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International hyperthermia centreInternationalhyperthermia centre. so that your soul will be aglow again with happiness !

cordial welcome!Dear patient, dear colleagues and therapists,you have discussed a stationary or ambulanttreatment in our clinic, the gisunt -Klinik, withyour doctor, alternative practitioner or therapist.Holger Wehner, the head physician(MD, Professorship in theDepartment for IntegrativeMedicine, Moscow)Or as a doctor or therapist you are looking forpossibilities for optimizing the therapy for yourpatient by the help of complementary measures,or you want to implement your therapies in anintegrative concept for the sake of your patient.This brochure will give you some interesting andvaluable information about the gisunt -Klinik.On entering the gisunt -Klinik you will bewelcomed by our staff at the reception desk.They will assist you in all matters and explainyou to your scheduled programme.Before beginning the treatment, you will have theopportunity to discuss the proposed measures indetail with us.2

Competent and experiencedwe offer:Hyperthermia methods (Overheating treatment) Systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy(sCMT) Thermo-chemotherapy Whole-body hyperthermia at differenttemperature levels (from mild to extreme)with specified IRATHERM-technique forharmless, pure Infrared-A-treatment Local, regional, partly whole-body or surfacehyperthermia Prostate hyperthermia(TUMT) Laser-induced tumour destruction(laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy LITT) Hyperthermia for bladder and abdominal cavity Heatheal Therapy Physical therapiesBaths, electric stimulation, shortwave, drainageHydrosun, Qi-cocoon, OxisunMassages, sports, movementMagnetic field therapyAyurveda Treatments Innovative methodsCELL VAS (microcurrent therapy)Needleless injectionsTelemedical monitoringH eatheal Therapy Whole BodyHyperthermia Procedure 3

Natural medicine Mistletoe- thymus-, pancreas peptide therapy Oxygen therapy, oxygen multistep-therapyaccording to Prof. von Ardenne, Ozone therapy and colozon-therapy for theintestine Deferring methods Colon irrigations, colon-hydro-therapy Hirudin treatment Phytotherapy Vitamin therapy Traditional Chinese medicine andacupuncture Feng-Shui consultationImmunotherapiesFever therapy (active fever therapy)Mild whole-body hyperthermia(passive fever therapy) BCG- and immucothel instillation Biological immunostimulation Conventional therapiesHormone / antihormone therapyCytostatic chemotherapiesMinimal surgeryParenteral nutrition, infusion therapy Addititional possibilities Design therapy Sound massage4 Seminars, e.g. emotions and healingYoga- and Reiki-programmesChirotherapyNutrition information and seminarsAutogenic trainingRehabilitation of sexualityIndividual problem solutionsDiagnostic managementsUltrasoundCT, MRT, PET, radiation (consiliary)Cytoscopy, rectoscopyLaboratory, microscopyImmune diagnosticsStool diagnosticsChemosensitivity-, radiation sensivitity test(consiliary) Artery rigidity index measuring (ASI) ECG, ergometry Tongue- and pulse diagnostics Allergy testing Food- and inhalation substancesensitivity testing Pathomorphological, histochemical-,molecularbiological analysis Echocardiography, colour doppler sonography(consiliary) Precurement (primary and secondary)Second opinion

All therapy programmes will be developed by ourexperienced medical director and his deputiesto make use of positive synergisms for boosting impacts.In a holistic integrative concept advantages of modern medicine,experience and naturopathy are multiplexed to improve theprognosis of chronically ill and tumour patients.5

Whom do we treat?We principally treatconcomitantly:Chronic, exhausted and tumour patients,even multimorbid as well as bedfast patients.There are NO untreatable patients! P atients also concomitant for better compatibility with conventional therapeutic procedures,as chemo-, radiation therapy and operations.But also for the prevention or deceleration ofimpending deterioration of quality of life throughCFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Patients with Burn-out-Syndrome. 6All carcinomas with and without metastasesLoss of power and state of exhaustionStress syndromeMetabolic diseasesCirculation disordersMigraine, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing lossJoint-, muscle- and sceletal ailmentsFibromyalgiaPsoriasis, Colitis ulcerosa,Morbus Crohn, Asthma

International hyperthermia centreHyperthermia is applied complementary to the presently deployed tumour therapies,surgery, chemo-, hormone and radiation therapy, to reinforce the treatment effects.7

sCMTThe systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy is a specialdesigned form of the extreme whole-body hyperthermia. Even though this form of hyperthermianeeds intensive care, it is poor in side effects. By adelicate combination of overheating, overacidification with increased blood sugar levels and oxygenoverflow a very specific sensitization of maligntumour cells is achieved.So their accelerated death is facilitated and thetumour cell itself rendered susceptible for radiation-, chemotherapy and hyperthermia itself. Thisapplication is not given the necessary attention, asa special method which is based on decades of research and findings, especially in metastasizing andconventionally uncontrollable tumour progressionand for the prevention of those, also helpful preand postsurgical. Our hyperthermia centre is glad torely on the special expertise of our medical director,who lastly headed the Von-Ardenne-Klinik for sCMT.The theses of Nobel price winner Prof. Warburg,known now for over 80 years, as well as the studious research of Prof. von Ardenne enabled thisspecial therapy, which is applied worldwide only atspecific centres. In the year 2006 all controversiesconcerning this topic were cleared by science.HeathealA High Level Whole Body Hyperthermia procedure,developed by Russian scientists with support fromthe famous scientist Prof. Dr. Yatwin, enables corebody temperature to be raised to 43.5 – 44 C in awater bath within a relatively short period (15 – 208

minutes). The procedure has been in clinical application since 1989, and, since then, has amply demonstrated its effectiveness and safety in the treatmentof cancer, as well as that of HIV, Tuberculosis and anumber of viral and immune system diseases.Heatheal in Cancer TreatmentAs an adjunct oncological treatment, Heatheal booststhe effectiveness of chemotherapies and radiationtherapies, enabling a substantial reduction in theirdoses, and thus in their adverse effects. And on itsown, Heatheal stimulates the body‘s own immunesystem and induces malignant cell death (necrosis).Heatheal in HIV TreatmentSo far over 600 HIV patients have been successfully treated with Heatheal. In a recently concludedclinical trial, 30 patients were each administered 4Heatheal procedures over a period of 270 days. Allpatients were fully naive and did not receive anyother medical nor pharmacological treatment duringthe trial period. In all 30 patients viral load droppedsignificantly (average 1.76 logs) and their immunesystem competency (CD4 count) increased by anaverage of 45 % over their starting levels. Theseresults remained for less than 9 months. In somepatients viral load remained at its reduced level forfurther 3 years, without the administration of anyother treatment whatsoever.MHTThe moderate whole-body hyperthermia is a mildform of hyperthermia, which can be applied without9

adverse effects even ambulatory and to treatchronic disorders. During the medical preliminaryexamination the optimal modalities of the therapy will be determined for your disease. During thetreatment you will rest undressed on a tightenedsmall meshed net and covered – except the head –with a sheet and reflexion foil. The heat radiationoccurs from the bottom through the net. During thetherapy body- and skin temperature as well as pulseand blood pressure are monitored. The mild warmingoccurs over a period of 60 – 120 minutes. The aimedtemperature level ranges from 38,5 C up to thecore temperature of 40 C, if the clinical picturesmake this necessary. Our medical staff observes theincrease in temperature and controls the adequateheater activity. By the warming phase a half-hourlyrest follows after which you have the possibility totake a shower.RHTThe regional radiowave-deep hyperthermia (RHT)is administered in nearly all hyperthermia centresbased on electrohyperthermia with the OncoThermunit or the system of Celsius 42. The therapy targetsindividual body areas is generally free of side effectsand can be applied ambulatory. The heating of thetumour tissue up to 44 C partially also warms theadjoining healthy tissue. But the healthy tissuecan deviate the heat easily by increasing the bloodcirculation whereas the tumour tissue does not havethis ability due to its primitive blood supply. Thisleads to a heat accumulation in the tumour tissuethat results in an undersupply of the tumour cellwith oxygen and nutrient. The resulting dysfunction10

of important metabolic processes during cell division and conservation as well as the reduction ofthe pH-value have the effect of an acid intoxicationin the tumour. The thermal damage also leads to afailure of important vital repairing functions of thetumour cells. Hence, damaged cell parts can notbe replaced (cell membrane and proteins), this canfinally lead to a die off of the tumour cell.LITTThe laser-induced interstitial thermotherapydestroys soft tissue tumours with a laser beam.At temperatures of up to 110ºC this method isapplied mainly on liver metastases/-tumours.TUMTThe prostate hyperthermia uses a harmless microwave catheter. Concerning potency und continencethe risks are clearly less than with other methods.The transurethral microwave thermotherapy(through the urethra) is favourably applied forprostate carcinomas, benign prostate hyperplasiaand prostitis (BSD-50-mashine).IPHTThe intraperitoneal hyperthermia (IPHT) is ahyperthermal rinsing of the peritoneal cavity (alsoapplied in bladder carcinomas as so called intravesical hyperthermia), in which generally no severeadverse effects occur and which may be combinedwith chemotherapy.11

. so that your soul will beaglow again with happiness !12

Hospitality is given pride of placeWhether you are an in-patient or an ambulantpatient at the gisunt -Klinik, we want only thebest for you and your health.Spend your free time with a cup of coffee anda piece of cake in the nearby cafes.In our library you can let thoughts run free orget detailed information on the applied methods oftherapy from books or videos.You do not have to leave the house in order tobe comforted in the overregional recognizedgisunt -Institute (medical beauty & wellness),the healthy-well-being-centre. Special highlightsare ayurvedic treatments.A station with single, double and rooms isdecorated in an ambient atmosphere and offersall amenities, which you expect from everydaylife. The visiting hours are flexible.State of the art medical technique in theintensive care unit together with the capabilitiesof our experienced medical staff secure optimum,patient friendly therapy concepts.We are an stately licensed private hospitalaccording to § 30 GewO and free of healthinsurance contracts, to think and act freelyon medical issues even if more than half of ourGerman patients have a stately health insurance.13

Enjoy the recreation possibilities –The gisunt -Klinik in Wilhelmshaven, located closeto the city center and a park. Enjoy the good climateand the landscapes of the Frisian Wehde, the Wesermarshland, the Ammerländer Park area, the Fenns14and the North Sea coastline. Or take a long relaxingwalk at the beach and visit the Info-Center of theJade-Weser-Port, Wilhelmshavens brand new deepwater harbor.

During your time in the clinic, for you and your companyVisit museums, monuments or the beachpromenade in Wilhelmshaven, take a boat toone of the beautiful Eastfrisian islands, orpay a visit to the castle town Jever or thecasino in Bad Zwischenahn.The international occupancy of the gisunt -units(Koreans, Portugese, Spanish, Americans, Brits andSwedes) altogether offer many occasions for interesting discussions and the exchange of ideas andexperiences.15

doctors and subjectsMedical director:Prof. Dr. med. Holger WehnerSpecialist for general medicine, natural therapies,Oncology, nicotine therapistDirector clinical research:Prof. Dr. med. habil. Wilfried WehnerSpecialist for surgery, accident surgery and urology,AcupunctureAdditional physicians:Dipl.-Med. Martina WehnerTCM, general medicine, acupunctureDr. med. Maria-Madelon Wehner:Specialist for gynaecology and obstetricsOther physicians, consiliary,are available: Anesthesist Radiologist Stomatologist Othorhinal specialist Dermatologist Neurosurgeon16

The gisunt -philosophygisunt stands forOur holistic work is based on four pillars:ganzheitlichesindividuelles / erenMental and physical supportholisticindividual / e medical careSound way of living according to natural healing conceptsgisunt (the term, which stands for health andwell-being, derives from ancient central Germanlanguage at around 600 p.c.) is a company formodern human healthcare and healing.With us the customer is king, her/his wellness hasthe utmost priority. Therefore, we offer best quality and competence, which is even taken over byinterested professionals from the Far East.The gisunt -Klinik and the gisunt -institute,as all gisunt -enterprises demonstrate the sanecombination of natural therapies and classicalwestern medicine, based on research andexperience.Always struggling for an improvement of prognosis,even in most critical phases of illness, we care foryou by heart.We give our best for you and undertake allefforts to develop integrative helpful therapyconcepts, in order to reduce your sufferingand optimise your prognosis.With your active co-working and your will toregain your health, we can work together toimprove the prognosis.The human dignity as well as respect of thepatients will and freedom of therapy are bindingfor the entire gisunt -staff.17

Internationalhyperthermia centreand Doctors are member of following societies:German society for hyperthermia (DGHT) International medical society for functional proteomics e.V.Society for biological cancer defence (GfbK) Research propagation society for complementary medicine e.V.International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) Society for Thermal Medicine (STM)European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO)according to § 30 GewO stately licensed private care unitCompany: gisunt - health brand Holding GmbH & Co. KGHead physician (MD, Professorship in the Department for Integrative Medicine, Moscow):Prof. Dr. med. H. WehnerMühlenweg 144D-26384 WilhelmshavenTelephone: 0049 (0) 44 21-77 414 0Telefax: 0049 (0) 44 21-77 414 10E-mail:

Natural medicine Mistletoe- thymus-, pancreas peptide therapy Oxygen therapy, oxygen multistep-therapy according to Prof. von Ardenne, Ozone therapy and colozon-therapy for the intestine Deferring methods Colon irrigations, colon-hydro-therapy Hirudin treatment Phytotherapy Vitamin therapy Traditional Chinese medicine and

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Malignant Hyperthermia Malignant hyperthermia occurs in 1 in 5,000 to 50,000 instances in which people are given anesthetic and/or muscle relaxants. Malignant hyperthermia is a severe reaction to particular drugs (particularly some anesthetic gases [halothane, sevoflurane, desflurane, isoflurane, enflurane]and muscle relaxant

Department of Radiation Oncology, Hyperthermia Unit, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands ABSTRACT Purpose: In this study, we investigated the differences in hyperthermia treatment (HT) quality between treatments applied with different hyperthermia systems for sub-superficial tumours in the head and neck (H&N) region.

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The PowerPoint presentation addressed the following concepts: definition of malignant hyperthermia, patho-physiology, crisis triggering agents, occurrence of the first literature cases, crisis treatment, preparation of medication, possible side effects of medications administered, protocol concepts, demonstration of malignant hyperthermia treat-

Preparation of modern anesthesia workstations for malignant hyperthermia-susceptible patients. A review of past and present practice. Kim W. Anesthesiology, 114, 205 –212, 2011. Preparation of Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva and Aisys anaesthetic machines for use in malignant hyperthermia susceptible patients. Jones C, Bennett K, Bulger T, Pollock N.

Malignant hyperthermia Fatal Follow exposure to general anesthesia Muscle rigidity, rhabdomyolysis Hyperthermia Shock, acidosis & hyperkalemia. Malignant hyperthermia AD Ca Channel Ryanodine receptor. . Microsoft PowerPoint - Channel lecture khonkhan

Prolonged immersion in hot water may induce hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level several degrees above normal body temperature of 98.6 F. The symptons include dizziness, fainting, drowsiness, lethargy and