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Airless-Spraying EquipmentSuperFinish31Fully equippedMore powerInnovative QLS technology

New technology, fully equipped witheven more power.This is the new SuperFinish 31 Airlessspraying equipment, pointing the wayto the future.Innovative QLS technologySuperFinish 31reliable and long lastingWith one control knobyou switch on the SF 31.Stage I: Material is drawn in.Stage II: Pressure builds up at the gun.Thanks to the 2-position switchthe unit can never be switched onor off whilst under pressure,providing additional safety.Wear resistant tungstencarbide valveGreen Light.The LED on the multi-functionswitch indicates that voltageis present.Wear and solventresistant polyamidediaphragmThe geometry of thediaphragm allowsit to be guided evenlyminimising friction,making it reliable andlong lasting.The integrated tool boxkeeps the right tool withineasy reach for you.QLS technology (Quality Long Stroketechnology) is the new generation of patentedlong stroke diaphragm equipment from Wagner.The practical 230 V socket isTheoptimised hydraulics andnew valve technology now provide evenintended for theconnection of otheritems such as an agitator,greater performance.working light or radio.The longer stroke of the diaphragm allowsThe pneumatic tyresthe application of a very wide range of materials,absorb shocks andfrom thin liquids to high-viscosity coatings.The reduced stroke rate means that wearcomponents are under much less stress,giving a long service life and lowermaintenance costs.allow you to transportthe unit up stairs, in difficultsite conditions or to upperlevels.

.Fully equippedfor everyday useThe paint hose (up to 30 m)is tidied out of the wayon the metal hose reel.You only have to roll andunroll it (Accessory).Self cleaningin 7 minutes thanks toQuickClean. Connect the spraygun to the suction tube, pull thetrigger, secure in place andthe SF 31 will now clean itselfautomatically whilst you dealwith more important things.The inlet valve depressor ensuresa high level of operatingreliability. A push with thethumb and the valve is free.The special suction strainerwith a particularly fine meshallows you to work withoutdisruption.With a single swing ofthe trolley you can changeover from working with a hopperto using the rigid suction tube.

SuperFinish 31 is the newfuturistic Airless equipment fromTheWagner – with this you will have nothingleft to wish for.The innovative QLSthe Airless pumptechnology givesenormous reservesof power and makes the SuperFinish 31to a high grade all-rounder for all areasof use like indoor emulsion, wall and masonrypaints, latex paints, fabric adhesive, corrosionprotection, intumescent coatings, roofcoatings.

More powerfor hight viscosity materialsThanks to the new QLS technology the SF 31 Versatilehas a higher performance. It is more powerfulThe SuperFinish 31 is suitable for a widethan ever and ideal for the large arearange of applications. It is suitable for smallapplication of emulsions, fire-proofing andrenovation jobs right up to large contractsother high viscosity materials.because it can apply high viscosity or freeflowing emulsions with equal ease.25 000Roof coatings CompactThe SuperFinish 31 is portable and canmP·as Milli-Pascal-Seconds20 00015 000easily be carried in a car. Low maintenanceFire-proofingThanks to QLS technology service10 000Emulsionlife is extended by 30 %.This saves money.5 000 Easily gyPistonpumpsThanks to QLS technology the SF 31 doesnot need packings, unlike a piston pump.This means that no packing changes arerequired, saving time. SafeThe SF 31 is GS and CE testedand meets all the European safetyrequirements. LightAt 43 kg the SuperFinish 31 is manoeuvrableand easily transported. 2 year guaranteeWagner gives a guarantee of 2 yearson the SF 31. The high quality of our equipmentTechnical data SuperFinish 31Motor rating1.7 kWWeight43 kgVoltage230 V / 50 HzDelivery at 120 bar3.2 l/minNozzle sizeup to 0.031“makes this possible. (Except wear parts) Wagner ServiceThe extensive back up by Wagner fieldstaff and the comprehensive Wagner serviceapply to the SuperFinish 31 as theydo to all Wagner equipment.

Spraypack SuperFinish 310341 022Basic UnitSuperFinish 31 basic unit on trolley,0341 005incl. pressure gaugeSuperFinish 31 on trolley,incl. pressure gauge. 15 m High pressure paint hose QuickClean suction system (stainless) G-12 Airless spraygun Wagner Tip holder with 21/50 TipAccessories Suction systems Tip extensions / pole guns0097 082Container suction system0999 320Tip extension 15 cm0341 263QuickClean suction system (rigid) 0999 321Tip extension 30 cm0034 630Flexible suction system0096 005Pole gun 150 cm0096 006Pole gun 270 cmFilter systemsGun filters0034 950Metex filter cage0034 952Filter bag (finer, 5 pcs.)0097 022Extra fine 180 M, red (10 pcs.)0034 951Filter bag (coarse, 5 pcs.)0097 023Fine 100 M, yellow (10 pcs.)0097 024Medium 50 M, white (10 pcs.)0097 025Coarse 30 M, green (10 pcs.)0257 001Airless spraygun AG 09 S, 270 barHoppers0341 2655 litre hopper set0341 26620 litre hopper set SpraygunsHose reels0335 002Airless spraygun G-12, 270 bar0341 910Hose reel (for up to 30 m H.P. hose) 0347 002Airless spraygun G-15, 530 barPaint hosesTips (Nozzles) for SF 319984 510High pressure hose I.D. 4, M16x1.5, 270 bar, 7.5 mFrom 0.011” to 0.031” with fan angles9984 507High pressure hose I.D. 6, M16x1.5, 270 bar, 15 mfrom 20 to 80 (fan width 6” to 15”).9984 562High pressure hose I.D. 4, M16x1.5, 270 bar, 30 mSee current price / parts lists.Hose connector0034 030Douple nipple M16x1.5InlineRoller IR 1000345 010Service-Sets0341 247Suction (inlet) valve0341 702Outlet valve0341 241Suction valve depresserInlineRoller in plastic case Enquire about other products from our range:Low-pressure air spray units, piston anddiaphragm pumps, plaster-spray units,material-feed solutions and much more.www.wagner-group.comPrinted in Germany · Subject to modifications · GB · 9121143 · 02/2001 DHMSuperFinish 31Available versions

Wagner gives a guarantee of 2 years on the SF31. The high quality of our equipment makes this possible. (Except wear parts) Wagner Service The extensive back up by Wagner field staff and the comprehensive Wagner service apply to the SuperFinish 31 as they do to all Wagner equipment. Techn

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