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Your KING CountyResidentialRecycling GuideThese guidelines are for services byWaste Management in King County.Please save and post for easy 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.

COLLECTION GUIDELINESPlace containers at curb by 6AM T wo (2) feet apart with lids opening toward street A t least three (3) feet from cars, trees andmailboxes, fences and utility boxes P lease remove containers as soon as possibleYArD/FooDWAStErECYCLING2 feetafter collection.GArBAGE2 feet3 feetWeather Delay?If weather conditions prevent safe collection, up totwice as much material will be collected at no extracharge on your next regular collection day for eachcontainer which was not emptied. No credits areissued for collection delays due to weather.Visit information on weather-related service delays. 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.Waste ManagementMonday-Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.Our Customer Service Center is here to help:Missed collectionMissing/damaged containersSign up or change collection servicesRates, billing and service informationBulky item pick-up serviceConstruction/demolition containersDisabled serviceInformación en Español

STEPS TO RECYCLING SUCCESSRecycling is an easy way to keep valuable natural resources out of the landfill, but recycling only works with your help.To keep the recycling system healthy, follow these simple steps:1. Is it recyclable? Check your King County Recycling Guide.Yes! It’s on the list!Proceed to Step #22. Prepare your recyclables for a new life:Don’t see it?email recyclenw@wm.comcall 1-800-592-9995 Rinse or empty recyclables of all food and liquids Separate newspaper from plastic delivery bagReuse bags, discard in the garbage or bring back to a grocery store for recycling Remove plastic wrap and any packaging foam from cardboardPlace plastic wrap and foam packaging in garbage. Visit the Community Recycling Resources pagesfor foam reuse and recycling options Flatten boxes3. Do not put bagged recyclables into cart — empty out recyclables into cart looseEmpty paper bags okay in recycling cart; empty plastic bags go in the garbage or back to a grocerystore for recyclingThank you for doing your part to recycle right! 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.1-800-592-9995

Why Can’t I Recycle Everything?Recycling starts when you put the right stuff in your recycling cart.Just because you put something in a recycling bin, it does not mean it can be turnedinto something new. When the wrong stuff goes in the bin, staff at the recycling centerhave to remove these items by hand, and throw them in the garbage.When in doubt,check out yourRecycling Guide!For a recyclable item to be made into a new product,all of these things must be true: reparation: Each recyclable item must be clean and empty of all debris, food or liquids.P eparation: A recycling facility must be able to separate the item into its own material group so each type of itemS— cardboard, aluminum, tin, steel, paper, glass, plastic containers — can be properly distributed to the correctmanufacturers. Markets: A manufacturer must be willing to buy this material. Manufacturing: A manufacturer must be able to make a new product out of the recycled item. 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.

Recycling Myth BustersMYTH: All plastics can be recycled.FACT: Not all plastics can be successfully recycled.At this time only some plastics can be made into newthings. Recycle plastics by shape - bottles, jugs,dairy tubs and cups.MYTH: A recycling symbol stampedon plastic means it is recyclable.?FACT: There are thousandsof plastic products andpackaging, and each one hasits own unique chemical recipe. The number only tells us what the primary ingredientis in the plastic recipe. Many plastics cannot be madeinto new products at this time.? 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.Garbage and OtherThings We Find in thein Recycling loose plastic bags hoses light bulbsFACT: False. T here is a lot of garbage sent needles toysto the recycling center, and hangerseach non-recyclable item is strawsremoved by hand by trained snack wrappersstaff. G arbage placed in the recycling cleaning wipes food-soiledincreases the cost of thecontainers and paperrecycling process and willnon-recyclable increase the cost of garbageplasticand recycling service.MYTH: It doesn’t matter ifsomething belongs in therecycling — the recyclingcenter will sort everythinganyway.We’re here to help!When in doubt, check your Recycling Guide, call theWaste Management Customer Service Center or emailrecycling experts at

Waste Prevention isEven Better Than Recycling B uy locally produced items to reduce the amount of natural resourcesneeded for shipping, packaging and transportation. C hoose reusable items such as water bottles, cloth cleaning rags,shopping bags and rechargeable batteries. U se durable dishes, cutlery and napkins, instead of disposable paper orplastic. C arry your own travel mug, water bottle and cloth napkin. R euse containers for storage. 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.

B uy bulk foods and other supplies touse less packaging. Shop at, and donate items tosecondhand stores. Repair furniture and tools, rather thanreplacing. R ent, borrow or share infrequentlyused items such as trailers, powertools, ladders and lawn equipment.See for more 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.1-800-592-9995

RecyclingEmpty and clean all recyclables. Please do not place in bags - empty loose out of bags and boxesinto your blue recycling cart.Clean paperNewspaper, insertsMail, envelopesPlastic bottles,jugs, tubsand cupsCereal and dryfood boxesMilk, juice and soda bottlesPaperback booksNo lidsRemove linersYogurt, dairy andmargarine tubsMagazines, catalogs,phone booksShampoo andconditioner bottlesNon-foil wrappingpaperWindow, bathroom andkitchen cleaner bottlesFrozen food boxesDetergent andfabric softener bottlesPaper cupsJuice boxes, milk,soy milk and brothcontainersIce cream cartons 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.Pill bottlesNo prescription vialsNEW! Plastic plant potsand 5-gallon bucketsNo soilIgnore thenumbers,recycleplastics byshape!

CardboardFlatten all boxesDo not tie upGlass jarsand bottlesEmpty of all food orliquidLabels OKAluminumand tin cansBeverage cansMetal food cansLabels OKLids in can, crimp shutEmptyaerosol cansAerosol cans that are notempty should be taken toa hazardous waste dropoff site. Visit lhwmp.orgor call 206-296-4692for details.Scrap metaland clean foilSmall non-working metalappliances, pots, toolsLimit 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft., 35 lbs.No sharp or greasy metalBall clean foil togetherRecycling Tips Empty and rinse out all food residue. Labels do not need to be removed. Empty recyclables out of bags and boxes into the cart so they can be easily sorted at the recyclingcenter. Extra recyclables? At no extra charge, place extra recyclables in a bin or cardboard boxat the curb next to your recycling 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.1-800-592-9995

COMPOST Food Scraps and Yard DebrisThese items go in your compost cartNo plastic, glass, metal, liquids,cooking oil or pet wasteSign up for compost service by phone or online 1-800-592-9995Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.Plants, flowersand yard debrisFood scrapsand leftoversHouseplantsFruit and vegetable scrapsNo potsGrass clippings, weedsRemove plastic twine, gardeningtape or twist tiesTwigs, branches, rootsfrom pruningLeaves, tree branchesUnder 4 feet long,4 inches in diameterHoliday treesCut trees into 4 foot sectionsJack-o-lanternsRemove candles 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.LeftoversBread, pasta, grainsand beansEggshells, nutshellsCoffee filters and groundsTea bags and tea leavesMeat, fish, poultry, bonesDairy products such asyogurt and cheeseNOPLASTIC

Uncoated paperGreasy paper or pizza boxesUncoated non-shiny paper platesFood-soiled paper towelsWaxed paper, waxed cardboardNapkinsPaper bagsApproved compostable packagingShredded paperSee foodcompostables.pdfSoiled paper containersBe a Foodcycler! It’s easy to do!1A stylishcompostpail.2A reusable kitchencontainer, such asan old pitcher.3A paper bag oran approvedcompostable bag.Empty collected food scraps into yourcompost cart. Your compost cart will bepicked up on your next collection day. for a listof approved compostable bags to use in yourkitchen compost pail.Extra Yard Waste: There is a charge forextra yard waste. Put extra yard waste inKraft paper bags or 32-gallon containerswith handles and lids (65 lb. limit).; label“yard.” Use Kraft bags to store extra yarddebris only. Food scraps and uncoated papermust be placed in the compost 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.Did you know?Food scraps and yard debris are processedinto compost, sold locally at home andgarden stores and used by local farms.1-800-592-9995

GARBAGEBag all garbage and put in your garbage cart.Non-recyclableplasticNon-recyclableglassFoam take-out containersMirrors, window glassFoam packing peanutsCeramics, dishesCaps and small lidsIncandescent and halogenlight bulbs onlyEmpty motor oil andantifreeze containersPlastic plates and utensilsEmpty prescription vialsFluorescent light bulbs and tubesneed special disposal - see HazardousWaste pageGarden hosesNon-recyclable paperDisposable diapersDisposable wipesHangersHardcover booksStrawsShiny snack wrappers,condiment packetsBows and ribbonsZiptop bags 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.TIP: Remove pages from the coverand recycle the paperFoil wrapping paperDirty paper and platesFacial tissueShredded paperTIP: Can be placed loose in compost cartDonate hardcoverbooks to a localcharity or school.

Other garbageNon-recyclablemetalCold ashesVacuum bags and dustCaps, lidsBroken office suppliesLess than 3 inches in diameterPet waste, cat litterEmpty oil containersClothing, cleaning wipesEmpty latex paint* cansRemove lids; dried, hardened paint okayToysSharp or greasy metalBlister packagingClothes hangersSmall non-workingplastic appliancesBag plastic bags andbring them back tothe grocery store.Garbage GuidelinesPlease: Bag all garbage. Double bag pet waste, petlitter, packing peanuts, vacuumdust, sawdust and cold ashes.Microwaves, coffeemakers, etc.Extra GarbageGarbage charges are based on cart size. There is a charge forextra garbage that doesn’t fit in your cart with the lid closed. Ifyour garbage cart lid is open more than 6 inches, there will be acharge for extra garbage.Bulky items such as mattresses, large appliances and buildingmaterials can be picked up by special arrangement for a 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.* Latex paint is no longer considered hazardouswaste. It can be placed in your garbage if itis solidified first. Mix in cat litter, shreddedpaper, sawdust or paint hardener. Once paintno longer flows, leave the lid off the can, bag itand place it in your garbage container.1-800-592-9995

HAZARDOUS WASTEFree HazardousWaste DisposalHousehold Hazardous Waste areaccepted at four fixed collection sitesin Seattle and King County.The Wastemobile travels to manycommunities in King County toprovide residents with a place to taketheir household hazardous waste ona periodic basis.Accepted items: Aerosol Cans (if not empty) Antifreeze Automobile Products (antifreeze,brake fluid, gasoline, oil filters; donot mix motor oil with other oil orautomotive fluids) Automobile Batteries (Limit 5 carbatteries) Furniture Stain Gasoline (30 gallon gasoline limit) Glue, Instant Glue, Rubber Cement Household Cleaners 2015 WM IntellectualProperty Holdings, L.L.C.Hobby ChemicalsTVs & ComputersTVs, monitors, computers,laptops and e-readersare banned fromdisposal and can berecycled for free. or call1-800-RECYCLE for more recyclinglocations and details.ElectronicsElectronic equipment such asprinters, cell phones, stereos, CD/DVD/VCR players and householdelectronics should be properlyrecycled. Visit or call 206.296.4466 for morerecycling locations and details.MedicationReturn unwanted orexpired medication to keep yourhome and environment safer.FluorescentTubes& BulbsCompact fluorescent lights andtubes can be recycled at a varietyof locations.Visit for locationsand details.Also accepted at the AuburnSuperMall Wastemobile (limit 10).Batteries &Cell PhonesRecycle rechargeable batteriesand cell phones at a variety ofelectronic, office supply andbuilding supply stores.

Lawn, Garden, or House Plant InsectKiller Mercury-Containing Thermometers, Thermostats, Fluorescent Lights (upto 10 tubes and bulbs) Motor Oil Oil-Based Paint Pesticides Propane Tanks Roadside Flares Spray Paint Swimming Pool & Spa Supplies Thinners & Other SolventsNot accepted: latex paint, emptycontainers, TVs, computers, tires,electronics, explosives, medicine andgarbage.More information and 206-296-4692hazwastehelp.orgVisit takebackyourmeds.orgfor locations and details on thetypes of medication accepted.Needles & SharpsUsed needles and sharps aredangerous in the garbage becausethey can injure sorters andspread disease.Free drop-off programs are listedonline: Mail inprograms are also s.cfmVisit m(1-800-592-9995) for locationsand details.Used Motor OilAuto Parts Stores: Most autopart stores will accept usedmotor oil for recycling.Call ahead for quantitiesand restrictions.For your safety and that of others:Do not mix products Keep products in original containersLabel products not in original containersSecure products so they won’t leakCaution. Warning. Danger. Poison.Many items with these words on the label are considered hazardous. These items cannot be placed inthe garbage, recycling, yard waste or poured down the drain. Empty containers can be placed in garbage.Please properly dispose of unwanted household hazardous 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.1-800-592-9995

COMMUNITY RECYCLING OPTIONSMany items are recyclable, but don’t belong in the curbside recycling cart. Here are some recycling options for avariety of materials. Please contact businesses for current rates, hours and restrictions.Plastic BagsClean plastic bags, dry cleaningbags and other types of film plasticcan be recycled at most grocery stores.Visit forlocations and information.Used Cooking OiIUsed cooking oil can be recycledinto biodiesel. Pour cold oil intocontainers with tight-fitting lids,and drop-off at cooking oilcollection stations.General Biodiesel6333 1st Ave. S,Seattle, WA, 98108 2015 WM206-932-1600Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.nClothing & Household GoodsSecond hand stores and clothing banks will acceptclothing and household goods in reusable condition.Online Materials ExchangeReusable household items can be sold or given away.Try posting a free ad. You will be amazed at what otherpeople might want.The Freecycle Network: freecycle.orgn Craigslist: seattle.craigslist.orgn 2Good2Toss: 2good2toss.comn Industrial Materials Exchange: lhwmp.orgn

For additional drop-off locations Blocksand PackingMaterialsMost mailing stores (such as UPS stores) accept cleanpacking peanuts for reuse.Other ItemsComprehensive local recycling databasesn “ WhatDo I Do With ?” Recycling WashingtonState Recycling Database1-800-RECYCLE (732-9253)1800recycle.wa.govMore COMMUNITY REsourcesLooking for Reusable Products?The South Seattle Household Hazardous Waste facility and Wastemobile will provide free products to the public.Household products are made available that other King County residents have turned in, including: oil-based paint,stain and primer oil-based paint, stain and primer; wood care products; cleaning products (e.g., bleach, toiletcleaner); automotive products (e.g., oil, antifreeze, car wax). Residents will need to fill out and sign a release formprior to receiving any materials. For more information: 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.1-800-592-9995

COMMUNITY RECYCLING OPTIONS Bulky MaterialsBulky item collection service is available through Waste Management for a fee. Please call 1-800-592-9995 forrates for specific items and to schedule a pick-up.Appliancesn Appliance Center33029 Pacific Hwy SFederal Way253-517-3162A Plus Recycling116 Clay St NW #B1Auburn253-737-4441n Jaco EnvironmentalPick up only800-414-5072jacoinc.netn 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.In general, King County does not accept majorappliances for disposal because they can be recycledor reused.Some appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers andair conditioners, also contain chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs), which are regulated under the federal CleanAir Act. These items cannot be disposed and shouldbe recycled. Recycling these appliances helps ensurethat CFCs and other refrigerants are safely removedfor recycling or disposal and are not released into theatmosphere.

Porcelain, Concrete& BricknConcrete, brick and asphalt can berecycled for a fee. Call ahead forfees and restrictions.nA Plus Recycling(porcelain only)116 Clay St NW Lloyd Enterprises (no porcelain)80 5th n Concrete Recyclers500 Monster Rd neway Concrete510 Monster Rd SWRenton425-226-1000Window GlassnCDL Recycle7201 Marginal Way SSeattle206-763-2002nSchnitzer Steel1902 Marine View DrTacoma253-572-4000schnitzersteel.comn ValleyRecycling /Rusty RackGuys312 W Valley Hwy SPacific253-833-5431rustyrackguys.comCheck out King County’sEco-Cool Remodel Tool y 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.Scrap Metal1-800-592-9995

720 4th Ave., Suite 400Kirkland, WA 980331-800-592-9995Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.Información en Españ Billing: Biannual2013Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper 2015 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.

Extra Yard Waste: There is a charge for extra yard waste. Put extra yard waste in Kraft paper bags or 32-gallon containers with handles and lids (65 lb. limit).; label “yard.” Use Kraft bags to store extra yard debris only. Food scraps and uncoated paper must be placed in the c

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