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PAM2.200(Rev. 11/98)LINE 10 - BACKUP. REMARKS AND KEYED BY INFORMATIONI. PurposeA. Line 10 Backup, Remarks and Keyed By Information, is used to identify the operatorwho keyed the PAR and the date it was keyed; and, is used when the transaction ·being initiated requires backup information (substantiation); or anytime an appointingpower desires to add information to clarify the transaction.II. CompletionA. When Line 10 is required to be completed according to the appropriate·required/conditional chart, complete by:1. Entering an "X" in the appropriate box; and2. If backup information must be submitted, enter in Line 10 or attach to the PAR. B. The Line 10 Completion Chart on the pages that follow , indicates (according tocondition/ transaction) the backup information required, the legal reference and whichline 10 box should be completed.1. An "X" in the "On File for Audit" box indicates the backup information is beingkept on file with the appointing power.2. An "X" in the "Substantiation In Remarks or See Attached" box indicates thebackup information is being submitted and is either included in Line 10 orattached to the PAR.C. Refer to the Line 10 Completion Chart on the pages that follow for more information.D. After the PAR has been successfully updated, write your initials and the date keyed inLine 10 Keyed By Information.,(

PAR ITEMS- LINES 10, 11 AND 122.201LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTS(Rev. 09/03)CONOITION(S)/TRANSACTION(S)BACKUP INFORMATION(SUBSTANTIATION)Alternate salaryrange other than"A".Substantiation must be on file withthe appointing power. This mayinclude SPB Form 300-903 (DeepClass Alternate RangeSubstantiation), if employee isappointed to a deep class and isusing experience other than servicein the class to meet the alternaterange criteria.'I Adverse Actions.Substantiation must be on file withthe appointing power.:PMPPM 400XSigned statement concerningI CEA Appointment.iIThe functional working title must beon file with the appointing power.IIXDPA approval is required to establishan employee's anniversary date as"MAX" when the employee's salary is1 not the maximum salary rate due toj the supervisor-subordinate salaryrelationship (i.e., employee's salaryequals or exceeds employee'ssupervisor at same CEA level). Acopy of the DPA approval memomust be attached to the PAR.(I Correction to! MSAISIS shown inline 12 whenapproval or denial; was reported inerror.IIIXBenefits must be on file with theappointing power.II.XI employee's Health and Welfare·ICertain deductions .or payments to bemade fromemployee's finalpay. (See PAMpages 2. 151 .)"SUBSTAN.ATTACHEDi .'"ON FILEFOR AUDIT"XApproved Form 300-897 must be onfile with the appointing power.Bilingual PaymentAuthorization (Item351, Codes 8B,882, 883, 8H2 or· 8X1 ).Casual! Employment.REFERENCEIIXIEnter in line 10: "(Deduction Name)-(Payroll Document TyQe} sent toPayroll Operations- (Date}."Refer to page 2.151 for DeferredCompensation , Tax Shelter Annuityor PST deduction information.A copy of the signed F609 must be, on file with the appointing power.IXPTM435.933Xi

PAR ITEMS- LINES 10, 11 AND 122.202LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTSBACKU P N(S)"ON FILEFOR AUDIT"REFERENCESubstantiation of reason fordecrease in time base must be onfile with the appointing power. Notrequired for TAU employee in NonTesting class. Time base changefor Special Consultant requires priorapproval from SPB-PMSD analyst.Decrease in timebase.i"SUB STAN.ATTACHEDXj Employee demoting. Substantiation of reason forand Item 856 is Code I demotion must be on file with the11.aQQointing power.Hiring above·1 Approved DPA Memorandum must !' be on file with the appointing power. j1 minimum and Item873 is Code 1 or 6.IItem 330 when entrySubstantiation for "NONE" entryj is "NONE" andmust be on file with the u olJ? man --------------·-·- ----------'--------- -------1i Item 710·' Substantiation for computation ofi,j' computations forj daily rate employee must be on fileiIXL J!Y.! ate fl.:!plol e.:. . ith t .9E intingj ovy r .--- ·- - - ' - - - - - - - - l - - - -- - - - - - -- ---!Substantiation of reason must be . ii on file with appointing power.1X: Verification of previous service ·--,-----;! - - - - - - - ; , - - - - - - t -- - - - - - i(no history on dataI must be on file with the appointingXbase) when previous i power.service was exempt!; Item 867 when entry1is Code 7 or 9.Returning employeeillI! only- -·--·,·--··-'l'-- - - - - -'r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JReturning employee ! Verification of non-postedi:(no history on data; emergency service must be on file :1Xbase) when previous : with the appointing power.lservice was nonI!2osted emergencyI!Ionlyii1--SPB ExemptSubstantiation to indicate employee IPTMemployee returningj will have continuity of State Service250Xafter leave ofunder the provisions of G.C. 19143absence.must be on file with the appointingi power.TransactionsPTMThe "Concurring Appointing Powerrequiring "Concurring201 ,403Signature" must be completed onXAppointing Power! the PAR for audit purposes.IS1gnature " whenkeyed by adecentralizedIIIII1II

PAR ITEMS- LINES 10 11 AND 12 - -2 : 203IRev. 11/07)·---CONDITION(S)/TRANSACTION(S)f---c-- · --- - - .Documentation forthe basis of eachdate of entitlementrequest or CourtDecision. SeeGlossary.Appointment ORcorrection to anappointment or 505transaction due toinformation receivedfrom CaiPERSA01 - SpecialConsultants andNew ProgramConsu ltantsAppointments.A01 or A02appointment toextend duration ofLimited Termassignment.A01 or A02 after anS41.A01 , A02 or A03after exemptappointment (whenthere is no break inse rvice).A01 , A02 or A03 (toa perm anentappointment) after aS70 or S71.A02 effective within30 days of S01 .(A03 after A 12 orS32.A03 after S51 .{LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTS----- - - - - -- - -- - - - .----- --- - - - - - REFERENCEBACKUP INFORMATION(SUBSTANTIATION)--Documentation for the basis ofeach date of entitlement requestor Court Decision must be on filewith the appointing power. If"ON FILE FOR AUDIT" is not anallowable item on the transactionbeing corrected, it is understoodthat the department will beresponsible for providing backup if audited.Copy of Information received fromCaiPERS or RST-PML 2007026------"ON FILEFOR AUDIT"XXXSubstantiation for construction workstill in progress must be kept on filewith the appointing power for postaudit by SPB.SPB memodated06/15/95XEmployee must have SPB executiveofficer's consent permittingappointment into State Service. A.copy of SPB executive officer'sconsent must be on file with theappointinQ power.Verification of prior exempUcivilservice must be on file with theappointing power.SPB 211XCopy of employee's retirementrelease letter from PERS must beon file with the appointing power.Substantiation for reason ofresignation and that there was notransfer denial (from previousappointing power) must be on filewith the current appointing power.Appropriate medical clearance mustbe on file with the appointing power.Military separation document mustbe verified to determine thatemployee has right of return andmust be on fil e with the appointingpower.XPM PPM311.5, 360.3.----- - --·----XA copy of the approved Form 625(Request for Certification) must beon file with the appointing power."SUBSTAN.ATTACHEDXXPTM 320XPTM 265X

(REVIS ED 11 /09 )----r-- - - - - -- - - CONDITION(S)/TRANSACTION(S)A03 after S52.A03 after S53.A03 after S55 (perG.C. 19340).A21A22 from LEAPCandidate ClassA31105 TransactionS01 resignationwhile on a leave ofabsence.PAR I TEMS - LINES 10 , 1 1 , AN D 122 . 204--- - - - - - ---· -- -·{LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTS}· ----·-- - ---------- - - - - - · lBACKUP INFORMATION(SUBSTANTIATION)Written evidence has been verifiedto determine that employee hasright of return and must be of filewith the appointing power.Original orders have been verified todetermine that employee has rightof return and must be on file with theappointing power.Written evidence has been verifiedto determine that employeecomplied with provisions of leave ofabsence and must be on file withthe appointing Qower.Duty statement requested by SPBPMSD analyst must be on file withthe appointing power.SPB Letter of Approval must be onfile with the appointing power.For appointment of a Judge, thename of the last incumbent must beori file with the initiating agency.When a bond is required, the datethe bond was provided must on filewith the appointin g Q ower.A copy of the employee's signedSocial Security card must beattached to the PAR.Substantiation of effective date forresignation from Veteran'sEducational Leave (S55) must be onfife with appointing power.Substantiation for resignation fromleave of Technical CooperationProgram (S55), and that employee'sservice in program was terminatedor employee continued in programbeyond legal time limit of the leavemust be on fife with the appointingpower.Substantiation for resignation fromShort-Term (S51) or EmergencyMilitary Leave (S53), the militaryseparation document must be on fifewith the appointing power. Inaddition, the date active dutyterminated or a statement thatemployee continued in militaryservice beyond legal time for theleave must be on fife .For resignation from Long TermMilitary Leave (S52), the militaryseparation document must be on filewith the ajJR ointing Q ower.- ·- ·.- --··REFERENCE-- ·---- --. - -"ON FILEFOR AUDIT''PTM 270x· -PTM 275XPTM 263XPTM 360XSPB Pinkie04/25/85X----- -- ---"SU BSTAN.ATTACHED"XXXPTM 525XPTM 525XPTM 525XPTM 525X

2.205PAR ITEMS- LINES 10 11 AND 12Rev. 11/07)CONDITION(S)/TRANSACTION(S)BACKUP INFORMATION(SUBSTANTIATION)REFERENCE"ON FILEFOR AUDIT"S03Substantiation justifying this type ofseparation in lieu of military leavemust be on file with the appointingpower.PTM 525XS04The legal reference for theseparation and a statementexplaining the circumstances mustbe on file with the appointinQ power.Substantiation justifying this type ofseparation must be on file with theappointing power.If Form 921 -D (Notice of Separationfor Absence Without Leave) isserved, it must be on file with theappointing power. In addition, anexplanation of why employee wouldnot be considered and/or isunacceptable for reinstatement mustbe on file with the appointinQ power.A copy of written notice informingemployee of the termination must beof file with the appointinq power.Copy of written terminating the LTemployee must be on file with theappointing power.Copy of written notice (if one isserved) terminating the TAU orexempt appointment or anexplanation of termination must beon file with the appointing power.Substantiation required by theappointing power to support reasonfor requesting a leave must be onfile with the appointing power.A copy of military orders has beenverified and employee is eligibleaccording to the PTM. Orders mustbe on file with the appointing power.Substantiation for payment of first30 calendar days that 1) Employeenot entitled to payment; 2) Employeedoes not have qualifying service; or3) Employee has already been paidfor 30 calendar days; or 4) Portion of{number) calendar days paid mustbe on file with the appointinQ power.A copy of military orders has beenverified and employee is eligibleaccording to the PTM. Orders mustbe on file with the appointing power.PTM 545XPTM 525XPTM 530XPMPPM 420XPTM 570XPTM 570XPTM495XPTM 480XPTM 471XPTM485XS20 for Civil Serviceemployee.S21S32S40S50S51 granted for CivilService employee.l\{LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTSS52 granted for CivilService employee."SUBSTAN.ATTACHED.

.2.205.1PAR ITEMS - LINES 10 11 AND 12Rev. 11/07)CONDITION(S)/TRANSACTION( )S53 granted for CivilService employee.S55S56S90S99{LINE 10 COMPLETION CHARTSBACKUP INFORMATION(SUBSTANTIATION)A copy of military orders has beenverified and employee is eligibleaccording to the PTM. Orders mustbe on file with the appointinq power.Substantiation to support reason forrequesting leave must be on file withthe appointing power.Substantiation to support reason forrequesting leave must be on file withthe appointing power.Substantiation must be on file withthe aooointinq power.Enter in Line 10: "Employee did notreport to work"; or "Employee waserroneously appointed".REFERENCE"ON FILEFOR AUDIT"PTM270, 490XPTM 504XPTM 503XPMPPM 400X"SUBSTAN.ATTACHED"X

2 . 206(Rev. 11 /86)LINE 11 - FOR THE APPOINTING POWER (SIGNATURE )Line 11 must be completed by the person authorized to sign for theappointing power as i.ndicated on Fonn PSD 8 (Signature AuthorizationCard) . In completing Line 11, the Appointing Power Signatu e verifiesthat all additions, deletions or changes to the employee's EmploymentHistory Record is correct, complete and in accordance with all laws andregulations .·The Concurring Appointing Power Signature must be completed by the primaryand/or present agency, when in agreement with employee changing appointingpower or accepting an appointment to an ·additional position.Cm1PLET I ON REO UJ REME NTSSignature - An authQrized signature is required on all PAP.documents. 1he signature must be in inGndin the ·exact manner that it appears on FormPSO 8. (EMPLOYEES AUTHORIZED TO SIGN MUSi NOTSIGN DOCUMENTS FOR THEMS EL VES.)*t·DatePhoneContactPersonThe date should reflect the day the PARdocument is being sent for processing.- The telephone or ATSS numb er must be for th eindividu-al listed as Contact Pers on. Toinsure direct contact include extens io n whenapplicable.- Print the name of the person to be contactedwho would clarify any inquiries regarding t hePAR.* Departments are advised to have more than one appointingpower signature fonn {PSD 8) on file with PPSD since anemployee can not sign his/her own documents.((continued on ne xt page)1 064 c 11

2.206.1(Rev. 11/86)LINE 11 - FOR THE APPOINTING POWER (SIGNATURE) (CONT . )COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS (Cont.) .Concurring Appointing PowerSignature - The authorized signature must be in ink and inthe exact manner that it appears on Form PPSD8 . Required when the employee:Changes appointing power without a breakin service (e.g. to a different departmentor different division having authority asan appointing power, such as an institutionor special school); or** 2) Reinstates within 30 days of resignation;or3) Accepts an appointment to an additionalposition; or4) Changes appointing power while occupyingmore than one position; or5) Does not exercise their right of returnand accepts an appointment with a ne-.·appointing power; or6) Changed appointing powers and a correctiveaction to Employment History must beprocessed by the PRIOR appointing power.1)EXCEPTION: When an employee transfers to anew appo1nting power without approval from hisformer appointing power, a copy of thetransfer request letter from the hiringdepartment must be attached to the PAR in lieuof concurring signature.** When employee reinstates within 30 days ofresignation, the new appointing power musthave on file the reason for resignationand indicate that there was no transferdenial.·ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Refer to PTM Section 201, Item 69 for additional information.1064::12

2.207(Rev. 06/35)LINE 12 - EMPLOYMEUT HISTORYPURPOSEline 12 - Employment History, fs the chronolo icalrecord of PAR transaction history occurring for anemployee.DESCR IPTIOIJIDENTIFICATlOIJThe employee's social security nur:tber, last nl!me,and prior last na (if any) will be printed at thetop of this section.PAR TRAI:SA':.T lONSThe Er.lployment History section prints up to 15 line sof PAR transactions.The first line of history ahl'ays reflects theemployee's current st tus (see example on PAM pa9e2. 210) . Lines 2-15 sho11 transactions inchronological order, beginning with the most re cen transaction.·ADO IT I OtJALHISTORYHhen his tory ha·s been accumulated beyondthe 15 line entries, the statement "AdditionalHistory Available from PSO" \dll print below theEmployment History block. This earlier history isstored on the data ase and is available up onrequest {see PAJ-1 page 1.12 for requesting thisadditional history). - -ADDITIO ALFor employees 11flo hold more than oneposition, up to six additional positions uill als oprint belo11 the Employment History block . Thepositions are identified by agency code, class cod e ,and time base. Any additional position which iscurrently inactive \till be preceded by an s" (seeexample on PAM page 2.212).POS ITim s'ITEMS WHI CHPR ItJT INLINE 12PArt pages 2. 210 - 2. 212 sho11 ex amp 1 es of items .which print in the Employment History" columnsfor each transaction processed.(continued on next page)1064:13

2. 208(Rev.08/ 1)LINE 12 - EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (CONTINUED)POSTING OF TRANSACTIONSTRANSACTIONSWHICH ARE NOTPOSTEDThe following transactions do not post onthe PAR in Line 12- Employment History :EAREAR105440445455705"CONVERTED" AND"COMPOSITERECORDSII-changeBirthdate changeSocial Security NumDerSexEthnic OriginDisability CodeTotal State Service meEmployee records which have been"converted" to the Emp 1 oym.ent Hi storySystem are a composite of 1) the last appointment(or Leave of Absence) and 2) tne effective date ofthe last transaction (e.g., general salary increase,suspension, county change, appointment, etc . ) postedat SPB.Example of a "converted" record (entire agency .conversion) and a "composite" record (individualemployee conversion) is shown on PAM page 2.210.(continued }

fflm2.209(Rev. 08/92)UNE 12 - EMPLOYMENT HISfORY (CONT.)POSTING OF TRANSACTIONS (Cont.)SIS/MSATRANSACTIONSEFFECTfVEAFTER ASEPARATIONMSA Transactions effective after a separation will be postedin Line 12 - Employment History, for an employee:who has sufficient qualifying service, andwhose MSA has been approved, andwho is separating in the pay period prior to the MSA.SIS Transactions effective after a temporary separation will beposted in Line 12 - Employment History, under the sameconditions as for a MSA Transaction.,.IGENTRANSACTIONSGEN Transactions will be posted for:a ClllTent employee;an employee on a leave of absence (S49-S56);an employee who has permanently separated and is duelump sum payment at the GEN rate.CLASS TITLECHANGEA new PAR will NOT be issued by PPSD w hen a class titlechange is approved by SPB and the class title change is the onlyinformation changing in Employment History (line 12 of thePAR). Subsequent transactions posted to the employee's recordwill reflec·t the new class title in Employment History and onthe PAR.(continued on next page)(

PAM2.209.1 (Rev. 08/99)LINE 12- EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (CONT.)POSTING OF TRANSACTIONS (Cont.)INACTIVE ANDREDEFINEDTRANSACTIONCODESInactive Transaction Codes:A34CETA ExemptA36UC Hastings Exempt (abolished 7/79)A99Transfer to non-PSD Agency (abolished 2/77)122Class Code-Change by SPB Pay Letter (abolished 6/80)135Multiple Funded Position (abolished 2177)535Exempt Authority Change (abolished 3/77)720Seniority Service Loss (abolished 5/88)S06Separation for denial of Maternity LeaveORP-Official ReprimandRedefined Transaction Codes:A14FROM:TO:Punitive (class change)Adverse Demotion (class/deep class rangechange) (per G.C. 19570)A22FROM:TO :Other SPB or Court Action (abolished 2/77)Appointment by SPB or Court Action in Lieuof Appointment Through the CertificationProcess (effective 12/8 1)340FROM:TO:FLSA (abolished 4/74)Payroll Status Change (effective 3/78)505FROM:TO:Retirement SystemAccount Code (effective 01/83)(continued on next page)

PAM2.209.2 (Rev. 08/99)LINE 12 -EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (CONT.)POSTING OF TRANSACTIONS (Cont.)INACTIVE ANDREDEFINEDTRANSACTIONCODES (Cont.)FROM:TO:Punitive Salary DecreaseAdverse Salary Decrease (Per G. C. 19570)S20FROM:TO:Voluntary under Unfavorable CircumstancesVoluntary under Unfavorable Circumstances Pursuant to a stipulated agreement resultingfrom an appeals process.S21FROM:TO:AWOLAWOL - Automatic resignation as a result ofan absence without approved leave for fiveconsecutive working days.S54FROM:TO:Special - Veteran's EducationTemporary - 30 days or less under DPARegulation ·599.78

A01 , A02 or A03 Verification of prior exempUcivil after exempt service must be on file with the X appointment (when appointing power. there is no break in service). A01 , A02 or A03 (to Copy of employee's retirement PM PPM X a permanent release letter from PERS must be 311.5, 360.3 appointment) after a on file with the appointing power.

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