfficerLaila Alequresh, Chief Innovation OfficerM. Elizabeth (Liz) Cedillo-Pereira, Chief of Equity and InclusionDirectors and Assistant Directors“Our Product is Service”Empathy Ethics Excellence Equity

City of DallasQ2 Activity ReportDepartment of Public WorksJanuary 8, 20201

Table of Contents1)Report Summary2)Selection Criteria3)Additional Information4)Activity By Districta. District 1b. District 2c. District 3d. District 4e. District 5f. District 6g. District 7h. District 8i. District 9j. District 10k. District 11l. District 12m. District 13n. District 14pg. 6pg. 7pg. 9pg. 10pg. 11pg. 12pg. 13pg. 14pg. 15pg. 16pg. 17pg. 18pg. 19pg. 202

1. Report SummaryTo facilitate greater transparency between the Department of Public Works, DallasCity Council and the general public, the Department of Public Works has createdthis quarterly activity report that compiles all “active and scheduled” maintenance,repair and reconstruction projects for Q2 2020.The items listed include all Street Maintenance, Sidewalk Maintenance, AlleyMaintenance, Unimproved Alley Program and Capital Improvement projects, including those that are part of the 2017 Dallas Bond Program and those associatedwith the Five-Year Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) FY 2020-2024, betweenthe dates of January 1 and March 31, 2020.Please note that the scheduled starting and ending dates listed in this report maynot reflect the actual outcome and are subject to change based on various factors,including but not limited to; 3-1-1 service request volume, inclement weather,utility conflicts, crew availability and other unforeseen factors.3

2. Selection CriteriaFor clarity, “active and scheduled” refers to any street projects that areunder construction or are expected to start construction between thedates of January 1 and March 31, 2019.Active projects that are currently under design or that have notstarted construction are not included in this report.Data shown reflects the most up-to-date available information fromthe Department of Public Works as of December 31, 2019. Projectsthat take place in multiple City Districts will be listed individually inboth Districts.4

3. Additional InformationTo find the most current information related to projects listed in this report, please visitthe Data and Maps section of the Public Works page on the City of Dallas /public-works/Pages/Data-and-Maps.aspx5

4. Activity By DistrictDistrict 1Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager% CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Full-Depth Asphalt900 W Colorado Blvd, from Rainbow Dr to Turner AveWilliams, Jerry95%12/03/1903/03/20Full-Depth Asphalt2000-2300 Kessler Pkwy, from N Edgefield Ave to W Colorado BlvdWilliams, Jerry95%12/03/1903/03/20AOC900-1000 S Waverly Dr, from Burlington Blvd to W Clarendon DrMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%10/18/1901/16/20Full-Depth Asphalt3300 Grafton Ave, from S Westmoreland Rd to Shasta AveWilliams, Jerry3%12/20/1903/20/20Lap Trinh0%1/21/2020Sep. 20202017 Bond ProjectsStreetscape/ UrbanDesignBishop Ave, from 10th St to Jefferson BlvdOther Capital ProjectsIntergovernmentalPartnership ProjectPolk St/Tyler St RoundaboutsLap Trinh0%1/21/2020Feb. 2021Complete Street ProjectDavis Street, from Beckley Ave to Hampton RoadHorace Pizzarello80%3/18/2019March 2020Unimproved Alley ProjectsAlley Improvement2807-2835 W Colorado Blvd, from Westmount Ave to Hartsdale DrRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement2103-2219 W Illinois Ave, from S Montreal Ave to Hollywood AveRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement1402-1512 Mountain Lake Rd, from S Edgefield Ave to Tennessee AveRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement1702-1830 Mountain Lake Rd, from Rugged Dr to S Waverly DrRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement2103-2219 Mountain Lake Rd, from S Montreal Ave to Hollywood AveRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement4005-4131 Poinsettia Dr, from Dryden Dr to Andrews StRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement2233-2241 Riviera Dr, from Rockford Dr to W Illinois AveRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement2734-2740 Texas Dr, from end of concrete at 2730 Texas Dr to 2740 Texas DrRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 20206

District 2Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduledStartScheduledFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Street Rehabilitation900-1000 Fletcher St, from Parry Ave to S Haskell AveWilliams, Jerry4%12/17/193/03/20Full Depth Asphalt4800 Upshur St, from S Fitzhugh Ave to Rowan AveWilliams, Jerry95%10/23/1901/24/202017 Bond ProjectsComplete StreetImprovementCedar Springs Ave, from Douglas to Oak Lawn AveKevin TaylorN/A10/28/2019May 2020Street ReconstructionBombay Ave, from Huron Dr to Thurston DrRidwan NaifeN/A3/16/2020May 2021Street ReconstructionFillmore Dr, from Empire Central to Lockhaven DrRidwan NaifeN/A3/16/2020May 2021Street ReconstructionLenel Pl, from Clover Ln to Wemdon DrLap Trinh0%3/16/2020March 2022Alley Reconstruction2503-2623 W Lovers Ln & 2502-2614 W Amherst AveJose Lopez0%3/30/2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction3703-3771 Cortez Dr & 3702-3770 Durango DrDhiyaa Tohme0%3/30/2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction4503-4535 Live Oak St & 4514-4522 Bryan StJose Lopez0%3/30/2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction503-511 N Prairie Ave & 4721-4721 Tremont StJose Lopez0%3/30/2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction5100-5152 Lahoma St & 5101-5147 N Hall StJose Lopez0%3/30/2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction5300-5358 Willis Ave & 5303-5355 Richard AveJose Lopez0%3/30/2020May 2021AOCAlma St, from Cockrell Ave to End of PavementChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionBarry Ave, from EGrand Ave to Ware StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionBurlew St, from Bryan St to San Jacinto St (School 1 block away)Christopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Street ResurfacingBrown St, from Shelby Ave to Reagan StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Street ResurfacingFairmount St, from Shelby Ave to Regan StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 20207

District 2 (Cont.)Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduledStartScheduledFinish2017 Bond ProjectsAOCDelano Pl, from N Haskell Ave to N Peak StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCPryor St, from Main St to Commerce StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionRing St, from E Grand Ave to Hay StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCRoseland Ave, from N Peak St to Ashby StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionN St Mary Ave, from Columbia Ave to N Munger BlvdChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCWorth St, from N Haskell Ave to N Peak StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Other Capital ProjectsThoroughfaresCentral Blvd, from Commerce to Live OakMatthew Stevens90%N/AFeb. 2020ThoroughfaresPearl Street, from Commerce to Live OakMatthew Stevens90%N/AFeb. 2020ThoroughfaresLive Oak, from Olive to Central BlvdMatthew Stevens90%N/AFeb. 2020Street ResurfacingHenderson Ave (N) from Richard to RossOrlando Maffei60%3/25/2019March 2020Complete StreetsHenderson St from US 75 to Ross AveOrlando Maffei60%3/25/2019March 2020Complete StreetsCedar Springs Ave, from Douglas to Oak Lawn AveKevin TaylorN/A10/28/2019May 2020Bridge Repair &ModificationHouston Street ViaductLap Trinh90%9/6/2016April 2020Unimproved Alley ProjectsNo Alley Improvement Projects scheduled at this time.8

District 3Project Name/TypeProject Manager % Complete Scheduled ScheduledStartFinishProject LocationStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Street Rehabilitation3500 Britt St, from Margewood Dr to Millar DrWilliams, Jerry75%12/10/1903/10/20Street Rehabilitation2600 Chalmers St, from W Illinois Ave to Engle AveWilliams, Jerry75%12/10/1903/10/20Full-Depth Asphalt6000-6100 Tyrone Dr, from S Ledbetter Dr to Farnsworth DrWilliams, Jerry25%12/20/1903/20/20Partial Reconstruction4600-4700 Country Creek Dr, from S Walton Walker Blvd to Country Creek CtMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%10/22/1901/20/20Partial Reconstruction4500-4600 Half Crown Dr, from S Westmoreland Rd to Bronze WayMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%11/06/1902/04/20Full-Depth Asphalt4500-4600 Cedar Path Dr, Western Park Dr to Knoxville StWilliams, Jerry3%12/20/1903/20/20Full-Depth Asphalt5100 Frio Dr, from E Ledbetter Dr to Arden RdWilliams, Jerry3%12/16/1903/16/202017 Bond ProjectsAOCBonnywood Ln, from S Hampton Rd to Wayland DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCS Franklin St, from W Kiest Blvd to Southwood DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 20200%N/AMarch 2020Other Capital ProjectsNo other scheduled Capital Improvement Projects at this time.Unimproved Alley ProjectsAlley Improvement2503-2577 Engle Ave, from S Frankllin St to Chalmers StRose, Ricky9

District 4Project Name/TypeProject LocationProjectManager% CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)AOC2500-2700 E Illinois Ave, from alley approx. 300 ft. east of Skylark Dr toParrot StMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%12/03/1903/02/20AOC1300 Seevers Ave, from South Shore Dr to Appian WayMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%10/18/1901/16/20Street Rehabilitation1700-3000 Sargent Rd, from Southerland Ave to E Oveton RdWilliams, Jerry25%10/14/1901/14/20Street Resurfacing200-300 E Pembroke Ave, from Rockwood St to S Storey StWilliams, Jerry25%10/15/1901/15/20Full-Depth Asphalt3100 Maryland Ave, from E Corning Ave to E Kiest BlvdWilliams, Jerry3%12/16/1903/16/20Street Rehabilitation2800 Alex St, from Dead-end to Childers StWilliams, Jerry3%10/08/1901/08/202017 Bond ProjectsStreet ReconstructionAnzio Cir from Garapan Dr to S Polk StSam Haile0%March 2020Aug. 2021Street ReconstructionE Corning Ave from Arizona to S Marsalis AveSam Haile0%March 2020Aug. 2021Other Capital ProjectsStreet ReconstructionHampton Rd, from Ledbetter Rd to south of Crow Creek DrTony Payberah0%3/15/2020Jan. 2021Street ReconstructionBonnie View, from Overton to SpringviewKevin Taylor97%N/AJan. 2020Street ReconstructionFordham from Bonnie View to IllinoisKevin Taylor97%N/AJan. 2020Street ImprovementsThe Bottom, Phase 1 - which includes N. Denley Dr. - Hutchins Ave. to Levee; N. Moore St. - Hutchins Ave. to Levee and May Hall St. - Denley Dr. toMoore St.Liong So5%N/ASept. 2021Paving and DrainageHampton Rd (S) from Crow Creek Dr to north of W Ledbetter DrTony PayberahN/A8/19/2019May 2021Target NeighborhoodHendricks Ave from Denley Drive to Moore StreetLiong So10%N/AMarch 2021Street PetitionsMichigan Ave, from Saner Ave to Hobson AveKevin Taylor25%5/13/19Nov. 2020Unimproved Alley ProjectsAlley ImprovementAlley behind 1203 Arizona Ave to cul-de-sac in frontRose, Ricky0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement2510-2535 Millermore StKenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 202010

District 5Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Full-Depth Asphalt2300-2400 Hillburn Dr, from Ravehill Ln to Daingerfield DrWilliams, Jerry95%10/18/1901/18/20Full-Depth Asphalt1600 Oak Hill Cir, from Eldon Dr to Danville DrWilliams, Jerry95%12/03/1903/19/20Full-Depth Asphalt8400 Stonehurst St, from Dorfspring Dr to Ridgedorf DrWilliams, Jerry95%10/18/1901/18/20AOC200 Freddie St, from Bridges St to Redkey StMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%11/22/1902/20/20AOC6100 Howard Ave, from Elmira St to Lasca StMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%12/03/1903/02/20AOC8000 S Reno Ct, from Prichard Ln to N Reno CtMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%11/22/1902/20/20Street Rehabilitation7100 Fairdale Ave, from Elva Ave to Urban AveWilliams, Jerry4%12/17/1903/17/20Street Rehabilitation900-1000 Gardenview Dr, from dead-end to Alto Garden DrWilliams, Jerry4%12/17/1903/17/202017 Bond ProjectsAlley Reconstruction10005-10119 Shayna Dr & 10002-10106 Hymie CirJose Lopez0%March 2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction10315-10542 Castlerock Dr, 10315-10529 Checota Dr & 1608-1604 Gardenside DrJose Lopez0%March 2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction1830-1886 Red Cloud Dr & 9803-9851 Glengreen DrJose Lopez0%March 2020May 2021Alley Reconstruction1885-2025 Red Cloud Dr & 2002-2080 Corvette DrJose Lopez0%March 2020May 2021Kevin Taylor25%N/ANov. 2020Other Capital ProjectsStreet PetitionsCrenshaw Dr, from Cushing Dr to Old Seagoville RdUnimproved Alley ProjectsAlley Improvement7105-7125 Amy St.Kenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement1550-1551 Joan Dr.Kenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement7354-7532 Ravehill Ln.Kenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 2020Alley Improvement1404-1476 Templecliff DrKenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 202011

District 6Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)No Street Maintenance Projects scheduled at this time.2017 Bond ProjectsStreet ReconstructionLenel Pl, from Wemdon Dr to Mixon DrLap Trinh0%3/16/20203/5/2022Street ReconstructionLenel Pl, from Clover Ln to Wemdon DrLap Trinh0%3/16/20203/5/2022Street ReconstructionLenel Pl, from Lively Ln to Clover LnLap Trinh0%3/16/20203/5/2022Street MaintenanceShady Trl, from Manana Dr to Andjon DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Other Capital ProjectsThoroughfaresChalk Hill Rd, from Davis St to 800’ south of I-30Matthew Stevens90%N/AMay 2020Alley between MananaDr. and Park Ln.From Larga Dr. to Marsh Ln.Lap Trinh90%N/AMarch 2020Goodnight Lane PhaseIIfrom Royal Ln. to Harcout StreetLiong So83%8/6/2018July 2020ThoroughfaresFort Worth Ave Improvements, from Sylvan Ave to West Commerce StHoracio Pizzarello30%4/1/2019Oct. 2020Kenneth McGonnigil0%N/AMarch 2020Unimproved Alley ProjectsAlley Improvement4114-4198 Beechwood Ln.12

District 7Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Full-Depth Asphalt1300 South Blvd, from Parnell St to Gould StWilliams, Jerry95%10/21/1901/21/20Full-Depth Asphalt6000 Woodville St, from Dorris St to Valentine StWilliams, Jerry95%12/03/1903/03/2025%12/03/1903/02/20AOC5100 Military Pkwy, from Cooper St, from bridge east of Parkdale Dr to Parkdale McGonnigil, KennethDrPartial Reconstruction2200 Cooper St, from Central Serv E to Edgewood StMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%12/11/1903/10/20Partial Reconstruction7200-7300 Hunnicut Rd, from Everglade Rd to Banting WayMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%12/11/1903/10/20Street Rehabilitation3700 Elmira St, from Parkdale Dr to Belgrade AveWilliams, Jerry4%12/17/1903/17/20Christopher Lutz75%5/6/2019Dec. 20192017 Bond ProjectsStreet ResurfacingJennie Lee Ln from N St Augustine Dr to Mossglen DrOther Capital ProjectsComplete StreetsS Lamar St, from I-45 to HatcherDhiyaa Tohme60%9/28/2015June 2020Complete StreetsGrand Ave, from S. Good Latimer to R.B. Cullum AveDhiyaa Tohme50%5/20/2015March 2020Complete StreetsMLK, from R.B. Cullum Ave to S.M. WrightDhiyaa Tohme60%9/28/2015May 2020Public/Private DevelopmentMeek St, from Carbondale St to Hull StLiong So10%N/AMarch 2021Street ReconstructionJB Jackson Jr. Blvd, from Grand Ave to MLK Jr. BlvdDhiyaa Tohme60%9/28/2015March 2020Street ReconstructionBeall Street from Dolphin to Dead EndMehari Abraha2%N/ASept. 2021Street ReconstructionImperial St from Robert L. Parrish Ave To Montie StOsiris MuhammadN/AJan. 2020Sept. 2021Street ReconstructionMingo Street from Dolphin to Dead EndMehari Abraha2%N/ASept. 2021Street ReconstructionMontie St from Imperial St To Junction StOsiris MuhammadN/AJan. 2020Sept. 2021Unimproved Alley ProjectsNo Alley Improvement projects currently scheduled at this time.13

District 8Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)Full-Depth Asphalt300 Stoneport Dr, from Bellbrook Dr to Pemberton Hill RdWilliams, Jerry95%12/03/1903/03/20Partial Reconstruction8400-8800 S Hampton Rd, from LBJ Serv S to Beckleymeade AveMcGonnigil, Kenneth25%10/14/1912/30/19Street Rehabilitation2600-2900 Ripple Rd, from Tracy Rd to Johnson LnWilliams, Jerry4%11/12/1902/12/20Full-Depth Asphalt9200-9400 Metz Ave, from Hogan Dr to W Danieldale RdWilliams, Jerry3%12/16/1903/16/20Street Restoration2700 Lucky Ln, from Tracy Rd to Barree DrWilliams, Jerry3%10/10/1901/10/202017 Bond ProjectsSidewalk ImprovementsCouncil District 8 sidewalks (various locations)Efrain Trejo60%8/5/20197/25/2021Partial ReconstructionArborcrest Dr, from Glencaim Dr to S RL Thornton Serv WChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Other Capital ProjectsNo Capital Improvement Projects scheduled at this time.Unimproved Alley ProjectsNo Alley Improvement Projects scheduled at this time.14

District 9Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject Manager % CompleteScheduled ScheduledStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)No Street Maintenance Projects scheduled at this time.2017 Bond ProjectsStreet ResurfacingWyatt St, from Maplegrove Ln to Wyatt CirChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionDawn Dr, from Gus Thomasson Rd to Thale DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionGus Thomasson Rd, from Dawn Dr to Desdemona DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionGus Thomasson Rd, from Easton Rd to Sylvia DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionGus Thomasson Rd, from Sylvia Dr to Dawn DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionHambrick Rd, from Champa Dr to Northlake DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionMeadowlark Ln, from Santa Maria Ln to Sperry StChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Partial ReconstructionPasadena Pl, from Pasadena Ave to Winsted DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCRutgers Dr, from Trammel Dr to Middlebury DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020AOCSylvia Dr, from Crest Ridge Dr to Desdemona DrChristopher LutzN/AN/AMarch 2020Liong So70%N/AMarch 2020Other Capital ProjectsStreetscape / UrbanDesignCasa View and Gus Thomasson Streetscape ImprovementsUnimproved Alley ProjectsNo Alley Improvement projects currently scheduled at this time.15

District 10Project Name/TypeProject LocationProject ManagScheduled Scheduled% CompleteerStartFinishStreet Maintenance Projects (non-Bond)No Street Maintenance Projects scheduled at this time.2017 Bond ProjectsAlley Reconstruction9003-9131 Webb Kay Dr & 9006-9132 Windy Crest DrHoracio Pizzarello0%2/17/202010/20/2020Alley Reconstruction9506-9650 Dartridge Dr & 9605-9679 Covemeadow DrHoracio Pizzarello0%2/17/202010/20/2020Alley Reconstruction9603-9616 Greensprint Drive & 9626-9626 Church RdHoracio Pizzarello0%2/17/202010/20/2020Alley Reconstruction9606-9734 Shady Dale Lane & 9709-9733 Shoreview RdHoracio Pizzarello0%2/17/202010/20/2020Alley Reconstruction9805-8805 Buxhill Dr, 9804-9846 Chiswell Rd & 8805-8817 Fenchurch RdHoracio Pizzarello0%2/17/202010/20/2020Street Reconstruction LocalStreetsLockhaven Dr from Lynford Dr to Lanshire DrH

Table of Contents a. District 1 pg. 6 b. District 2 pg. 7 c. District 3 pg. 9 d. District 4 pg. 10 e. District 5 pg. 11 f. District 6 pg. 12 g. District 7 pg. 13 h. District 8 pg. 14 i. District 9 pg. 15 j. District 10 pg. 16 k. District 11 pg. 17 l. District 12 pg. 18 m. District 13 pg. 19 n. District 14 pg. 20

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