Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants In El Paso County

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Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyAs of Friday February 27, 2015, records of El Paso County indicate that the following individuals had a warrant fortheir arrest. A name placed on this list is not evidence of guilt. This information is prepared from public recordsand may not be current and should not be relied on for arrests or any other purposes. This list is informational onlyand is limited to misdemeanor “Theft by Check” cases. Although reasonable care is taken, clerical errors may exist.Searches based on a name are not always accurate due to use of middle/maiden/married names, or variations inspelling.For more information regarding hot-check payments and balances please contact the El Paso County Attorney'sOffice Hot Check Unit at 546-2051. Individuals with outstanding warrants can make payments online 24 hours aday, 7 days a week through “Hot Check Epay,” by visiting the El Paso County Attorney’s Office web-page .aspx.WarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20080C12171Aaron, Tyrell DBldg. 11174, #316, El Paso, Tx 7993002/07/8620140C09783Aceves, Bertha1212 Vista De Oro , Apt B, El Paso, Tx 7993506/20/5720140C09782Aceves, Bertha1212 Vista De Oro , Apt B, El Paso, Tx 7993506/20/5720080C07060Acosta, EstherP.O. Box 1202 / 358 Riverside, Sunland Park, Nm 8806311/28/6820060C10965Acosta, Gloria Aleida1120 Alaska, El Paso, Tx 7991505/13/5820070C04432Acosta, Kanon M.10892 Reef Sands, El Paso, Tx 7993404/08/7820090C04585Acosta, Laurie Ann4913 Edna Ave , El Paso, Tx 79905-503306/12/7520090C10575Acosta, Xochitl Fernandez6312 Franklin View, El Paso, Tx 7991209/21/7120080C07444Acuna, AlfredoP. O. Box 730 / 721 Madison Ave., Anthony, Nm 8802105/28/7420070C13197Adame-Torres, Nelida112 C10a Y Media Col. Del Empleado, Chih, Mx01/24/6020060C15179Adams-Wells, Tracey A.11213 Warfeather, El Paso, Tx 7993603/09/5920090C05355Aguilar, Joe J.509 Leavel Dr., Carlsbad, Nm 8822006/04/7220110C07384Aguilera, Aaron7732 Hacienda Ave, El Paso, Tx 7991512/08/7820080C07398Aguirre, Gonzalo Javier1281 James Dudley Dr., *Dba* L&L Construction, 11209 Campestre Bldg (B), ElPaso, Tx 7993612/07/7420060C10036Aguirre, JorgeP O Box 6573, Las Cruces, Nm 8800104/23/6520110C09533Aguirre, Paulo Jesus2700 Cabot Pl, El Paso, Tx 7993511/24/9020080C02529Alba, Hector921 N Zaragoza Rd. Apt 173 Q, El Paso, Tx 7990703/10/7620140C10149Aldama, Nancy10832 Gemstone, El Paso, Tx 0000003/22/7220110C03001Aldama, Rodrigo5929 Midas, El Paso, Tx 7992403/22/7220060C03151Aleman, Adriana9300 Montana Ave Apt 2058 R, El Paso, Tx 7992508/11/6320080C14734Allison, Lukas J3541 Peerless Pl Apt 7e, El Paso, Tx 7992503/30/8720010C06071Almanza, Victoria2340 Nash Circle, Anchorage, Ak 99508-379203/06/6420050C14284Alvarado, Claudia I.14247 Cleo Amelia Ln, El Paso, Tx 7993804/14/7920090C07654Alvarado, LeticiaPo Box 689, San Elizario, Tx 7984910/02/6320140C13135Alvarado, LisaPo Box 1554, 13600 Miracerros, San Elizario, Tx 7984901/25/9120060C03110Alvarado, Silvia, V3692 Praire Rose, El Paso, Tx 7993208/22/5920070C14243Alvarez, Angelica209 W Nevada Ave Apt 6, El Paso, Tx 7990207/07/5620070C07865Alvarez, David5724 Auburn Ave., El Paso, Tx 7990508/27/7720090C04005Alvarez, Manolo13054 Alarcon, San Elizario, Tx 7984910/02/8920120C05725Alvarez, Mauricio Marin9417 Conejo Ln, El Paso, Tx 7990704/13/9220080C00074Alvarez, Samantha14270 Michelle Ann, El Paso, Tx 7993802/07/6620060C06084Ameen, Rona9953 Agena Ln, El Paso, Tx 7992402/09/841

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20090C10855Amos, Phillip5832 Nike Ln, El Paso, Tx 7992405/13/7320080C08160Anaya, Mara M.11556 Tony Ponce, El Paso, Tx 7993609/18/7520080C07443Anderson, Mitchell L.Bldg 2420 Room #209, El Paso, Tx 7991612/20/7720070C04091Anderson, Robert5724 Kalpana Chawla, El Paso, Tx 7993404/23/8020100C10747Angel, Jean Davila1426 Saratoga Dr., Alpharetta, Ga 30022-597008/03/9020110C08219Anzures, David517 Mc Combs Dr. Space J, Chaparral, Nm, Nm 8808101/24/6120070C01476Apuan, Joseph10328 Alcan St., El Paso, Tx 7992410/18/7320060C05912Aragon, Christopher2404 N Wilson, Amarillo, Tx 7910708/11/8520140C01096Aragon, Edgar828 Chapala Ct, El Paso, Tx 7990706/15/9420080C07241Arboleda, Ronald E6869 Enid #40, El Paso, Tx 7991208/23/5020070C07779Archuleta, Gino E.200 N. Festival Dr.Apt 1807, El Paso, Tx 7991201/08/7520080C10625Arellano, Anthony J.2246 Solano Dr., El Paso, Tx 7993511/17/8320140C13110Arellano, Ricardo Cabrajal400 Hardy Cr, El Paso, Tx 7990502/09/7320090C13292Arias, Armando7316 Duxbury, El Paso, Tx 7991209/08/9120080C02313Arias, Luis A.12408 Tierra Lucia Ct, El Paso, Tx 7993811/03/6320070C03278Arias, SylviaP.O. Box 63, Chaparral, Nm 8808101/04/6420060C13901Armbrister, Dale16300 N Park, Southfield, Mi 4807510/18/5720060C13261Armendariz, Adrienne1119 Colina Bella Dr., Horizon City, Tx 7992808/12/8720060C11416Armendariz, Jose Gabriel7205 N Fresno, Las Cruces, Nm 8800111/21/7220050C01402Armendariz, Lorena314 Zuni Lane, Sunland Park, Nm 8806308/09/7420060C04587Armendariz, Tomas5229 Juliandra, El Paso, Tx 7992404/26/5420090C05427Armenta, Isaac Joel5890 Bandolero # 2039, El Paso, Tx 7991209/22/8320120C05566Armstrong, Daron6350 Deer Ave Apt# 211, El Paso, Tx 7992405/01/9120060C04594Arnold, Aaron A.Bldg 1003 Room 225, El Paso, Tx 7991608/31/8620060C11930Arnold, Karin Carnell8504 Cielo Vista Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992511/09/5820060C11931Arras, Lorena14141 Ekery St, El Paso, Tx 7993810/18/7120060C06202Arredondo, Erika20 Flower Rd., Vado, Nm 8807202/04/8020050C15608Arreola, Miguel9400 Montrose Apt 6, El Paso, Tx 7992504/16/8620050C17279Arrieta, Brenda A.4020 Chester Ave., El Paso, Tx 7990308/06/7820080C02575Arrieta, Diana E.P.O. Box 2457 / 385 Hurd Ln., Sunland Park, Nm 8806303/28/7520100C11507Ates, Emine418 Greenan Ln, Lakr Orion, Mi 48362-217909/17/8520090C13554Austin, Ricki Ann5041 Alabama St., Apt. 202, El Paso, Tx 7993902/06/8020060C11431Avila, Edmundo4806 Hwy 460, Vado, Nm 8807210/01/7220140C13779Avila, Jonathan751 Agua Tibia Pl , El Paso, Tx 79928-911201/23/9620140C03758Avila, Kimberly Ann4701 Guadalupe, El Paso, Tx 7990405/02/8920070C04168Ayala, Jose1310 School Rd, Carrollton, Tx 7500601/26/8520060C11922Ayala, Leticia9127 Mt. Shasta, El Paso, Tx 7992407/01/6320050C16413Bailey, Garron4109 Dyer St., El Paso, Tx 7993008/06/5520090C09756Bailey, TravisBldg A855 #A-1, El Paso, Tx 7991803/24/9120070C09268Baker, Darren L1601 Mcrae Bl Apt D-14, El Paso, Tx 7992510/01/7220140C02752Balandran, Liliana420 Buena Vista , El Paso, Tx 7990506/06/7120080C09987Balkey, Edward Lee10940 Golden Pond Dr, I/C Jackson, Fl, El Paso, Tx 7993403/31/78Baltazar, Angeles1760 Plummed Quail, El Paso, Tx 7993611/27/4720060C020152

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20140C10453Banuelos Garcia, MarthaCalle Julia Florez 403, Fracc El Portin, Cd. Juarez, Mexico05/21/7020140C07971Banuelos, Felix2641 Anise Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993605/14/6420070C14754Barajas, Mary Lou12941 Tierra Pueblo, ., El Paso, Tx 7993812/15/7920120C01330Barbosa, Alex14485 Orchid, Horizon City, Tx 7992802/16/8420140C11583Barcenas, Maria G6821 Escondido , Apt A, El Paso, Tx 7991211/18/7620070C14872Barley, Alan S.10957 Chippendale Ave., El Paso, Tx 7993405/10/7620070C04037Barnes, Marquis D.2401 N Oregon St Box 98, El Paso, Tx 7990208/20/7620060C05413Barraza, Dianna207 E 3rd, Po Box 791, Van Horn, Tx 7985506/10/7420070C10286Barraza, Francine1021 South Mesa#10, El Paso, Tx 7990102/24/9020070C06097Barrera, Alicia A.514 Double U Dr , Levelland, Tx 7933605/11/8620060C03026Barreras, Angela110 Vistoso Loop, Anthony, Nm 8802109/15/7220120C07945Barreras, Jason Alexander5734 Alameda, El Paso, Tx 7990503/26/8220100C00157Barrio, Margarita Luisa408 Barrio Rd, Anthony, Nm 8802109/12/7820010C06264Barto, Jeremy John622 Sagewood, Chapparral, Nm 8802101/11/7320080C02988Beasley, Bonnie5030 Balsam, Las Cruces, Nm 8801110/29/7120130C13404Becerril, Brian1100 E Ninth St Apt 58, El Paso, Tx 7990108/14/9520060C04212Beck, Bobbie JoBldg 2411 Room 241, El Paso, Tx 7991605/21/8520070C06663Belcher, JesseBldg 2902 Room #304, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991604/08/8720110C00379Bell, Brandy12197 Co Rd. 41, Hartford, Al 3634409/14/7720110C02999Bell, Shantina Shree11685 Bell Tower Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993604/06/7820110C03000Bell, Shantina Shree11685 Bell Tower Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993604/06/7820110C02998Bell, Shantina Shree11685 Bell Tower Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993604/06/7820110C03002Bell, Shantina Shree11685 Bell Tower Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993604/06/7820110C03003Bell, Shantina Shree11685 Bell Tower Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993604/06/7820060C14629Benavides, Alfonso12040 Greenveil Dr., El Paso, Tx 7993607/22/7620010C17571Benavidez, RichardPo Box 104 Josefina St, La Mesa, Nm 8804405/23/4820060C06132Benson, Demarcus T.912 Malibu Dr., Hinesville, Ga 3131309/03/7620090C09591Bermudez, Israel3842 Vista Del Este, El Paso, Tx 7993808/18/8020090C09770Bermudez, Israel3842 Vista Del Este, El Paso, Tx 7993808/18/8020110C03909Bernard, Danielle L6032 Scott Ave, Fort Bliss, Tx 7990609/29/8420100C08168Bernard, Mackinzie Lilynne4011 Alabama # 3206, El Paso, Tx 7993008/29/9020070C05066Betancourt, Elizabeth1216 Roswell Rd, El Paso, Tx 7991511/15/7220070C02476Biggs, William R12281 Tierra Azteca Dr., El Paso, Tx 7993801/18/8820110C02904Billings, David Lee21205 Bldg #243, El Paso, Tx 7991812/11/8420070C12009Blank, Michael J.10811 Hubbard Ct Unit 1a, El Paso, Tx 7993509/25/8220080C03912Blount, Rosa3009 Eads, El Paso, Tx 7993509/12/5920080C02157Blue, Durell K.7900 Viscount Apt 639, El Paso, Tx 7992505/18/7520070C16608Bolden, Christopher J.2904 Cassidy Rd. Room 216, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991605/15/8820060C12986Bond, John Anthony3414 Cribbs Pl, El Paso, Tx 7990403/16/7520120C01234Bonilla, Luis F.870 Barandal, El Paso, Tx 7990703/05/8820070C12830Boone, Pierre D.2802 E Idaho Ave Apt #4, Las Cruces, Nm 8801101/24/6020060C02000Borjas, Roberto F.4748 N Mesa Apt 136, El Paso, Tx 7991206/18/75Brady, Thomas W.9812 Lockerbie, El Paso, Tx 7992510/14/6320070C004893

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20070C08908Branson, Michael D.3334 Zion #C-13, El Paso, Tx 7990409/23/6420060C11618Brightmon, Corbin E.2401 N Oregon St. #302, El Paso, Tx 7990208/17/8220080C15381Briones, Jose Pilar14141 Ekery, El Paso, Tx 7993808/16/7220140C07653Brito, Joanne9494 Martinique , El Paso, Tx 7992705/26/8320140C07655Brito, Joanne9494 Martinique , El Paso, Tx 7992705/26/8320070C13887Brooks, Freddie T.1104 Avalon Dr , Apt F, El Paso, Tx 79925-227506/17/5420070C10426Brown, Amanda Rae304-J Fm 1696 Rd W, Huntsville, Tx 7732012/20/8620070C10425Brown, Amanda Rae304-J Fm 1696 Rd W, Huntsville, Tx 7732012/20/8620070C10424Brown, Amanda Rae304-J Fm 1696 Rd W, Huntsville, Tx 7732012/20/8620120C08584Brown, Darryl3300 Johnson Ave Apt 16, El Paso, Tx 7993007/31/6820130C05136Brown, Jeremy8701 Norton, Apt 16b, El Paso, Tx 7992408/22/7520080C12842Brunk, John, Iv4221 Loma Diamante Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993402/02/9120140C10075Brunswick, Justin4748 N. Mesa, El Paso, Tx 7991201/11/8720090C11981Bryant, Margaretta C.200 N. Altomesa Dr. Apt 207, El Paso, Tx 7991211/01/7520070C01770Bryson, Jesse David8153 Saint Andrew Wy Apt A, El Paso, Tx 0000011/21/8420070C04431Bueno, Genoveva E.840 Hettinga St. Apt 52, Anthony, Nm 8802107/30/7820060C14869Buffington, Jeremy R.3058 Chandler #A, El Paso, Tx 7990611/01/7720050C17327Burnette, Michelle3526 Landry St., Beaumont, Tx 7770809/11/7820060C03938Burns, Jeffrey Thomas1728 Mosswood St., El Paso, Tx 7993508/31/6520060C10431Butler, Reginald G.5249 Wren #239, El Paso, Tx 7992409/07/5520060C11080Buxton, Alexander6112 Ponder B, Fort Bliss, Tx 7990610/10/8020060C07886Byrd, RobertPo Box 640102, El Paso, Tx 7990410/23/5520120C11645Byrnes, James724 Silver Leaf St Apt D, Leavenworth, Ks 66048-488603/04/9220100C00151Cabrera, Samuel A.1530 White Opla, Las Cruces, Nm 8800507/08/6720070C13191Cade, Tondrick O.249 Allen Orsley Rd., Dewy Rose, Ga 3063405/20/7620130C00361Cadena, George, Jr.1921 Robert Wynn, El Paso, Tx 7993609/27/6720060C01774Cahoon, Paul, Jr.2227 C Luna Loop, Holloman Afb, Nm 8833008/05/8320060C08783Cain, Leroy1500 Magruder #117, El Paso, Tx 7992508/23/8220100C10322Camacho, Jacob Brian11124 Montana, Spc #205, El Paso, Tx 799302/17/9220120C13360Campa, Adan8331 Fredericksburg Rd , Apt 205, San Antonio, Tx 78229-333212/03/9220070C08115Campbell, Kevin336 Geronimo C, Chaparral, Nm, Nm 8808102/14/7220060C06135Campbell, Trellious C.6526 Brownlee Cir., El Paso, Tx 7990605/30/7620070C04430Campos, Kimberley A.1314 Nancy Lopez Ct., Las Cruces, Nm 8801101/20/7020070C12014Campos, Maria Natividad1024 Oregon St. Apt. 30, El Paso, Tx 7990209/08/4620060C07125Campos, Maribel5353 Ridge St 21, El Paso, Tx 7993206/29/8520090C08604Campos-Torres, Catalina11944 Paseo Real Cir, El Paso, Tx 7993602/16/6620130C00550Carbajal, Rufina Aguilar Diaz415 S Mesa Hills, El Paso, Tx 7991208/05/6220060C04737Carmichael, Leondra K.11717 Regal Palm Ct., El Paso, Tx 7993609/10/8120050C17070Caro, Phyllis1501 Lomaland, El Paso, Tx 7993510/01/7920080C05487Carolina, Janice D.745 Calle Entrada, Fountain, Co 8081710/15/6120010C07275Carreon, Concepcion Del Rosario7564 Gateway, Apt # 53, El Paso, Tx 7992509/26/5120100C13462Carreon-Gonzalez, Fernando4433 Stanton Apt. 22, El Paso, Tx 7990201/22/75Carrillo, Gloria D324 Belmore, San Elizario, Tx 7984910/31/7320030C068504

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20060C08599Carrington, Robert J10701 Vista Del Sol Dr #249, El Paso, Tx 7993510/11/8020080C03471Carroll, Angelia3344 Ruckman St., El Paso, Tx 7990402/11/7020140C08828Carter, Andrew Jacob4821 Verputie Ln, White Hall, Md 2116003/17/9220100C09515Carter, Johnnie Lee6938 Alto Redy 513, El Paso, Tx 7991203/08/5020090C06915Carter, Kenneth L.734 Lomita, El Paso, Tx 7990708/18/6320090C11536Casas De Calderon, Luz E.8137 Ap Ramirez St, Anthony, Tx 7982107/29/6520060C08704Casas, Miguel A9375 Viscount Bl Apt 104, El Paso, Tx 0000006/08/8620060C09283Casey, Jerrel C.3303 Sirius Ave, El Paso, Tx 7990407/08/7520110C02621Cass, Esther6111 Sun Valley Dr., Trlr #172, El Paso, Tx 7992410/31/5820060C07553Castaneda, Elisa1413 David Ray Way, El Paso, Tx 7993611/11/6820140C08557Castillo, Edgar Alejandro2476 Tierra Nueva , El Paso, Tx 7993803/28/7620140C11017Castor, Ernesto613 N St. Vrain St. (Rear), El Paso, Tx 79902-541710/26/6920110C02624Castorena, Francisco J.101-1 Calle Obregon Apt 1, Sunland Park, Nm 8806305/07/8020110C02627Castorena, Francisco J.101-1 Calle Obregon Apt 1, Sunland Park, Nm 8806305/07/8020110C02626Castorena, Francisco J.101-1 Calle Obregon Apt 1, Sunland Park, Nm 8806305/07/8020050C04581Castro, Aramoix Josephina9508 Girlock Rd., El Paso, Tex12/26/6920010C16891Castro, Daniel1317 St. John's, El Paso, Tx 7990301/02/4820060C06823Cavin, Autumn Joycheyenne1024 Steve Dr., Chaparral, Nm 8808110/02/7520080C05597Chacon, ArturoGeneral Delivery12/14/7020080C09709Chacon, Brigette141 Tranquility, Canutillo, Tx 7983510/21/7920090C06747Chacon, Cecilia308 Meadow Vista, Sunland Park, Nm 8806306/20/8220070C15744Chambers, Aisha B5316 Beautonne Ave., El Paso, Tx 7992411/14/7620060C11277Champagne, Heather M.11020 Essex Falls, El Paso, Tx 7993405/18/8220140C07260Chavez, Karen Suseg12271 Quetzal, Clint, Tx 7993610/17/8620060C13364Chavez, Mirtha1037 Kimberly, El Paso, Tx 7993205/15/7920060C14579Chavez, Ruby S.145 1/2 Hurley Rd., Hurley, Nm 8804307/26/7320060C02016Chavez, Salvador1661 Robert Wynn St., El Paso, Tx 7993601/03/6220130C05141Chavira, Ramon12960 Elnor 153, San Elizario, Tx 7984901/01/8920110C02493Cisneros, Georgina I910 E. Redd R. Ste. K-Pmb226, El Paso, Tx 7991209/03/7820090C10740Cisneros, Georgina I910 E. Redd R. Ste. K-Pmb226, El Paso, Tx 7991209/03/7820060C03112Clark, Donald5748 147th St., Lubbock, Tx 7942411/19/7420050C17275Clark, Philip Brian1116 N Oregon St #21, El Paso, Tx 7990203/06/5320110C00387Clarks, Douglass R.10400 Nolan Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992408/16/7620110C00388Clarks, Douglass R.10400 Nolan Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992408/16/7620060C14076Coates, Daniel Paul, Iv26 Old Brickyard Rd Lot 1 B, Phenix City, Al 3686911/15/7920070C13187Coates, Kristopher J.14100 Labreck Ave., El Paso, Tx 7993803/14/8120120C08847Cole, Curtis10360 Windsor Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992402/17/5220070C03583Coleman, Timothy10808 Sandy Koufax Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992404/30/5020050C13611Collins, Chaderick B.5301 Transmountain Apt 1105, El Paso, Tx 7992403/11/7920090C03803Collymore, Greta Lyndell4600 Fairbanks Dr. Apt 1121, El Paso, Tx 7992412/27/8020080C01908Colon, Zoe Diaz526 West Missouri Apt. No. 26, El Paso, Tx 7990103/25/7020050C16945Combs, Richard D.9312 Vicksburg, El Paso, Tx 7992412/01/42Condon, Sandra L.10917 Claremont Ave Ne, Albuquerque, Nm 8711207/28/7220050C167755

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20050C17519Contreras, Jesus Gutierrez2655 N. Yarbrough # D 232, El Paso, Tx 7992508/02/6420140C10207Cooper, Amy2109 Stockton St , El Paso, Tx 7990606/26/8620100C06104Cooper, Tammy I.674 Sunny Sands, Chaparral, Nm 8808103/23/8020060C01947Cordero, Geraldine5235 Fairbanks Apt. B, El Paso, Tx 7992405/05/5120070C16028Cordova, Jose Luis8066 Brass, Vinton, Tx 7982112/08/8220080C07528Cordova, Juan850 Talbot Spc D25, Canutillo, Tx 7983511/18/7920080C04292Cordova, Martha A.100 Kelley Way No. 5, Canutillo, Tx 7983503/26/6620080C09932Corral, Jose Luis427 Fox Pl 290, El Paso, Tx 7990503/19/7720090C11785Corral, Maria T.3730 Native Dancer, El Paso, Tx 7993801/23/6920060C13909Corrales, Joseph10248 Socorro, El Paso, Tx 7992712/22/5820070C01428Correa, Arturo712 Dorsey Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991212/03/5720070C03183Costley, Beverly A.5425 W. Cochise Dr., Glendale, Az 8530205/16/5920080C03031Cowell, Nikki D.5113 N Mesa St. Apt. B336, El Paso, Tx 7991207/07/8820090C04556Cox, William Allen12062 Sgt Quinn Ct, Biggs Field, Tx 7990804/16/6720060C15192Cozart, James2315 Payne St, Las Cruce, Nm 0000009/08/8720090C08905Craig, Jacqueline10604 Brian Mooney, El Paso, Tx 7993509/21/4720060C09281Cramblit, Adrian Jon1601 Lee Trevino #2067, El Paso, Tx 7993603/02/7720100C07940Cramer, Michael L.3333 Zion #R-2, El Paso, Tx 7992401/31/8620100C07939Cramer, Michael L.3333 Zion #R-2, El Paso, Tx 7992401/31/8620100C07938Cramer, Michael L.3333 Zion #R-2, El Paso, Tx 7992401/31/8620120C09347Crawford, Christopher Alan8601 Dyer #106, El Paso, Tx 7990406/21/8320070C16017Crawford, Jelani T.5/52 Hhb Ada Box 318, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991602/26/8820090C03114Crawford, Kristin Paige1857 Agua Dulce, El Paso, Tx 7993605/17/9120130C00898Cromartie, Stefon W.2902 Cassidy Bldg 2902 # 227, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991610/18/8820130C02719Cromartie, Stefon Wayne710 S 8th St, Wilmington, Nc 2840110/18/8820130C02668Cromartie, Stefon Wayne710 S 8th St, Wilmington, Nc 2840110/18/8820130C02720Cromartie, Stefon Wayne710 S 8th St, Wilmington, Nc 2840110/18/8820080C01334Cropper, Marilyn, V17940 Strawberry Ln., Anderson, Ca 9600702/13/8320080C04122Cross, Lee M.5301 Transmountain Dr. Apt 3208, El Paso, Tx 7992402/08/7320080C07580Crouch, Cody J.3325 Durazno, El Paso, Tx 7990510/20/8820050C17021Cruikshank, Clara Ann4436 Moonlight Ave., El Paso, Tx 7990412/11/7220080C00355Cruz, Cruzita9133 Kernel Cir., Apt. D8, El Paso, Tx 7990705/03/8120060C04313Cruz, Javier A.3119 Voss Dr Apt D, El Paso, Tx 7993607/03/7720090C07887Cruz, Nancy108 Emerson Ave, Mesquite, Nm 8804808/14/7720060C03140Cruz, Orlando7761 Water House Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991205/31/8320060C03139Cruz, Orlando7761 Water House Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991205/31/8320060C03133Cruz, Orlando7761 Water House Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991205/31/8320060C03135Cruz, Orlando7761 Water House Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991205/31/8320110C08737Cubero, Jorge Arturo9740 Blue Wing Dr, El Paso, Tx 79924-560106/28/6520080C00998Cuevas, Everardo8504 Essex Dr., Canutillo, Tx 7983501/17/5520040C17394Cuevas, IsraelP. O. Box 703, Mesa, New Mexico, La 8804410/01/8320090C07776Curry, Rodriequis Bernard6032 Caprock #2407, El Paso, Tx 7991209/21/79Davidson, Stephanie M.5607 Sioux Rd., Carlsband, Nm 8822001/27/7020050C170226

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20080C02201Davis, Aaron350 N Festival Dr Apt #901, El Paso, Tx 7991201/21/87M12W1396Davis, Charles Edward3908 Volcanic Ave, El Paso, Tx 7990405/16/8720080C10555Davis, Jeff M.Hht 1/9 Cav Ars, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991609/13/8420090C00181Davis, Ricardo B611 N. Yarbrough # 616, El Paso, Tx 7990704/16/7620140C13598De La Cerda, Lorena Anel3600 King Palm Drive, El Paso, Tx 79936-152004/04/7320060C05780De La Rosa, Jennifer8017 San Jose Apt #69, El Paso, Tx 7991512/10/7920120C01112De Leon, Delia10057 Foot Hills, El Paso, Tx 7992404/13/5920060C08030Del Palacio, Manuel, Jr.11681 Kristy Weaver Dr., El Paso, Tx 7993609/25/7920130C05501Delacerda, Lizett9336 Summerville, Apt A, El Paso, Tx 7990608/26/8020100C06952Delacerda, Lydia9984 Rosa Richardson, Clint, Tx 7983606/07/9220090C10654Delao, Javier E.5609 Eisenhower Ave Apt 67, El Paso, Tx 7992405/10/8220100C07539Delatorre, Nelson11732 Windmill Palm Ct, El Paso, Tx 7993610/16/8820100C07539Delatorre, Nelson11732 Windmill Palm Ct, El Paso, Tx 7993610/16/8820020C03570Delgado, Lorraine307 Gala Way Sp 8, Chaparral, Nm 8808101/17/6220140C00576Delgado, Priscilla7116 Tangerine Ln., El Paso, Tx 7991512/30/8520140C11011Delgado, Raul10672 Birthstone, El Paso, Tx 7993507/23/8420140C07693Delgado, Robert Louis, Jr.1700 Karl Wyler, El Paso, Tx 7993607/23/5920060C12322Derouen, Nicole14736 Desert Breeze, Horizon City, Tx 7992806/13/7720070C03337Diaz, Belem9960 Gideon Cir. Sp. B, El Paso, Tx 7992708/02/8520140C07641Diaz, Carlos Manuel120 Mcknight , Canutillo, Tx 7983512/08/7920090C07861Diaz, Francisco8019 Cedar Elm Trlk, Austin, Tx 7873501/25/4620070C07938Diaz, Francisco J.3015 Jefferson Ave, El Paso, Tx 7993012/03/8420070C14708Diaz, Marcelo RUnknown09/14/8320060C14821Diaz, Veronica8861 Shriver Ln. Apt 4, El Paso, Tx 7990705/06/8520080C01238Diaz, Zoe C.510 W Missouri Ave., Apt 205, El Paso, Tx 7990103/25/7020070C08682Dill, Tracy N.555 Zuni St. Apt 20, Albuquerque, Nm 8710810/09/7820020C07805Dimas, James10232 Fertell, El Paso, Tx 7992407/10/6220110C03172Dominguez, Hugo Cesar4013 Nashville #1, El Paso, Tx 7993012/30/7020140C07459Dominguez, Leticia170 Croom Rd, El Paso, Tx 7991505/05/5320140C05143Dominguez, Ricardo318 Singh St, El Paso, Tx 7990704/05/6720080C10631Dominguez, Viviana117 Lomas Ave., Mesquite, Nm 8804806/13/7920070C11608Dotson, Cora L.P.O. Box 556, Sierra Blanca, Tx 7985102/27/4820070C06068Duarte, Janet Sylvia1601 N Lee Trevino Dr. Apt 1063, El Paso, Tx 7993606/17/7820070C09998Duarte, Jorge Luis210 W Redd Rd 1101, El Paso, Tx 7993202/20/7620090C08530Ducworth, Lisa Martin566 Sanders Rd., Weatherford, Tx 7608709/02/6020060C08600Dulaney, Kevin2615 Colfax Loop Apt A, Holloman Afb, Nm 8833008/03/7420090C02070Dumas, Shawn12449 Robert David Dr., El Paso, Tx 0000012/16/7220100C10477Duncan, Frederick Allan9535 Acer Ave Apt 1211, El Paso, Tx 7992510/15/8220060C13373Dunlap, Jacqueline A.900 Pleasonton Rd Apt 211, El Paso, Tx 7990606/25/8320120C05072Dunlap, Jessie525 Colorado #1, Las Cruces, Nm 8800112/22/8420110C03166Duran, Marissa Valdivezo608 Crossway, El Paso, Tx 7990208/29/8020110C05634Duran, Rodney Aaron525 East Rd, El Paso, Tx 7991512/19/90Edwards, Brian D3427 Bowen Rd, Stanford, Ky 4048409/03/8020090C115287

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20080C00712Edwards, Jessica L.31 W Park Rd., Castile, Ny 1442707/09/8320040C09813Edwards, Mary9550 Dyer Apt 1020, El Paso, Tx 7992410/05/4720060C05920Edwards, Sheila413 E. 1st St., T Or C, Nm 8790109/07/6820060C11472Eggett, Amanda N5249 Wren Ave Apt 120, El Paso, Tx 7992407/15/7920070C16008Eggleston, Jason M.758 Bancroft Cir , Apt B, Montgomery, Tn 37042-847711/12/7420070C14555Ellingson, Bradley Allen8621 Lawson St No 6, El Paso, Tx 7990409/27/6720070C14553Ellingson, Bradley Allen8621 Lawson St No 6, El Paso, Tx 7990409/27/6720080C05189Ellis, Andrea1407 Evelyn, Las Cruces, Nm 8800102/05/7720110C03970Emery-Bowen, Jennifer Lynne12344 Tierra Alaska, El Paso, Tx 7993806/03/6520060C08790Enoch, Cornelius9375 Viscount Apt 916, El Paso, Tx 7992509/21/7920110C10148Enriquez, Jacob L.155 Comerciantes Blvd. Apt 101, Santa Teresa, Nm 8800807/31/8320140C07620Enriquez, Jessica Yadira5121 Antonio Ave, El Paso, Tx 7992411/09/8220060C11276Enriquez, Pedro604 S Mesa Hills Drive #1425, El Paso, Tx 7991208/10/7520140C02520Episcopo, Michael7308 Camino Del Sol , El Paso, Tx 7991102/22/5420080C00739Erives, Alejandro1601 N Greenwood, Roswell, Nm 8820107/18/7720110C07348Erives, ElizabethPo Box 3073, 650 E G St, Fabens, Tx 7983807/31/8520080C08583Escudero, Ofelia E.2304 Tierra Blanda Dr , El Paso, Tx 79938-446902/02/6420110C08200Espinoza, Maribel14949 Dino Rd, P.O. Box 1321, Clint, Tx 7983606/28/6720140C09381Espinoza, Ramon Reynozo5711 Rheims, El Paso, Tx 7993406/10/7920080C12178Estes, John Michael7900 Viscount #598, El Paso, Tx 7992511/20/8620090C12005Esteves, Francisco4425 E. Missouri, El Paso, Tx 7990302/10/5720060C05916Estrada, Cristina10305 Newcastle, El Paso, Tx 7992402/12/7820060C09279Estrada, Lory J4210 Kiva Place Apt G1, Silver City, Nm 8806107/09/6820110C11375Estrada, Luis C237 Red Robin Dr, El Paso, Tx 7991501/16/7320080C12852Evans, Dolores11047 Oasis Dr, El Paso, Tx 7993603/30/4720140C09031Evans, Elizabeth2345 Tierra Humeda Dr., 3257 Maple Point, El Paso, Tx 7993810/31/8020060C13706Ezell, Steven E.5020 Fairbanks Dr Apt D 108, El Paso, Tx 7992407/22/6920070C04446Fairchild, Melissa2655 N Yarbrough Apt #236, El Paso, Tx 7993501/05/8120060C00280Federico, Ralph1413 Coronel Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992805/24/4720080C02165Fenby, Troy Robert6532 Scott Ave, Fort Bliss, Tx 7990606/07/7520050C02903Feria, Florante, V3610 Keltner Ave Apt 3, El Paso, Tx 7990401/19/6620080C02563Ferrell, Daniel3549 Orr #4, El Paso, Tx 7993002/16/8220110C06734Finnegan, Hannah Victoria811 Foxridge, Arlington, Tx 7601712/05/9020110C07783Finnegan, Hannah Victoria811 Foxridge, Arlington, Tx 7601712/05/9020110C10527Fisher, Doranique7627 Matamoros Dr, El Paso, Tx 7991508/02/9120090C01635Fisher, Krystal1601 Mcrae Blvd Apt F-3, El Paso, Tx 7992512/17/8920070C09026Fitch, Jami R.3367 B Story St., El Paso, Tx 7990408/20/7620070C06408Fitch, Nicholas R.5389 Circus Ln, El Paso, Tx 7991204/29/8120060C06504Flato, John Billingsley2407 N Main, Houston, Tx 7700903/11/4820060C06822Flores, GenovevaP O Box 70/ Hwy 478 12200 Greenvalley Ct., Mesquite, Nm 8804801/20/7120100C09758Flores, Joe Elliott4804 Avenue Q, Lubbock, Tx 7941212/31/7520090C00932Flores, LuisCalle Bejucal #6437.Fracc.Cuernavaca, Juarez Chih07/12/91Flores, Luis Carrillo618 Nino Aguilera St, El Paso, Tx 7990107/02/7920140C115828

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso CountyWarrantNumberDefendant’s NameAddressDate ofBirth20100C07387Folson, James8249 N Loop, #10-D, El Paso, Tx 7990704/13/8620070C09017Forrest, Carla3125 Story St #A, El Paso, Tx 7990410/16/84970C20899Fortner, Franklin580 W. Pine St. Apt. B, Wythemille, Va 2438201/27/7220060C12862Francisco, Mario J.2005 Howell Walk, Duluth, Ga 3009603/05/5820130C13419Franco, David Humberto6725-18 Cocoyoc, Juarez, Mm 9999908/20/9320130C05200Franco, David Humberto6725-18 Cocoyoc, Juarez, Mm 9999908/20/9320080C00597Franco, Patrick Daniel1429 Plaza Verde Dr., El Paso, Tx 7991201/19/7220080C03452Franklin, Jasmin1010 Mimbres Ct., Las Cruces, Nm 8800103/18/7620100C13004Franklin, Michael354 Shadow Mountain D-2, 3815 E Yandell Dr, El Paso, Tx 7991212/05/7120060C03315Frazier, Brad521 Harrison, Kansas City, Mo 6410602/06/7620070C09518Freeman, William T.8740 Gateway North Apt 106, El Paso, Tx 7990401/12/5120070C10142French, Heather Marie9300 Montana #2009, El Paso, Tx 7992510/25/8720060C10432Fritz, Christopher A.D Co 27th Bsb 4/1 Cav, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991612/16/8320080C07215Fru, Adey F.A Co 270 Cav Bldg A136, Fort Bliss, Tx 7991602/19/8420060C05917Fuentes, Gilda5741 Arrowhead, El Paso, Tx 7992406/22/4620070C08248Fuentes, Jose S.9306 A Victory Ave, Fort Bliss, Tx 7990608/08/8320080C10140Gaffney, Gary4314 Wyoming, Cockrell Hill, Tx 7521105/27/5720070C07756Gaines, Marquita9900 Ballistic St., El Paso, Tx 7992405/08/8320040C04117Galan, JoelP.O. Box 363, Anthony, Nm 8802102/21/8220140C11576Galaviz, Angelica8142 Ap Ramirez St , Vinton, Tx 79821-933702/07/8420070C00222Galaz, Julian945 S. Mesa Hills #603, El Paso, Tx 7991203/01/8220060C10742Galen, Jeffrey A.B Co 2-12 Cav, Biggs Field, Tx 7990804/21/8520070C03512Galindo, Cynthia A.1118 Paradise Ave , Alamogordo, Nm 8831009/08/6320140C01057Gallegos, Blanca Aide1977 Raspberry, Rio Rancho, Nm 8714406/17/7920050C04634Gallegos, Blanca Aide4501 Sprint Blvd, Ne Apt 8213, Rio Rancho, Nm 8714406/17/7920030C02790Galvan, Francisco9017 Coventry Cir, El Paso, Tx 7990710/14/7020120C12103Galvan, Gerardo Gasca12312 Kit Carson, El Paso, Tx 7993610/17/6720060C04627Galvez, Ruben1525 Foster Rd #12, Las Cruces, Nm 8800110/15/5320060C13621Garcia, David7263 Alameda Apt 5, El Paso, Tx 7991506/04/5620060C01100Garcia, Erica1313 W Dakota Ave., Midland, Tx 7970110/02/7620100C07661Garcia, Erlinda5112 Debeers Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992402/11/5920080C14264Garcia, Erlinda5112 Debeers Dr., El Paso, Tx 7992402/11/5920060C04610Garcia, Gilbert12603 Tierra Norte Rd., El Paso, Tx 7993801/13/6820080C02968Garcia, Jesus5113 N. Mesa St. Apt #B332, El Paso, Tx 7991207/22/8920060C00805Garcia, Lorena4744 Rolling Stone Ave., El Paso, Tx 7992403/17/7520100C12271Garcia, Lorenzo Alfredo169 Pendell, El Paso, Tx 7990509/12/4820060C04647Garcia, M. Bea138 Mimbre / P.O. Box 144, Sunland Park, Nm 8806302/13/5120060C14582Garcia, Manuel6938 Alto Rey #100, El Paso, Tx 7991203/12/4520120C06551Garcia, Maria Del Rosario314 N Resler Apt 19, El Paso, Tx 7991209/16/5220080C08818Garcia, Mario Martin451 Suzy Way, El Paso, Tx 7992707/29/6720060C07937Garcia, Norma8579 Alameda #14, El Paso, Tx 7990710/18/7920110C10817Garcia, Patricio Daniel6252 Ibex Ave, El Paso, Tx 7992402/28/83Garcia, Paul, Jr.2808 S. Lea, Roswell, Nm 8820303/14/7120060C01

Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants in El Paso County 2 Warrant Number Defendant’s Name Address Date of Birth 20090C10855 Amos, Phillip 5832 Nike Ln, El Paso, Tx 79924 05/13/73 20080C08160 Anaya, Mara M. 11556 Tony Ponce, El Paso, Tx 79936 09/18/75 20080C07443 Anderson, Mitchell L. Bldg 2420 Room #209, El Paso, Tx 79916 12/20/77 20070C04091 Anderson, Robert 5724 Kalpana Chawla, El File Size: 1MB

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