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Adult Crash CartFront of cart- Arrest BoardFirst Supply To ExpireLocated On IV Pole –In a Sleeve(back of cart)Top of cart Clipboard Zoll- checklist Exam gloves- 1 box under defib ACLS and PALS algorithm cards Adult and Peds drug cards Crash cart checklist Lead II placement handout Resuscitation record (3) (code sheet) Zoll Defibrillator, appropriate pads for the defib Defib pads – plain gel (2) Zoll External pacer/hands off cable Sharps box Gloves (under defibrillator)Cart Lock

PROCESS FOR EXCHANGE PROGRAMNursing is responsible : Call Distribution for cart exchange Remove defibrillator from used cart If laryngoscope or McGill forceps is used, send to Sterile Processing. For thelaryngoscope, send the whole set (handle and all blades). Remove clipboard, Adult and Peds drug cards, ACLS and PALS algorithm cards, externalpacer/hands off defib cable, checklists, resuscitation records, and Lead II placementdiagram Remove any unique unit items from cart (such as internal defibrillator paddles) Replace defibrillator and unique supplies listed above to replacement cart Note expiration date on new cart (lock is applied by Distribution before sending to unit) Document exchange lock number and new expiration date on daily checklist

Adult Crash CartRight Side of CartRight Side of Cart Oxygen cylinder (check volume) Hand Resuscitator bag and facemask- adult Hand Resuscitator bag and facemask- Pedi Plus Hand Resuscitator bag and facemask- infant Sharps Container

Top of CartDrug Tray-Inside DrawerTop of cart has aseparate lock formedicationsDrug Tray- First Drug To ExpireMedication Expiration Date Located On TopOf Drug Tray

PROCESS FOR EXCHANGE PROGRAM- contNursing is responsible : Send opened or expired drug tray to Pharmacy for replacement Sign for receipt of new drug tray Insert new sealed drug tray into top space of crash cart Apply new lock (supplied with replacement drug tray) and note number Document new lock number and new expiration date on daily checklistAdditional Nursing responsibilities: Doppler will be kept in secure location other than on the crash cart Nursing is responsible to assist Distribution in the Exchange process Nursing is responsible to keep the outside of the cart clean

Left Side of Adult CartBin #1 BP Cuff/Steth (labeled) Numbered replacement locks Stethoscope BP Cuff adult (blue), thigh (burgundy)disposable Gauge manometer for BP cuff Bulb inflation valve Adapter for W/A BP cuff Braslow Tape Flashlight (battery replace monthly)Bin #2 IV Fluids (labeled) 250cc NS (2)Bin#3 IV Fluids (labeled) NS 1 L (2)Bin#4 Electrodes/Paper (labeled) Electrodes (2) Zoll EKG paper Goggles or glasses

Adult Crash CartDrawer 1- Airway Supplies(labeled) Syringe 10cc luer tipEndotracheal (subglottic) tubesSizes:6.5,7,7.5,8 (2 ea)Disposable stylet (2)Airways-Adult : small, medium, large (1ea)EpistickOxygen tubingNon-rebreather maskNasal cannulaLaryngoscope handle and blade set(battery/bulb)YankauerO2 flowmeter w/ green nippleNS lavage 5cc pink1”cloth tapeMagill forcepsProtective barrier wipesEtCO2adapter for R- Series Zoll adult/ped (2)CO2 Detector (2)LMA- Size1,1.5,2,3,4,5 (1 ea)Infant simple oxygen maskPeds simple oxygen mask

Adult Crash Cart 30cc syringe luer tip Blood tubes-gold, mint green, purple and blue(2 each) Blood transfer device (2) Blood gas syringe (3) Blood gas kit (3) Tourniquet Saline flush pre-filled syringes (10) Sterile NS 30cc (2) PRN adapter (2) 1” silk tape Needles:1-1/2 inch-sizes 18,21,23 (5 each) Needles:1 inch size 25 (5) Blunt fill needle-(6) Syringes: size 1cc,5cc,10cc (5 each) 4 way stop cock Extension T set Chlorascrub pads Alcohol pads- for peds IV start kit (2) Cardiac/Spinal needle size 18, 20 (2 each)Drawer 2- IV Supplies(labeled) Tegadem 2”/4” (2 each) IV catheters: size 16,18,20,(4 each)22,24 (2 each) Butterfly: size 23,25 (2 each) Dry gauze dressing:4x4,2x2 (4 each)

Adult Crash CartDrawer 3- Pressure bag/IV tubing (labeled) 2” foam tape4 way stopcockPressure bag 1000ccIV tubing mini-drip (60gtt)IV tubing gravity set (20gtt) (3)IV pump tubing (3)

Adult Crash CartDrawer 4Suction/Doppler/NGsupplies/Gloves/Drapes (labeled) Sterile drapes (2)Chloraprep swabs (6)Sterile gloves: sizes 7,7.5,8 (2 each)Doppler gelSuction regulator, canister, tubing (2)Suction catheters 8fr (2)Suction catheters: #14 clear, #14-16 (redrubber)5 in 1 connectorLubricant jelly (4)Cath tip syringe 60ccNasogastric tube: size 16, 18 Doppler- required- store on unit

Adult Crash CartBottom Shelf Multi lumen Central Vein Cath kit Trach Tray Zoll R Series defib/electrode pads Peds only R series

Adult Crash Cart First Supply To Expire Front of cart- Arrest Board Top of cart Clipboard Zoll- checklist Exam gloves- 1 box under defib ACLS and PALS algorithm cards Adult and Peds drug cards Crash cart checklist Lead II placement handout Resuscitation record (3) (code

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Will bring the Broselow Cart to the Code Level II - Non-Nursing Areas Emergency will bring their crash cart to Diagnostic Imaging. 2 East will bring their crash cart to all other non-nursing areas. Level I I.C.U. staff will bring the crash cart from the ambulatory care department (Code for entry 135135*), to all areas on Level I.

76cm Steel Cart weighs: 74.8 kg 76cm Aluminum Cart weighs: 41.7kg 69cm Steel Cart weighs: 72.6kg 69cm Aluminum Cart weighs: 38.5kg 61cm Steel Cart weighs: 65.8kg 61cm Aluminum Cart weig

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The shopping cart view provides many options to edit the shopping cart: Export shopping cart (XML): By using this function the shopping cart can be exported as an XML file. Export shopping cart (CSV): The shopping cart can be exported as a CVS file by using this function. Export sho

The Complete 9 Drawer Pediatric Cart Kit comes with a full size, color coded 9 drawer Pediatric/Braslow cart, as well as all the supplies needed to stock drawers 1 through 9. Explore our predesigned kits or design your own! CS037930 - 9 Drawer Pediatric Crash Cart IncludedFile Size: 215KBPage Count: 5

crash cart contents are inspected for adequate supply and expiration status and restocked as necessary. In the emergency crash cart, we pack a Global Smile Foundation emergency crash cart shoe holder that organizes critical emer-gency equipment (Fig. 1, right). A large la

top crash-types, testers file bugs in Bugzilla and link them to the corresponding crash-type in the Socorro server. Multiple bugs can be filed for a single crash-type and multiple crash-types can be associated with the same bug. For each crash-type, the Socorro server provides a crash-type summary, i.e.,

Artromick medical cart unless otherwise noted. 1. Remove the Accessory Slot Cover or Writing Surface from the Artromick Medical Cart. The SLS Shelf is compatible on either side of the cart, this section assumes the right side of the cart. 2. Remove the top drawer from its rails to gain access to the i

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Safety Benefit-Cost Analysis Guide and Tool as well as procedures to (1) update the crash unit costs over time, and (2) adjust the crash unit costs to States based on State-specific cost of living, injury-to-crash ratios, and vehicle-to-crash ratio.

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Feature: Add or remove items from cart As a customer, I want to be able to view the items in my cart so that I know for sure what I’m purchasing Acceptance criteria Display the name of each item in the shopping cart. Display the quantity of each item in the shopping cart. Allow the user t

All Micro-Carts go through alignment testing before they are shipped. However, if your cart is not rolling straight you can adjust the alignment with the internal hex bolt (B & C). If your cart goes right turn the left bolt (B) clockwise and the right bolt (C) counter-clockwise. Conversely, if your cart goes left, turn

Click 'Add to Cart' Go to cart for checkout or continue shopping Using an Excel File as source: List the item numbers you want to add to cart on Column 1 and maintain respective quantities in Column 2 (1) Copy and paste into Quick Order Entry (2) Click 'Add' (3) Go to cart

daily Emergency Crash Cart Equipment Checklist. Failure to verify the correct serial-numbered lock on the emergency cart could result in a cart without the supplies listed within that could risk potential delays In providing emergency care. Findings included: 1. Review of the hospital's policy and proce

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs Volume 2 Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Dolphin Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Flower Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Paisley Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns, Volume 2 Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Peacocks Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Tropical Travel Patterns .

Alireza Pakdel Iran Adult 3 E-mail . Alireza Zakeri Iran Adult 1 E-mail Aloisio De Souza Andrade Brazil Adult 1 E-mail Altan Ozeskici Turkey Adult 1 Postal Ameen Alhabarah Saudi Arabia Adult 3 E-mail . Majid Salehi Iran Adult 2 E-mail Makhmud Eshonqulov Uzbekistan Adult 3 E-mail Manoj Chopr

22.2 HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DRUGS 1. Emergency Drugs Used in the Hospital Crash carts Resuscitation or medication trays Various emergency kits or boxes Eclampsia kit Malignant hyperthermia cart 2. Standardize Format – carts, trays or kits Specific drugs used Crash cart

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