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TURBOSTATS for FOOTBALL 6.0PLAYBOOK DESIGN GUIDETurboStats Software CompanyPO Box 144Towaco, NJ 07082www.turbostats.comThe Fastest, Easiest Way To Create Playbooks

TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 PLAYBOOK OVERVIEW .1CHAPTER 2 USING THE ANIMATED PLAYBOOK .2GETTING STARTED .2THE PLAYBOOK COMPONENTS .2WORKING W ITH PLAYBOOK FILES .3Opening an Existing Playbook .3Using the Database Selector .3Creating a New Playbook File.3Backing up and Sharing Playbook Files.3Submitting Playbook Files to be Posted on our WebSite .3CREATING NEW PLAYS .4Rotating Plays.5Adding Steps.5Lines and Arrows .8Creating a Reach Block .9Using the Style Selector.9ORGANIZING YOUR PLAYBOOK FILE .10PRINTING PLAYS .11The TurboStats User’s Guide0

Chapter 1 Playbook OverviewThe TurboStats Animated Playbook is a powerful tool for the21st century football coach. Designed by experiencedcoaches this state of the art product will revolutionize theway you design plays, analyze your opponents and winfootball games. The product is packed with advancedplaybook features while still being very easy to learn anduse. Using the TurboStats Animated Playbook you will beable to : Create unlimited playbook filesCreate offensive and defensive playsAdd over 1000 plays per playbook fileCreate over 1000 steps per playCreate complex plays in minutesEasily modify, delete and rename playsCustomize player numbers and abbreviationsCustomize line, arrow and block stylesRun plays in full animation or one step at a timeStep forward, backwards or pause playsMaintain a database of offensive formationsMaintain a database of defensive formationsMaintain a drill databaseSetup plays with up to 22 players turned onTurn on/off up to 10 conesPublish playbooks with up to 9 plays per pageShare playbooks with other coaches using TurboStatsWe hope you enjoy using this product as it is the result ofmany years of development. Please visit our websitewww.turbostats.com for tips, FAQ, technical support andupdates. Your comments are always appreciated and canbe emailed to us at turbostats@aol.com. We sincerely hopethat this product will help your team win more games andmake your coaching job a little easier.The TurboStats User’s Guide1

Chapter 2 Using the Animated PlaybookGetting StartedBefore you get started using the playbook you must first install theprogram onto your hard driveAfter the program is installed start TurboStats for Football using theStart Program Files TurboStats TurboStats for Football menuOpen up any team file using the File Open Team menuClick on the Playbook Tab at the bottom left corner of the screenThe Playbook ComponentsDatabaseSelectorPlaybookOrganizerQuick TipsDrag players to createplaysNew PlaybuttonPlay SelectorStep SelectorAnimationControlsDraw LinesChangeField Viewsand othersettingsPop-up Print ManagerThe TurboStats User’s GuidePop-upStyleSelectorStep Forward and BackPop-up FormationSelectorPop-up PlaybookOrganizer2

Working With Playbook FilesOpening an Existing PlaybookEach time you open TurboStats forFootball your last playbook file will beautomatically opened. To switch fromone playbook file to another use the Filemenu. File Open Playbook FileNote: You must open a TurboStats Teamfile to access the playbook featuresotherwise the menu choices will bedisabledUsing the Database SelectorTo quickly switch between your currentplaybook, Offensive Formation playbook,Defensive Formation playbook and Drillsclick the Database Selector pull down list.Creating a New Playbook FileThere are two ways to make playbook files. 1. File New Playbook Filewill start you off with a blank playbook or 2. File Save Playbook FileAs will start you off with a copy of the current playbook file.Backing up and Sharing PlaybookFilesTo put a copy of your current playbookfile on a floppy disk choose the File SavePlaybook File As menu choice. Type inA:\Myplays or any other 8 charactername. To move this file to anothercomputer first open the playbook filefrom the floppy disk using File OpenPlaybook File and then choose File Save Playbook File As. You canalso use you’re My Computer Icon or Windows Explorer to copy theplaybook files which end with a .sit extension.Submitting Playbook Files to be Posted on our WebSiteWe are looking to build a database of playbook files for our user toshare. If you want to email your playbook file to us to be posted on ourwebsite simply attach the file you created (example: myplays.sit) to youremail and send it to turbostats@aol.com. We will post the file with yourname (and email address if you desire) as the creator so you can getsome recognition from other coaches.The TurboStats User’s Guide3

Creating New PlaysPlays are made up of a series of STEPS. In a step any or all players andthe ball can move in a straight line from their positions in the previousstep. When you first create a new play there is only one step. Step 1 isthe starting formation step for both the offensive and defensive players.Creating plays is both a fun and easy process. Just follow these simplesteps.1. Press New PlayButton2. Enter a playname whenprompted3. The new playwill now appearin the play listThe Formation Selector will popup for you to choose your startingoffensive and defensiveformations4. Select an OffensiveFormation. Offensiveformations can becopied from your currentplaybook file or yourformation database file5. Select a DefensiveFormation. To use thedefensive formation fromyour current playbookchoose Use Above.Otherwise choose adefensive formation fromyour defensive formationdatabase6. Press OK when finishedThe TurboStats User’s Guide4

Rotating Plays and Other OptionsPlays can be rotated to run from Top to Bottom,Bottom to Top, Right to Left or Left to Right.Click the [x] Rotate box to rotate the entire playat 90 counter clockwise intervalsAdding StepsNow that you have created a play and set yourplayer in their starting formations you are readyto add steps.1. Click Step to create additional stepsEach Stepcan have itsown notes2. If you want to show motion this should be done in step 2.Click on thewingback withthe left mousebutton anddrag topositionshown3. Press Save to store the changes for step 2The TurboStats User’s Guide5

4. Press Add again to add Step 3. It is common when first startingto forget to press the add button when creating steps. The userpresses Save and then just starts moving players for the next step.This will result in the loss of your work from the previous step.5. Now it’s time to snap the ball. It’s a good idea to create aseparate step just for snapping. It makes the plays look morerealistic when they are animated.6. Press Save again to store thechanges for step 3It’s a good idea to press the animate button after you enter a fewsteps to see how the play looks. You may want to make changesbefore you get too far along in your play design.The TurboStats User’s Guide6

7. Press Add again to add Step 4. Did you remember?Notice that each time you add a new step, it starts with the players inthe position of the previous step. It’s important to press Add while thelast step is displayed. If you happen to scroll back a few steps andthen press Add you can press the Delete button, move to the last stepand press Add again to correct your error.8. Now it is time to move everyone. If your goal is to create a niceprinted playbook It’s a good idea to leave the defensive players aloneand only move the offense. If you want the most realistic animatedplayback possible then you should move everyone. Also remember tomove players approximately the same distance each step. If youmove any player a far greater distance they will appear to be runningmuch faster than the other players when the play is animated.Click oneach playerand dragthem to theposition theyshould be infor Step 4Think of thisprocess aselectronicbird dogging9. Press Save again when you are finished changing Step 4Continue adding steps until your entire play is completeThe TurboStats User’s Guide7

Lines and ArrowsLines and arrows will be automatically generated based on the x,ycoordinates of each step. To preview the line and arrow display onscreen press the Line button.Press Line/Off button to turn the line display on/offTo modify the line directions you have to change theplayer position at the step. For example the Halfbackpath was extracted to show how each step makes upthe final line path. Let’s say you want to smooth outthe path from steps 6 through 9 to form a straight line.First you have to select step 7 from the step pull downlist. The player symbol will then occupy the location atstep 7. You can then drag the position down and tothe left to form a straighter path from 6 to 8.Press the SAVE button and the line will be redrawn toreflect the new change.Steps1-3Step 4Step 5The Arrowhead or Block Symbol at the endof each line will always be drawnperpendicular to the direction of the lastline segmentStep 6Newlocation forStep 7The TurboStats User’s GuideStep 7Step 9Step 88

Creating a Reach BlockProbably the most difficult skill to master is creating reach blocks.Because the block is always perpendicular to the last line segment it issometimes difficult to get the block angle exactly the way you want it.Steps 4,5, 6 Steps 1 & 2Step 3 (if there is no motion)Using the Style SelectorTo change the line and arrow attributes simply double click on any playersymbol. The Style Selector will pop up allowing you to do the following:Change thesize of theplayer symbolsReset theentire path ofany one playerChoose from 3line end stylesChoose from 4line stylesChange thecolor of linesand arrowsChange theprinted caption foreach player orchoose a fill styleSnap playerpositions to samecoordinates asother stepsChange the LineThickness.Note: Setting aline thicknesswill disable linestyles dashedand dottedStyle Selector Tips: Changing line styles will be displayed immediately if line mode is on. After you change a line style press Save to end changes. If you want to make the same change on more than one playercontinue to select players without pressing Save. The modified lineattributes will be changed immediately as soon as the next player isselected. Setting a line thickness disables the Dashed and Dotted line styles The currently selected player will be displayed with an X on screen Press the Close button to hide the Style Selector and remove the Xin the selected player symbolThe TurboStats User’s Guide9

Organizing your Playbook FileAs you add plays you will want to reorganize your playbook file. Youmight want to rename plays or even delete them. The PlaybookOrganizer is designed to do just that. Tap the word Plays or the buttonRENAME to popup the Playbook Organizer.The Playbook Organizer will load all your playbook files and display thefollowing form:Click on theplay you wantto changeIf you want tochange theplay nameclick in theplay namebox and editthe existingname. Whenyou arefinished pressthe RenamebuttonLocated in the upper left hand corner ofyour play screen is a caption for thecurrent playbook file. You can leave itblank or enter a caption hereAll changes will be written to disk after you exit theprogram or open another playbook. If you turn offyour computer without exiting TurboStats yourPlaybook Organizer changes will be lostThe TurboStats User’s GuideTo change theplay order firstselect the playyou want tomove. Thenpress theMove up orMove DownbuttonsTo remove aplay first selectit and pressDeletePress Cancelto abort all thechanges youmade andclose thePlaybookOrganizerPress Save tosave yourchanges andclose thePlaybookOrganizer10

Printing PlaysNow that you have created your animated playbook the next step is toget a hard copy. Using the Printing Selector you can print up to 9 playson one page. You can also print one play step by step.Click the printer iconChoose full plays or steps for current playSelect thenumber ofplays orsteps onone pageChoosefrom variousprintoutoptionsIf your printerhas enoughmemorychoose HighQuality ModeSwitchprinters orchange fromPortrait toLandscapemodeColor modewill print linesin the colorsyou have setusing theStyle SelectorThe TurboStats User’s Guide11

playbook, Offensive Formation playbook, Defensive Formation playbook and Drills click the Database Selector pull down list. Creating a New Playbook File There are two ways to make playbook files. 1. File New Playbook File will start you off with a blank playbook or 2. File Save Playbook

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