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Coloring & Activity BooksCHILDREN’S BOOKSAges 6 to 10Thank You Working HeroesColoring BookWe're All in This Together!Jo TaylorCelebrate the brave efforts of nurses, doctors,postal workers, teachers, and other hardworkingheroes keeping our communities safe! This inspiringcoloring and activity book includes dozens ofillustrations of first responders and essentialworkers on the job as well as thank-you messagesyou can tear out and share, plus helpful facts, funactivities, and word games about staying safe andhealthy. 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8.Available Now 3.99 US0-486-84730-6978-0-486-84730-6Children’s Coloring BookAuthor ProfileSelf-taught illustrator Jo Taylor lives and works in Gloucestershire, England, where the natural beauty of the Sharpness Canaland the River Severn influence her work. All of her illustrations start off created by hand and end up in her PC, where theyemerge as fresh, original designs.ALSO AVAILABLEEXPRESS YOURSELF!: Joyful Journaling for Kids, Christine BoucherDesigned by Suzanne Hazard. Full-color journal features over 100 decorativepages with prompts to help tweens and teens improve their outlook on life bythinking positively and learning the value of gratitude. 128pp. 6 x 8. 978-0-486-83725-3 9.99MY HAPPINESS JOURNAL, Jo Taylor. This book provides a creative, funway for kids to explore all the positive things about their lives and is chockfull of thought-provoking prompts that inspire a feel-good attitude. 64pp.8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-80028-8 5.99BE YOUR OWN KIND OF AWESOME! COLORING BOOK, Roz Fulcher. Kidswill be inspired by this unique coloring book that focuses on positive thinking.Thirty phrases — Be Curious, Be Patient, Be Forgiving, more — are surroundedby whimsical, kid-friendly art. 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-83853-3 3.9922NTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 22Get FREE SHIPPING when you order any book before its publication month10/19/20 2:27 PM

Coloring & Activity BooksAges 4 to 8Steven James PetruccioKids will love coloring a whole fleet of realistictrucks in this awesome new book! The 30 coolpictures feature dozens of rigs in action, includingconstruction trucks, emergency vehicles, a tractortrailer, moving van, oil tanker, bulldozer, dumptruck, fire ladder truck, garbage truck, pickup—andlots more. Hours of fun for kids, and even adults,too! 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8.CHILDREN’S BOOKSTerrific Trucks Coloring BookApril 14, 2021 3.99 US0-486-84732-2978-0-486-84732-0Children’s Coloring BookALSO AVAILABLEAT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE COLORING BOOK, Steven JamesPetruccio. Thirty large pictures to color: trucks and forkliftsmoving heavy materials; drills digging deep holes; dump trucks,wrecking balls, and other exciting equipment. 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-43661-6 3.99MONSTER TRUCKS COLORING BOOK, James Cassettari. Thisfun-filled coloring book follows the mighty monsters away from thetrack. Just like ordinary cars, they get stuck in traffic, hit the carwash, and stop off at the beach before heading back to work. 32pp.8 1/4 x 11. 978-0-486-79794-6 3.99CARS AND TRUCKS MAZES, Tony Tallarico and Tony J. Tallarico.Suitable for ages 7 and up, these 36 labyrinths include vehicles forpublic transit (double-decker bus), construction (crane, bulldozer,dump truck), safety (fire engine, police car), and many others.Solutions included. 48pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-49890-4 4.99To Order Contact Your Local Dover Rep orNTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 23Tel 833-591-2797Fax 516-742-5049www.doverdirect.com2310/20/20 1:24 PM

Coloring & Activity BooksCHILDREN’S BOOKSAges 4 to 8Sea Life Color by NumberNoelle DahlenGet ready for an ocean adventure! Kids ages 4and up can dive into 30 awesome aquatic sceneswith fun and familiar sea creatures like seahorses,dolphins, crabs, fish, octopi, and much more.An easy-to-follow numbered color key appearson each page to help kids create their very ownmasterpieces. 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8.May 19, 2021 3.99 US0-486-84756-X978-0-486-84756-6Children’s Coloring BookALSO AVAILABLEMY BACKYARD COLOR BY NUMBER, Maggie Swanson. Thirty color-bynumber outdoor scenes include kids playing on a swing, a cat prowlingalong a fence, and birds enjoying a birdbath. Each picture includes anumbered color guide. Ages 4 to 7. 32pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-81461-2 3.99CUTE CATS COLOR BY NUMBER, Sharon Lane Holm. Easy-to-follownumbered color guides appear on each page of 30 fanciful illustrationsdepicting cats sledding, swimming, celebrating birthdays, and enjoyingother pastimes. Hours of entertainment. Ages 4 to 8. 32pp.8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-81460-5 3.99COLOR BY NUMBER ANIMAL FRIENDS, Dover Publications. Adorablecolor by number book features large, cute illustrations of animals. Apalette on each page with colors numbered 1 through 10 makes it easy tofollow the directions. Ages 4 to 8. 32pp. 8 1/2 x 11. 978-0-486-84263-9 4.99COLOR BY NUMBER FUN ON THE FARM, Dover Publications. Kids cancolor playful pictures of animals, people, and other farm favorites. Plus, aguide on each page with colors numbered 1 to 10 makes it easy to followthe directions. Ages 4 to 8. 32pp. 8 1/2 x 11. 978-0-486-84264-6 4.9924NTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 24Get FREE SHIPPING when you order any book before its publication month10/19/20 2:27 PM

Coloring & Activity BooksAges 6 to 10Fran Newman-D'AmicoLearn about the U.S.A. the fun way! Kids will have ablast completing over 40 awesome activities aboutthe land of the free and the home of the brave. Cutemazes, secret codes, spot-the-differences, and otherplayful puzzles are filled with fun facts about theStatue of Liberty, cowboys of the American West,animals of the Grand Canyon, past Presidents, andmuch more. Solutions included. 64pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8.CHILDREN’S BOOKSUSA Puzzle Fun!June 16, 2021 5.99 US0-486-84724-1978-0-486-84724-5Children’s Activity BookALSO AVAILABLEGAME ON! USA: Awesome Activities for Clever Kids, PatrickMerrell. The newest Game On! book features over 100 full-colorU.S.A. themed puzzles and includes fun and challenging brain games:crosswords, scrambles, math challenges, mazes, and more. Hoursof entertainment is in store for boys and girls ages 8 to 12. Solutionsincluded. 144pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-84185-4 12.99U.S.A. SECRET CODE PUZZLES FOR KIDS, Tony J. Tallarico. Kidslove secret codes, and this book offers dozens of intriguing challengesrelated to U.S. history, geography, pop culture, and a host of othersubjects. Suitable for ages 8 to 12. 48pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-49459-3 4.99SPOT-THE-DIFFERENCES ACROSS THE USA, Tony J. Tallarico. It’ssea-to-shining-sea fun as young explorers try to find what’s differentin drawings of our nation’s greatest landmarks. Double-page spreadsof the Statue of Liberty and 19 other American treasures feature briefinformative captions. Solutions included. 48pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8. 978-0-486-46827-3 4.99PRESIDENTS FACTS AND FUN ACTIVITY BOOK, Len Epstein.Help Washington find his false teeth and guide Obama to his lostbasketball! More than 30 whimsical mazes, search-and-find puzzles,and spot-the-differences activities feature playful illustrations andinteresting tidbits about all our nation’s leaders. 48pp. 8 1/4 x 11. 978-0-486-48277-4 4.99To Order Contact Your Local Dover Rep orNTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 25Tel 833-591-2797Fax 516-742-5049www.doverdirect.com2510/19/20 2:27 PM

Coloring & Activity BooksCHILDREN’S BOOKSAn awesome introduction to robotics and other engineering specialties, this new addition tothe Moonbeam Award-winning series explores scientific concepts in a fun and informative wayAges 8 and UpMy First Book AboutEngineeringPatricia J. Wynne, Donald M. SilverFor thousands of years, engineers have solvedproblems by designing and building new things.This informative, fun-to-color book introduces kidsages 8-12 to the many different worlds of engineering. Realistic illustrations and easy-to-understandcaptions explain how civil engineers build a bridge,how structural engineers erect a skyscraper, howgenetic engineers alter DNA, what environmentalengineers do to protect our planets, and howrobotics and aerospace engineers attach a minihelicopter to a Mars robot explorer. It’s the perfectbook for the next generation of STEM students.48pp. 8 1/4 x 10 7/8.August 18, 2021 5.99 US0-486-84641-5978-0-486-84641-5Children’s Science BookAuthor ProfileAn accomplished science and nature illustrator, Patricia J. Wynne is the recipient of the 2008 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honorand has won awards from Parenting Magazine, the John Burroughs Association, and the National Science TeachersAssociation. She has created dozens of Dover coloring, activity, and sticker books, and co-authored the award-winning science series with Donald M. Silver. Patricia's artwork has appeared in museums, galleries, magazines, newspapers, and morethan 100 books for both children and adults.Trained as a research scientist, Donald M. Silver has written more than 80 books for students of all ages and for teachers.He has won numerous awards, including the Children's Science Writing Award in Physics and Astronomy from the AmericanInstitute of Physicists. He and Patricia J. Wynne have co-authored many popular Dover titles on science and nature, includingtheir series on outer space, the body, the brain, physics, and more.26NTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 26Get FREE SHIPPING when you order any book before its publication month10/19/20 2:27 PM

Coloring & Activity BooksMY FIRST SCIENCE BOOKSCHILDREN’S BOOKSMY FIRST BOOK ABOUT BACKYARD NATURE: Ecology forKids!, Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-80949-6 4.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT CHEMISTRY, Donald M. Silverand Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-83758-1 5.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT GENETICS, Donald M. Silver andPatricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-84047-5 5.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT OUR AMAZING EARTH, DonaldM. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-83306-4 5.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT DINOSAURS, Donald M. Silverand Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-84556-2 5.99 February 17, 2021MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT OUTER SPACE, Donald M. Silverand Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-78329-1 5.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT PHYSICS, Donald M. Silver andPatricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-82614-1 5.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT THE OCEANS, Donald M. Silverand Patricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-82171-9 4.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT THE BRAIN, Donald M. Silverand Patricia J. Wynne. 32pp. 978-0-486-49084-7 4.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT WEATHER, Donald M. Silver andPatricia J. Wynne. 48pp. 978-0-486-79872-1 4.99MY FIRST BOOK ABOUT THE FIVE SENSES, Patricia J.Wynne, Donald M. Silver, and Rob DeSalle. 48pp. 978-0-486-81748-4 4.99To Order Contact Your Local Dover Rep orNTSS 2021 pp22-33 CH.indd 27Tel 833-591-2797Fax 516-742-5049www.doverdirect.com2710/19/20 2:27 PM

3.99 US 0-486-84730-6 978-0-486-84730-6 Children’s Coloring Book Thank You Working Heroes Coloring Book We're All in This Together! Jo Taylor Celebrate the brave efforts of nurses, doctors, postal workers, teachers, and other hardworking heroes keeping our communities safe! This inspiring coloring and activity book includes dozens of

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John Wreisner of The Satanic Temple and the Separation of Church and State . pass!out!satanic!coloring!books!to!students.!The! coloring!books!themselves!are!benign,!but!that! didn't!matter!to!Christian!parents!who!were! horrified!that!their!children!were!coloring!in!a! Satanic!Coloring!Book!!The!school!board!reversed!

WordPlay Coloring Book, Jessica Mazurkiewicz 64pp. 0-486-81375-4 5.99 CREATIVE HAVEN VINTAGE CHRISTMAS WINDOWS COLORING BOOK , David and La Jeana Bodo 64pp. 0-486-81790-3 5.99 CREATIVE HAVEN AN OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS COLORING BOOK , Ted Menten 64pp. 0-486-81236-7 5.99 CREATIVE HAVEN ENTANGLED CHRISTMAS COLORING BOOK , Angela

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