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UH500500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center forPrecise Die And Mold

2Hwacheon catalog : UH5001

500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Precise Die And MoldVERTICAL MACHININGCENTER FORPRECISE DIE AND MOLDThis is the perfect Die and Mold solution you've been looking for.UH500 is a vertical die and mold center whose performance is worldleading- it provides your company with a total one stop production solution,from tool selection to final product.1 Optical Mold / Automobile / NAK80 2 Cellular Phone Mold/ Mobile / NAK80 3 Surface Finishing / Automobile / NAK804 LCD Back Cover(Cavity) / Home Appliances / NAK80 5 Headlight Mold / Automobile / NAK8023453

4Hwacheon catalog : UH500”HWACHEON PERFORMANCELEAVES COMPETITION IN THE DUSTTHIS IS THE BEST DIE AND MOLDCENTER YOU CAN GET, PERIOD.”UH500 machining center is manufactured to perfection with Hwacheon'sworkmanship that is the quality recognized and envied by everyone in theindustry; and it guarantees to give you a perfect result every time.The high performance spindle which integrates Hwacheon's Oil-jet Cooling technology ensuresconsistent quality result after hours and hours of operation, while the machine's OptimalMachining system gives you a total production solution, from tool selection to final product.UH500 is designed using 3D simulations and the FEM analysis to achieve structuralrigidity which can translate to quality product results; while the Hwacheon-designedmachining software components enhance safety and the work efficiency in yourorganization. The UH500 is configurable with many different options so that it canintegrate better in your work environment and application.

500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Precise Die And MoldRigid Bilateral Gate StructureMachine FrameThe gate structure firmly supports the x-axisdrive and diverts the load, vibration, andheat from the upper section of the machineevenly throughout the frame-the featurewhich helps to keep the feed drive stableafter hours of operation. Also, the shortdistance between the X-axis drive and thetool's contact point is a plus for maintainingthe rigidity and for enhancing themachining precision.Spindle AssemblyThe Hwacheon clean room assemblyfacility, where the super-precision, superspeed spindle built inside UH500 ismanufactured, maintains optimaltemperature and humidity, and is kept freeof any foreign substances. Only the mostskilled master engineers are allowed in theassembly facility, in the production of onlyCooling Oil inthe best equipment to comply with thetoughest quality standard in the industry.Oil-jet Cooling SystemCooling Oil outThe jet of oil is injected directly onto thespindle bearing for effective cooling, andthe motor and the spindle assembly areMotor Housing Radiation(Jacket Circulated)jacket-cooled to limit the displacementcaused by heat.Front Bearing Radiation(Jacket Circulated)Oil CoolerRear Bearing Cooling(Oil-jet)Oil TankSpindle Oil(Hi-YUN)Integrated Motor (Built-In)Suction PumpFront Bearing Cooling (Oil-jet)5

500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Precise Die And Mold6

500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Precise Die And Mold7

8Hwacheon catalog : UH500MachiningSoftware RELIABILITYThe Hwacheon MachiningSoftware ComponentsThe Hwacheon's developedmachining software monitorsdifferent variables relatedto the work environment andmachining conditions and makesadjustments for best quality resultsHTDC (HSDC HFDC)Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System(HSDC HFDC)HTDC integrates the Hwacheon Spindle DisplacementControl system and the Frame Displacement Control System.and optimum work efficiency.HFDCHwacheon Frame Displacement Control SystemHFDC is equipped with highly sensitive thermalsensors in the casting region where thermal activity issuspected; monitoring and correcting displacement.HSDCHwacheon Spindle Displacement Control SystemWhen the spindle rotates at high speed, thecentrifugal force drives the taper to expand, causingerrors in Z axis. HSDC constantly monitors thetemperature at each spindle region and makesoptimal prediction for thermal displacement.The system then makes necessary adjustments andeffectively minimizing thermal displacement.Static displacement compensationThe HSDC system corrects the Z-axis error occuring from thetaper expansion during the spindle's high speed rotation.

The Hwacheon Machining Software ComponentsPRECISION HTLDHwacheon Tool Load Detect SystemHTLD constantly monitors the tool wear to prevent accidents,which may occur from a damaged tool and help to stop toolwear from deteriorating the workpiece.(The load is measured every 8 msec to ensure accuracy)HECCHwacheon High-Efficiency Contour Control SystemHECC offers an easy-to-use programming interface for different work-pieces and different processing modes. The system provides a precise,custom contour control for the selected workpiece, while prolonging thelife of the machine and decreasing process time. The customizable displayprovides real-time monitoring and quick access. Program offers different options for different cutting speedand accuracy for roughness and shapes. The customizable display provides real-time monitoring and quick, easy access. The program is executable on an existing NC DATA systemand works with the Cycle Code system.OPTIMACutting Feed Optimization SystemOPTIMA utilizes an adaptive control method toregulate the feed rate in real time, to sustain thecutting load during a machining process. As a resultthe tools are less prone to damage and themachining time is reduced.SPEED 9

10 Hwacheon catalog : UH500User friendly design,A Wide range ofoptional featuresUH500 offers user friendly design and a wide variety of useful optionsfor practical applications, so you can concentrate on what you do best:creating quality products-without losing your valuable timeto the worries of machine failure and safety. A wide variety of performanceupgrade options are available for faster, more precise machining. High Performance Machining UH500 have applied a specification for high-quality die and mold Spindle Cooler System Program Storage Memory (21GB) Tool Life Management Hwacheon Artificial Intelligence Control system Linear Scale (Opt.)Easy Work SetupUser Graphic Measuring Cycle which is customized for Die & Moldmachining will provide intuitive environment of making program andhigh precision cutting result on machine. In addition, Tool Probe andWork probe Interface will help to set-up workpieces easily.

Product Data 11Product Data3,579 (140.9”)* Unit: mm(inch)Top2,377 (93.58”)Door Open : 804 (31.65”)1,525 (60.04”)FrontRight sideSpindle Power – Torque DiagramStandard (20,000rpm) 6,100rpm6,101 20,000rpm(Electric ,93010,000Spindle Speed(rpm)15,00020,000Power(kW)Torque(Nm)6002,632 (103.62”)2,925 (115.16”)947 (37.28”)

12 Hwacheon catalog : UH500Product ConfigurationEach product can be configured to fit your application.UH50020,000 pmBBT-40CAT-40 (Opt.)24kWOil-Jet Jacket Cooling24-tools magazineMachine SpecificationsITEMUH500StrokeStroke (X/Y/X)mm(inch)750 / 500 / 350 (29.53” / 19.69” / 13.78”)Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Gauge Planemm(inch)150 500 (5.91” 19.69”)Distance between Columns to Spindle Centermm(inch)179 (7.04”)Distance between Columnmm(inch)950 (37.40”)mm(inch)850 x 500 (33.46” x 19.70”)TableWorking SurfaceTable Loading CapacityTable Surface Configuration (T slots WxP – No. of slots)kgf(lbf)800 (1,764)mm(inch)18 x 100 (0.71” x 3.94”) - 5eaSpindleMax. Spindle SpeedSpindle MotorType of Spindle Taper HoleSpindle Bearing Inner DiameterMethod of Spindle Lubrication & Coolingrpm20,000kW(HP)24 (32)-ISO#40, 7/24 Taper (BBT-40)mm(inch)Ø70 (Ø2.76”)-Oil Jet Lubrication Jacket CoolingFeedrateRapid Speed (X/Y/Z)m/min(ipm)24 / 24 / 24 (945 / 945 / 945)mm/min(ipm)1 24,000 (0.04 945)Feed Motor (X/Y/Z)kW(HP)3.1 / 3.1 / 6.5 (4.15 / 4.15 / 8.7)Coolant Motor (Spindle, Chip Flushing)kW(HP)0.4 / 0.4 (0.54 / 0.54)Spindle Cooler (50/60Hz) – Inverter TypekW(HP)5.0 / 5.6 (6.7 / 7.5)Type of Tool Shank-MAS-403 BBT-40 (Opt.: CAT-40)Type of Pull Stud-MAS P40T-1 (45 )Feedrate (X/Y/Z)MotorATCTool Storage Capacityea24Max. Tool Diameter [With / Without Adjacent Tools]mm(inch)Ø90(Ø3.54”) / Ø127(Ø5.0”)Max. Tool Lengthmm(inch)250 (9.84“)Max. Tool Weightkgf(lbf)8 (17.64)Method of Tool Selection-Fixed addressMethod of Operation (Magazine/Swing Arm)-Servo MotorPower SourceElectric Power SupplyCompressed Air Supply (Pressure x Consumption)kVA65-0.5 0.7MPa x 690Nℓ/minTank CapacitySpindle Cooling / Lubrication / Coolantℓ(gal)40 (10.57) / 12 (3.17) / 210 (55.48)Machine SizeHeightmm(inch)2,925 (115.16”)Floor Space (Length Width)mm(inch)2,377 x 3,579 (93.58” x 140.9”)WeightNC Controllerkgf(lbf)8,000 (17,637)HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 HSCI

Machine Specifications 13Standard and Optional Product ComponentsOptional AccessoriesStandard Accessories Adjust Bolt & Block, Plate Air Blower Air Dryer Base Around Splash Guard Coil Conveyor (2ea) Coolant System Door Interlock Lubrication System MPG Handle (1ea) Operation Manual & Parts List Pneumatics System Program Storage Memory(21GB-SSDR Type) Rigid Tapping Signal Lamp (R/G, 2 Color) smarT.NC (GUI) Spindle Cooler Tool Kit & Box Tool Life Management Tool Offset Pairs (100ea) Work Light Workpiece Coordinate System (100ea) 15” Color LCD Cutting Feed Optimization System (OPTIMA) Hwacheon Artificial IntelligenceControl system (HAI) : 1024Block Hwacheon Efficient Contour ControlSystem (HECC) Air Gun Auto Door Coolant Gun Lift Up Chip Conveyor(Hinge Type, Scraper Type) Linear Scale (X/Y/Z) Oil Mist (Semi Dry Cutting System) Oil Skimmer Signal Lamp (R/G/Y, 3 color) Spindle Through Coolant (30 bar, 70 bar) Tool Measuring system Transformer Work Piece Measuring SystemSystem (HTLD) Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control- Renishaw/Blum (Touch)System (HTDC)NC Specifications [HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 HSCI]Item※ ㅡ : Not available S : Standard O : OptionSpecificationItemControlled axisControlled axis (Cs axis)3 - axesControlled axis (Cs axis)18 - axes (Max.)Least input increment0.001mm, 0.001deg, 0.0001inchLeast input increment 1/100.0001mm, 0.0001deg, 0.00001inchDisplay and input in inch/metricSOSSSIncremental or absolute dimensionsControl systemsMain computerMC7422Controller unitCC6106 (6loops)Visual display unit15” TFT flat-panel displayKeyboardTE735NC program memory21GB (SSDR Type)SSSSSProgram jumpsSSSub and program selection repeatsCalling any program as subprogramAxis feedback controlSSWith following errorWith feedforwardError compensationSSLinear axis errorBacklash & reversal peak with circularInterpolation functionStraight lineIn 5 axesCircleIn 3 axesHelixSSSData interfacesSSEthernet (100 baseT)USBApproaching and departing the contourTangential & perpendicularSSF0, F25, F100SSSVia circular arcFeed functionRapid traverse overrideFeedrate (mm/min)Feedrate override0-150%Program inputHEIDENHAIN conversational and ISO formatsProgram entry with smarT.NCTouch probe cycle.H, .ISSSCyclesCyclesAxis-specific scaling factorCylinder surface / slot milling/ ridge millingCylinder surface external contour millingTolerance (HSC mode, TA)Drilling / ReamingBoring / Back boringUniversal drillingRigid tapping / Circular slotHelical finish millingTapping with chip breakingSlot with reciprocating plungeRectangular pocket / stud finishingRectangular stud finishingCircular pocket / stud finishingPoint pattern on circle / linesThread milling / counter sinkingThread drilling / millingHelical thread drilling / millingOutside thread millingTool function / compensationTool life managementPosition-controlled spindleThree-dimensional tool-radius compIn the working plane and tool lengthSpindle speed functionSpindle overridePosition-controlled spindleOriented spindle stopSetting and displayCalculation of machining timeDisplay of the current machining timeHelp functionGraphic simulation during real-timePlan view, projection in 3plane/ 3D viewMulti-language displayDatum shiftSOriented spindle stopSContour definitionSTapping (controlled spindle)SThread cuttingSWorking planeSContour dataSPilot drillingSRough-outSFloor finishing / Side finishingS4-Axis interface function OptionContour trainSSoftware licensePocket millingSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIn Tool tableSSSS10-150%SSSIn Real time machiningEnglish, German, French, Czech, Italian,Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish,Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Russian,Chinese, Slovenian, Norwegian, Slovak,Korean, Turkish, RomanianDXF convertCircular pocketSlot millingSpecificationSSSSSSAdditional functionSSSSPecking / Tapping- Renishaw/Blum (Optical type) 4-axis Interface Adaptive Feed Control (AFC) Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM)- Renishaw/Blum (Touch type, Laser type) Hwacheon Tool Load DetectVia straight line Tool & Work Piece Measuring InterfaceAFCAdaptive feed controlOOHWACHEON Machining SoftwareLock-ahead blocks are up to 1024 blocks)SHECC (Hwacheon Efficient Contour ControlSystem) (Cycle 332 function)SSSHTLD (Hwacheon Tool Load Detect)OPTIMA (Cutting Feed Optimization System)HTDC (Hwacheon Thermal DisplacementControl System) - HSDC (Hwacheon Spindle DisplacementControl System)- HFDC (Hwacheon Frame DisplacementControl System)Sincluded 4-axis interface optionO

Hwacheon Global NetworkHwacheon HeadquartersHwacheon EuropeHwacheon AsiaHwacheon AmericaPlease call us for product inquiries.www.hwacheon.comThe product design and specifications may change without prior notice.Read the operation manual carefully and thoroughly before operating the product,and always follow the safety instructions and warnings labels attached on the surfaces of the machines.HEAD OFFICEUSAGERMANYHWACHEON MACHINE TOOL CO., LTDHWACHEON MACHINERY AMERICA, INC.HWACHEON MACHINERY EUROPE GMBH976-1, JANGDEOK-DONG GWANGSAN-GU, GWANGJU, KOREA555 BOND STREET, LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS, 60069, USAJOSEF-BAUMANN STR. 25, 44805 BOCHUM, GERMANYTEL: 82-62-951-5111TEL: 1-847-573-0100TEL: 49-2349-128160 FAX: 49-2349-1281660FAX: 82-62-951-0086SEOUL OFFICEFAX: 1-847-573-9900SINGAPORE1022-7, BANGBAE-DONG, SECHO-GU, SEOUL, KOREAHWACHEON ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.TEL: 82-2-523-776621 BUKIT BATOK CRESCENT, #08-79 WCEGA TOWER SINGAPORE 658065FAX: 82-2-523-2867TEL: 65-6515-4357HC-M290-R1.0-201408FAX: 65-6515-4358

3 1 VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER FOR PRECISE DIE AND MOLD 1 optical Mold / Automobile / nAK80 2 Cellular Phone Mold/ Mobile / nAK80 3 Surface Finishing / Automobile / nAK80 4 lCD Back Cover(Cavity) / Home Appliances / nAK80 5 Headlight Mold / Automobile / nAK80 2 3 4 500mm Y-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Precise Die An

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