Study On Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Selected Bath Soap

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Volume 2, Issue 6, June – 2017International Journal of Innovative Science and Research TechnologyISSN No: - 2456 – 2165Study on Consumer Buying Behavior Towards SelectedBath SoapG.Kothandapani,, M.phil.,Department of commercePRIST UNIVERSITY (East Campus)Thanjavur - 613 403Tamilnadu-INDIA.A.Vishva Priya,,Department of commercePRIST UNIVERSITYThanjavur - 613 403Tamilnadu-INDIA.Abstract :- A simple production method with high returnsoaps are invariably used in every household. The nonedible oil soap has huge market potential. Soap is thetraditional washing compound made from oil fats andcaustic alkali. One can say a detergent is the one thatcleans any surface. Synthetic detergent is quite differentfrom other kinds of detergent. There is large demand ofthis consumer item. There are renowned organized as wellas unorganized private sectors, engaged in this production.From the 1940s on-ward, synthetic detergents haveexpanded rapidly all over the world. To improvedetergency of the detergent cakes & powders, certain othercomponents were added to it known as builders, synergies,fillers and brighteners etc. Detergents, as a constituent ofthe overall FMCG industry, accounts for a near 12% ofthe total demand for all FMCG products estimated at overRs 530 bn. The mixed oils are taken in a pan and heated toapproximately 70 degrees centigrade. Caustic sodasolution is added for sapomofication reaction.Key ward: Various brand soap need to customer andResponded of the customer buying age wise .I.INTRODUCTIONA simple production method with high return soaps areinvariably used in every household. The non-edible oil soaphas huge market potential. The market is spread from remotevillage to the metro cities alike. The industry gives a goodprofit and high employment oriented.Soap is the traditional washing compound made from oilfats and caustic alkali. One can say a detergent is the one thatcleans any surface. Synthetic detergent is quite different fromother kinds of detergent. More firms is produced with suchkind of detergents, moreover, there is less tension created onthe dirty surface yet emulsification takes places and thedetergent niters the surface much faster. This is the reasonwhy the cleaning process is fast.IJISRT17JU163Dr. V.BALAKRISHNANDepartment of commerceT.U.K. Arts college @gmail.comThere are different kinds of raw material used in theindustries. There is large demand of this consumer item. Thereare renowned organized as well as unorganized privatesectors, engaged in this production. The technology, involvedin the high priced detergent powder and cakes is chargednowadays. From the 1940s on-ward, synthetic detergents haveexpanded rapidly all over the world. Their rapid developmenthas been stimulated by the enormous and fast growth of theinternational petro-chemical industry. The transition fromconventional hard soaps to synthetic detergent cake has beenrapid and irreversible response by consumers. So that to-day,synthetic detergent accounts in most developed anddeveloping countries in the world.II.CONSUMER BEHAVIORThe term consumer behavior refers to the behaviorthat consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using,evaluating, and disposing of products and services that theyexpect will satisfy their needs. Consumer behavior can also bedefined as those acts of consumers directly involved inobtained using and disposing of economic goods and services,including the decision processes that preceded and determinethese acts.To successfully market to different segments themarketing manager needs appropriate marketing strategieswhich he can design only when he can understand the factorswhich account for these differences in consumers behaviourand faster. With ever increasing population of the country, thedemands of apparel/cloth also increasing proportionately.III.MANUFACTURING PROCESSThe mixed oils are taken in a pan and heated toapproximately 70 degrees centigrade. Caustic soda solution isadded for sapomofication reaction. Soap is formed; builderslike sodium silicate soap stone, talc, etc are added when thesapomofication is over. Though mixing of the material ismade colour all perfumes are added. Finally, the soap iswww.ijisrt.com386

Volume 2, Issue 6, June – 2017International Journal of Innovative Science and Research TechnologyISSN No: - 2456 – 2165transferred to rames at all levels to settle down. The wet soapis taken out of the frames, cut into bars, stamped and packed.IV.Random samples that are representative of the population arechosen.OBJECTIVESVII.To find out the consumer buying various bath soapand colours.To study the influence of various sources ofinformation on consumers buying behaviour.To The evaluate of extent buying on reduce price ofvarious soap.In this a 'pilot survey' was done so as to see whichitem are most commonly used and 'trial survey' is conducted tosee what necessary changes are to be made by deleting ofadding the questionnaire as required and finally thequestionnaire made which is use for the purpose of this study.VIII.V.VI.MARKETING MIX FACTORS & BRANDPREFERENCEMETHODOLOGYResearch methodology is a way to systematicallyrepresent a research on any problem. It tends taken by theresearcher in studying the research problem along with thelogic behind them. It tends to define the methodology for thesolution of the problem that has been undertaken for thepurpose of the study.COLLECTION OF DATAThe data can be collected from primary andsecondary sources. In this data collects from primary data andsupplemented by secondary data from the magazines, journalsetc. The techniques will be use questionnaire and interviewsTESTING OF PREThere is a statistical significant relationship betweenprice factor & brand preference at the significant level of0.031. Around 92% of the respondents indicated that the pricelevel as medium as per their perception about the price ofrespective brands. While 16% indicated that the price level ishigh. But 40% of the Lux consumers felt price level is highthough Rexona Dettol, Hamam & Nature power consumershad never felt price level is high in the considered sample.IX.DATA ANALYSISThe following table shows the distribution ofquestionnaires among the considered brands in the study.Table 1. Customer responded Various Brand soapVarious brand RespondedResponded607020251510200Soap nameHamamLuxSandurNature hart 1 Customer respondedVarious brand ePowerwww.ijisrt.comRexonaDettol387

Volume 2, Issue 6, June – 2017International Journal of Innovative Science and Research TechnologyISSN No: - 2456 – 2165From the above table it has been analyzed that majority of theconsumers needs 35% of Lux soap and following the Hamamsoap is 30%. In Nature power soap is 12.5%. Other than soapis minimum level of customer want. The Lux and Hamamsoap is highly wanted to customer because the price andquality is well position. Other soaps unwanted status of thepeople.Age of old15-2525-3535-4545-5555-65TotalX.PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENTSThe collected from each brand the following table showsthe respondents age and frequency of profile.Table 2 Customer Age wise buying soapAge .50100Source of dataChart 2 Customer Age wise buying soapProfile of the From the above table it has been analyzed thatmajority, the age of consumers is 30% and 25% age of 15-25and 25-35 years of old is respectively. The following age thatage of 35-45 is 20. The youngest and middle class peoples arehighly wants that various product of soap is highly sale. Thecustomers buying various brand of soap see that advertisementand the buying way of relationship.XI.MARITAL STATUSTable 3 Marital StatusMarital 88

Volume 2, Issue 6, June – 2017International Journal of Innovative Science and Research TechnologyISSN No: - 2456 – 2165Source of dataChart 3 Marital StatusMarital iedFrom the above table it has been analyzed thatmarried status for the highest need of buying level. Because ofmarried and family maintenance situation of the high wants.The single customer there is no high want because singleperson any one brand wants for various customers themaintenance for low level and the other people unlike ofvarious a brands.XII.DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONThe respondents felt price was at a medium level asper their perception respective of the brand and whichindicates majority of the respondents Lux soap were not highend brands when their purchasing decision is made for 35% ofLux users had felt price level was at a high end. MoreoverSandur, Rexona and Dettol soap users had never felt that thebrands were at a high end since none of the respondentsindicated that the price level was high for the above threebrands.The youngest and middle class peoples are highly wantsthat various product of soap is highly. The customers buyingvarious brand of soap see that TV advertisement, News paper,FM radio, various customer message passed and the buyingway of relationship.The single customer there is high wants various productsused because single person any were brand wants for variouscustomers the maintenance for low level of price, highly levelof price for any one product is purchase and the other peopleunlike of various a brands.IJISRT17JU163OtherAbove details indicates that the consumers are moreconscious on perception of price & product characteristics ofthe brand at the point of purchase. Therefore it can berecommended to improve the skin protection attributes of theproduct while providing a considerable emphasis to enhancethe fragrance of the product, which will enable the brands tocapture more market share in the various beauty soap segment.TV advertisements being the most influencedpromotional activity of the respondents being influenced bythe customer. The respondents made their purchasing due todiscounts & free banded promotions of majority of therespondents purchased the soap from super markets and otherfrom fancy shops buying wanted. The recommendation can bemade to introduce more free branded issue or discount time totimereminds the brand to consumers. The all customerbuying various bath soap is well production, manufacture andprotectively, all various use of bathing soap is very satisfied ofcustomer.References[1]. Andersson,E.L., Arvidsson,E., and Lindström,C.(2006),Coca-Cola or Pepsi; that is the question A study aboutdifferent factors affecting consumer preferences. Masterthesis, School of Management and Economics, VäxjöUniversity FED 323; International Marketing Strategy,spring 2006.[2]. Aaker, D.A. (1991).Managing brand equity,Capitalization on the value of a brand name. New York,NY: Free Press Bishnoi,V.K., and Bharti.(2008),Awareness and Consumption Patterns of RuralConsumers towards Home and Personal Care Products.www.ijisrt.com389

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To find out the consumer buying various bath soap and colours. To study the influence of various sources of information on consumers buying behaviour. To The evaluate of extent buying on reduce price of various soap. V. METHODOLOGY Research methodology is a way to systematically represent a research on any problem.

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