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D&D BuildingIconic Multi-Level Retail BrandingFlagship OpportunitySurrounded by D&D Building, directly across from Bloomingdale’sand steps from Manhattan’s new IKEA Planning Studio

tt 59EashetStreThird Avenue65’3”86’105’24’48’24’

THE DETAILS59TH STREET88' 4"27mTHIRD AVENUEGround Floor4,492 sq ft (417 sq m)Ceiling Height 24’ (7.3m)FrontageThird Avenue 65’-3” (20m)59th Street 86’ - 105’ (32m)65' 3"20mSecond FloorMECH5,683 sq ft (528 sq m)Ceiling Height 24’ (7.3m)ELEVATORLower Level5,010 sq ft (465 sq m)Ceiling Height 19’ (5.8m)105'32m Situated at the intersection of the Upper East Side andMidtown in the heart of Manhattan’sDesign District Directly across from Bloomingdale’s with annual sales inexcess of 1 billion Developed by Macklowe Properties, creators of iconicretail including Fifth Avenue’s Apple Cube and theAdidas flagship on Houston Street 150’ (47.5m) of wraparound all glass frontage and upto 48’ (14.6m) of vertical branding provides unparalleledexposure to pedestrians and 59th Street bridge vehiculartraffic Dynamic retail environment with some of the city’s mostpopular restaurants, home furnishings, fashion andbeauty tenants Strong residential and commercial thoroughfare Steps from the 4, 5, 6, N, R, W with over 21 million annualriders 15 million vehicles pass by the site annually65' HMETERSMECH64' 1"19.5mMECHBATHELEVATORMECHJANITOR

SecoGrndoundF loBorF loDivision ABorAThirvendAue59StetwerreLoLeAvelView from Second FloorSecondF loPremisesGround 3,642 sq ft (338 sq m)Lower 5,010 sq ft (465 sq m)FrontageThird Avenue 40' (12.2m)59th Street 86'-4" (26.3m)Division BPremisesGround 850 sq ft (79 sq m)Second 5,683 sq ft (528 sq m)FrontageThird Avenue 25’ (7.6m)CorDivision APremises2,892 sq ft (268 sq m)FrontageThird Avenue 40' (12.2m)59th Street 54' (16.5m)GroundCF loorBDivision BAThirvendAuePremisesGround 850 sq ft (79 sq m)Lower 5,010 sq ft (465 sq m)FrontageThird Avenue 25’ (7.6m)59etwerreThird AvenueStLoLevelBDivision CPremisesGround 750 sq ft (69 sq m)Second 5,683 sq ft (528 sq m)Frontage59th Street 23’ (7m)

WELCOMETO THENEIGHBORHOODDynamic retail environment situated at the intersection of the UpperEast Side and Midtown, in the heart of Manhattan’s Design District.Directly across from Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street and Third Avenueretail corridors. 180,673221,90563,30315MAverage household incomeOffice workers within 1/2 mileResidents within 1/2 mileCars pass by the site every week21MAnnual subway ridersSteps from the 4, 5, 6, N, R, W trainsMEET YOUR NEGIHBORS

EAST 63RD STREETSANTANDERBANKANCHORTHEDESIGNDISTRICTApple Savings BankJack RabbitCARLYEJUICE PRESSEAST 62ND STREETJimmy Arts & FramingSPA NIOBEMEPHISTOBiscuits & BathCHICKEN LOVERSSmile Direct ClubLUSH SPAEAST 61ST STREETISLE OF CAPRIEAST 60TH STREETLEARNING EXPRESS TOYSPERFECT BROWVENFIELD SERENDIPITY CITY WINEPATSY’S ALTPIZZERIA BOXANASSA TAVERNACINEMA 1, 2 & 3MYGYMRAFAELTRACYGALLERY ANDERSONS E C O N D AV E N U ETHE CUBEAT989 THIRDRICK A BAGELT H I R D AV E N U EL E X I N GTO N AV E N U EArche ShoesEAST 59TH STREET989ZaraA&D BuildingWATERWORKSCONCEPT SALONSAMUEL & SONSH&MMICHAEL DAWKINSHOMECRUNCHFITNESSJonathan AdlerLE TRIUMPHEAST 58TH STREETBank of AmericaMOONSTRUCKHome DepotOAK &BARRELTHE JUICE SHOPTempur-PedicWells FargoPITA GRILLEAST 57TH STREETJanus Et CieLILLIANNASSAUBANK UNITEDTINA’S CUBAND&D BuildingWaterworksSafaviehATLANTIC BANKEAST 56TH STREETNAYA MEZZEJOHNNY ROCKETSPIG & WHISTLETUTENKIANARTISAN CARPETSHENNA’S THREADINGGOOD NATURELeasing ContactEAST 55TH STREETGary Trockgary.trock@ cbre.com 1 212 984 8035Zach Parisizach.parisi @ cbre.com 1 212 984 6685 2019 CBRE, Inc. All rights reserved. This information has been obtained from sources believed reliable, but has not been verifiedfor accuracy or completeness. You should conduct a careful, independent investigation of the property and verify all information.Any reliance on this information is solely at your own risk.

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