Using Blockchain Tech To Decarbonize, Digitize, And .

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Using blockchain techto decarbonize, digitize,and decentralizeelectric grids worldwide5 September 2018IRENA Innovation WeekBonn, GermanyDoug Miller

A history of ain10’s and 20’sNetworks90’s and 00’sSoftware70’s and 80’sHardware50’s and 60’s2

Blockchains are decentralizednetworksTimeSingle PurposeMul--PurposeANY purpose3

Blockchains are decentralizednetworks computersInterac-onsCreate useraccountsRead and writedata securelyWrite and runprograms4

Blockchain technology introducesnew value propositionsSingle system of recordenables “trustless”consensus and direct,low-cost transac-onsbetween par-esOpen-source pla7ormcapable of suppor-ngand interac-ng withother public andprivate systemsiStrong cryptography protectssensi-ve informa-on; neitherdata nor programs can bemanipulatedImmutable ledgersupports transparencyand auditability for anytype of asset5

The Energy Transition20th-century models clashing with 21st century technologiesLegacy system architectureEmerging system architectureUtilityThousands ofparticipantsWholesalekWhCustomer kWhDistributionEdge Millions andpotentiallybillions (IoT)of participants6

Digital DNA for the Energy SectorThrough digitalization, blockchain enables disruptive business modelsWithout blockchain (today)GridOperatorsRetailersAggregatorsWith blockchain (tomorrow)RegulatorsCustomersCommoditizationof trust7

Energy Web Foundation (EWF) is leveragingblockchain to enable and accelerate the globalclean energy transitionEWF’smissionEnabling and accelerating the transition to a democratized,decentralized, decarbonized, and digitized electricity grid. EWFachieves this by creating the virtual infrastructure—a shared digital DNAfor the global energy industry—that serves as its foundation.Pillars ofEWF’sworkCoreTechnologyDeveloping ahigh performingcore blockchaintechnology fitfor ating, andincubating adiverseecosystem insupport of thetechnologyRegulatoryEngagementEducating andengaging withregulators onSupporting EWFAffiliates tolaunch earlyapplications andspur marketgrowth8

EWF is accelerating the development of the mostvaluable blockchain-based energy sector dAppsEWF’s ecosystem has prioritized these five application domains:Certificates of originDemand responseTransactiveenergyUtility billingElectric vehicles9

EWF is developing the open-source Energy WebOrigin dApp for certificate of origin marketsThe first 5 simulated transactions—involving real companies, with realphysical assets, and actual, real-time generation and consumptiondata, but no financial transfer—illustrate its current capabilitiesUse scenarioGreen attributeownership transferbased on demand ofbuyerConsumption-basedownership transferTracking battery offtake vs. injectionGeneratorBuyerEngieMicrosoftSP GroupDBSTWLE.ONGerman householdsEWF Berlin officeSonnenSonnen1010

EWF is preparing for the full release of EW Originin Spring 2019 when the Energy Web goes ‘live’Example of a single simulated transactionbetween Engie and Microsoft in Francev1 form to initiate greenenergy smart contracts1111

Thank you!Doug Millere: [email protected]: 1 443.465.2931

IRENA Innovation Week Bonn, Germany Doug Miller Using blockchain tech to decarbonize, digitize, and decentralize electric grids worldwide . 2 A history of computers Hardware 50’s and 60’s Software 70’s and 80’s Networks 90’s and 00’s Blockchain 10’s and 20’s Expansion Consolidaon