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Interior SelectionsGuidebookYOUR SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT’S TO COME.

What’s the best part about building a newhome? Many of our customers feel it’s theinterior selections experience. Why? Becauseworking with a professional Design Coordinator inchoosing colors, fixtures and finishes gives you a chanceto bring some of your own creativity to the buildingprocess.At Classic Homes, we also understand that getting yourhouse in order can seem overwhelming. Especially whenit comes to making decisions about personalizing thelook of the interior of your new home. Does hardwoodsuit your needs more than carpet? Maybe tile is morefunctional than laminate? What sort of color scheme andlight fixtures will best complement your new living room?There are so many exciting decisions to be made!This selection guidebook is a preview of what to expectas you begin putting the final touches on your newhome. It’s intended to better prepare you for scheduledappointments with your Design Coordinator. Weencourage you to jot down notes along the way asyou browse through each section of this booklet. Ourintention is to make the best use of the time you spendwith us, while offering you the guidance and expertise tomake the interior of your home truly yours.

My personal interior decorating style omething else My DesignCoordinatorNAME:EMAIL:PHONE:My UpcomingAppointments:New Homeowner OrientationDATE:TIME:Design Studio Appointment #1DATE:TIME:Design Studio Appointment #2DATE:TIME:

Doing Your“Homework”CHEATSHEETFOR PREPARING.Prior to your first Design Studioappointment, you will have already chosenyour structural options with your NewHome Specialist, which means you’regetting more and more comfortableunderstanding the layout of your newhome.Now it’s time to think about the directionyou would like to take your interiorselections. The first step is to make yourselffamiliar with Classic Homes’ includedfeatures.Every Classic home is designed to be part ofa Collection of homes and each Collectionstarts out with a great list of includedfeatures. Knowing what is already includedin your new home will help you determinewhere you want to focus your DesignStudio budget.Classic C O L L E C T I O C O L L E C T I O C O L L E C T I O C O L L E C T I O C O L L E C T I O

TIPSHave a budget in mind.Know what’s included.Prepare a list of must-haves.Make a wish list.Bring photos and/or samples.The Next Step is toStudy Your OptionsUnderstanding the design options available in your homewill help you evaluate your interior “needs and wants” andhow they fit within your budget. Bring your questions andnotes to discuss with your Design Coordinator.Another tip that comes in handy is to bring photos or smallsamples of your favorite items that will be moving fromyour old home to your new Classic home (i.e. pillows,patterns, fabrics, photos of art & furniture) to your firstappointment.Doing your “homework” in advance of your appointmentshelps you be more confident and decisive about yourselections.NOTES & IDEAS

Personalized Selections.YOUR CHANCETO SHINE.EXPECTATIONS ANDCOLLABORATION.The Design Studio is intendedto be your one-stop source forall of the interior finishes thatgo into your new Classic home.Your Design Coordinator willcover everything presented in thisGuidebook and more! While theorder in which you make yourselections might vary based onyour appointment start time –rest assured, your home will notbe started until you’ve signedoff on your interior selections.We find that most of our clientsaccomplish their selections withintwo appointments.Your first appointment is undoubtedly the most important meeting todiscuss the interior of your new home. During your first appointment,your Design Coordinator will start by taking some time to learn aboutyour style, preferences and budget guidelines. It is important to notethat final pricing for your selections will not be available during yourappointment. Because most of the interior finishes are priced on aper square foot or a per piece basis, your Design Coordinator willneed time to price out your selections.

SELECTION TIPSUnderstand how your family lives ineach room.Decide which interior features aremost important to you.Start an interior idea book to keeptrack of your favorite styles.Don’t be shy! Take notes and shareyour ideas.If you see something you like in one ofour model homes, jot down the address.Your Design Coordinator can look up theinterior finishes.Your appointments will be exciting andinteractive so wear comfortable clothingand shoes.Arrange for childcare. The Design Studiois fun for adults, but not the ideal settingfor children.NOTES & IDEAS

Selections. Selections.FROM FLOOR TO CEILING,CLASSIC HOMES HAS YOU COVERED!INTERIOR TRIM SELECTIONSWall-to-wall selections! Nearly every wall in the Design Studiois painted with one of our available interior paints. ClassicHomes has partnered with Sherwin Williams for many yearsand currently offers eight interior paint color selections. Yourchoice of color is included in the base price of your homeand the option of white painted ceilings is available with anyof the available paint selections. No matter what color youselect, all walls are pre-primed before painting begins andknock-down texture is included in each home. You also havethe opportunity to upgrade to a skip trowel texture with yourDesign Coordinator.Interior Paint Selections include: Colonnade Gray Balanced Beige Egret White Accessible Beige Alabaster Kilim Beige Extra White Big Chill

TRIM & WINDOW SILLSWhen it comes to trim, you have options! Your choiceof extra white or alabaster white casing and baseboardis included with our house package. Classic Homes alsooffers the option of selecting a different base and casepackages. Your home includes drywall window sills andyou have the option to add painted wood window sills.INTERIOR &EXTERIOR DOORSAll of our homes include a ThermaTru fiberglass entrydoor and Masonite Two Panel hollow core paintedinterior doors. If you have something else in mind, yourDesign Coordinator will take time to show you ourshowroom display of door options.LAUNDRY SELECTIONSBecause keeping things tidy can be serious business,the majority of Classic’s homes offer the opportunityto add laundry sinks and/or cabinets. Keep in mind youmay also add a new Whirlpool washer and dryer to anyof our homes – your only decision will be color andwhether you want a top load or front load.INSULATIONAll exterior walls of your new Classic home areinsulated. You will also have the option to insulate yourfloor and interior walls to help mitigate sound.

KITCHEN LAYOUTS & APPLIANCESSome say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whichis why our team of new home architects and designershave taken the time to design three styles of kitchens thatare available with most plans. Your Design Coordinatorwill show you the key features and attributes for eachkitchen layout.Classic Kitchen Layout: Slide In Range Over-The-RangeMicrowave DishwasherDesigner Kitchen Layout: Cooktop Hood Wall Oven / MicrowaveGourmet Kitchen Layout: Cooktop Gourmet Hood Wall Oven / Microwave Upgraded CrownMoulding Under Cabinet LightRail & TrimOnce you select yourkitchen layout, you’llhave the opportunity tochoose from a variety ofcountertops, cabinets,and finishing details likesinks styles, stylish faucets,backsplashes, and more.Keep in mind, someof these selections areincluded in the price of yourhome. As an added benefitto our clients, ClassicHomes has partneredwith the Whirlpool familyof appliances, to includeKitchenAid and Jenn-Air,to provide an impressiveselection of appliances foryour new home.Kitchen selections tip:Knowing whether youprefer the look of stainlesssteel or black stainlessappliances at the time ofyour first Design Studioappointment will help getyour kitchen design on theright track.

CABINETSWhether your style is traditional,contemporary or transitional –Classic Homes offers a broadrange of cabinet styles, finishesand functionality to match yourtastes. Our cabinet selectionsare organized into levels (Baseto Level 5) and these levels aredetermined by species of wood,panel style, and color preference.You also have the option toadd crown moulding as you aremaking your cabinet selections.It’s important to keep in mindthat the cabinet you select foryour kitchen will be the cabinet showcasedthroughout your new home.COUNTERTOPSGRANITE QUARTZ LAMINATEYou’ll discover a wide array ofcountertop materials to complementyour cabinet selection. Included inthe base price of your home is theopportunity to select granite fromour house selections for your kitchen,kitchen island, and master bath.Secondary bathrooms include laminatecountertops and we showcase quitethe selection! Plus, you always have theopportunity to explore different levelsof granite and quartz available in the Design Studio.You may select different countertop materialsthroughout your home, if you feel like mixing it up!Your Design Coordinator will also help you thinkthrough the nitty-gritty details like grout color andsealers.

TILE & BACKSPLASHOur Classic Homes Design Studio showcases avariety of tile and backsplash options to fit nearlyany style. You’ll find everything from stone andceramic to glass and mosaics, plus all sorts of newmaterials arriving frequently. Having a general colorpalette and style in mind will help you navigatethrough all of the available selections. As always,your Design Coordinator will begin by showing youthe tile and any accents already included in the priceof your home.FLOORINGLAMINATE HARDWOOD TILECARPET & PADDINGYour Design Coordinator will walk you throughthe available flooring options and will begin byreminding you of the types of flooring alreadyincluded in your new home. From there, you’ll bebetter prepared to make big decisions about yourflooring selections (room by room) while yourdesigner makes notes about how the flooring breakswill occur based on your selections. The flooringareas in our showroom are organized by producttype, color, and style – making it easy for your eyeto be drawn to the material and color that best suitsyour style.

PLUMBING, FIXTURES & HARDWARE FINISHESEverything including the kitchen sink!Classic Homes has joined forces with Moen andKohler, two of the top names in the industry, to offera powerful selection of bathtubs, faucets, toilets andsinks. All of our homes begin with chrome plumbingfixtures and offer the ability to select brushed nickel,oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or gold finishes. Thisis typically the time when your Design Coordinatorwill want to know if you prefer acrylic or mud setshower pans, whether you’re thinking a showercurtain or glass doors, and if you have your heartset on a double vanity. All important questions toponder prior to your appointment.Sometimes the smallest details leave a lasting impression. Once youselect your finish, your Design Coordinator will present youwith several available hardware packages. You alsohave the opportunity to add other items likesoap dispensers, additional hooks, towelbars, and grab bars.FIREPLACEIf you selected an optionalfireplace(s) as one of yourstructural options with yourNew Home Specialist, you’llhave the chance to personalizeit by choosing the finishingtouches, such as tile and stonecolors, and mantle style andstain at the Design Studio.

LIGHTING, ELECTRICAL AND LOW VOLTSELECTIONSLIGHTING: Each of our homes includes our house lighting package,which is included in the base price of your home. The DesignStudio also showcases other lighting package styles. During yourappointment, you’ll have the opportunity to see all interior andexterior lighting packages live on display or in printed catalog form.ELECTRICAL: During the electrical segment of your appointment,your Design Coordinator will help you understand your electricalplan so you can determine if you want to add options such as: Additional canlights Additionalelectrical outlets Ceiling fans orceiling fan prewires USB charging port In-floor outlets,dedicated outlets Waterproofexterior outlets and much more!LOW VOLT: Classic Homes partners with the low volt experts at HomeRun Electronics to offercutting edge home theater and audio systems, central vacuum packages, communication andsecurity systems, and any additional electrical wiring you might need in your home. Prior to yourfirst Design Studio appointment a representative from HomeRun Electronics will contact youto schedule your appointment at their showroom to select your low volt wiring options. Yourlow volt consultant will send your selections to your Classic Homes Design Coordinator so youroptions become part of your new home color chart.

Low-VoltDrywall TextureCROSSCHECKINGYOURPROGRESS.As you go through your first andsecond Design Studio appointments,it’s a good idea to cross check thelist of items below. You should be ableto check every item off the list. If towardthe end of your second appointment youhave unchecked items, it’s likely that youmight need a third appointment with yourDesign Coordinator to put on the finishingtouches. After you’ve completed your finalappointment and have signed off on yourdesign selection pricing, interior selectionscolor chart will be passed along to your NewHome Specialists and Construction teams,who will incorporate them into your newhome!Interior PaintInterior TrimWindow SillsSound InsulationInterior & Exterior DoorsKitchen LayoutAppliancesCountertopsCabinetsTile & umbingFixturesHardware & FinishStaircase PicketsQuestions

Classic Homes Design Studio2754 North Gate Blvd.Colorado Springs, CO 80921ClassicHomes.com02/2020

appointment. Because most of the interior finishes are priced on a per square foot or a per piece basis, your Design Coordinator will need time to price out your selections. Personalized Selections. YOUR CHANCE TO SHINE. The Design Studio is intended to be your one-stop source for all of the interior finishes that go into your new Classic home.

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