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fashionsellingguideCheck out this easy-to-followguide on what’s selling whenand how you can get in onthe action with items youown, or in some cases, maynot even know you have.what’s hot, trendy, seasonal and popularData provided by

your guide toseasonal sellingCHECK INSIDE FOR: SEASONAL SELLERS YEAR-ROUND TOP TEN SELLERS BRANDS IN DEMAND FASHION TREND SPOTTING FASHION SELLING TIPSYou’ve sold some items and made a littlecash—and caught the itch to sell more.But now what? How do you know whatto sell and when?Great news! eBay has done theresearch so you don’t have to.Clothing, Shoes and Accessories is one ofour most popular categories. Buyers lovefashion, and items in this category sell wellconsistently—for both men and women.Plus, children outgrow their clothes quickly,so smart parents come to eBay eachseason to find new and gently-used kids’clothes to fill out their wardrobes.Maybe you received a gift of a shirt ordress that simply wasn’t your style, or anadorable children’s outfit that’s brand-newor worn a few times; eBay is the solutionfor all your selling needs.Don’t regift resell!eBay Fashion Selling Guide2

SELLING’SIN SEASONThere are definitelyprime times to listcertain items.Unless it’s an item that sellsyear-round, buyers will lookfor different things dependingon the season.Think buyers shop forswimsuits in spring to gearup for summer? Thinkagain. Summer swimwearactually sells well into Juneand July.SPRING &SUMMERMARCH:NCAA basketball teamsports apparel andmemorabilia are a slamdunk this month. Demand for Women’sTops & Blouses peaks. Bridal Accessories arein demandSpring and summer boast lots of gift-giving holidaysincluding Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter. Cashin on college basketball memorabilia opportunitiesand the chance to sell shades and clothing to suit upbuyers for the summer rays.APRIL:Sell those just-right giftsin April for Mother’s Dayin May. Handbags and Wallets—especially brand names. Cashmere Scarves &Wraps.MAY:Sell items in May forFather’s Day in June. It’s not all about Tiesanymore—think Shirts,Pants & AthleticApparel.JUNE:Women’s Swimwear sellsbest in June, though it’s astrong seller starting inFebruary through late July. Demand for Women’sTops & Blouses peaksagain. Tops & Blouses. Adult Uniforms sell wellTake the guessworkout of listing with ourseasons at-a-glance.MARCH – JUNE: SUMMER’S AHEAD March kicks off women’s summer clothing season. It goesstrong through April and May, and doesn’t slow down untillate June.JULY:AUGUST:Men’s Swimwear sellsbest in July, though it’sselling well from Marchthrough June.Back to school stuff ispopular. Backpacks andBookbags, Children’s Clothes,and School Uniforms. Sales of men’s and childrens’ summer clothing start toclimb now. Dresses peak near Easter Sunday, in March or April. Sunglasses sell surprisingly well for men and women fromMarch through June. Swimwear is popular throughout this period, especiallywomen’s. Look for peaks in June and July.eBay Fashion Selling Guide3

FALL &WINTERSEPTEMBER:Back-to-school stuff is stillpopular, such as Backpacks &Bookbags, Children’s Clothing,and School Uniforms.Back-to-class means a cool backpack and a stylish first-day outfit or uniform. Fall hostsHalloween, so costume sales spike. And just as the sugar-high wears off, the holidayfestivities are upon us. Holiday cheer starts earlier every year, so be ready for the wintershoppers who chime in on holiday buying before the rush. Then share the love in theNew Year with ideas for Valentine’s Day.OCTOBER:Halloween is a BIG eBayholiday! The number ofCostumes sold is very high. Butit doesn’t stop with traditionalCostumes. There’s a growingOctober trend in the salesof Costume Accessories,Reenactment Attire, Wigs, andUniforms. Search your closetsfor anything that could passas a Costume or CostumeAccessory, and sell it this month. Children’s Clothing andShoes are top sellers. Baby &Toddler Boys Clothing spikesup sharply in October, as wellas Girls’ Shoes for babies andchildren. Holiday season ahead! Withthe biggest selling seasonapproaching—the holidays—it’s a great time tostart thinking aboutwhat you’ll sellfor Christmasgift buyers.HOLIDAYS : NOVEMBER & DECEMBER:Winter is the season for outerwear.Women’s & Men’s Coats & Jacketssell briskly. What to get the guy on your list?Men’s Shirts is by far one of themost popular items sold atChristmas time. Holiday parties and familygatherings usually meana spike in the sale ofDress-up Clothes for men,women and children. Handbags are alwayspopular gifts for the ladies.JANUARY & FEBRUARY:Sell that holiday gift youreceived and then go buyyourself that thing you reallywanted. eBay is full of giftsthat keep on giving. How do I love thee? Let mecount the sales. Weddingdresses boom as bridalplanning begins. Jeans: Always In Season.Jeans & denim are eBayfavorites all year long but sellespecially well in these months. It’s a big month for GirlsClothing; Newborn-5T. Valentine’s Day and Women’sIntimates peak this month.CHECK THE EBAYSITE FOR OURANNUAL HOLIDAYHOTLISTeBay Fashion Selling Guide4

Some items are always in high demand, regardless of the time of year.Here are some perennial sellers, new or gently-worn—find themin your closet and list them throughout the year.women’sshoesmen’sshoesMany types of shoes sell from 5 – 25Sought after brands can get over 600!YEAR-ROUNDTOP TENmen’sshirtshandbags& purseswomen’sshirts & topsMany types of shirts sell from 8– 16Sought after brands can get up to 575!Many tops sell from 1– 16Sought after brands can getover 1,000!Many types of bags sellfrom 1– 32Sought after brandscan get up to 4,275!Many types of shoessell from 5 – 25Sought after brandscan get up to 3,500!children’s clothes,boys & girlswomen’sintimateswomen’sdressesjeans, men’s& women’smen’souter wearMany types of kids clothessell from 1– 25. Sought afterbrands can get up to 280!Many types of lingerie sell from 1– 18Sought after brands can get up to 600!Many types ofdresses sellfrom 20– 30Sought afterbrands can getup to 800!Many types of jeans sell from 5 – 32.Sought after brands can get from 300– 4,000!Many types of outerwear sellfrom 40 – 75. Sought after brandscan get 600!eBay Fashion Selling Guide5

GET TOP DOLLAR WITH SOUGHT-AFTER BRANDSEarn a pretty penny selling brands that are in high demand. Cash in on all thosegorgeous, expensive outfits you bought for that “one special occasion”. Check yourclosets for these popular labels that could yield an impressive windfall.BRANDS IN DEMAND: CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIESLook to see if you’ve got any of these lucky labels to sell.FOR MEN:American EagleAbercrombieBurberryDieselDolce et GabbanaEd HardyGucciHarley DavidsonHollisterLacosteRock and RepublicTrue ReligionFOR WOMEN:AbercrombieAmerican EagleBanana RepublicBebeBurberryEd HardyForever 21Free PeopleGuessHollisterJuicy CoutureLacosteLululemonRomperTrue ReligionFOR KIDS:BurberryGapGymboreeJanie & JackJuicy CoutureJusticeMini BodenUnder ArmourFASHION TREND SPOTTINGKeep up with shifts in demand. Just as the seasonschange, so do fashion trends. Don’t forget eBay is adynamic marketplace. Keep your finger on the pulseof brand popularity on the eBay site.Just go to Fashion and click on Popular Brands.eBay Fashion Selling Guide6

GOLDMINE CATEGORIES AND BRANDSCash in by selling in these categories that are always in high demand on eBay.Plus, if you have any brand items in these top-performing categories you could seeextraordinary returns.SHOES WISELYHANDBAGS HOLD THE MONEYAll shoes, evenvintage shoes—are immenselypopular andsell well.SUNGLASSES SHINESELL GOOD JEANSHandbags is one of eBay’s mostpopular and ever-growing categories.From the tiniest clutches to the large‘everything-fits-in-it’ carry-alls—handbags sell. While many used purses sellin the 20 – 70 range, some rarevintage French or Italian high-endhandbags have brought in thousandsof dollars!Popular brands can yield premiumprices. Sell the right shades and thefuture of your wallet will look brighter.You could be sitting on a goldmine—literally. Check out thesebrands of jeans and denim and seeif there’s treasure hiding right underyour seat or in your closet. Somecoveted brand names can sellfor 200 – 300 and a surprisingnumber of vintage styles sell in thethousands.BRANDS IN DEMAND:BRANDS IN DEMAND:BRANDS IN DEMAND:BRANDS IN DEMAND:For women:CoachCole HaanConverseCrocsGapGuessNikeNine WestPradaSteve MaddenTory BurchUggBurberryCoachDooney & BurkeGuessJuicy CoutureKate SpadeMarc JacobsMichael KorsFor women:Betsy JohnsonBrightonChloeCoachDieselJuicy CoutureKate SpadeMichael KorsFor women:American EagleFossilHollisterMiss MeSilverFor sFor men:AdidasCole HaanConverseNew BalanceNikeSold! Nike AirYeezy’s—pre-owned 1,105.00**OmegaTory BurchSold! Tory BurchTote 405.00**Vera BradleyFor men:BurberryDieselLacosteMarc JacobsOakleyRay BanVersaceFor men:American EagleArmaniLevisSold! VintageLevis 501 Jeans 1,240.00**True ReligionPradaPumaVansFor g** Prices shown reflect actual sold prices for specific unique items in demand on a specific day.Results are not typical and actual sales prices may vary. No representation is made that a particular item will sell.eBay Fashion Selling Guide7

GET SELLINGNow that you know what’s selling and when to list, you’re ready toturn these trends into cash. It’s time to search your closets and get listing.Here are four tips to help you sell successfully.TIP #1: Price it right to sellYou could have unexpected treasures right inyour closet. Find out what it’s worth—quicklyand easily—right on eBay. See what similar items sold for and the pricesof items that didn’t sell this way; Search foritems like yours, then look on the left column forShow only and check Completed Listings.Learn more about how to use this infoin about 3 minutes with our new demo,Researching the Marketplace.You’ll also see which listing category, titlekeywords, photos and descriptions made asuccessful sale. Another option is to do a quick search inWhat’s it worth? (from Terapeak) found onthe Sell page. For the best results, be verydescriptive. For example, type in “infant girldress size XS,” as opposed to “baby clothes.”eBay Fashion Selling Guide8

GET SELLINGTIP #2: Shoot for picture perfect—tips for photographing your fashion itemsIn addition to item specifics, buyers depend on photos to evaluate an item’s size, fit, quality,condition, shape, and style, and should be able to make purchase decisions based on thephotos alone. A great photo can be enough to sell your item on the spot, but a poorlyphotographed item can send a potential buyer packing. Here are some photography tipsto put your items in the best light: Clean and wipe down your item, especially if it’s shiny. Clean items photograph better.Iron or steam your fabric items to eliminate wrinkles. Use good lighting. Whenever possible, shoot your items in daylight. Otherwise, desklamps that clip onto chairs or table tops are a good, inexpensive option. Learn morequick tips in this 2-minute video; How to take better photos—layout and lighting. Use a quality camera. You don’t need a professional-grade camera, but if you plan tosell often, consider investing in a 4 megapixel or higher digital camera. Check photos asyou go to make sure none are blurry. Model. Ask someone to photograph you, or find a friend who’ll model the items whileyou take the pictures. Think about backdrop. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds. Create a white, black, orgray backdrop using clean paper or fabric. Take big pictures and lots of them. 1,000 pixels or more will give your buyers a clearpicture of your item. Take a “hero shot,” (the main photo), as well as additional supportive photos. The moredetail you can show, the more confident your buyer will be. Take close-ups to showpattern and texture, or a distinguishing feature and, when appropriate, take photos ofthe front, back, and side of your item. Fill the frame. An item needs to be as prominent as possible within the frame to give asense of the whole item. If you didn’t get it quite right, you can crop the photo tightlyusing a photo editor.eBay Fashion Selling Guide9

GET SELLINGTIP #3: Make it easy for shoppersto browse and find your items fastBuyers love to browse when shopping for Fashion—that’shalf the fun! We’ve made it easier for them to see the breadthof selection eBay offers so they can find what they’re lookingfor quickly. Be sure to enter all of the required item specificsinformation in your listings (Brand, Style, Color, Size Type andSize) and take advantage of this visibility-booster.Get in on the “More Like This” browsing experienceTIP #4: Save “lots” of time with wholesale LotsIf you have closets full of outgrown clothing but no time to listeach one, consider selling them in lots of matching sizes.Moms, especially, are looking for deals on a variety of outfits fortheir little darlings, hubby or themselves. Buying a Lot savesthem—and you—time. For example, list Lots of Petites and Plussizes, Athletic Apparel & Children’s Shoes.Business sellers also love to buy Lots to resell them. Similarstyles in different sizes sell well also—like vintage clothing,uniforms, bags and totes.We continue to make the browsing experience better for buyers whowish to see lots of similar items (Condition, Brand, Size, Color, Price)all at once. This is an example for how your item can appear in agroup to a potential buyer.Buyers are able to lookat their “More Like This”search results by itemspecifics such as:Condition, Brand, Size,Size Type, Style, Color,and Price—as long asyou’ve specified themin your listing.EBAY WANTS TO BEYOUR PARTNERIN FASHION SELLING.Stay one step ahead by knowingwhat to list and when. List theright items at the right time andshow them off in the best way andyou’ll give yourself a great chanceat success.HAVE FUN WITHFASHION AND GETSELLING TODAY!eBay Fashion Selling Guide10

If you love to shop, you probably have a closet fullof castoffs that could be someone else’s treasures.Putting your old clothes on eBay is a no brainer, butto sell successfully, you need to know what tosell, how much your items are worth and howto sell them.Terapeak is software that looks at the results ofpast eBay sales to find out what your items areworth. We’re an eBay Certified Provider, and eBayrecommends us to help you find the real valueof what’s in your closet.How terapeak helps you sell more on eBay.What are my clothes worth? Terapeak gives you the average price that previousitems have sold for, so you’ll know what kind of profit to expectHow do I sell the stuff that’s in my closet? We show you the best time to list, thebest features to use, and all the techniques that top sellers use to be successful.How do I know what will sell? We offer 365 days worth of past sold listings tobrowse through. We can show you which items sell well at certain times of theyear, and what’s hot right now—so you can use past research to spot trends,and sell what’s fashionable—for maximum profit.Our iPhone app lets you priceyour items on the go.Terapeak helps you sell for more: It’s as simple as that.For more information, visit and learn moreabout how our seller tools can help

ADDITIONALONLINERESOURCESINDEX OF LINKSPage 6Fashion: 8Completed ns/search-completed-listings.htmlPage 8Researching the Marketplace sell/videosforbeginners.htmlPage 8What’s it worth? 92-minute video:How to take better photos—layout and wtosell/videosforbeginners.htmleBay Fashion Selling Guide12

men’s shoes women’s intimates men’s shirts women’s dresses handbags & purses jeans, men’s & women’s women’s shirts & tops men’s outer wear YEAR-ROUND TP T . Ed Hardy Gucci Harley Davidson Hollister Lacoste Rock and Republic True Religion FOR WOMEN: Abercrombie American Eagle Banana Republ

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