Young Conservatives Of Texas Rates The 85th Texas Legislature

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Young Conservatives of TexasRates the 85th Texas LegislatureA Public Service Since 1975STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLESWe, as YOUNG CONSERVATIVES OF TEXAS, dedicate ourselves to the preservation of the American Dream anda strong and free America. To this end, we hereby affirm:That the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutionembody the spirit of the United States and her people;That the liberty is indivisible, and that political freedomwill not long survive without religious and economic freedom;That the Declaration of Independence, reflecting the combined wisdom of its authors, recognizes the freedom of an That the free enterprise system, including a sound currenindividual as inherited from one sovereign God;cy and the prohibition of government created inflation, isthe only economic system consistent with the promotionThat this freedom must not be violated by institutions es- of life, liberty and prosperity;tablished by or presided over by men;That the purpose of American foreign policy, clearly disThat the Constitution clearly limits the authority of the cerning our friends and enemies, should be, by means of aFederal Government to the protection of our God given superior national defense and a strong free economy, torights and the administration of justice;maintain the freedom of the people of America and, insofar as consistent with that purpose, to keep our country atThat the states of this nation are, and of Right ought to be, peace.Free and Independent, reserving for themselves all powersnot clearly delegated by them to the Federal Government,as stated in the tenth amendment;TABLE OF CONTENTSStatement of Principles . 2Introductory Message . 3Executive Board . 4Scorecard Legend . 4Awards and Categories. 5Comparison of Committee Chairs . 6-7YCT Legislative RatingsQuick Reference Chart - By Name . 8Quick Reference Chart - By District . 9House Vote Descriptions . 10House Scorecard . 15Senate Vote Descriptions . 27Senate Scorecard. 32 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasPage 2

Message from Caroline B. ChadwickState Chairman, Young Conservatives of TexasThank you for viewing YCT’s 23rd installment of our Ratings of the Texas Legislature. Young Conservatives of Texas hasproduced these ratings since 1975 as a public service to Texas voters, and those past installments, along with a chartshowing each legislator’s score since 1975, are available on our website. We hope that this installment will continue thetradition that has made our legislative ratings the most respected, thorough, and trusted in the State of Texas.In producing our legislative ratings, YCT works to paint an accurate picture of each legislator’s adherence to conservativeprinciples. We do this by selecting votes that we believe offered a clear left/right public policy choice. Unlike someorganizations, we do not limit ourselves to high-profile bills but look for both large and small bills that implicateconservative principles.In keeping with the goal of painting an accurate picture of each legislator’s adherence to voting for conservativeprinciples, we have included an accounting of statements of intent in this installment. Each legislator’s score gives fullfaith and credit to statements of intent, but we also pointed out the changes that they made, and what votes wouldhave looked like if statements of intent weren’t available.The evaluation of each member is not limited to just this session’s votes, however. We also provide a career score basedon each member’s average rating over their entire career, since 1975. For example, Rep. Capriglione’s career rating of 71is based off of a total of 100 votes. We urge you to read the descriptions of the bills selected to better understand notjust how YCT would have voted on each measure but why we feel so strongly about them.A note about this session’s installment: We are again providing a comparison of the scores of committee chairmen, thistime between the 84th and 85th legislatures. Committee chairmen truly dominate the legislative process and controlwhat pieces of legislation go forward. We hope the comparison will help illuminate whether this session’s largeRepublican and conservative majorities had a significant impact on whether conservative legislation had a chance tomove through the legislative process without interruption, and if not, why.We hope that these ratings will be a useful guide in evaluating legislators. However, these ratings should not beconstrued as an endorsement for or against any candidate.Finally, these ratings are entirely a product of the volunteer efforts of students and young professionals busy with workand school. I would like to thank the many members of Young Conservatives of Texas who helped bring this documenttogether, and I would particularly like to thank William Dominguez, Jason Pedreros, Prince Phwitiko and SethScheuerman for their efforts.Regards,Caroline B. ChadwickState ChairmanYCT Legislative Ratings 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasPage 3

EXECUTIVE BOARDCaroline ChadwickChairmanWilliam DominguezSenior Vice ChairmanBrittany GamlenCommunications DirectorJennifer QuillinDavid SmithAllison PeregoryFinancial DirectorDirector of Chapter DevelopmentDirector of Chapter MaintenanceCHAPTERSBaylor UniversityBrittany GamlenLone Star CollegeDavid ShepardUniversity of Texas at AustinUniversity of North TexasTexas A&M UniversityZachary KlementTexas State UniversityEric FernandezAshley VaughnNellie PerryTexas Tech UniversityJ.T. CarySCORECARD LEGENDPParty Affiliation84thDDistrict Number /–85thRating for 85th SessionCRating for 84th SessionChangeCareer Rating§A vote with YCT is designated by a “ ” and scored positively.§A vote of Present-not-voting while serving in the chair is designated by a “CH” and scored neutrally.§A vote against YCT is designated by a “–” and scorednegatively.§An unexcused absence is designated by an “AU” and scorednegatively.§A vote of Present-not-voting, unless the member is inthe chair, is designated by “NV” and scored negatively.§An excused absence is designated by an “AE” and scored neutrally. The Speaker's votes and scores are designated "SP" because the Speaker does not traditionally vote. Speaker Straus is listed inthe Quick Reference by Score on page 8 according to his career score.All Journal Statements are given full faith and scored accordingly. However, vote totals as listed in the vote descriptions reflectthe vote totals at the time the record vote was taken. These vote changes are indicated by an orange background on thescorecard.Official Legislative Journals were used, accessed at YCT Legislative Ratings 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasPage 4

Awards and CategoriesHonor RollHistoric Honor RollHighest Scoring Democrats85th Legislature 90% & AboveCareer Rating 85% & Above85th Legislature 30% & AboveLegislatorSen. BurtonRep. CainRep. RinaldiRep. SchaeferRep. SticklandRep. SwansonRep. LangSen. Taylor of CollinRep. TinderholtRep. ShaheenRep. ZedlerRep. HefnerSen. HuffinesSen. HallRep. orable Mentions85th Legislature 80% - 89%LegislatorRep. BiedermannSen. BuckinghamSen. HancockRep. LeachSen. BirdwellRep. Bonnen, G.Rep. FallonSen. CampbellSen. BettencourtRep. BurrowsSen. CreightonSen. SchwertnerSen. HughesSen. KolkhorstRep. PaulRep. SanfordRep. gislatorRep. SticklandRep. RinaldiSen. BurtonRep. TinderholtRep. SchaeferRep. KrauseRep. ShaheenSen. HuffinesSen. HallSen. Taylor of CollinRep. LaubenbergRep. FallonRep. ZedlerSen. BirdwellRep. LeachRep. 3222332224837433Certified RINOsRepublicans in Name OnlyRepublicans w/ Career Rating of 55% & BelowLegislatorRep. LozanoRep. SheffieldRep. King, K.Rep. Davis, S.Rep. RaneyRep. KacalRep. ClardyRep. VanDeaverRep. AshbyRep. PaddieRep. StephensonRep. KoopRep. PriceRep. VillalbaRep. KuempelSen. ns4334333233324347Lowest Scoring RepublicansMost Unexcused Absences85th Legislature 50% & BelowLegislators who Had the Most Unexcused Absences (more thanUnexcusedLegislatorAbsencesRep. Dukes16Rep. Longoria4Rep. Lucio4Rep. Allen3Rep. Anderson, R.3Rep. Canales3Rep. Giddings3LegislatorRep. Davis, S.Rep. PaddieRep. KuempelRep. BailesRep. ClardyRep. King, K.Rep. LambertRep. RaneyRep. KacalRep. MorrisonRep. StuckyRep. CookRep. HubertyRep. SheffieldRep. ShineRep. AshbyRep. DarbyRep. HunterRep. LozanoRep. VanDeaverRep. 0YCT Legislative RatingsSessions4341331331018433369422Rookies of the yearHighest Scoring Rookie by ChamberLegislatorRep. Cain / Rep. SwansonSen. BuckinghamScore10088Most Improved LegislatorsLargest Rating Increase by ChamberLegislatorScoreRep. Zerwas 26Sen. Estes 15 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasLegislatorRep. RaymondSen. WestRep. King, T.Rep. GuillenSen. LucioRep. PickettSen. st Liberal Legislators85th Legislature 10% & BelowLegislatorRep. DukesRep. HinojosaRep. HowardRep. IsraelRep. OrtegaRep. Rodriguez, E.Rep. AnchiaRep. ColemanRep. Davis, Y.Rep. HernandezRep. LucioRep. TurnerRep. WalleRep. WuRep. AlonzoRep. ArévaloRep. BernalRep. BlancoRep. Johnson, E.Rep. MoodyRep. NevárezRep. Rodriguez, J.Rep. 21621871313664531012244333Most Vote ChangesLegislators who Changed their Vote in Journalthe MostLegislatorRep. KoopRep. DukesRep. BohacRep. FlynnRep. HinojosaRep. StuckyRep. WrayVote Changes5433333Dangerous TrendsA Negative Change of 20% or MoreLegislatorRep. FlynnRep. WrayScore-22-22Sessions82Page 5

Change in Ratings by Standing Committee Chairmen84th to 85th Legislature - House & SenateStanding CommitteeCommittee ChairScoreKing, T.3033Committee ChairScore /- 385th: Investments & Financial Services84th: Investments & Financial ServicesParker, T.6463-185th: Appropriations84th: AppropriationsOtto, J.Zerwas, J.4966 1785th: Judiciary & Civil Jursiprudence84th: Judiciary & Civil JursiprudenceSmithee, J.6055-585th: Business & Industry84th: Business & IndustryOliveira, R.2221-185th: Land & Resource Management84th: Land & Resource ManagementDeshotel, J.Herrero, A.2223 185th: Calendars84th: CalendarsHunter, T.6050-1085th: Licensing & Administrative Procedures84th: Licensing & Administrative ProceduresSmith, W.Kuempel, J.4844-485th: Corrections84th: CorrectionsMurphy, J.White, J.5073 2385th: Local & Consent Calendars84th: Local & Consent CalendarsThompson, S.2215-785th: County Affairs84th: County AffairsColeman, G.148-685th: Natural Resources84th: Natural ResourcesKeffer, J.Larson, L.5153 285th: Criminal Jurisprudence84th: Criminal JurisprudenceHererro, A.Moody, J.1910-985th: Pensions84th: PensionsFlynn, D.7654-2285th: Culture, Recreation, & Tourism84th: Culture, Recreation, & TourismGuillen, R.Frullo, J.2658 3285th: Public Education84th: Public EducationAycock, J.Huberty, D.4049 9King, S.Gutierrez, R.5018-3285th: Public Health84th: Public HealthCrownover, M.Price, F.5153 2Button, A.6464085th: Redistricting84th: RedistrictingLozano, J.Burkett, C.3663 27Laubenberg, J.7474085th: Rules & Resolutions84th: Rules & ResolutionsMcClendon, R.Lucio, E.218-13Darby, D.5050085th: Special Purpose Districts84th: Special Purpose DistrictsMiller, D.Murphy, J.4262 2085th: Environmental Regulation84th: Environmental RegulationMorrison, G.Pickett, J.4238-485th: Environmental Regulation84th: Environmental RegulationKing, P.Darby, D.5950-985th: General Investigating & Ethics84th: General Investigating & EthicsKuempel, J.Davis, S.5241-1185th: State & Fed. Power & Responsibility, Select84th: State & Fed. Power & Responsibility, SelectCook, B.4849 185th: Government Transparency & Operation84th: Government Transparency & OperationElkins, G.6670 485th: State Affairs84th: State AffairsPickett, J.Morrison, G.2048 2885th: Higher Education84th: Higher EducationZerwas, J.Lozano, J.4050 1085th: Transportation84th: TransportationAlvarado, C.1613-385th: Homeland Security & Public Safety84th: Homeland Security & Public SafetyPhillips, L.King, P.7054-1685th: Urban Affairs84th: Urban AffairsBonnen, D.7169-285th: House Administration84th: House AdministrationGeren, C.6055-585th: Ways & Means84th: Ways & MeansDeshotel, J.Herrero, A.2223 1Raymond, R.2230 8Frullo, J.Phillips, L.4863 15Anchia, R.9885th: Agriculture & Livestock84th: Agriculture & Livestock85th: Defense & Veterans' Affairs84th: Defense & Veterans' Affairs85th: Economic & Small Business Dev.84th: Economic & Small Business Dev.85th: Elections84th: Elections85th: Energy Resources84th: Energy Resources85th: Human Services84th: Human Services85th: Insurance84th: Insurance85th: Intnl. Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs84th: Intnl. Trade & Intergovernmental AffairsYCT Legislative Ratings /--1Standing CommitteeAverage Committee Chair Rating85th Legislature4284th Legislature44 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasPage 6

Change in Ratings by Standing Committee Chairmen84th to 85th Legislature - House & SenateStanding CommitteeCommittee ChairScore /-Hancock, K.Kolkhorst, L.8180-1Perry, C.8675-1185th: Business & Commerce84th: Business & CommerceEltife, K.Hancock, K.5888 3085th: Criminal Justice84th: Criminal JusticeWhitmire, J.2628 285th: Education84th: EducationTaylor, L.6477 1385th: Finance84th: FinanceNelson, J.6673 7Schwertner, C.7683 7Seliger, K.5663 785th: Intergovernmental Relations84th: Intergovernmental RelationsLucio, E.4038-285th: Natural Resources & Economic Development84th: Natural Resources84th: Economic DevelopmentFraser, T.Estes, C.6875 785th: Nominations84th: NominationsBirdwell, B.8285 385th: State Affairs84th: State AffairsHuffman, J.6463-185th: Transportation84th: TransportationNichols, R.6670 4Campbell, D.7084 1485th: Administration84th: Administration85th: Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs84th: Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security85th: Health & Human Services84th: Health & Human Services85th: Higher Education84th: Higher Education85th: Veteran Affairs & Military Installations84th: Veteran Affairs & Military InstallationsAverage Committee Chair RatingYCT Legislative Ratings85th Legislature7084th Legislature65 2017 Young Conservatives of TexasPage 7

Young Conservatives of TexasLegislative Ratings – 85th SessionQuick Reference – Listed By Anderson, C.Anderson, acBonnen, D.Bonnen, aleDarbyDavis, S.Davis, 518938233735YCT Legislative rIsaacIsraelJohnson, E.Johnson, J.KacalKeoughKing, K.King, P.King, inaldiRobertsRodriguez, E.Rodriguez, 675719440R 2017 Young Conservatives of erryThompson, E.Thompson, odríguezSchwertnerSeligerTaylor of GalvestonTaylor of 02820891917262825Page 8

Young Conservatives of TexasLegislative Ratings – 85th SessionQuick Reference – Listed By rBailesWhiteWilsonPhelanDeshotelFairclothBonnen, G.Bonnen, D.MillerReynoldsZerwasThompson, z, E.GonzalesMurrCosperShineAnderson, C.AshbyBurnsSheffieldLangKing, 447335353555878604960507049985463YCT Legislative aMoodyPickettKing, iceKing, llierZedlerGoldmanCapriglioneGerenJohnson, E.TurnerKoopAnchiaAlonzoAnderson, R.FallonNeaveMeyerGiddingsRoseDavis, odriguez, 616115312127487R6216131268655399R16R16R685614199 2017 Young Conservatives of rphyDavis, S.ElkinsDaleWuBohacJohnson, J.WalleThompson, nSchwertnerGarciaBettencourtTaylor of CollinHancockBurtonTaylor of er85th604910080592

Rep. Turner Rep. Walle Rep. Wu Rep. Alonzo Rep. Arévalo Rep. Bernal Rep. Blanco Rep. Johnson, E. Rep. Moody Rep. Nevárez Rep. Rodriguez, J. Rep. Rose 3 3 5 5 5 5 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 12 1 6 2 1 8 7 13 13 6 6 4 5 3 10 1 2 2 4 4 3 3 3 Most Vote Changes Legislators who Changed their Vote in Journal the Most

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