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- -59f,. r , ,krcI .?,,Ar-rff' - 1 2-'CrLITHOLOGIC LOGiProject:McCoyHole:25-9Jt5776Date Dri 1 led 26/3/81 thru 3/5/81Location: WSW Sec,9 T22N R40EMethod: rotary/air/'and/or mudGeologist:Gama:Elevation:Depth (Avery2Description0- 1 5 'Overburden: Edwards Creek tuff float, and Triassic basalconglomerate float in mud-silt-sand.15- 65'Triassic basal conglomerate (Trc) : Strongly cementedsub-rounded to subangular gravel and pebble size clastsof brown, reddish brown, red, gray and green chert; whitegray and brown quartzite. Cement is Si02, with muchiron staining along clast edges, in fractures, and incement itself. Few bqtrlder-size clasts ofchert/quartzite.65- 75'Same as above, with addition of rounded reddish-purplef .c. quartzite, and yellow-brown chert fragments.75- 85'Same as above, with appearance of reddish brown, finelycrushed siltstone making up approximately 20-30 % oftotal sample.85- 95'Same as 15'-65', with quartzite clasts 80% o f total.rounded chert pebbles lo% of total.reddish-brown siltstone IO# o f total.95-125'Same as above, but siltstone now 30-40% of total.125- 155 'Same Trc, with appearance of buff (orange-gray) sspebbles, and reddish-buff silt-st. pebbles (bothwe1 1-rounded/rounded) new materi a1 25-35% of total.155-21 5 'Trc with finely crushed, orange-gray si 1 ty sand-st.making up between 20% and 55% o f total sample in thisinterval Rounded-subrounded pebbles (chert/quartzite)still constitute up to 80% of total.215-225 'Same as above.225-245 'Trc with 80% white qtzite/qtzite conglomerate that isdensely cemented, 1.g. qtzite with gravel-size,subangular clasts. Iron staining on fracture faces, andsome hydrous copper oxide coatings on some fragments(qtzite retains sedimentary features as opposed to olderquartzites such as Valmy, etc.).-Silty ss 20% of total now.

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8ELITHOLOGIC LOGProject: McCoyHole:25-9 .dEl evat ion :Date Drilled:Locat ion :Method :Geol ogi st:AveryGamma:Descri p t i on245-260Gray-orange sand-st./silty sand-st. conglomerate similarto 155-215' interval.260-300Trc (as before) with iron stained gravel-pebbleconglomerate. Addition of a few 1 imestone pebble-sizefragments (angular). Some larger fragments ofconglomerate (chert-quartzite) i n last 20'.300-320Chert Tr conglomerate (60-40%), orange gray silty ss(as in 2t5-26O1) (40-60%).320-330'90% chert pebble conglomerate (Trc). One clast showsFeS2, CuFeS2 mineralization (as granular coating onpebble and as stringer vein through pebble).330-350Trc with orange-Gray silty ss as in 300-320'. Fercentof silty ss drops from 50% to 20% over this interval.350-36080% qtrite chertlqttite pebble conglomerate:360-390Same as 330-350'390-41 090% gravel -pebbl e-bou 1der chert/qtzi te conglomerate:(Trc), IO% silty SS.410-420Gravel size chert/qttite conglomerate with qtzite (35%):(Trc 1420-440Gray-orange silty ss (35%) I chert/qtzite conglomerate(65%): (Trc)440-450Same Trc conglomerate with CuFeSp, bornite, pyritemineralization as granular fracture f i 1 1 ings, coatings,stringers in pebbles o f qtzite. Few green/red bandedchert clasts,450-500Trc (as before) with up to 50% orange-gray ss sand.(m.g., subrounded grains). Purple color to someconglomerate fragments. Color of ss becomes darkerthroughout interval.(Trc).

% .LITHOLOGIC LOGProject: McCoyHole: 25-9fElevation :Date Drilled:Location:Met hod :Geol ogi st :Gama:3-. .Depth (.;500-560DescriptionTrc (as before but now all gravel size subrounded tosubangular clasts of chert and quartzite with 20-60%orange-gray si 1 ty sandstone).560-580Trc as before but now 70% quartzite; 20% silty-ss; 10%chert gravels and pebbles.580-6 20Trc as before but no orange-gray silty ss.620-640Trc as before with 5-30% silty ss.640-650Trc pebble conglomerate (chert & quartzite about30-50%)650-720720-730.Trc chert, quartzite, and dark brown to reddish brownsilicified siltstone gvavels and pebbles, rounded toangular, with varying ratios of up to 40% siltstone, 60%quartzite.'90% reddish dk. brown silicified siltstone.(Trc 110% gravels730-760 'Tr silicified siltstone as above with asi tstone/chert gravel conglomerate in a siltstone matrix(up to 70% matrix)760-780'Trc chertlqtzite pebble-gravel conglomerate withs i 1 tstone7 80-7 90 'frc as above w/20% silt-st. pebbles. Pyrite andchalcopyrite? As granular fracture fillings, coatings.F.Quartzite: v.f.g. w/distinct black grains in otherwisewhite quartzite w/blebs or nodules of black, sulf ide-richsilicified siltstone.800-820 'Trc chert/qtzite pebb le-gravel conglomerate w/minorpyrite (granular)820-840 'Trc as before but no mineralization.

e?-LITHOLOGIC LOG*Hole:'25-9Elevation :Date Drilled:Locat ion :Nethod:Geologist: AverYGama:Depth(*% .Des cri p t on.C840-850'Trc as before with 20% brown silicified silt-st'.850-880 'Quartzite: f ,c. to 1 .go, dense, well-cemented (gray).Very minor sulfide mineralization (pyrite) as before.frc880-900'30% quartzite as above, 60% dk. gray, dense, silicifedsilt-st. Slight effervescence in dilute HCI, with minorsulfide mineralization as granular coatings and instringers. Very few chips of gray 1s with dk. graysilt-st. inclusions (silt-st. slightly calcareous)'.900-920'-20% gray Ls, (hardness 2 1/2); 30% gray-dk. graycalcareous silt-st., (hardness Z 1/2-3); gray-lt. graycalcareous ss (hardnessc4 1/2) and a f.c. silty ss makeup 50% of total. Trc920-940'As above, with 50% of total sample comprised of dense,940-960'Quartzite, as above with 50% qtzite/chert gravelconglomerate.960-970'30-40% reddish-brown silicified silt-st., some withcalcite stringer veings (H 4 ) )50.60% gray, dense, f.c.quartzite (some brownish-gray) (H 6) and about 10%chert/quartzite gravel conglomerate. Minor sulfides(granular pyrite c-pyrite). Trcgray, non-calcareous quartzite (hardness 6-7).-970-980'90% mottled and banded It. gray v. dk. gray calcareoussilt-st. (H 2 1/2 to 3 1/2). Some fragments have f.c.appearance. Minor sulfides as granular fracturefillings, veinlets? 10% or less silt-st. as before.Trc980-990'80% gray-dk. gray fog-f.c. quartzite w/minor sulfides asbefore. 20% chert/qtzite gravel conglomerate w/minorsulfides as before. Trc

' .P-LITHOLOGIC LOGProject: McCoyHole:25-9El evation :Date Drilled:LocationMet hod :Geologist:G a m a:Descri p t i onDepth ( 990-1090'30090% chert/qt z i te subrounded-sub angul ar grave 1conglomerate with green, gray, brown chert and grayqtzite (as before, Trc) 10-70%. F.g.-f.c.grayquartzite.1090-1 100'40-50% conglomerate as above; 60050% orange-gray sandysilt-st.1100-1200'30-50% greenish gray chert, rounded-angular pebble-gravelsize chips-clasts. 30-50% gray, brownish-gray f .g.qtzite; 10-40% silty ss (orange-gray) Trc.1200-1440'50-95% chert, qtzite, chert/qtzite conglomerate (Trc)5050% buff, orange-gray or It. brown-tansilty ss to sandy ss. Appearance of purple/red-grayqtzite, conglomrate. Trcas before.1440-1460'60-70% tan-1 t brown sandy si1 t-stcong 1 omer ate Trc1460-1540'40 80%gravel-pebble (Trc conglomerate. Mostly v.f.gravels, rounded-angular. 20-60% orange-gray to 1 t.brown silty-ss and sandy silt-st.1540-1600'Choco 1 ate-brown qt zite/chert grave 1 -pebb 1 e cong 1 omerate(60% of total). Brown silty-ss, orange-gray sandy ss(40%).30-40% gravel,T1600-1620'80-100% chert/qtzite conglomerate w/bedded chert (angularchert clasts 40%).1620-1640 '50% reddish-purple, si1 icif fed, subrounded to roundedsilt-st. pebbles and finely crushed silt-st. containinglarge angular quartz phenocrysts. Many pebbles aregraywacke (claylsilt-st. matrix with quartz phenocrystssee sample:). 30-40% Trc conglomerate as before. 2 y i greens h qtzite and chert. HavallahFormat ion.-.1640-1650 'Fault zone: about 2% of total is greenish-white, soft(H 2), w/greasy feel, spl intery soapstone (tal 1 and/orother clay minerals). Does not expand when heated. 40%

h\*.LITHOLOGIC LOGHole:25-9Elevation :Date Dri 1 1 ed :Location :Met hod :Geologist:Gama:-3;Depth (. 1Descri pt i ontbrown, It, brown, red-brown, white, gray v.f.g. qttite.58% ( 1) red-purple silicified siltstone conglomerate orfault breccia with very angular clasts of chert, qtrite,and silt-st, Many have calcite veins, caps. Calciteshows stress in curved cleavage faces.1650-1660As above, but no clay minerals present. Few pebbles ofgraywacke with micaceous flakes (muscovite) , Appearanceof green/lime-green chert w/iron staining (PPh?)(Note: basal Trc unit mapped east of 864-90 containssi 1 tstones and conglomerates with identical micaceousf 1 akes).1660-1690As above (1640-1660), but increasing amount o f green,green w/red iron stains on micro-fractures chert (20-75%of total). Fault breccia still present (1040%). Verylittle graywacke (PPh)16go- 1 740As above with 30-60% green, gray, dk. green chert.20-30% silty graywacke which is now slightly calcareousand has pheocrysts of qtrite (no micaceous flakes).0-10% brown qtzite (f.g.).1740-175CNo sample.1750-188C40-80% green-gray chert as angular gravel size chips.1545% reddish brown-purple silicified siltstone gravelsize chips. 5-30% gray brown quartzite gravel sizechips (Pph) 5-30% graywacke (calcareous w/SiO2phenocrysts not micaceous).-1880-2OOC80-90% chert and dark purple/brown silicified silt-st.;10-20% buff to gray quartzite; occasional rock fragmentsof Trc chert gravel-pebble conglomerate from upholevery iron-stained.-(Note: Both the chert (green, lime-green, dk. green ironstained on micro-fractures green) and the si1 icif iedsilt-st. (dark reddish-purple brown to reddish orange togray-orange) were mapped as outcrops and low "rubble"hills 1-2 miles east of 25-9 and 1-3 miles east of864-90. Hand samples of these PP Havallah sequence rocksare available see Avery's rock collection!).-

-.bLITHOLOGIC LOGProject: 864Hole:38-9Elevation: 5169Date Drilled:Location: SESW Sec 9 T23NR40EMethod:Geologist:Gamma :Depth (AverY10-15'15-25'16/4/81 thru 9/5/81rotary/airDescri p ti onOrange-gray silty sandstone, partly silicified,alteration (clay) present, brecciated and containingiron veinlets and staining (50%). Chert-gray/pebble(Trc) conglomerate in silica matrix. Iron-stained.Broken, brecciated, altered (clay) Trc? siliclfiedsilt-st., sandstone, chert congl. Drillers (PatEdwards) say that rock is fractured, poor drilling.Iron-st ai ned.25-45 '3040% o f original roGk (Ls?) is totally replaced withsilica. Some Trc conglomerate ( 5%). 50-70% brown,white, gray F-m.g. quartzite,45-5 5 ISame. Chips are smaller. Some chert. Stronglyiron-stained formation. 20% silty sandstone of anorange-gray color.55-65 'As above, with 50% Trc chert/qtsite silica cementedconglomerate and 5-45% si 1 ty-sandstone o f orange-graycolor.65-75 'As above, with 20-60% conglomerate and coarsesandstone. Very iron-stained.As above, w/clay alteration -and brecciated conglomerate,chert. Fault?85-1 15'Same as 65-75'.115-135 '85% chert/qtzi te gravel -pebb 1 e conglomerate. 10%orange-gray si lty-ss matrix of conglomerate? 5%gray-white m.g. qtzite.135- 155 'Very si 1 icified conglomerate as above w/fault breccia &silic. Ls? original rock totally replaced withsilica. Very iron-stained. One fragment withcinnabar. 5920% silty ss, 20% quartzite.155-175'Same as above, but now all silicified rock (Ls?) noconglomerate, some breccia. Another cinnabar fragment.Iron-stained. Silty ss e 10%.175- 185 'Same as above with 30% f-mg.--,yhite-buff qtzite.

.e.,ILITHOLOGIC LOGa64Project :Hole:38-9Elevation :Date Drilled:Locat ion :Method:Geol ogi st :GamaDesc ri pti onDepth (185-215'Appearance of tan, buff, brown and orange white-grayF.M.G. qttite. Many chips have black spotty appearancedue to pheonocrysts (coarse sand grains). H 7.60080%total (congl., silicified congl. Ls 20-40%).ss. 40% above. (silty-ss too).215-225'60% orange-gray F.M.G.225-235 'As above, but235-245 'Same as above.245-255 'Same as above.255-265 'Same as above. 80% ss.265-275'Same as above. Some of ss is stained a flamingopink-red. Mercury?275-285 'ss is siltier, and is sometimes a silty sscongl. with gravel size clasts of chert, 5% red silt st(silicified). 5s is orange-gray to It. brown.50% ss, ss congl.50% tan-gray fg-mg qttite (H 9)*50% congl./silicifiedLS.285-29580% gravel-pebble congl. in orange-gray silic. siltyss. Maxtrix.295-307 '50% gravel-pebble congl in orange-gray si 1 ic. si 1 ty ssor si 1 ic if Sed.50% qtzite, brown-orange gray interbedded w/reddishbrown silt. st.Red siltstone w/thin interbeds, laminae of tan qttite asabove. 5% green chert angular chips. (PPh).As above with 40-50% red siltst (silic). 30-35%tan-orange qtzite.15-20% green chert.(PPh).330-340 '60% gray silicified Ls. No effervescence in acid.Grain size is too small to see w/hand lens and silt.effervescence when scratched. 40% orange gray-brown ss.340-350'60-70% orange-gray-brown silty ss.above.30-40% gray ss as

-. .*LITHOLOGIC LOGProject :Hole:86438-9Elevation:Date Drilled:Locat ion:Met hod :Geologist :Gamma:Descri pti onDepth (350-36C40% interbedded, thinly bedded orange-gray-brown siltyss. 60% gray-dk. gray chert gravel highly silicifiedcongl w/rounded-angular chasts.360-370Same as above,but was 80% congl. Very tightlysi1 icified clasts i8melted8vinto each other.370-38070% very si1 icified conglomerate. 30% brown-orange-graysilty ss. Looks like trc. Two chips have cinnabarxls.380-390Same as above but now 70% orange-gray silty ss.congl.390-40090% orange-gray to brown silty ss; & ss (f-mg), 10%conglomerate.400-41090% iron-stained, gray silicified Ls, silty ss,orange-gray, 10% conglomerate.410-42050% orange-gray ss (fg), 50% dense, gray silicified Lsor calcareous silt-st.420-43080% dense, gray silic. calc. siltst. or Ls.430-440'30%Dense gray-dk. gray (bedded) siltst and day st, (H"4). Some is silicified. Few qtt. w/sulfide picas.440-450 ISame as above.450-460 'Brown, brownish green-gray siltst. silty 5s.Orange-gray too.460-470Brown, brownish green-gray si 1 tst. si 1 ty ss.Orange-gray too.470-480'Brown appearance of red silic. siltst.480-490Brown, brown, brownish green-gray siltst. silty ss, butsome iron-stained silty ss. Some of it is conglometric.490-500 '500-510'IIII0nI1I1Gray f.g. ss, silty ss, clayst. siltst. (silicified)fractured, i ron-st ained.

-**-.r :,. .-1.LITHOLOGIC LOGProject:864Hole:38-9El evat i on:Date Dri 11 ed :Locat ion :Method:Geol ogi st:Gamma:Descri p t i onDepth (510-520'Same as above, but now 50% gravel chert silicified congl.520-530'60% gray fg ss, silic. siltstone is gray-reddishgray-silic claystone is white-greenish gray while 40%cong 1.530-540 'Dk. gray chert/qtzite gravel congl. Very dense.Silicified. Sulfides occur as granular fracturefillings, coatings, pyrite, c/pyrite, others. Mostclasts are we1 l-rounded to subrounded.540-550'L t . gray550-560'Gray-brownish gray fg qtzite (95%) red silicified silt.st. (5%)560-578*Gray-brownish gray fg qttite (60%) red silicified silt.st. (40%)570-580'Gray-brownish gray fg qttite (95%) red silicified silt.st. (5%)580-590'Gray-dk. gray chert and qtzite (Fe) sulfides (minor).590-600'Gray, thinly bedded v f g qtzite, some silica silt. st.,v. minor chert, sulfides (v. minor).600-610'Gray-red silicified siltstone, ss, and claystone.610-620'Gray-brownish gray fg-vf qtzite, some silica silt, st.,chert ( v . minor sulfides620-6 30 'Gray-dk. gray qtzite (fg), chert, and qtzite (chertcongl. sulfides).630-6 40 'Same but 'mostly conglomerate (chert/qtziterounded-angul ar pebbles)640-650'Same as 600-620650-660 '95% red silicified silt. st., qtzite (fg)660-670'85%'II'I'I1670-680'60%I'IIUI'- gray fg quartzite.3.- congl. w/sulfides interval 6.

-.--. . . LITHOLOGIC LOG5Project:Hole:86438-9El evati on :Date Dri 1 1 ed :Location :Method :Geol ogi st :Gama :Descrip ti onDepth (680-690'Same as 600-610', mostly gray chert, qtzite (fg) 10-15%red silt. st.690-700ISame as 600-610' with gray qtzite, green-gray chert, andchert ame as 600-610'730-740'Gray silicified siltstone ss, greenish gray chert,iron-stain ing740-750'Brownish gray qttite, red silt. st., chert qtzite congl.(20%)750-760'Cong., chert, qtzite, 15% red silic. silt. st.760-770'Chert, qtzite, congl., minor sulfides.770-780'Chert, qtzite, congl780-790'Same as 750-760' 10% silt. '850-860'860-870'870-880'1'., minor sulfides.mostly qtzlte.(II'It w/buffqtzite, green chert, gray-brownqtzite, red silt. st. (5%).Same as above.Chert, congl'I'I.Chert, conglI'No buff.some minor sulfides., red silt. st. (30-40%).I1'I(40-50%).Chert, congl., buff iron-stained qtzite (25%)III'11I'(40%) w/orangegray ss cong. (30%).

--.-.,.I .LITHOLOGIC LOGProject:Hole:L86438-9El evat ion :Date Dri 1 led:Locat ion:Met hod :Geologist :Gama:Depth (Description.880-890Green-gray chert congl890-900'Mostly brownish-gray chert. 30% congl.900-910IHI111.11910-920Chert, congl. 50-56920-930'as in 890-900.930-950Clear, brown, green chert, gray-brown fg ss minorsu I f ides w/FeS930-940'Gray, brown-gray, dk. gray chert, qtzite; minor sulfides.940-950'Gray, brown-gray, with some red chert. Minor sulfides.950-960'Same as above.960-970Same as above 5% red sulfides (minor pyrite).970-980I1980-990'11990-1000'11I1" red chertcongl 20% and/or breccia.w.I111'II1'20% sil. red silt. st. 5%,1000-1010Same as above, 10% sulfides, congl. 20% and/or breccia.1010-1020'Same, no red chert, mostly grayish chert, sulfides,and/or breccia.1020- 1030'HI111111030-10401040-1050 '1050-1060'Mostly cong. (green chert, gray-brown qtzite pebbles,gravels). Suf ides.

,'r.':LITHOLOGIC LOG'Project:864Hole:38-9#Elevation :Date Drilled:Locat ion :Met hod :Geol ogi st :Gamma :Depth ( )Description1060-1070Same but more alteration, breccia.sulfides less,1070-1080'Mostly green-gray chert, & brown chert w/ congl.,sulfides.108031090'Iron-stained chert, qtzite, very little sulfides.1090-1100'1100-11 10'Iron-stained chert, qttite, very little sulfides.1110-1120'Gray-brown-green chert qttite, minor sulfides & conglIron-staining,Iron-stained chert, qttite, very little sulfides.1120- 11 30'1130-1 140'.1140-1150'nI'111150-1160'Same as 1110-1150' minor sulfides.1160-1170'Same as 1110-1150' minor sulfides.1170-1180'Same as 1110-1150'1 180-1190Same as 1110-1150' no sulfides.1190-1200'sulfides.minor sulfides.h brown F.C. qtzite, chert congl, No1200-1210'Same as above.1210-1220'Mostly brown-gray-green chert (90%) No sulfides.1220-1230'Chert, qttite, no sulfides.1230-1240 '1240-1250'1250-1260'.Same as above.

.I. .LITHOLOGIC LOGProject:Ho1 e:86438-9Elevation :Date Drilled:Locat ion:klethod :Geol og i st :Gamma :Depth ( ]Description1260-1270Same as above1270-1280Same as above wfminor sulfides (minor pyrite).1280-1290Same as above.1290-1300Same as above.1300- 1 3 1 0plus, silicified siltst. (red):1310-1320Same as above, no sulfides.1320- 1330Same as above.1330- 1340 'Gray-green chert,orange-gray-brown1 sh-groy-redd i sh-brown qt zite, rsdsilic-Silt. st. and 40-50% chert gravel congl., v. minorsulfides as FeS2.1340-1 350 'As above.1350- 1360'Gray-reddish brown qtzite (60%), gray-green chert (20%),chert congl. (20%).1360-1370'Chert; qtzite1370-1380 '1120% of total.- gray, brown, red, green, yellow, clear.:I:I1:1380-1390'Reddish-brown silicified siltstone, silty-qttite, silt.st. congl. w/some red chert.1 390-1 400'as above, w/ 10% green chert.1400-1 410 'Green chert ( iron-stained), brown qtzite, red si 1 ic.s'ilt, st.1410-1420Dk, gray-green chert, qtzite as above, fault brecciaonly and chert congl., minor sulfide as keS, red siiic.silt. s t .1420-1430'As above, no silt. st.

-.-.-. ,IAMAXEXPLORATION, INC.k6Ld-67TEMPERATURE/DEPTH LOGAT Well No.IISeament ! DeothsConductivityBest mnd.(-K)2r- y

--.-. ,.A. . .-.


.IDate Logged: ' / T ccF /AT Well H20[Est.) A i r Lithology, etc.1K Conduct i v i t yI

AT We1 1 No. 2s-'7Date Logged:Temp.OCATGrad.'C/kmKH20(Est.) A i r Lithology, etc.Csblci4-*O Q 73* (309I'g2-KSConducti v i ty'7052I1IIInnnoInf-

Date Logged:Well No. 2 T- 9AT.Grad.HzoK'C/ km(Est.) A i r Lithology, etc.72I6r6242i2-2-12,- 2-8-/yL-2q'-36-3c/ IKtCondQctiv i tyII

Date Logged:i,Temp.OC. -,'. .i'AT'Grad.'C/km-L/ 8-70-42KH20(Est. ) A i r L i tho1 ogy , e t c .11-30048-Ii20K Conducti v i ty-.oaaeof-

Date Logged:'Est.K Cmducti v i ty-7AT Well No.P W25 9Air Litholo v, etc.of-

AMAX EXPLORATION, INC.Date LoggedFJ6STIFYsl9-Write F if Fahrenheit, 20-Write F if FeetOrilkdMap Location***I"1Meosure tram SWCmner af mop;exm#AMS shoats moosumfrom bottom centerdegree mark (W,-)(E,*'Use decimals7M if-7i ritemeters


iDate Logged:7-3 1- 81AT Well No.Grad.C/ km(Est.)!fOr3& 7Lithology, etc.AxLLiLI 70/scr/GT2-00 .II IiIK Conducti v i t vIII

AT We11 NO.Date Logged:Grad.C/ km36-9K(Est.) AHfOr Lithology, etc.3-25'-"I-rot1 112IW.31K Conducti v i t y138.3.8I1I1I1IpaGe-II1Iof-

. * . .Date Logged:metersGrad.ReadinAT011qut02AT Well No.'3-7H OK(Est.) A f r Litholociy, etc.'C/kmCiF/O74r'L90//a/ 15-I 5s. I60Y3.89 6.83IbT45 8317nY Y RR30K Conductiv i tytII IIII- -paQeIof.

,i;,Date Logged:K-Conducti v i typage- of

iDate Logged:DepthI Instr.Grad.C/kmLitholoqy, etc.z,I '. -I*--.Iy-3Q--/o-rY-2f '--/yY--Y-4--6-8-8-/y820.-zrK Conducti v i tycspaGe-o f -.-

r Date Logged:Depth(meters)Instr.Reading7 0 0 . - 94. 3 /AT Well No.Temp.43.96KGrad.’C/kmATO C-0,o 3H20( E s t . ) Air Lithology, etc.-6--at02--0,02I-0 02-4,LL43,7y-Y4/3 32-243,7IL’.IOb0I2.0I1IK Conducti v i tyII I4 . dnanaInF.

AT Well No.Date togged:DeDth I Instr. I Temp.-(meters) f Reading I O C IIGrad.AT010’3C/kmK38-9H20(Est.) Air Lithology, e t c .6LLO,O/0,o 00.027Y21113,02o*o/27ro 2YaaLn*O?L2t6’Y’GY\?II

pebbles, and reddish-buff silt-st. pebbles (both we1 1-rounded/rounded) - new materi a1 25-35% of total. Trc with finely crushed, orange-gray si 1 ty sand-st. making up between 20% and 55% of total sample in this interval Rounded-subrounded pebbles (chert/quartzi te) still constitute up to 80

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5 SUGGESTED READINGS Smith, G.M. 1971. Cryptogamic Botny. Vol.I Algae & Fungi. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co., New Delhi. Sharma, O.P. 1992.

counseling appointments. ontact Army hild Youth Services re-garding hourly childcare. an I see another provider? Absolutely. After your appointment, please speak with a MSA and they will be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment with another provider. Frequently Asked Questions

Freunde sagen immer „aber, aber, aber“. KL gibt die Texte ohne Angabe der Person aus. In GA lesen TN jeweils einen Text und überlegen, was das wohl für eine Person ist, die das gesagt hat. Wo kommt sie her? Ist sie jung oder älter? Usw. 1 2 3 4

Black Holes red-shifted red-shifted into oblivion From inside this region no information can escape [slide courtesy of M.Begelman] Time Dilation near a Black Hole (here M 6Msun) [ This and next three slides courtesy of D. Watson] The dangers of getting too close to a small black hole . This effect is colloquially known as “spaghettification” Light close to a Black Hole In the vicinity .

Classic Deluxe Professional Deluxe Elan Deluxe 90 Dual Fuel U110713 - 03 USER GUIDE & INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. To enter all you have to do is send in photos of your Rangemaster kitchen and tell us in one sentence what makes Rangemaster the heart of your kitchen? Entries can be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter by tagging @RangemasterUK and using #MyRangemaster. Or, if you .

calculate the extra pension payable to a classic member due to the conversion of a lump sum cash payment into an annual pension (known as inverse commutation)and accompanying guidance to demonstrate how these factors should be applied to determine the extra pension payable. 1.3 This guidance is intended to supersede any factors or advice previously issued, for the purposes of trivial .

tion, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or statu-tory trust organized or registered as a domestic or foreign corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or statutory trust under the laws of this State, except with the written consent of the

BIOLOGY 0610/31 Paper 3 Theory (Core) May/June 2019 1 hour 15 minutes Candidates answer on the Question Paper. No Additional Materials are required. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write your centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in. Write in dark blue or black pen. You may use an HB pencil for any diagrams or graphs.