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British English Spelling Edition827 e-book titlesLEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELA New RoofBRDLower PrimaryA Tree Can BeBRFLower PrimaryAddition AnnieBRGLower PrimaryAn Unusual ShowBRHLower PrimaryBig and LittleBRBLower PrimaryBubble TroubleBRELower PrimaryButterflyBRDLower PrimaryCar Wash KidBRCLower PrimaryCatch that Cat!BRCLower PrimaryFresh Autumn LeavesBRELower PrimaryGoing to the BeachBRBLower PrimaryHello, DoctorBRELower PrimaryHere Comes the ParadeBRELower PrimaryI Am the ArtistBRELower PrimaryI Can, We CanBRBLower PrimaryI Like ShoesBRELower PrimaryI Love TreesBRELower PrimaryIs It Time?BRDLower PrimaryJoshua James Likes TrucksBRCLower PrimaryJust Like MeBRELower PrimaryKittensBRBLower PrimaryLara LadybugBRELower PrimaryLunchBRBLower PrimaryNoisy BreakfastBRDLower PrimaryOn the LakeBRJLower PrimaryOne Is EnoughBRELower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling Edition1 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELOpen WideBRCLower PrimaryOut the DoorBRELower PrimaryPlease, Wind?BRFLower PrimarySchoolBRALower PrimaryShadowsBRCLower PrimaryShine, Sun!BRFLower PrimarySnow JoeBRDLower PrimarySo Many HousesBRDLower PrimarySplat!BRFLower PrimarySwing, Swing, SwingBRCLower PrimaryThe Best Mud PieBRELower PrimaryThe Blue MittensBRKLower PrimaryThe Elves and the ShoemakerBRILower PrimaryThe HaircutBRELower PrimaryThe Invisible ManBRTUpper PrimaryThe Very Big PotatoBRHLower PrimaryTwo Feet Up, Two Feet DownBRFLower PrimaryUp, Up, and Away: The Story of Amelia EarhartBRFLower PrimaryWe Like to Play!BRCLower PrimaryWhat Am I?BRBLower PrimaryWhat Can I Be?BRCLower PrimaryWhere Do Insects Live?BRCLower PrimaryWho Am I?BRALower PrimaryWhoops!BRCLower PrimaryBalls10CLower PrimaryI Can Do It All10CLower PrimaryLearn About Weather: Snow10GLower PrimaryLook How It Changes!10ELower PrimaryStinky Clothes10FLower PrimaryThe Gift10RUpper PrimaryA Tooth is Loose30ELower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling Edition2 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELI Like Shapes30CLower PrimaryI've Lost My Hat30GLower PrimaryBeing Me40CLower PrimaryOld Mo40DLower PrimaryWater Everywhere40FLower PrimaryLearn About Weather: Wind50HLower PrimaryCat in the Bag and Other Pet Stories60GLower PrimaryI Can See60ALower PrimaryWork and Play60ELower PrimaryHats70BLower PrimaryWhat Comes in a Shell70ELower PrimaryAre We There Yet?80ELower PrimaryClan Castles90OUpper PrimaryGerms90FLower PrimarySo Many Me's90ILower PrimaryThe Magic Stone90Who Do I Look Like?90FLower PrimaryBody Switch100TUpper PrimaryA Box Can be Many Things110ELower PrimaryAnimal Homes110CLower PrimaryGrandpa's Quilt110GLower PrimaryLearn About Weather: Sun110HLower PrimaryLittle Sister, Big Mess!110FLower PrimaryZombies!110QUpper PrimaryI Am Underdog120WUpper PrimaryLook and Count120HLower PrimaryRosa Loves to Read120ELower PrimaryHurry Up!130GLower PrimaryI Do Not Want To130ELower PrimaryMy Cat Muffin130CLower PrimaryFlyer140TUpper PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionUpper Primary3 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELBasketball150GLower PrimaryBears, Bears, Everywhere150ELower PrimaryBeautiful Bugs150FLower PrimaryEat Your Peas, Louise!150ELower PrimaryI Need a Little Help150CLower PrimaryKiller Flood150VUpper PrimaryRiver150PUpper PrimaryThe Lost Hat150ELower PrimaryWe Are Painting150BLower PrimaryOne Smart Fish160HLower PrimarySometimes Things Change160GLower PrimaryStanding By Emma160XUpper PrimaryStolen Treasure160UUpper PrimaryZuze And The Star160SUpper PrimaryNot Enough Water170ELower PrimaryRacer170TUpper PrimaryRude Ralph170GLower PrimarySir Mike170FLower PrimaryStarstruck170Dive180OUpper PrimarySky Watchers180OUpper PrimaryThe Boy Who Cried Wolf180HUpper PrimaryThe Garden on Green Street180Velociraptor180GLower PrimaryKim's Trip to Hawaii190ELower PrimaryThe Love Mints190You Are the Boss!190OMiddle PrimaryBig Machines200CLower PrimaryOne Happy Classroom200DLower PrimaryThe Code200WUpper PrimaryWe’re Going On a Nature Hunt200KTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionUpper PrimaryUpper Primary4 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELBlack Mirror210MUpper PrimaryButton Your Lip and Other Idioms210PMiddle PrimaryFamily Photo and Other Family Stories210HLower PrimaryOviraptor210GLower PrimaryRainy-day Music210ELower PrimaryThe Lion's Song210ILower PrimaryThe Odyssey210TUpper PrimaryBats in My Attic220ILower PrimaryCome! Sit! Speak!220HLower PrimaryGymnastics220GThe Wind in the Willows (Based on the Novel by KennethGrahame)220Triceratops220GLower PrimaryA Busy Day230HLower PrimaryBattle of the Bands230SUpper PrimaryGuess the Order230FLower PrimaryThe Mystery of the Spotted Band230QUpper PrimaryAnne of Green Gables240GMiddle PrimaryApatosaurus240GLower PrimarySlumber Party Problem Solving240JLower PrimaryThe Frog in the Pond and Other Animal Stories240ILower PrimaryThe Scarlet Letter (Based on the Novel by NathanielHawthorne)240MLower SecondaryTyrannosaurus Rex240GLower PrimaryWait, Skates! And Other Funny Stories240ELower PrimaryWho Is Getting Married?240DLower PrimaryDemeter & Persephone250RMiddle PrimaryIn My Backyard250FLower PrimaryMan in a Box: A Slave's Escape250QMiddle PrimaryNext to an Ant250ELower PrimaryThe Five Snakes250QMiddle PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle Primary5 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELThe Last Leaf250QUpper PrimaryThe Sweater Thief250QUpper PrimaryThis Odd House250MMiddle PrimaryAll About Sound260HLower PrimaryFeeding the Gulls260FLower PrimaryKing Arthur260QMiddle PrimaryThe Killer Hairdo: And Other Urban Legends260TUpper PrimaryThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Based on the Novel byWashington Irving)260MUpper PrimaryThe Tortoise Shell & Other African Stories260RMiddle PrimaryWar of the Worlds260RMiddle PrimaryWrinkles260ELower PrimaryGenerous Me270HLower PrimaryLuna the Wake-up Cat270ELower PrimaryQuite Enough Hot Dogs270F20,000 Leagues Under the Sea280PMiddle PrimaryFrom Zero to Hero280QMiddle PrimaryKites280BLower PrimaryThe Golden Touch and Other Greek Myths280QMiddle PrimaryAnt Attack!290MMiddle PrimaryGoldilocks and the Three Bears290ILower PrimaryKatie Did It290GLower PrimaryListen to Me290HLower PrimaryPenguins290KLower PrimarySam the Garbage Hound290GLower PrimarySecrets of Old Hanson House290MUpper PrimaryThe Birthday Party290ILower PrimaryThe Call of the Wild (Based on the Novel by Jack London)290The Samurai: Fighters of Old Japan290The Strangest Stories From the Weirdest School290A Wise Wish300TITLEBritish English Spelling EditionUpper PrimaryQUpper PrimaryUpper PrimaryLLower Primary6 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELAll About Light300HLower PrimaryAlways Be Safe300HLower PrimaryFrankenstein300RMiddle PrimaryI Need Glasses300GLower PrimaryMartina the Cockroach300FLower PrimaryParrots and Other Birds300GLower PrimarySamurai Fighters300QMiddle PrimaryStegosaurus300GLower PrimaryTo Grandmother's House We Go300GLower PrimaryWitch Hunt300QMiddle PrimaryAnts and Other Insects310HLower PrimaryEnergy in Motion310FMiddle PrimaryHarry's House310FLower PrimaryPaul the Pitcher310DLower PrimaryThe Mural310ILower PrimaryA Circle in the Sky320FLower PrimaryAllergies320HMiddle PrimaryDrum Beats320OMiddle PrimaryFood Court320ILower PrimaryGrandfather's Shape Story320HLower PrimaryKate's Surprise320FLower PrimaryThe Bird with Two Heads320QMiddle PrimaryThe Curse of the Jungle Treasure320MMiddle PrimaryThe Tortoise and the Hare320HLower PrimaryAnimals of Long Ago330NMiddle PrimaryBraces For Cori330ILower PrimaryMookie is Missing!330MMiddle PrimaryThe Secret Code330GLower PrimaryWhat Is Density?330HLower PrimaryA Bear Cub Grows Up340GLower PrimaryArabian Nights340RUpper PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling Edition7 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELHere Comes the Judge340SUpper PrimaryHow Does Your Salad Grow?340FLower PrimaryJet Packs & Other Groovy Gadgets340QMiddle PrimaryJourney to the Center of the Earth340HMiddle PrimaryThe Showdown340HLower PrimaryIs It Still a Number?350ILower PrimaryMap Keys350IRamadan350HMiddle PrimaryShow-And-Tell Sam and Other School Stories350ILower PrimaryToo Many Balloons350DLower PrimaryWild350Back-To-School Safety360ILower PrimaryBoom!360MMiddle PrimaryCollecting360DLower PrimaryMonkeys and Other Mammals360Not For Me360JLower PrimaryPaper Bag Trail360ELower PrimaryThe Day of the Purple Cow360MMiddle PrimaryThe Night Sky360ILower PrimaryLeader of the Pack370Meltdown at Chernobyl370RLower SecondaryPirate Pickle and the White Balloon370FLower PrimaryRain Forest370LLower PrimaryThe Little Red Hen370ELower PrimaryAmazon Sun, Amazon Rain380HLower PrimaryKing Lear380VMiddle SecondaryNewts and Other Amphibians380HLower PrimaryRiding Lessons380OMiddle PrimaryTreasure380QUpper PrimaryWho Needs Friends?380GLower PrimaryFire Safety390ILower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionUpper PrimaryLower PrimaryMiddle Primary8 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLIs it a Dinosaur?390IJump390PUpper PrimaryLongitude and Latitude390ILower PrimaryNumber One Puppy390HLower PrimaryRainy Day Alphabet Book390ELower PrimarySimón Bolívar: The Liberator390The Frog in the Pond390HLower PrimaryThe Sun390ILower PrimaryA Spiderling Grows Up400A Turtle Hatchling Grows Up400GLower PrimaryGreat Expectations (Based on the Novel by Charles Dickens)400NMiddle SecondaryGrouping at the Dog Show400HLower PrimaryLet's Talk Riding400JLower PrimaryMultiply This!400ILower PrimaryScience Fair Friends400LLower PrimarySnakes and Other Reptiles400The Ugly Duckling400GLower PrimaryTsunami400PUpper PrimaryAsia410JLower PrimaryBat Boy and Other Strange Creatures410Middle PrimaryBlackout! The Day All the Lights Went Out410Upper PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #19: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes410TMiddle PrimaryMoby Dick410SUpper PrimaryMyths from Around the World410JUpper PrimaryThe Amazon River410KLower PrimaryThe Man in the Iron Mask410VLower SecondaryThe Tortoise and the Hare410JLower PrimaryTiny Life in the Air410KLower PrimaryWillie's Word World410HLower PrimaryEarth420ILower PrimaryHamlet (Based on the Play by William Shakespeare)420TITLEBritish English Spelling EditionREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELUpper PrimaryLower PrimaryLower PrimaryMiddle Secondary9 of 28

LEXILELEVELIGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELLittle Koel Finds His Song420VLower PrimaryOthello420Runaway Train: A Real-Life Disaster420GUpper PrimaryStone Soup420JLower PrimaryTake Care of Your Eyes420HLower PrimaryThe Princess and the Pea420KLower PrimaryTiny Life in the Puddle420KLower PrimaryAmalia and the Grasshopper430SLower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #21: Vampire Breath430PMiddle PrimaryCreatures Infest Local School!430SUpper PrimaryDavid Copperfield430IUpper PrimaryDivide It Up!430GLower PrimaryI'll Do It Later430HLower PrimaryPatterns Everywhere430JLower PrimaryPlaces Along the Way430NMiddle PrimaryThat's Science? Bad Hair Days and Other Experiments430PUpper PrimaryThe Drum Beats On430KMiddle PrimaryTiny Life in Your Home430RLower PrimaryUnsolved Science Mysteries430A Tadpole Grows Up440PLower PrimaryAvalanche!440DMiddle PrimaryDon't Be Late440ILower PrimaryThe Wax Man440PLower PrimaryTreasure Island440IMiddle PrimaryUranus440SLower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #10: How I Got My Shrunken Head450KMiddle PrimaryFun Weather Days450SLower PrimaryGulliver's Travels450NUpper PrimaryHealing Hands - The Story of Dr. Benjamin Carson450HUpper PrimaryNews and Chews!450SMiddle PrimaryPeanut Butter Rhino450GLower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle SecondaryLower Secondary10 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELRobinson Crusoe450LUpper PrimaryRomeo and Juliet450VMiddle SecondarySir Arthur450PMiddle PrimarySouth America450JLower PrimaryTake Care of Your Teeth450HLower PrimaryThe Nightingale450ILower PrimaryThree Thrillers from Poe, Master of Horror450LUpper PrimaryTiny Life on Your Body450LLower PrimaryWho Wants a Ride?450ILower PrimaryA Shark Pup Grows Up460Classic Goosebumps #20: Phantom of the Auditorium460SMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #9: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam460SMiddle PrimaryI Like to Exercise460LLower PrimaryIcky Bug Colors460KLower PrimaryLittle One Inch460KLower PrimaryLog Hotel460JLower PrimaryPiranhas and Other Fish460HLower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #2: Deep Trouble470SMiddle PrimaryCrocodile Tales470RMiddle PrimaryJulius Caesar470VMiddle SecondaryMapman Travels the Globe470NUpper PrimaryOdd and Even Socks470ILower PrimaryThe Sun's Family of Planets470LLower PrimaryThe Three Musketeers470VLower SecondaryThe Treasure Hunt470KLower PrimaryThe Underground Railroad470RUpper PrimaryThis Is the Way We Dress470ILower PrimaryA Home on the Savanna480KLower PrimaryAustralia480JLower PrimaryCinderella480ILower PrimaryEurope480MLower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionLower Primary11 of 28

TITLELEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELFrom Eye to Potato480Lower PrimaryKidnapped480Lower SecondaryMacbeth480VMiddle SecondarySeven Continents480LLower PrimaryThe Three Billy Goats Gruff480GLower PrimaryTiny Life on the Ground480MLower PrimaryA Day With Doctors490KAnswer Girl Answers Your Questions About the Human Body490RUpper PrimaryAztec Treasure Hunt490TUpper PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #5: One Day at Horrorland490TMiddle PrimaryNot Again!490The Swiss Family Robinson490VUpper PrimaryAfrica500JLower PrimaryAntarctica500JLower PrimaryBats and Other Animals with Amazing Ears500ILower PrimaryFalse! Popular Myths Debunked500TUpper PrimaryFirst on the Moon500SMiddle PrimaryJane Goodall500Lucky to be Alive500Owls and Other Animals With Amazing Eyes500Part of the Pack500ILower PrimaryThe Hunchback of Notre Dame500VLower SecondaryWhat Is Mount Rushmore?500JWright Brothers500ILower PrimaryBeavers and Other Animals with Amazing Teeth510ILower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #12: A Night in Terror Tower510SMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #15: Ghost Beach510SMiddle PrimaryComets510MLower PrimaryEye Foolers510LLower PrimaryI Lost a Tooth510Let's Talk Baseball510British English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryLower PrimarySUpper PrimaryLower PrimaryLower PrimaryILower Primary12 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELLet's Talk Tae Kwon Do510JLower PrimaryLife Science: Animal Behavior510RMiddle PrimaryLouis Braille: The Boy Who Invented the Books for the Blind510NUpper PrimaryOur Earth: Keeping It Clean510KLower PrimarySunny Weather Days510LLower PrimaryThe Mysterious Island510VLower SecondaryTiny Life on Plants510LLower PrimaryTom Sawyer510QMiddle PrimaryWhat a Great Idea!510JMiddle PrimaryCaterpillar to Butterfly520KLower PrimaryDon Quixote (Based on the Novel by Miguel De Cervantes)520Dracula520VLower SecondaryFrom Bulb to Daffodil520FLower PrimaryI Broke My Arm520It's a Good Thing There Are Insects520GLower PrimaryLearn About Weather: Rain520GLower PrimaryLost Boys of Sudan520Scholastic Discover More: My Body520KLower PrimaryThe Spider and the Beehive520GLower PrimaryWeird Science: How Freaky Animals Got That Way520Diwali530KLower PrimaryHelen Keller: An Inspiring Life530JLower PrimaryIbis: A True Whale Story530Internet Safety530JLower PrimaryNorth America530JLower PrimaryTadpole to Frog530KLower PrimaryUnder the City530MLower PrimaryChameleons and Other Animals with Amazing Skin540ILower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #11: Werewolf of Fever Swamp540QMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #16: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight540PMiddle PrimarySeed to Plant540LLower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionLower SecondaryLower PrimaryLower SecondaryUpper Primary13 of 28

TITLELEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELSnowy Weather Days540Lower PrimaryThe Hunted540Upper PrimaryThe Tricky Rabbit540PMiddle PrimaryAcorn to Oak Tree550JLower PrimaryAround the World in Eighty Days550VUpper PrimaryBeans to Chocolate550JLower PrimaryBusy, Buzzy Bees550ILower PrimaryCar Safety550ILower PrimaryI Have a Cavity550Lower PrimaryI Need Stitches550Lower PrimaryInside an Ant Colony550JLower PrimaryLet's Talk Basketball550ILower PrimaryMilk to Ice Cream550JLower PrimarySaturn550ILower PrimaryWelcome Autumn: Leaves550KLower PrimaryWild Weather Days550ILower PrimaryBugged!560ZLower SecondaryClassic Goosebumps #17: You Can't Scare Me!560SMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #18: Return of the Mummy560TMiddle PrimaryJupiter560ILower PrimaryPets at the Vet560Lower PrimaryRainy Weather Days560Lower PrimarySteve Jobs560KThe Tempest560VMiddle SecondaryVenus560ILower PrimaryWalt Disney560KClassic Goosebumps #7: Be Careful What You Wish For570SMiddle PrimaryDinosaur Armor570MLower PrimaryFrom Pit to Peach Tree570HLower PrimaryFruits and Vegetables570LLower PrimaryMars570ILower PrimaryBritish English Spelling Edition14 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELSalamanders and Other Animals with Amazing Tails570ILower PrimaryTrees to Paper570JLower PrimaryTurtles Take Their Time570MLower PrimaryWelcome Autumn: Apples570ILower PrimaryWhere Do Puddles Go?570ILower PrimaryYou Have Head Lice!570KLower PrimaryA Christmas Carol580VUpper PrimaryA Home In The Swamp580Classic Goosebumps #14: Welcome to Camp Nightmare580SMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #4: The Haunted Mask580SMiddle PrimaryExperiments With Solids, Liquids, And Gasses580Middle PrimaryIt's a Good Thing There Are Spiders580Lower PrimaryLet's Talk Swimming580ILower PrimaryOctopuses and Other Animals with Amazing Senses580ILower PrimaryOur Earth: Clean Energy580KMiddle PrimaryPierre The Penguin: A True Story580Sea Disasters580SLower SecondaryThe Dog Rules580NMiddle PrimaryTrapped in Space: The Story of Apollo 13580What Magnets Can Do580KMiddle PrimaryA Home in the Rain Forest590NLower PrimaryBook Fair From the Black Lagoon590LClassic Goosebumps #1: Night of the Living Dummy590SIt's a Good Thing There Are Butterflies590Lower PrimaryMercury590Lower PrimaryOur Earth: Making Less Trash590KLower PrimaryOur Earth: Saving Water590JMiddle PrimaryCat Catches Killer: A True Crime Story600Classic Goosebumps #13: Welcome to Dead House600SMiddle PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #22: Stay Out of the Basement600QMiddle PrimaryElliot Drives Away600FLower PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionLower PrimaryUpper PrimaryMiddle PrimaryLower Secondary15 of 28

TITLELEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELLower PrimaryIt's a Good Thing There Are Bees600Our Earth: Saving Energy600KMiddle PrimaryPet Store Subtraction600MLower PrimaryPluto: Dwarf Planet600ILower PrimarySea Slug and Mr. Pelican600JLower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #8: Say Cheese and Die!610SMiddle PrimaryFlies Are Fascinating610HLower PrimaryPride and Prejudice (Based on the Novel by Jane Austen)610Proteins610LLower PrimaryClassic Goosebumps #6: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb620SMiddle PrimaryEndangered Animals620NMiddle PrimaryIt's a Good Thing There Are Bats620Lower PrimaryIt's a Good Thing There Are Snakes620Lower PrimarySave the Rain Forests620LTwo Dollars, One Wallet620MUnsolved Mysteries620QMiddle PrimaryVegetables, Vegetables!620GLower PrimaryWindy Weather Days620NLower PrimaryA Home on the Tundra630OLower PrimaryDairy630ILower PrimaryExperiments With Plants630Fire and Wind630It's a Good Thing There Are Earthworms630Scholastic Discover More: Animal Babies630JMiddle PrimaryA Baby Lobster Grows Up640ILower PrimaryA Midsummer Night's Dream (Based on the Play by WilliamShakespeare)640Air Disasters640SLower SecondaryClassic Goosebumps #3: Monster Blood640SMiddle PrimaryI Have a Cold640Scholastic Discover More: See Me Grow640British English Spelling EditionLower SecondaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMLower PrimaryLower PrimaryLower SecondaryLower PrimaryKLower Primary16 of 28

TITLELEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELThe Prisoner of Zenda640A Peachick Grows Up650ILower PrimaryBlack Beauty650SUpper PrimaryClassic Tales of Terror650TUpper PrimaryDinosaur Eggs650KLower PrimaryFrom Kernel to Corncob650Halloween650MLower PrimaryLet's Visit a Dairy Farm650OLower PrimaryOur Earth: Helping Out650KLower PrimaryThe Earth is Mostly Ocean650MMiddle PrimaryThe Great Bug Hunt650KLower PrimaryA Home in the Coral Reef660OLower PrimaryA Home on the Prairie660OLower PrimaryA Komodo Dragon Hatchling Grows Up660ILower PrimaryFats, Oils, and Sweets660JLower PrimaryI Love Mud and Mud Loves Me660DLower PrimaryMountain Disasters660RLower SecondarySaving the Animals660SUpper PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Volcanoes660PScholastic Discover More: Where in the World?660QVolcanoes660SWho Works at the Zoo?660Lower PrimaryExperiments With Rocks And Minerals670Middle PrimaryFrom Pinecone to Pine Tree670Lower PrimaryGiraffe Graphs670Animals Helping To Detect Diseases680Life Science: Rivers and Lakes680PMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Temperate Forests680PMiddle PrimaryExperiments With Magnets690Middle PrimaryExperiments With Motion690Middle PrimaryHawks on the Clock690British English Spelling EditionLower PrimaryILower SecondaryLower PrimaryMiddle PrimaryNLower Primary17 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELHow Do Your Lungs Work?690NLower PrimaryStrange But True Stories Book 1690TLower SecondaryEarthquakes700RLower SecondaryGiant Pandas: Gifts From China700JMiddle PrimaryInside the Crime Lab700RMiddle SecondaryMaking Smart Choices700Neptune700ILower PrimaryPlants That Eat Animals700KLower PrimaryThe Amazon700RUpper PrimaryEarth Day710LLower PrimaryLife Science: Life Cycles710PMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Reptiles710NMiddle PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Farm710JLower PrimarySongs My Granda Sang710RMiddle PrimaryThe Wheat We Eat710KLower PrimaryA Manatee Calf Grows Up720Ecological Disasters720SLower SecondaryLife Science: Grasslands720QMiddle PrimaryOceanography: The Study of Oceans720Strange But True Stories Book 5720The Scorch Trials720Earth Science: Soils730Experiments With Electricity730Helen Keller, Girl of Courage730QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Life730PMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Rain Forests730RMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Tundra730OMiddle PrimaryStrange But True Stories Book 3730TLower SecondaryTropical Rain Forests730Antarctica740PMiddle PrimaryElectricity740TMiddle PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryLower PrimaryMiddle PrimaryTLower SecondaryLower SecondaryPMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle Primary18 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELLife Science: Birds740OMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Deserts740QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Fish740QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Insects740QMiddle PrimaryLions740QMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: A Super Scientist (Mae Jemison)740OMiddle PrimaryNorth America740PMiddle PrimarySpace Disasters740SLower SecondarySpace Science: Constellations740PMiddle PrimarySports Stories740Deserts750Middle PrimaryEcology: The Study of Ecosystems750Middle PrimaryIt's a Good Thing There Are Ladybugs750Lower PrimaryLife Science: Amphibians750OMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Mammals750OMiddle PrimaryStrange But True Stories Book 2750TLower SecondarySpace Science: Moon760QMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Stars760RMiddle PrimaryStrange But True Stories Book 4760TLower SecondaryElizabeth Blackwell: First Woman Doctor770RMiddle PrimaryEnergy770TMiddle PrimaryGreat Explorations770TUpper PrimaryLife Science: Oceans770QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Stems and Roots770QMiddle PrimaryMartial Arts770OMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: A Space Pioneer (Neil Armstrong)770OMiddle PrimaryPandas770QMiddle PrimaryStop Bullying770The Maze Runner770XLower SecondaryAfrica780PMiddle PrimaryBig Dinosaurs!780JMiddle PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle Primary19 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELEurope780PMiddle PrimarySimple Machines780UMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Solar System780QMiddle PrimaryTarantulas780QMiddle PrimaryAsia790PMiddle PrimaryAustralia and Oceania790PMiddle PrimaryCyberbullying790Earth Science: Weather790Eid Stories790Geology: The Study of Rocks790Middle PrimaryHydrology: The Study of Water790Middle PrimaryLife Science: Plant Behavior790QMiddle PrimarySouth America790PMiddle PrimaryWalt Disney: The Man Behind The Magic790Dolphins800QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Earthquakes800RMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Conservation800QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Leaves800QMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: A Deep-Sea Explorer (Robert Ballard)800OMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: An Earthquake Analyzer (Charles Richter) 800RMiddle PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Emergency Vehicles800KLower PrimaryTemperate Forests800Tiny Turtle Wants a Friend: Strange Creatures of the Deep800Exploring Our Sun810Mystery Biography: A Wildlife Warrior (Bindi Irwin)810RMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Comets and Asteroids810RMiddle PrimaryUnderstanding Diagrams810Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky820SUpper PrimaryEarth Science: Fossils820PMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Volcanoes820RMiddle PrimaryExtreme Experiments820TITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryQUpper PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle Primary20 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELFriction820TMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Habitats820QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Natural Resources820QMiddle PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Planets820OMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Mars820RMiddle PrimarySpooky Stories820The Elements820UMiddle PrimaryTimely Topics: Stellar-Tasting Space Foods820QMiddle PrimaryUnderstanding Charts and Graphs820Middle PrimaryAmphibians830Middle PrimaryBarack Obama830Middle PrimaryBig Game830XUpper PrimaryEarth Science: Drought830QMiddle PrimaryFish830Middle PrimaryInsects And Spiders830Lower PrimaryLife Science: Flowers830RMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: An Animal Behaviorist (Temple Grandin)830QMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Space Exploration830QMiddle PrimaryThe Solar System830NUpper PrimaryBald Eagles840QMiddle PrimaryBeluga Whales840LUpper PrimaryConstellations840NUpper PrimaryDiscovering New Planets840Earth Science: Avalanches840OMiddle PrimaryKomodo Dragons840QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Food Chains840QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Water Cycle840RMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: A Champion For Chimps (Jane Goodall)840RMiddle PrimarySharks840QMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Earth840RMiddle PrimaryWhy the Wagtail is So Tiny840TITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryMiddle Primary21 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELAlligators and Crocodiles850MUpper PrimaryChimpanzees850QMiddle PrimaryClimate Change850Earth Science: Climate Change850QUpper PrimaryEarth Science: Minerals850QMiddle PrimaryMystery Biography: An Eco-Pioneer (Rachel Carson)850RUpper PrimarySpace Science: Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets850RMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Telescopes850SMiddle PrimaryTimely Topics: A Giant Mystery850QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Erosion860QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Plate Tectonics860QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Tsunamis860QMiddle PrimaryExtreme Laboratories860Life Science: Cells860TMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Plant Distribution860QMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Trees860QMiddle PrimaryPaleontology: The Study of Prehistoric Life860Space Science: Mercury860QMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Sun860RMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Universe860QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Landslides870QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Wind870QMiddle PrimaryGymnastics870OUpper PrimaryMystery Biography: An Agricultural Innovator (George W.Carver)870QMiddle PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Penguins870NLower PrimarySteve Jobs870Middle PrimaryThe Haitian Earthquake of 2010870Middle PrimaryTundra870Middle PrimaryBirds880Middle PrimaryEarth Science: Earth's Crust880TITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryRUpper Primary22 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELEarth Science: Seasons880QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Tornadoes880RUpper PrimaryEarth Science: Wildfires880PMiddle PrimaryElephants880MUpper PrimaryExtreme Bridges880Hurricane Disaster880VMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Recycling880PUpper PrimaryMeteor Showers880PUpper PrimaryMeteorology: The Study of Weather880Middle PrimaryRocks880Middle PrimaryScholastic Discover More: Bugs880PMiddle PrimaryStingrays880RMiddle PrimaryTimely Topics: Mining the Moon and Beyond880RMiddle PrimaryWuthering Heights880ZMiddle SecondaryBats890RMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Blizzards890PMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Rocks890QMiddle PrimaryExtreme Weather890Jane Eyre890ZMiddle SecondaryKiller Whales890QMiddle PrimaryTimely Topics: Are We Alone?890RMiddle PrimaryAnimal Superpowers900NLower PrimaryBill And Melinda Gates900Diwali Stories900Earth Science: Clouds900QMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Floods900QMiddle PrimaryExtreme Science Careers900Galaxies900Gemstones900Life Science: Endangered Species900RMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Photosynthesis900RMiddle PrimaryTITLEBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMUpper PrimaryMiddle Primary23 of 28

LEXILELEVELGRLREADING PROEDUCATION LEVELPythons900RMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Jupiter900RMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Neptune900SMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Saturn900SMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Uranus900SMiddle PrimarySpace Science: Venus900RMiddle PrimaryThe 100 Year Starship900Gravity910Minerals910Mystery Biography: An Earth Advocate (Al Gore)910Pandemics910African Animals920Daddy-Long-Legs920Earth Science: Weather ForecastingTITLEMiddle PrimaryUMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryRUpper PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMUpper Primary920RMiddle PrimaryLife Science: Migration920QMiddle PrimaryReading Maps920Scholastic Discover More: Dinosaurs920QMiddle PrimarySeahorses, Pipefishes, and Their Kin920TUpper PrimarySharks and Rays: Underwater Predators920RUpper PrimarySherlock Holmes: His Last Bow920Stars920MUpper PrimaryTimely Topics: Secrets of Snowflakes920SMiddle PrimaryEarth Science: Rain and Snow930QMiddle PrimaryOceans930Scholastic Discover More: Sharks930Starting Your Own Business930Zebras930Animals Helping After Disasters940Black Holes940PUpper PrimaryEarth Science: Hurricanes940RMiddle PrimaryEgypt940ZUpper PrimaryBritish English Spelling EditionMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryPMiddle PrimaryMiddle PrimaryMUpper PrimaryMiddle Primary24 of 28


The Invisible Man The Very Big Potato Two Feet Up, Two Feet Down Up, Up, and Away: The Story of Amelia Earhart . The Spider and the Beehive Weird Science: How Freaky Animals Got That Way . 530 530 530 530 530 530 530 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 550 550 550 550 550 550 550 550 550 550 55

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