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christmasgift guide Bible Studies forthe New Year

Whether this season brings timesof mourning or merriment, He ishere for you.Christmas Books& Music4 Advent Studies& Activities6 Gifts for Her8 Gifts for Him12 Gifts for Kids16 Gifts for Teens20 Gifts for Everyone 22 Bible StudiesGIFT BAGSWrap gifts in thegospel message.26 Church Supplies 30 SpanishResources32 ORNAMENTSTrim the tree in truth.PORCELAIN NATIVITYFIGURINECelebrate the Saviorwith holiday décor.2BOXED CARDSSend tidings ofcomfort and joy.

CHRISTMAS IS COMINGRead and reread thisrhythmic telling fromcreation to Christmas.NEWHOLI DAY M US I CFind a Tune for EveryYuletide MoodSEEK-AND-CIRCLE CHRISTMASSTORIES Engage kids with an interactiveboard book filled with items to find.CH I LDRE N ’ S CH RI STMA S BOO KSInvite Kids into the StoryTHE SILENTNOISY NIGHTShare a noisynew twist on theChristmas story.FOR KING& COUNTRYFRANCESCA BATTISTELLITHE CHRISTMASPROMISEExplore the promiseof a forever King.JESUS CALLINGWatch God’s planunfold in thisglitterydevotional.RENDCOLLECTIVE4JIM BRICKMAN5

WO M E N ’ SADVE NT STU DYSpend All Seasonin the WordUNIQUE ADVENT EXPERIENCESAnticipate HisArrival25 DAYS OF THECHRISTMASSTORYAn Advent Bookfor Busy FamiliesSHADOW& LIGHTAn Invitationto a QuietHolidayKEEPINGCHRISTMASReflections onA ChristmasCarolO COME, O COME,EMMANUELSet your focus on the anticipation andjoy that only Christ can bring. O Come,O Come, Emmanuel: An Advent Studyexplores the anticipation and waiting thatthe Old Testament world endured, thelight and life Jesus came to bring us,and the eternal promise that Jesusis yet ushering us into.This beautiful resource includesAdvent activities to help kids,students, and adults celebratethe Christmas season together.THE WAY TO THE MANGERBring the Christmas focus backto Jesus and family time with25 devotions and talking points.THE 25 DAYSOF CHRISTMASA KeepsakeAdvent BookJESUS CALLINGFOR CHRISTMAS50 Devotions fromSarah Young7

giftsforherThe hustle and bustle is up to you. Will youhurry through a harrowing holiday to-dolist or cozy up on your couch for slow andintentional moments with your Savior?REDEEMING LOVEGet the new edition of thisclassic Christian romance.GRACELACED, DELUXE EDITIONRuth Chou Simons illustrates soulsearching words and signature florals.INSPIRE PRAYER BIBLEFocus on prayer through coloringand creative journaling.PEACEHelp moms conqueranxious thoughtsCSB TONY EVANSSTUDY BIBLESee God’s Wordin a Fresh WayYOU BE YOUJamie Ivey reveals the abundant lifeyou want is closer than you think.9

NIV BEAUTIFULWORD BIBLEStart a beautifulquiet with this visualtreatment of Scripture.F I N D DE VOTION S& G I FTS S H E ’ LLLOVE ALL YE ARFORGIVING WHAT YOU CAN’T FORGETDiscover how to let go of resentment andcreate a life that’s beautiful again.Available while supplies last.LIVESadie Robertson inspiresreaders to thrive in the lifeGod gave them.10WHEN CALLS THE HEARTWatch the Hallmark Channel’s heartwarmingseries inspired by Janette Oke.11

giftsfor himHOLY LANDILLUSTRATED BIBLEBe immersed in God’sWord with over 1,100images, maps, andillustrations of thepeople, places, andthings of Scripture.THE JERUSALEM ASSASSINAfter American officials involved in theIranian-Palestinian peace process are killed,Marcus Ryker has 96 hours to disrupt aterrible evil set in motion.DREAM BIGUncover the wild and exciting dream foryour life you’ve hidden from yourself—andtake the steps necessary to achieve it.THE GOOD LIFEAccept Jesus’ invitation into a rhythmthat cultivates a flourishing, happy,transformative life.UNCOMMON GROUNDTimothy Keller, John Inazu, and a thrillingrange of artists, thinkers, and leaders providea guide to faithful living in a fractured world.13

RE AWAKE NYOU RWON DE RYou may outgrow steaming hot cups ofcocoa, off-pitch Christmas carols, andhorrible holiday movies. But wonder?You can never outgrow wonder.LIFEWAY MEN DEVOTIONS – VOLUME 3Grow closer to God with these inspiring audiodevotions by best-selling Bible-study authors.14KJV STUDY BIBLEWhether preparing for smallgroups or engaging in dailyreflection, this study Bibleis an ideal resource forlifelong discipleship.E XPLO RERE LE A S E S BYB E ST- S E LLI N GAUTH O RTONY E VAN STONY EVANS BIBLECOMMENTARYGet an introductionto each Bible bookfollowed by passageby-passage exposition.NO MORE EXCUSES:A 90-DAY DEVOTIONALFOR MENFight to be a manof character andcommitment.CSB TONY EVANSSTUDY BIBLEStudy Tony Evans’sermons andwritings alongsidethe biblical text.

gifts for kidsLAUNCH THEIR LOVE FOR SCRIPTUREThe pitter patter of little feet rushing down thestairs on Christmas morning, the rustling ofwrapping paper, the gasps and giggles duringthe reading of Jesus’ birth. The sounds of theseason have never been sweeter.THE BIGGEST STORYThis imaginativebook retells the Biblenarrative from Genesisto Revelation.THE PROMISES OF GODSTORYBOOK BIBLEShare favorite Biblestories with this whimsicalstorybook on God’spromises.THE COMPLETEILLUSTRATEDCHILDREN’S BIBLELead your child intoa lifetime love of theBible.THE JESUSSTORYBOOKBIBLEPresent the bestloved stories of theBible, pointing toJesus as our Savior.POPU L AR PARE NT PICKSWHEREVER YOU GO,I WANT YOU TO KNOWExpress your biggestdream for kids with thisrhyming read.JESUS LOVESME PLUSHRemind kidshow loved theyare with plush,cuddly creatures.CSB ONE BIGSTORY BIBLEColorful pagesand an augmentedreality app bringthe Bible to life.IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUSBIBLE STORYBOOKGive kids the big pictureof God’s story with thisinnovative, interactiveBible storybook.THE ULTIMATE BIBLECHARACTER GUIDECaptivate young readerswith this comic bookstyle encyclopedia of 150interesting characters.THE MARVELOUS MAKERA rhyming parable tellsthe story of creation andredemption.17

THE ACTION BIBLEThis award-winning textpresents 215 illustratednarratives.THE MONSTERIN THE HOLLOWSEngage kids withAndrew Peterson’sfantasy series.THE EDGE OFEVERYWHENEncourage faith througha journey of grief, wonder,and the search for Truth.EQUIP YOUNGREADERS WITH TOPBOOKS & BIBLESMAKE D I SCI PLE S FROMTH E VE RY B E G I N N I N GWE BELIEVEIntroduce foundationaltheology with thiscolorful alphabet primer.18JESUS LOVES ME PLUSHRemind kids how lovedthey are with plush, cuddlycreatures.CSB GREAT & SMALL BIBLEBOXED BIBLERecord your baby’s specialmoments in their first Bible.NIV ADVENTURE BIBLE,POLAR EXPLORATIONEDITIONSend kids on a frostyadventure of the Bible.DON’T FORGET TOREMEMBERIn this lyrical tale, EllieHolcomb celebratesreminders of God’s love.19

giftsforgiftsforteensteensAPPLY G OD’ S WORDTO TE E N LIVE SCSB ESSENTIALTEEN STUDY BIBLEGive teens the toolsto tackle life and liveGod’s way.NLT TEENLIFE APPLICATIONSTUDY BIBLEOffer relevant insights for applyingGod’s Word to everyday life.E N COU R AG EB I B LE RE AD I NGHAB ITSESV STUDENTSTUDY BIBLEGive this text to studentswho are serious aboutGod’s Word.THE GOOD LIFE TEENBIBLE STUDYShare what Jesusteaches about findinghappiness.NO MORE EXCUSES TEEN DEVOTIONALInspire teens to becomemen of character andcommitment.NIV, TRUE IMAGESBIBLE FOR TEEN GIRLSAddress real-worldissues for teen girls.FOUNDATIONSEquip teens with a 260day Bible reading plan.New TestamentDevotional for Girls New TestamentDevotional 21

giftseveryonewillloveCHANG E YOU RPE RS PE C TIVES HOP TH ES E A SO N ’ SM OSTANTI CI PATE DRE LE A S E STHE BOOK OFLOST FRIENDSDiscover startlingstories from actual “LostFriends” advertisementsthat appeared inSouthern newspapersafter the Civil War, asfreed slaves desperatelysearched for loved oneswho had been sold off.GET OUT OF YOUR HEADJennie Allen helps readersstop the spiral of toxicthoughts.YOU ARE NEVER ALONEMax Lucado shows you’restronger than you think.FORGIVING WHATYOU CAN’T FORGETWalk through a stepby-step process to freeyourself from the hurt ofyour past and feel lessoffended today.BECOMINGELISABETH ELLIOTUnderstand whatshaped one of the mostinfluential women inchurch history throughprivate, unpublishedjournals, and candidinterviews with herfamily and friends.CHASING VINESBeth Moore shareshow to embrace God’sdesign for fruitful life.FERVENTPriscilla Shirer offers ahands-on action guide topractical, purposeful praying.23

LOOK FORWARD TOTI M E I N TH E WORDESV JOURNALING BIBLEKeep a journal of your spiritual life right insidethe Bible that you read and study every day.CSB SCRIPTURE NOTEBOOK SETSTake notes as you study with wide marginsand lined pages opposite the biblical text.CSB LEGACYNOTETAKING BIBLEFill margin spacewith reflections,prayers, and storiesto be passed down tofuture generations.24NKJV SCRIPTURE JOURNAL SETSEach spread includes a single-columnScripture layout and light journaling lines.LE ARNFROMPA STO RTONYE VAN STONY EVANS BIBLESTUDY BUNDLERenowned preacherTony Evans leadsreaders throughthree Bible studies.25

studies tokick off thenew yearN E W FROMPR I SCI LL AS H I RE RELIJAHJoin Priscilla Shirer onthis 7-session journeythrough the life andtimes of the prophetElijah. Available forwomen and teen girls.STU D I E S FOR WOM E N & TE E N SMATCHLESS BIBLE STUDYAngie Smith unfolds the mission, miracles,and message of our matchless Savior.JUDE BIBLE STUDYJackie Hill Perry dives into themes ofbeing called, loved, and kept.TRUTHFILLEDRuth Chou Simonsleads us through apractice of preaching gospel truthto ourselves by studying Paul’sexample in the Book of Colossians.EASTERTake a thoughtful look at theEaster season, focusing on theevents and deeper theologicalmeaning of the Passion Week.F I N D A STU DY THAT F ITS YOU R S E A SONLysa TerKeurstMary WileyJen WilkinJennifer RothschildKristi McLelland27

SINKG OS PE LTRUTHI NTOTH EH E ARTSOF KI DSTHE GOOD LIFEBIBLE STUDYDr. Derwin L. Grayteaches on thetimeless truths ofthe beatitudes.G ET S E RIOUS ABOUTD I SCI PLE S H I PGOD’S BRAVE GIRLShow young girlshow God leads themto live bravely.I’M A CHRISTIAN NOW:THE LIFE OF JESUSEngage kids with dailyreading, memory verses,parent talks, and activities.THE GOSPEL PROJECTCHRISTMAS EDITIONShare the Christmas storywith preschoolers and kidsin five sessions.New Studyfor TeensEXCAVATE THE TRUTH28JAMESUnderstandthat goodworks followtrue faith.MY NEW LIFEDiscover a newChristian’s guideto building a lifeon God’s word.SOMETHING NEEDSTO CHANGEGain a sense of calling andpurpose by consideringways God can use you.CHASING LOVETEEN BIBLE STUDYHelp teens discoveranswers to questionsabout love.VBS 2021 is headed to present-day Israel where discovery awaits at Destination Dig.Kids will unearth more than dirt as they dig up exciting evidence that proves biblical eventswere not just stories. Along the way, they’ll discover the truth of Jeremiah 29:13, that Godreveals Himself to us when we seek and search for Him with all our hearts.Some exclusions may apply.LIFEWAY.COM/VBS 800.458.2772LEARN MORE

H O LI DAY BU LLETI N SCOM M UN IONWA READVENTCHRISTMASNEW YEARWith the holidaysapproaching, it’s the perfecttime to restock and replacecommunion supplies.REPLACE SERVING WARE WHILEPRICES ARE MARKED DOWN 30%!PORTAB LECOM M UN ION S ETSVI S ITOR CARDSGive a warmwelcome tovisitors.Take Communion Outside theChurch SettingBADG E SPut guests at ease withsupport team badges.COM M UN IONB RE ADCOM M UN IONCU PS3031

spanish dealsfor the holidaysGRACIA PARAHOY Encourage adaily time of prayerand meditation withdevotions that focuson the grace of God.DEVOCION PARAEL CORAZONRemind women thatGod wants them toknow they are lovedwith this upliftingdevotion.NVI BIBLIA LUZEN MI CAMINOConnect theWord of God tochildren throughcontemporarylanguage.ÉPICAEngage older kidswith this graphicnovel style storybook.G IVE KI DS TH E B IGPIC TU RE OF G OD’ S STORYUN AÑO CON DIOSDeepen yourrelationship withGod through 365daily devotions.3233

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FOR CHRISTMAS . 50 Devotions from Sarah Young. 25 DAYS OF THE . CHRISTMAS STORY. An Advent Book for Busy Families. THE WAY TO THE MANGER. Bring the Christmas focus back to Jesus and family time with 25 devotions and talking points. KEEPING . CHRISTMAS . Reflections on A Christmas Carol. WOMEN’S . ADVENT S

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in the coming new year! On behalf of Linguaton Teachers, Aneta Janiszewska Christmas crossword puzzles 2 Christmas pictorial puzzle 3 Christmas I remember best – Olga Zwierzchowska 3 Christmas song and game 4 Christmas jokes and cryptogram 5 Christmas grammar quiz Christmas questions 6 6 Christmas matching

Purchase 1000 in gift cards and receive two 100 gift cards FREE! Purchase 500 in gift cards and receive one 100 gift card FREE! Purchase 250 in gift cards and receive one 50 gift card FREE! Purchase 100 in gift cards and receive two 25 gift cards FREE! Gift cards need to b

Belk Black Friday in July The major prize winners are: First Name Last Initial . SC 10 Gift Card Debbie W Alexandria TN 10 Gift Card Katrin B Killeen TX 10 Gift Card Becky W Tryon NC 10 Gift Card Tracy B Lula GA 10 Gift Card JaMika W Columbus MS 10 Gift Card Karen N Lake Ridge VA 10 Gift Card . Annette B Grand Rapids MI 10 Gift Card .

The design featured in this tutorial is X5736, Merry, Frosty Christmas Gift Card Holder (In-the-Hoop). To find more gift card holder designs, click here. This project was featured in the following: Christmas Gift Guide Lookbook In-the-hoop gift card holder designs have one full embroidery fil

Ukulele Christmas Book . 1. Christmas Medley 2. Frosty the Snowman 3. Grandma got run over by a reindeer 4. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas 5. I wish it could be Christmas everyday 6. Jingle bells 7. Jingle bell rock 8. Merry Christmas everybody 9. Rockin around the Christmas tree 10. We wish you a

in love with us, knows us, and our needs more intimately than we do. PURPOSE OF THE GIFT: The optimum use of any gift is possible, when we know the mind of the gift giver. If I distance myself or dislike the one who has given me a gift I may not like the gift, or I may not use the gift at all or even I may go to the extent of misusing it. So, knowing God’s purpose to give, the gift of my .

Janice D Roanoke Rapids NC 15 Belk gift card Dan D Los Angeles CA 15 Belk gift card TIFFANY T Greenville NC 15 Belk gift card Jeremy J Claremont CA 15 Belk gift card Bella M Campbell OH 15 Belk gift card Joan W Red Oak VA 15 Belk gift card nicole c Montrose MI 15 Belk gift card .

Christmas Samantha and Sebastian explore the idea of Christmas in different communities. The book provides an excellent platform for exploring who can celebrate Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas. Big ideas Explore taking big ideas to the next level just like Samantha. Christmas

Christmas Card Writing 27th Christmas Film "Scrooge" Silent Night Party Pyjama Day Christmas Film "It's A Wonderful Life" 24th 25th 26th SUNDAY Family Catch Up Online Church Service M A Very Sensory Christmas (sensory christmas activities) Silent Night Party Management Christmas Singer

Ukulele Songbook . Christmas Ukulele Contents Away In A Manger 2 Blue Christmas 16 Deck the Halls 8 Do They Know It’s Christmas? 7 Frosty The Snowman 3 Happy Xmas ( War is Over) 10 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 26 I Wish It Could Be Christmas every Day 12 .

White Christmas 43 43 38. White Christmas I’m dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten, and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow I’m dreaming of a white Christmas With every Christmas card I write May your days be merry

WAL-MART YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! And a K-Mart New Year! Good Best Buys we bring to your Burger King! We Pet Mart a merry Christmas and a K-Mart New Year! Wal-Mart you a Macy’s Christmas! Wal-Mart you a Mac

Christmas Cowboy Style Michael Murphy . Blue Rose Is Donna Lent Blue Christmas Clay Walker Blue Rose Is Donna Lent Blue Christmas Willie Nelson . Caballero Ira Weisburd White Christmas Bellamy Brothers Cabo San Lucas Choreographer? Last Christmas Glee Cast

Christmas Song Titles in Gobbledygook Answer Keys Set One 1. Frosty the Snowman 2. Here Comes Santa Claus 3. White Christmas 4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 5. All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth 6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 7. The Christmas Song 8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

KS2 Christmas Lyrics Rockin' around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see Every couple tries to stop Rockin' around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we'll have some pumpkin pie And we'll do some carolling You will get a sentim

before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. -Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957) What is Advent?1 Dr. Seuss was right. Christmas means a little bit more than what comes from a store. Indeed, it means a lot more! Christmas is about the

Christmas is a time of mixed ideas and images– all the world around us is obsessed with shopping . closer to the true meaning of Christmas and the true meaning behind Christmas traditions. Giving Christmas gifts goes back to a time when Christians gave one another small gifts— honouring .

A stunning Christmas treat from Australia’s number one cookbook author. Take the hassles out of the festive season with donna hay christmas this stunning gift-format book. Here, you’ll find simple recipes and menu planners for a traditional Christmas, a modern Christmas, or a speedy Christmas. As a bonus, Donna includes

Hacker/Sommers, A Writer’s Reference, 7th ed. (Boston: Bedford, 2011) Slide 2 of 11 Sample MLA Research Paper Summary and long quotation are each introduced with a signal phrase naming the author. Long quotation is set off from the text; quotation marks are omitted. Page number is given in parentheses after the final period. Marginal annotations indicate MLA-style formatting and effective .