Copper Cabling From 10G To 400G, And Back Down To

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1Copper Cabling from 10G to 400G, and back down to10Mbps, but on 1 pair onlyGautier Humbert, RCDDStandards CoordinatorDigital InfrastructuresLegrandDistrict ChairMainland EuropeBICSI

2Agenda1- Standards2- Copper Systems3- Fiber Systems4- IoT

IEEE for Ethernet3IEEE 802: LAN / MAN standards802.3Ethernet (CSMA / CD)IEEE 802:LAN / Man Standards802.5: Token Ring(disbanded)802.1: Higher LANProtocols802.15: WPAN(bluetooth,Zigbee,.)802.11Wireless (CSMA / CA)802.3j (1990)10base-T, 10base-F802.11a (1999)54Mbps @ 5GHz802.3u (1995)100base-TX, 100base-T4, 100base-FX802.11b (199911Mbps @ 2.4GHz802.3z (1998)1000base-X (Fiber optic)802.11g (200354Mbps @ 2.4GHz802.3ab (1999)1000base-T802.11n (2012)150Mbps @ 2.4 and 5GHz, 600M w/MIMO 4802.3ae (2003)10G on fiber802.11ac (2012)867Mbps @ 5GHz , 6.77G w/ MIMO 8802.3af (2003)Power over Ethernet, 15w802.11ad (2013)6.75Gbps @ 2.4, 5, and 60GHz802.3an (2006)10Gbase-T802.11ax (2019?)improvement of 802.11ac for high density802.3at"PoE " 30W802.3ba (2010)40G and 100G on fiber802.3bq (2016)25Gbase-t and 40Gbase-T802.3bz (2016)2.5Gbase-t and 5Gbase-T802.3bs (2018)200G and 400G on fiber802.3bt (2018 ?)"PoE " 100WComingsoon.

4ISO, InternationalISO Information Technology Generic Cabling SystemsComponentsPerformance, DesignImplementationValidationISO/IEC 11801-1 (2017)ISO/IEC 14763-2ISO/IEC 61935-1General requirementsPlanning and Installation ImplementationTesting of balanced twisted Pair CablingISO/IEC 11801-2 (2017)ISO/IEC 14763-3Offices and commercial buildingsTesting of Fiber Optic CablingISO/IEC 11801-3 (2017)Industrial premisesISO/IEC 11801-4 (2017)HomesISO/IEC 11801-5 (2017)Data centersISO/IEC 11801-6 (2017)Distributed building servicesOngoing revision withRP1, RP2, RP3ISO/IEC TR 24750 (2007)Assessment and mitigation of installed balancedcabling channels in order to support of 10GBASE-TISO/IEC TR 24704 (2004)Cabling for wireless access pointsISO/IEC TS 29125 (2017)Requirements for remote powering of terminalequipmentNew

5CENELECCENELEC Information Technology Generic Cabling SystemsComponentsPerformance, DesignImplementationValidationCENELEC EN50173-1General RequirementsCENELEC EN50174-1Specification and quality assuranceCENELEC EN50346Testing of installed cablingCENELEC EN50173-2Office premisesCENELEC EN50174-2Installation planning and practicesCENELEC EN50173-3Industrial premisesCENELEC EN50174-3Planning and InstallationCENELEC EN50173-4HomesCENELEC EN50173-5Data centersCENELEC EN50173-6Distributed Building ServicesOngoing revision withRP1, RP2, RP3Also CENELEC EN50174-99-1Guide for remote poweringPoE on existing cabling

6TIA, North AmericanANSI/TIA: Telecommunications Cabling for Customer PremisesComponents, PerformanceDesignImplementationValidationTIA - 568.2-DBalanced twisted-pair cablingTIA - 568.0-DGeneric cablingTIA - 569-DTelecommunications pathways and spacesTIA - 526-7-ASingle-mode fibre testingTIA - 568.3-DOptical fibre cablingTIA - 568.1-DCommercial buildingTIA - 607-CBonding and grounding telecommunicationsTIA - 536- 14-CMulti-mode fibre testingTIA - 568.4-DBroadband coaxial cabling and componentsTIA - 758-BCustomer-owned outside plantTIA - 606-CAdministrationTIA - TSB-155-ASupport of 10Gbase-T on eixiting Cat.6TIA - 942-BData centersTIA - 862-BIntelligent building systemsTIA - TSB-5021Guidelines for 2.5G and 5G on Cat5e and Cat6TIA - 1005-AIndustrial premisesTIA - 5017Physical network securityTIA - 1179-AHealthcare facilitiesTIA - 570-CResidentialTIA - 4966Educational facilitiesTIA - 162-ACabling for wireless access pointsTIA - 5018Cabling for distributed antena systemsPoE on existingcablingAlso TIA - 1183Lab measurement methods and test fixturesTIA - 1152-ATwisted pair field testersTIA - TSB - 184ASupporting PoE over twisted pair

7Agenda1- Standards2- Copper Systems3- Fiber Systems4 8 C.DCat.6Cat.6aCat.81990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018TIAMhzIEEEApplications2000Class I /IICat.8Class FACat.7AClass FCat.7EAClassCat.6AClass e-TIEEEApplications100Base-T 1000Base-T1000Base25GBase-T 40GBase-T10GBase-TTx (TIA-854)(30m)(30m)2.5GBase-T 5GBase-TClass DCat.5Class CCat.3Cat.5eCat.5Cat.32.5GBase-T1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 20171000Base-T100Base-T1010Base-T

25G and 40G IEEE 802.3bq 25Gbase-T and 40Gbase-T is designed for the horizontal cabling in datacenters. The maximum distance is 30m.16

17Cat.8, Class I and Class IIFrequencyCableConnectorsTIA Cat.8F/UTP or S/FTPCat.8“RJ45” Cat.8ISO Class ICat 8.1 TIA Cat8“RJ45” Cat.8.1 TIA Cat.8S/FTP Cat.8.2“Non-RJ45”ISO Class II2 GHzDistance30m25 and 40GBase-TYes

18What’s next? There is currently no work on any future Category 9.40G is limited to 30m on category 8.Best solution for LAN is currently 10G, working on Category 6A.But 25G could work for longer distance on Cat.8. (will not work on Cat.7A)Currently in development in the standards: New 25G on Category 8 for 50m.30mDatacenter50mSpecial designLAN100mLAN

19Agenda1- Standards2- Copper Systems3- Fiber Systems4- IoT

20Multimode vs. SinglemodeSinglemode for distance,multimode for price

21Duplex transmissionDuplex opticalfiber cableDetectorSourceTransmitter and receivertogether often referred toas a transceiver

22Connector choiceObsoleteSC - DuplexST

Alternate: the MPOAlignment pins12-core ribbon fiber23

Increasing the performance on MM FiberOM3300mOM4400mLAN 10G VCSEL(NRZ)OM3100mOM4150mDC 10G VCSEL(NRZ)OM370mOM4100mDC 25G VCSEL(NRZ)OM370m24OM4100mDC 50G VCSEL(PAM4)DC 100G VCSEL(PAM4)10G25G40G(WDM: Different distances)50G(WDM: Different distances)100G(WDM: Different distances)200G(WDM: Different distances)?400G(WDM: Different distances)(WDM: Different distances)

25OM5 FiberPerformanceOM3 / OM4 FiberOM5 Fiber850nmWavelength

Singlemode New Developments25G LASER(NRZ)40G LASER(NRZ)10G25G40G50G100G200G8 wavelengths400G50G LASER(PAM4)100G LASER(NRZ)26

27What’s next? Continued Higher data rates in the datacenter. New applicationds based on signals of 25G, 50G and 100G,not on 40G. Parallel optics use 4, 8 16 cores instead of the base 12originally in the MPO connectors. (financial) Distance limit between parallel optics andwavelength multiplexing not clear yet. For backbone cabling based on 2-core cabling, OM5 seemsto have far more probability of future application than OM3 orOM4.70mDatacenterLAN100m 150m300m500m2000m

28Agenda1- Standards2- Copper Systems3- Fiber Systems4- IoT

Development of Poe:29Draft ISO/IEC TS 29125ANSI / BICSI 007

30Risks:Heat:P 2iRΔT 10 C to30 C dependingon testconditions*This can lead to: More strain on the A/C Inefficiency Reduced application distances Reduced cable lifeDraft IEC 61156-1-4

31Risks:The RJ45 is not designed for this !!!ContactsburnedPoE candestroy theconnector !

32Current Status of PoE StandardsEnd 2.3at30WIECISO / IECCENELECTIANECHDBase-T802.3bt (draft) 60W and 100WCable testing under load61156-1-4 (draft)LP Rating60512-99-001Connector testing under load60512-99-002 (draft)Cabling testing under loadTS-29125TR 50174-99-1Conditions for new cabling14763-2 (revision)50174-99-1 (Revision)ManufacturerInstaller /DesignerTSB-184-A

33IoT From HIS Markit:The number of connected IoTdevices worldwide will jump12% on average annually, fromnearly 27 billion in 2017 to125 billion in 2030.

34What we offer Our cabling systems can provide:PowerDataCat.5eCat.6A1Gbps10Gbps

Needs 35

36A new solution?Our Current optionsPricePoEEfficiencyConductorDiameterWhat we need?Cat.6aCat.6Cat.5eData Rates 10Mbps1Gbps10Gbps

Single Pair Ethernet Objective: to offer a solution for IoT (and industrial) providing, compared to current 4-pair: Lower data Similar power Daisy-chain (Bus) ? Allow longer distances Lower cost Compliance to standardsExtracts from ISO / IEC 11801-637

38Applications IEEEStandard802.3bw802.3bp (Type A)802.3bp (Type B)Content100mbps1Gbps1Gbps802.3bu802.3cg (Shortand Long)PoDL10mbps PowerTargetAutomotiveAutomotiveTransport /industrial802.3 bw / bpIndustrial /CommercialDistance30m30m40mSpecifics4 connectorsAll50V, 1.36AmpUp to 1km Up to ft

Cabling ANSI / TIA 568-5 Draft Components for single pair Ethernet Systems (Channel and Permanent Link) for commercial buildings. ISO /IEC 11801 – Amendment Systems performance for single pair Ethernet (Application Specific) Future integration into the 11801-1 2 connectors have been chosen: one for commercial (variant 1), one for industrial. (variant 2) IEC - Drafts 63171-x Connectors for single pair use (not limited to Ethernet) All 5 variant will be defined IEC – Drafts 61156-x Cables and cords defined to 600MHz Cables and cords defined to 125MHz39

40What’s next For years our industry has been targeting the highest performance. While this is still true for fiber, copper is taking a turn. The new markets for copper involve lower performance, better energy efficiency, and moreflexibility in design. But it has an enemy on the new marketsDataWirelessIoTStructured cablingCommunicationBAS5G

41Thank YouGautier Humbert, RCDDLegrand Digital Infrastructures Standards CoordinatorEmail: gautier.humbert@legrand.frBICSI District Chair– Mainland EuropeEmail:

TIA - 568.2-D TIA - 568.0-D TIA - 569-D TIA - 526-7-A Balanced twisted-pair cabling Generic cabling Telecommunications pathways and spaces Single-mode fibre testing TIA - 568.3-D TIA - 568.1-D TIA - 607-C TIA - 536- 14-C Optical fibre cabling Commercial building Bonding and

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Dell PowerEdge R630 Intel E5-2650 v4 2x12x2 2.2 10G Intel 82599ES (ixgbe) 10G Chelsio T520-CR (cxgbe) 10G Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro (mlx4en) 10-50G Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX (mlx5en) HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Intel E5-2650 v2 8x2 2.6 10G Chelsio T540-CR (cxgbe) 10G Emulex OneConnect be3 (oce) SuperMicro 5018A-FTN4 Intel Atom C2758 8 2.4 10G Chelsio .

A. The cabling is incorrect because the controllers are cabled from the host port. B. The cabling is incorrect because it usesthe top-down bottom-up cabling method. C. The cabling is correct because it follows the recommended E-Series cabling method. D. The cabling is incorrect because they have been daisy-chained. Answer: D . QUESTION: 50

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Data Center Applications QuickNet Jack-to-Plug Cable Assemblies are ideal for cross-connect applications QuickNet Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems are compatible with PanZone Enclosures and Boxes for zone cabling applications The QuickNet Copper Cabling System is integrated with the Pandui t StructuredGround System to optimize network performance

SFP-10G-T-X cabling specifications Cisco PIDs Speeds Cable Type Distance Max. Power Consumption (W) SFP-10G-T-X 10Gbps Cat6A/Cat7 or better Up to 30 meters 2.5W SFP-10G-T-X 100M/1Gbps Cat5e/Cat6A/Cat7 or better Up to 100 meters 1.0W Cisco SFP-10G-SR-S module (S-Class) The Cisco 10GBASE-SR module supports a link length of 26 meters on standard .

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