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PANEL FANSOverviewTCPETCPE panel fans are direct drive panel fans designed forlow static pressures. All units come standard with a spungalvanized panel, zinc plated motor mount/guard, customengineered motor and an aluminum blade that is staticallyand dynamically balanced. They are manufactured understrict ISO 9001 quality standards and performance iscertified by AMCA.ConfigurationsExhaust and supply configurations availableCertificationsAMCA Sound/Air and FEG, UL 705 Listed for ElectricalConstruction FeaturesTCPEPanel FanGridSmartTMEC MotorsNow Available withGridSmartTM TCPE spun panels are constructed of 16-gauge G90galvanized steel. Prepunched panel holes for easymounting. The standard motor mount also serves as a motorside guard that complies with OSHA standards. Themotor mount/guard is secured to the fan panel withcaptivated nut inserts that allow for easy servicingwithout the removal of the full panel after installation.All ODP and TE motors are custom engineered andcome in a variety of standard voltages. All single phase115V ODP motors can be used with a variable speedcontroller. Steel guards are zinc plated to inhibit corrosion.EC Motorssee page 4Twin City Fan & Blower certifies that the ModelTCPE shown herein is licensed to bear the AMCASeal. The ratings shown are based on tests andprocedures performed in accordance with AMCAPublication 211 and AMCA Publication 311 andcomply with the requirements of the AMCACertified Ratings Program.Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) certification appliesto Model TCPE, Size 242A.2TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 4800FS10For complete product performance,drawings, and available accessories,Download Fan Selector 10 at

PANEL FANSOverviewTCPEThe Propeller Wall Fan is designed for low static pressuresand can be mounted in a wall vertically or in a ceilinghorizontally. These fans can be configured for both supplyand exhaust applications. Typical applications includeWarehouse Exhaust, Restroom Exhaust, Attic Exhaust,and Garage Exhaust.Sizes 8" to 24" wheel diameters Motor and blade pitch combinations make up a total of31 unique performing model sizesPerformance Airflow to 7,600 CFM Static pressures to 5 8" w.g. The addition of speed control adds flexibility to theperformance capabilities of all sizesGeneral HVAC ExhaustWWW.TCF.COM3

ELECTRONICALLY COMMUTATED MOTORSTwin City Fan & Blower offers its own line of customengineered Electronically Commutated (EC) motors.Electronic commutation is the latest motor technology tobe used in direct drive fans. Also known in the industryas Brush Free or Brushless DC, the EC motors utilizean electronic circuit board to control the functionalityof the motor. The motor operates off of single phaseAC power, which is converted to DC power within themotor’s circuitry. Twin City Fan & Blower has motorTMoptions available for 115V, 208-230V or 277V single phaseelectrical power. The result is a highly efficient motor,EC Motorseven at part load, with an expanded speed control rangeand a variety of speed control options from which tochoose. EC motors are available in ODP, TENV and TEFCenclosures.GridSmartGridSmartTMModel TCPEwith GridSmartTM EC MotorEC MotorsBenefits Efficiencies up to 85%Constant efficiency as the motor speed is variedUp to 66% energy savings over traditional PSC motorsPerformance range comparable to a belt drive fan withreduced maintenance benefits of a direct drive fan80% usable turndown range as compared with 40%maximum on PSC motorsSoft start gives fans smooth, quiet startLower operating temperatures result in longer lifeand reduces energy consumptionHeavy-duty ball bearings are permanently lubricatedElimination of VFD results in lower initial costEC Motor Options1/6HP to 1HP 1/6HP: 115V, single phase 1/4HP – 1HP: 115V, 208-230V, 277V, single phase ODP or TENV Enclosure Motor mounted speed control dial as standard 0-10VDC control leads as standard Available with remote mounted speed control dial1/6HP to 1HPGridSmartTM EC Motors4TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 4800

OPTIONS/ACCESSORIES5126341Wall Collar The wall collar is used to mount the TCPEfan and accessories cleanly into a wall. The collarwill give the fan package a finished look when fullyinstalled. It is constructed of 16-gauge G90 galvanizedsteel and can be ordered fully assembled or as a kit(field assembly required) to reduce shipping costs.2Wall Box The wall box is used to completely enclosethe fan and accessories. Constructed of 16-gaugegalvanized steel with a removable screen. It is availablefully assembled or as a kit.3Backdraft Damper Backdraft dampers with automaticor motorized operation, feature a felt seal on the edgeof the damper blades for quiet operation. Damperframes are constructed of galvanized steel and bladesare constructed of 26-gauge aluminum. All dampersship loose for field mounting in ductwork. Motorizeddampers are recommended for low CFM applicationsto assure unrestricted airflow. Motorized dampers areavailable with 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 or 24 volt service;575 volt service requires a step-down transformer.When a motorized damper option is selected a 12" (orgreater) high roof curb is required.4Disconnect Switch A NEMA 1 disconnect switchprovides positive electrical shutoff during fan cleaningor maintenance. Available shipped loose for fieldmounting and wiring or factory mounted and wiredwith ODP or TEFC motors.5Damper Guard Screen The damper guard screen is usedto protect the backdraft damper when a weatherhoodis not being used. It is constructed of 18-gauge G90galvanized steel and comes with a galvanized screen.The screening complies with OSHA standards and willkeep birds out of the fan and building.6Weatherhood with Guard Screen The weatherhood isused to keep the elements from entering the buildingand to prevent wind from affecting the performanceof the fan and backdraft damper. It easily fits overthe backdraft damper and can be installed to thewall collar or wall box through the prepunched holes.The weatherhood is constructed of 18-gauge G90galvanized steel and comes standard with a removablebird screen. It can be ordered fully assembled or as akit (field assembly required) to reduce shipping costs.WWW.TCF.COM5

DISCONNECT SWITCHESDisconnect switches provide positive electrical shutoffduring fan cleaning or maintenance.NEMA 1 Disconnect Switch (Standard)NEMA 1 Disconnect SwitchA NEMA 1 disconnect switch is available shipped loosefor field mounting and wiring or factory mounted andwired with ODP or TEFC motors.NEMA 3R Disconnect SwitchA NEMA 3R, rain proof, disconnect is available shippedloose for field mounting and wiring or factory mountedand wired externally.NEMA 3R Disconnect SwitchNEMA 4 Disconnect Switch6TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 4800NEMA 4 Disconnect SwitchA NEMA 4, water and dust tight, disconnect is availableshipped loose for field mounting and wiring or factorymounted and wired externally.

PERFORMANCE DATAEC E3/4182AE3/4202AE3/4------PSC 1/2242A1CFM/STATIC PRESSURE (INCHES W.G.)MAXBHPSONES@ 0" 1001175---NOMINALRPMEC Motor is an Electronically Commutated 55328748944751489853516093Outlet 4617316248274717486652266020 3514514275341174300218438194019512565926202AVG.FAN EFF.SHIP 662FEG56PSC Motor is a Permanent Split Capacitor Motor.NOTES:1. Performance ratings do not include the effects of appurtenances (accessories).2. Performance certified is for installation Type A: Free inlet, free outlet.3. Speed (RPM) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test.4. The sound ratings shown are loudness values in fan sones at 5 ft. (1.5m) in a hemispherical free field calculated per AMCA Standard 301.Values shown are for installation type A: free inlet hemispherical sone levels* TCPE custom engineered motors have been tested with a full load current and in some instances the amperage may be greater than the nameplate value.These motors still fall within NEMA recommended standards and will not overheat.Sound Power 075818484748184SOUND POWER RE-12 WATTSOCTAVE ES:1. The sound power level ratings shown are in decibels, referred to 10–12 watts calculated per AMCA Standard 301. The A-weighted sound ratings showhave been calculated per AMCA Standard 301.2. Values shown are for Lwi sound power levels for installation Type A: Free inlet, free outlet. Ratings do not include the effects of duct end correction.3. The AMCA Certified Ratings Seal applies to sone ratings only.WWW.TCF.COM7

DIMENSIONAL DATAX MAX.X MAX.TCPEC0.313 HOLES(D QTY.)1"2"R RAD.AIRFLOWR RAD.FFBI.D.A SQ.(OUTSIDE)A SQ.(OUTSIDE)FAIRFLOW2"CSIZE080A, 081A, 082A, 082AE100A, 101A, 102A, 102AE120A, 121A, 122A, 122AE140A, 141A, 142A, 142AE160A, 161A, 162A, 162AE180A, 181A, 182A, 182AE200A, 201A, 202A, 202AE240A, 241A, 242A, 242AEB 0010.0011.0012.001"0.313 HOLES(D 2.5024.00DAMPER PROP MIN. WALL AVG. SHIPSIZEDIA. OPENING SQ WT. (LB)10 x 108.0013.751512 x 12 10.0015.752015 x 15 12.0018.752618 x 18 14.0021.752920 x 20 16.0023.753722 x 22 18.0025.754724 x 24 20.0027.755127 x 27 24.0030.7562D4800CD4805ADimensions are not to be used for construction.Wall Box with Removable ScreenBackdraft DamperE SQ.WC SQ.6.25"REF1.50FLANGE3"SLA SQ.INSIDEF SQ.5/8"TYPD PBMAX10-33)MAX39-63)Weatherhood with Bird ScreenWall CollarB REFC SQ.3.00A SQ.(INSIDE)X0.56A SQ.(INSIDE)D SQ.D SQ.BIRDSCREENXBIRDSCREEN3.001.00C SQ.WALL .75WALL 00D4800-6 - Wall Box8TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 4800BACKDRAFTDAMPERWxL10.00 x 10.0012.00 x 12.0015.00 x 15.0018.00 x 18.0020.00 x 20.0022.00 x 22.0024.00 x 24.0027.00 x 27.00E-DMPR-E - 13.6315.6318.6321.6323.6325.6327.6330.63D4800-5 - 6.0088.008 11.0012 7.0016 5.3816 6.0016 6.6316 7.63D4800-3 - Hood

TYPICAL SPECIFICATIONSModelTCPEWall exhaust fans shall be of the propeller direct drive model TCPE, as manufactured by Twin City Fan & Blower,Minneapolis, Minnesota.PERFORMANCE — Performance ratings shall conform to AMCA Standard 205 (fan efficiency grade), 211 (air performance)and 311 (sound performance). Fans shall be tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 210 (air performance) and300 (sound performance) in an AMCA accredited laboratory. Fans shall be licensed to bear the AMCA certified ratingsseal for both sound and air, and fan efficiency grade (FEG).Fans shall bear a permanently attached nameplate displaying model and serial number of the unit for future identification.CONSTRUCTION — Panels shall be constructed of 16-gauge G90 galvanized steel for durability and appearance. Panelsshall have a deep spun inlet venturi and prepunched holes for easy mounting.PROPELLERS — Propellers shall be of fixed pitch design and constructed with fabricated aluminum blades fastened toa steel hub. The propeller assembly shall be statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 204-96,“Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans” to Fan Application Category BV-3, Balance Quality Grade G6.3.MOTORS — All motors shall be electronically commutated (EC), permanent split capacitor (PSC) single phase or threephase induction, permanently lubricated, heavy duty, ball bearing type, with thermal overload protection, closely matchedto the fan load and provided at the voltage, phase, hertz, and enclosure as specified on the fan schedule. Motors foruse with variable speed control shall be closely matched to the fan load and provide good speed controllability withoutany objectionable noise.MOTOR MOUNT/GUARD ASSEMBLY — Motor mount/guard assembly shall be of zinc plated construction and securedto the fan panel with captivated nut inserts for easy servicing without the removal of the full panel. Propeller blades shallbe protected on the air intake with a guard that is compliant to OSHA Standard 1910.212 (Machine Guarding, Exposureof Blades).FINISH AND COATING — Fans shall have galvanized steel orifice panels.ACCESSORIES — Fans shall be provided with wall collar, backdraft damper, damper guard screen, weatherhood withscreen, variable speed controller and disconnect switch where required.FACTORY RUN TEST — All fans prior to shipment shall be completely assembled and test run as a unit at operatingspeed or maximum RPM allowed for the particular construction type. Each propeller shall be statically and dynamicallybalanced in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 204-96 “Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans” to Fan ApplicationCategory BV-3, Balance Quality Grade G6.3. Balance readings shall be taken by electronic type equipment in the axial,vertical, and horizontal directions on each of the bearings. Records shall be maintained and a written copy shall beavailable upon request.GUARANTEE — The manufacturer shall guarantee the workmanship and materials for its TCPE wall propeller fans for atleast one (1) year from startup or eighteen (18) months from shipment, whichever occurs first.WWW.TCF.COM9

INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL FANSCentrifugal Fans Utility Sets Plenum & Plug Fans Inline Centrifugal FansMixed Flow Fans Tubeaxial & Vaneaxial Fans Propeller Wall Fans Propeller Roof VentilatorsCentrifugal Roof & Wall Exhausters Ceiling Ventilators Gravity Ventilators Duct BlowersRadial Bladed Fans Radial Tip Fans High Efficiency Industrial Fans Pressure BlowersLaboratory Exhaust Fans Filtered Supply Fans Mancoolers Fiberglass Fans Custom FansTwin City Fan Companies, Ltd.A TwinCity Fan CompanyTWIN CITY FAN & BLOWER WWW.TCF.COM5959 Trenton Lane N Minneapolis, MN 55442 Phone: 763-551-7600 Fax: 763-551-7601 2017 Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd., Minneapolis, MN. All rights reserved. Catalog illustrations cover the general appearance of Twin CityFan & Blower products at the time of publication and we reserve the right to make changes in design and construction at any time without notice.

2 TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 4800 Twin City Fan & Blower certifies that the Model TCPE shown herein is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and AMCA Publication 311 and comply with the requirements of the AMCA C

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Attach and remove the control panel You can attach the control panel directly to the drive, or use a separate mounting kit. To attach the control panel to a drive: 1. Place the bottom end of the control panel into the slot in the drive. 2. Press the control panel lock clip down. 3. Push the control panel into place. To remove the control panel:

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