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Ingersoll Rand is well into its second century of building ourlegacy as a trusted global leader by delivering the innovativesolutions and expertise our customers require. We continue toadvance compressed air technology and service to maximisereliability, efficiency and productivity for our customers.We not only provide world-class products and support, but thepeace of mind that comes from our commitment to stand behindour customers in all aspects of what we do. That peace of mindallows our customers to focus on their primary objective:moving their businesses forward.2 Rotary Compressors

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A New Level of Reliability, Efficiency andNirvana 190-225 kW rotary air compressors offer the very bestof time-proven designs and technologies with new, advancedfeatures that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiencyand productivity available in their class today.Time-proven Quality AirendAt the heart of all our Nirvana compressors is ourrugged, roller bearing-equipped two-stage airend,engineered for exceptional reliability.Patented Modular Drive for Maximum ProductivityNirvana features an all new, compressor-specificfrequency-inverter drive designed with the latesttechnology, while using standard components foreasy repair and diagnosis. On-board drive diagnostics are easy to readon our Intellisys microprocessor controller. Field-replaceable standard modularcomponents in the unlikely event of failure. Easily diagnosed and serviced on-site byqualified Ingersoll Rand service personnel,eliminating downtime. 60% smaller than standard frequency inverters. Controlled soft start eliminates current surges,further extending component life andsystem reliability.Variable Speed CoolingOur system incorporates an intelligent cooling design,including positioning the after-cooler at the end of thepackage to allow cool compressed air that is only 8 C (15 F)above ambient to pass downstream to the air system. Eliminates thermal shock to components,reducing downtime. Consistent discharge temperature enhancessystem reliability. Energy consumption is matched to thermal load. Oversized components operate at 46 C (115 F),ensuring trouble-free operation in conditions thatshut down most compressors, including thosecaused by dirty coolers.4 Rotary Compressors

ProductivityIngersoll Rand’s Nirvanatwo-stage rotary screw aircompressors can achieveenergy savings of up to15%over single stage units.Maximum Efficiency at Virtually Any LoadAt full load, the new Nirvana compressor deliversthe most air, using the least energy. Conventionalfixed speed compressors frequently produce extremepressure fluctuations, including those outside theiroptimum range, greatly reducing efficiency. Nirvanacompressors provide a true variable speed drive,delivering constant air pressure regardless of demandand achieving constant pressure and maximumefficiency across their entire operating range.Easy Service, Easy ControlThe Nirvana compressor package is remarkablyuncluttered – it contains fewer components that needservicing than any other compressor, with everythingreadily accessible behind easily removable panels. Andthe intuitive Intellisys controller gives you complete,fingertip access to your compressor, including easilyLowest Cost of Ownership and Operationadjustable operating parameters and time-savingNirvana compressors lower the total cost of ownershipon-board diagnostics.and ongoing operating costs. For example, conventionalcompressors can draw 800% of the normal load at startup. Nirvana’s Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) motorlimits the in-rush current to less than 100%, minimisingpeak charge readings and reducing energy bills. Nirvanasimply reduces speed and volume to meet demand. And,rather than run unloaded, the compressor shuts off,whilst allowing unlimited starts per hour with no motorlife decrease and plenty of energy savings.Rotary Compressors 5

Innovative Design and PerformanceMore than a hundred years of advanced compressor design andmanufacturing know-how have gone into the new Nirvana line.This industry-leading expertise and innovation are demonstratedby the exceptional levels of reliability and performancedelivered by our new Nirvana compressors.The New and The ProvenNirvana rotary air compressors represent the ideal combinationof Ingersoll Rand’s proven technologies with our latest designenhancements. Our Nirvana premium efficiency compressor featuresNirvana's two-stage airendprovides a combined energysavings of 33-41%!Ingersoll Rand’s time-tested two-stage airend, renowned fortrouble-free operation and minimal maintenance. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) uses a standard inverterwell recognised for providing dependable service inmanufacturing operations around the world. Each airend incorporates a coolant dam that traps coolant in thebearing during shutdown to ensure proper lubrication duringthe critical start-up phase, and longer bearing life. High-quality duplex tapered rollerbearings provide line contact for thrustIndustry-leading Two-stage Performanceloads dramatically extending airend life.A Nirvana two-stage compressor outperformsPrecision-machined rotors ensureany VFD compressor at full or partial load itunmatched rotor profile accuracy,decreases energy costs by 22-30% over a fixedrepeatability and efficiency.speed compressor delivers 11-15% more airthan a single-stage compressor and yieldsReduced Bearing Loads33-41% total energy savings. That’sA lower compression ratio in each stage reduces bearing loads andperformance you can bank on! One of the keysincreases airend life. High quality bearings ensure years of reliable,to the two-stage’s efficiency is the coolantefficient service.curtain. Significant air cooling is achieved byinjecting atomised oil into the compressed airstream leaving the first stage. This lowers theenergy required for second-stage compressionwhilst eliminating the need for an intercooler.6 Rotary Compressors

More Air, Less EnergyOur high-efficiency HPM motor produces more airacross a wider operating range with no increase inpower consumption. The motor’s unique permanentmagnet design allows it to run at 95% efficiencythroughout the entire speed range versus the typicalinduction motor, which deteriorates significantlywith speed. Uses four times as many poles andgenerates 33% more magnetic flux thanthe traditional motor for premiumefficiency and power factor. Has two times the air gap for increasedcooling enabling unlimited starts andstops, which turns Nirvana off ratherthan running it unloaded, saving energy.Long-life Lubricant: 8,000 Hours Between ChangesA Coolant Conditioner for OptimumWith Nirvana, you typically need to change our UltraThermal Discharge and PerformanceCoolant only after 8,000 hours of operation that’s typicallyThe unique Nirvana Coolant Conditionertwo years between change outs. This means more uptimematches the performance of the cooling systemand lower coolant that of the ambient air temperature, maximisesbearing life, lowers energy consumption costand keeps noise levels to a whisper – typicallyas low as 59-67 dB(A). What’s more, the VFDon the Nirvana coolant circuit eliminates thelife-shortening build-up of moisture in thecoolant at partial loads common with otherPercent Full LoaddB(A)VFD compressors.45kW Air Cooled Unit35ºc Ambient70% Load38ºC Package DischargeLeak-Free by DesignBy using SAE O-rings on connections,we have significantly reduced potentialleakage problems associated with conventionalSound Level dB(A)compressors. Our quality and design combineto make the Nirvana virtually leak free further adding to the reliability of thisremarkable compressor.Rotary Compressors 7

A Configuration For Every NeedCategoryDescriptionAirendPremium two-stage airend with duplex tapered roller bearingsStandard ControllerEnergy-saving microprocessor controllerStandard On-board diagnostics and shutdown protectionStandard Easy to use operator interface in 27 languagesStandard Programmable start/stop operationStandard Selectable units of measurement displayStandard Remote connectivity to building management systemStandard Integral sequencing control for up to four unitsStandard Built-in energy savings calculatorStandard Cooling SystemVariable SpeedAir-cooled end-to-end cooling system optimised for efficiency & serviceability Standard Energy-efficient, low noise cooling systemStandard High efficiency package cooling system rated for 46 C (115 F)Standard Water coolingLeak PreventionServicesAuxiliary SystemsMotors &Electrical SystemsEnvironmentalPower ProtectionGeneral OptionsOptionalLeak-free prevention connections with SAE O-ring fittingsStandard Fluid containment systemStandard Simple ductingStandard 12-month full package warrantyStandard Noise reduction enclosureStandard Electronic no loss condensate drainsStandard Long life air and separator filters (4,000 hours)Standard 8,000-hr life Ultra CoolantStandard Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor (HPM)Standard Control panel protection NEMA 12/IP54Standard Variable frequency drive on main motor and fan motorStandard Energy recovery systemOptionalX-tend food-grade coolantOptionalX-tend filtration systemOptionalPower Outage Restart Option (PORO)OptionalPhase monitorOptionalComprehensive service and coverage planOptionalContact your Ingersoll Rand representative for more information.8 Rotary Compressors

50 Hz PerformanceRated PressureModelbar gpsigNominal ersoll Rand Ultra CareHelping you maintain a healthy businessUltra Care five year maintenance andperformance agreements have beendesigned to be easy to understand withabsolutely no surprises.Find out more about protecting theheart of your business contact your localdistributor or Ingersoll Rand Sales office.Rotary Compressors 9W

Total Air Solution ExpertiseOperating a group of compressors as a single efficient systemrequires the kind of control and balance only Ingersoll Rand candeliver. Our advanced system controllers and audit services enableyou to optimise efficiency, extend the life of system componentsand reduce energy costs.Cut Operating Costs with YourThrough advanced control functionality andExisting Equipment!universal connectivity, our X-Series SystemIngersoll Rand X-Series System AutomationAutomation products work with anyeliminates waste by managing up to 12compressors, from Ingersoll Rand or anypositive displacement compressorsmanufacturer, to improve operatingsimultaneously regardless of capacity,efficiency and reduce energy costs.type (fixed speed, variable speed, variablecapacity), combination or configuration.Intelliflow Air System Pressure ControllerIntelliflow provides precise air pressurecontrol of production processes by separatingsupply-side air from demand-side air so thatsupply-side air is not affected by events on thedemand side. Intelliflow can lower demandpressure precisely—reducing energy costs andbetter ensuring consistent product quality.10 Rotary Compressors

From compressors to system automation and everythingin between, Ingersoll Rand is your supplier of choice.Ingersoll Rand offers industry leading products and solutions thatenable businesses around the world to reduce energy consumptionand costs and decrease harmful environmental emissions. From aircompressors that reduce energy consumption to electric-poweredgolf cars with near-zero emissions, Ingersoll Rand provides theknowledge, experience and solutions to help our clients achievetheir sustainability goals.Rotary Compressors 11

Ingersoll Rand offers industry leading products and solutions that enable businesses around the world to reduce energy consumption and costs and decrease harmful environmental emissions. From air compressors that reduce energy consumption to electric-powered golf cars with near-zero emissions, Ingersoll Rand provides the