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Rapid-Mobil - Alle Roaming Länder und NetzbetreiberLand / RoamingdestinationNetzbetreiber / RoamingpartnerZone Sprache/SMSZone DatenAfghanistanAfghan WirelessRoshanZone 5Zone 2ÄquatorialguineaGreen ComZone 5Zone 2ÄgyptenEtisalatOrangeVodafoneZone 4Zone 2AlbanienEagle Mobile / ALBtelecomTelekomPlusVodafoneZone 3Zone 2AlgerienATM MobilisWataniya TelecomZone 5Zone 2AndorraAndorra TelecomZone 2Zone 2ArgentinienClaroTelecom PersonalZone 5Zone 2ArmenienARMGSMMTS ArmeniaZone 5Zone 2AserbaidschanAzercellBakcellZone 5Zone 2AustralienOptusTelstraVodafoneZone 4Zone 2BahrainBatelcoVIVA BahrainZone 4Zone 2BangladeschGrameen PhoneZone 4Zone 2BelgienProximusOrangeBASEZone EUZone EUBelizeBelize Telecommunications/BTLZone 5Zone 2BolivienNuevatelZone 5Zone 2Bosnien & HerzegowinaHT ERONETm:telZone 3Zone 2BotswanaOrangeZone 5Zone 2BrasilienTIMVivoZone 5Zone 2BruneiPCSBZone 5Zone 2BulgarienA1TelenorVivacomZone EUZone EUChileENTEL PCSZone 5Zone 2ChinaChina UnicomZone 4Zone 2Costa RicaClaroICEMovistarZone 5Zone 2Dänemark3TDCTelenorTeliaZone EUZone EUDemokratische Republik KongoAfricellTIGOOrangeZone 5Zone 2DeutschlandTelekomO2Zone EUZone EUDjiboutiDjibouti TelecomZone 5Zone 2Dominikanische RepublikClaroZone 4Zone 2EcuadorTelefonicaZone 5Zone 2ElfenbeinküsteOrangeZone 5Zone 2El SalvadorDigicelZone 5Zone 2TelefonicaSeite 1

Land / RoamingdestinationNetzbetreiber / RoamingpartnerEstlandTeliaTele2Faröer InselnFaroese TelecomFinnlandAlands Telekommunikation AbDNASoneraFrankreichBouygues TelecomDigicelOrangeSFR(inkl. franz. Guyana, Guadeloupe,Martinique)Zone Sprache/SMSZone DatenZone EUZone EUZone 2Zone 2Zone EUZone EUZone EUZone EUFranzösisch-PolynesienOnatiZone 5Zone 2GabunLibertisZone 5Zone 2GeorgienGeocellMagticomZone 5Zone 2GibraltarGibtelZone EUZone EUGriechenlandCosmoteVodafoneWINDTele2Zone EUZone EUZone 5Zone 2Zone EUZone EUZone 5Zone VodafoneClaroTelefonicaGuernseySureZone EUZone EUGuyanaDigicelZone 5Zone 2HondurasClaroZone 5Zone 2Hongkong (Volksrepublik China)CSL3Zone 5Zone 2IndienAirtelVodafoneZone 4Zone 2IndonesienIndosatTelkomselXL AxiataZone 5Zone 2Inselgruppe der Antillen **)DigicelSETARZone 5Zone 2IrakAsiacellZone 4Zone 2IranIrancellZone 5Zone 2IrlandThree Ireland HutchisonMeteorZone EUZone EUIslandNOVANE - On-WavesSiminnZone EUZone EUIsle of ManManx TelecomSureZone EUZone EUIsraelCellcomHot MobilPartnerPelephoneZone 5Zone 2Zone EUZone EUItalienTIMVodafoneWindDigicelZone 5Zone 2JapanDOCOMOSoftBankZone 5Zone 2JemenSabafonZone 4Zone 2JerseyAirtelJTSureZone EUZone EUJamaikaSeite 2

Land / RoamingdestinationNetzbetreiber / RoamingpartnerZone Sprache/SMSZone DatenJordanienOrangeZainZone 4Zone 2KambodschaCellcardViettelZone 4Zone 2KamerunMTNZone 5Zone 2KanadaBell MobilityRogers WirelessSasktel CanadaTelusVideotronZone 3Zone 2Kap VerdeUnitelZone 5Zone 2KasachstanBeelineKcellTele2Zone 5Zone 2KatarVodafoneOoredooZone 5Zone 2KeniaSafaricomAirtelZone 5Zone 2KirgistanBeelineJSC Alfa TelecomZone 5Zone 2KolumbienMovistarZone 5Zone 2KosovoIPKOMonaco TelecomMOBITEL / Telekom SlovenijeZone 3Zone 2KroatienT-Mobile HRTele 2A1 HRZone EUZone EUKubaETECSAZone 5Zone 2KuwaitOoredooVIVA KuwaitZain KuwaitZone 5Zone 2LettlandLMTBitéTele 2Zone EUZone EULibanonAlfaZone 4Zone 2LibyenAl MadarZone 5LiechtensteinFL1Salt*Zone EULitauenOmnitelBitéTele2Zone EUZone EULuxemburgOrangePOSTTangoZone EUZone EUMacaoCTMZone 4Zone 2Zone 2Zone EUnicht verfügbarSmarTone MobileMadagaskarAirtelTelma MobileZone 4Zone 2MalaysiaDigiMMS & MBU MobileZone 5Zone 2MaledivenOoredooZone 5Zone 2MaliOrangeZone 5Zone 2Maltago mobileMelita MobileVodafoneZone EUZone EUMarokkoIAMOrangeWanaZone 4Zone 2Mauritiusmy.tEMTELZone 5Zone 2MazedonienA1T-MobileZone 3Zone 2MexicoMovistarTelcel MexicoZone 5Zone 2Seite 3

Land / RoamingdestinationNetzbetreiber / RoamingpartnerZone Sprache/SMSZone DatenMoldawienMoldtelecomMoldcellZone 3Zone 2MonacoMonaco TelecomZone 1Zone 1MongoleiUnitelZone 5Zone 2MontenegroTelekomMTELTelenorZone 5Zone 2MosambikmcelMOVITELVodacomZone 5Zone 2NepalNcell NepalZone 5Zone 2NeuseelandSparkTwo DegreesVodafoneZone 5Zone 2NiederlandeKPNT-MobileVodafoneZone EUZone EUniederländische Antillen (inkl. Curacao, Bonaire)DigicelTelcellUTS NetherlandsZone 5Zone 2NigeriaAirtel9mobileZone 4Zone 2NicaraguaTIGOZone 5Zone 2NorwegenTelenorNetComZone EUZone EUOmanOmantel OmanZone 5Zone 2PalästinaPalestine TelecommunicationsZone 5Zone 2PanamaC&W PanamaDigicelMovistarZone 5Zone 2ParaguayClaroNucleo S.A.Zone 5Zone 2PhilippinenGlobe TelecomZone 5Zone 2PolenT-MobilePlusOrangeZone EUZone EUPortugalNOS/OptimusMEO/TMNVodafoneZone EUZone EURuandaMTNZone 5Zone 2RumänienTelekomOrangeZone EUZone EURusslandMegaFonMTSBeelineZone 5Zone 2Saudi-ArabienSTCZone 4Zone 2Schifffahrt/LuftfahrtAeroMobileMonaco Telecom MaritimeTelenor MaritimeVodafone Malta Ltd - MaritimeZone 5Zone 2Zone EUZone EUSchwedenTelenorTelia SoneraTele 2SchweizSalt*sunriseswisscomZone 2SenegalSentelZone 5Zone 2SerbienTelekomTelenorVip mobileZone 5Zone 2Sierra LeoneAfricellZone 5Zone 2SingapurM1 LimitedSingtelStarhub SingapurZone 4Zone 2SlowakeiOrangeO2 SlovakiaTelekomZone EUZone EUnicht verfügbarSeite 4Zone 2

Land / RoamingdestinationNetzbetreiber / RoamingpartnerZone Sprache/SMSZone DatenSlowenienMOBITEL / Telekom SlovenijeTelemachA1Zone EUZone EUSpanienOrangeMovistarYoigoZone EUZone EUSri LankaEtisalatMobitelDialogZone 5Zone 2SüdafrikaMTNVodaComZone 4Zone 2SüdkoreaSK TelecomZone 4Zone 2SurinamDigicelZone 5Zone 2SyrienMTNZone 5Zone 2TadschikistanBeelineTCELLZone 5Zone 2Taiwan (Republik China)Chunghwa TelecomTaiwan StarZone 4Zone 2TansaniaVodacomZanzibar TelecomZone 5Zone 2ThailandAISCAT Telecom PLCTrue MoveZone 4Zone 2TogoTelecel TogoZone 5Zone 2Trinidad TobagoDigicelZone 3Zone 2TschechienT-MobileO2VodafoneZone EUZone EUTunesienOrangeTunisianaTUNTELZone 4Zone 2Türkei/Zypern (Norden)AveaTurkcellVodafoneZone 3Zone 2UgandaMTNZone 4Zone 2Ukrainelife:)KYIVSTARVodafoneZone 5Zone 2UngarnTelenorT-MobileZone EUZone EUUruguayClaroTelefonica UruguayZone 5Zone 2USAAT&TSmith Bagley/Cellular OneTELNA Mobile USAT-MobileViaeroZone 3Zone 2UsbekistanUcellBeelineZone 5Zone 2Vereinigte ArabischeEmirateduETISALATZone 4Zone 2VietnamMobifonViettelZone 4Zone 2Weißrußlandlife:) BYMTSVelcomZone 5Zone 2Zypern (Süden)Cytamobile-VodafoneMTNPrimeTel PLCZone EUZone EUStand: Mai 2021*) In diesem Roaming Netzwerk wird kein Datenroaming unterstützt. Für Datenroaming wählen Sie bitte einen anderen Roaming Betreiber im jeweiligenLand aus.**) inkludiert die Regionen: Anguilla, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Britische Jungferninseln, Cayman Inseln, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Montserrat, SaintKitts, Saint Vincent, Santa Lucia, Turks- und CaicosSeite 5

TIGO Orange Deutschland Telekom O2 . Ecuador Telefonica Zone 5 Zone 2 Elfenbeinküste Orange Zone 5 Zone 2 El Salvador Digicel Telefonica Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone EU Zone EU Zone EU Zone EU Zone 4 Zone 2 Zone 4 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 5 Zone 2 Zone 5 Zone 2 Zone 5 Zone 2 . Taiwan Star Tansa

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Contents PROLOGUE 8 INTRODUCTION 10-11 1 WHY LAND 13 1.1 Land, power and democracy 14 1.2Land and conflict 16 1.3 Land and development 16 1.4 Land and organized crime 18 2. MORE LAND IN FEWER HANDS 21 2.1 The largest 1% of farms occupy over half of agricultural land 23 2.2 The smallest 80% of farms occupy less than 13% of land 25 2.3 The gender gap in access to land 27

land. Without a clear land registry this is a cause of complex land disputes. Many land disputes in Mogadishu could be solved by establishing a well-functioning land registry. However, the land registry issue is linked to a more general lack of interest in making justice work because “political disorder” enables illegal land grabbing.

urban land is owned by the public sector, land is by far the most valuable asset on the . In 1990, the State Council formally affirmed land leasing as public policy. By 1992, Shanghai and Beijing had adopted land leasing as local practice, and it . The purchaser of a land lease acquires land rights for a period of 40 to 70 years, depending .

The variety of land use and land cover data needs is exceedingly broad. Current land use and land cov er data are needed for equalization of tax assess ments in many States. Land use and land cover data also are needed by Federal, State, and local agencies for water-resource inventory, flood control, water Cited by: 4883Publish Year: 1976Author: James R. Anderson, Ernest E. Hardy,

the land use/ land cover maps prepared for the two different years using multi-date satellite data i.e. 2005-06 and 2011-12. The distribution of land use/ land cover classes in the study area in 2005-06 and 2011-12 (Map 3 & 4) is represented in Table 1. Table1: Statistics of land use / land cover

Land Lease Fee 742143 153 3,337,582,471 2.2 Land Development Fee 742253 20,228,014,920 13.1 Income from sale of goods and services other 742 1,140,009,741 0.7 Total Local Government Own Revenues 54,870,693,724 35.6 A. The Land Use and Land Development Fees The land use and the land development fees deserve special attention because they are .

(b) the land is the whole or part of land the subject of a claim under section 36 and: (i) the Crown Lands Minister is satisfied that the land is claimable Crown land under section 36, or (ii) the Court has ordered under section 36(7) that the land be transferred to the Council, and the land has not been transferred to the Council.

Youth During the American Revolution Overview In this series of activities, students will explore the experiences of children and teenagers during the American Revolution. Through an examination of primary sources such as newspaper articles, broadsides, diaries, letters, and poetry, students will discover how children, who lived during the Revolutionary War period, processed, witnessed, and .