AEL6 Series Smart Electric Actuators For ½ To 4

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AEL6 SeriesSmart Electric Actuatorsfor ½" to 4" Control ValvesMaximum differential pressures for Class VI shut-off (soft seal)½"GraphPTFE¾"Graph1"PTFEGraph1¼"PTFE Graph1½"PTFE Graph2"PTFEGraph2½"PTFE Graph3"4"PTFEGraphPTFEGraphTravel (mm)202020202020202020202020303030303030Seat dia (mm)161618182222252538384545606075759595Seat 10121218182121282835354545Static 100400150660150660150660Bellows 01500210021002100210021002100Total thrustneeded toclose valve 5195705Stem diameter(mm)Stem pressurearea (mm2)Recommendedpinch for ClassIV shut-off(N/m)Requiredseating thrust(N)ControlValvesPTFELinearActuatorsValve sizePTFE or Graphite stem 1400025000250001/2”PTFE Graph7407403/4”PTFE Graph7407401”PTFE Graph740721740740740740Maximum Differential Pressure (psi)1 1/4”1 1/2”2”PTFE Graph PTFE Graph PTFE 07407407407407407402 1/2”PTFE 81491492724974972 1/2”PTFE 51171172393604”Graph-103535106106229360Bellows and PTFE or Graphite stem 0001/2”PTFE Graph3602833603603603603/4”PTFE Graph3602233603603603601”PTFE Graph263149360360360360Maximum Differential Pressure (psi)1 1/4”1 1/2”2”PTFE Graph PTFE Graph PTFE rax Sarco, Inc., 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, SC 29016 Phone: (803) 714-2000 Fax: (803) 714-2222TI-P358-23-US9.13201

AEL6 SeriesSmart Electric Actuatorsfor ½" to 4" Control ValvesDimensions / 6532AEL6631-(approximately) in inches and fety information, installation and maintenanceFor full details see the Installation and Maintenance Instructions that aresupplied with the product.Installation and wiring note:The valve should be installed in a horizontal pipeline. The position ofthe actuator will depend on the type of valve to which it is fitted andthe temperature of the media. However, it is not recommended that theactuators be fitted at more than 90 from the vertical position or in a wetenvironment.Mounting PositionCB90 ControlValves90 LinearActuatorsASpirax Sarco, Inc., 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, SC 29016 Phon

Nov 11, 2013 · board Diagnostics function Stores cumulated operation dat (motor and total running time, . AEL6421 8000 740 740 740 740 656 628 354 328 219 202 130 120 . AEL6 Series Smart Electric Actuators for ½" to 4" Valves AEL6 Ser

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There are two versions of linear actuators: Double-acting actuators Single-acting actuators (with mechanic spring return) In double acting actuators - depending on the direction required - compressed air flows to the outside or to the inside of the two pistons. This can be easily controlled by using 5 -way directional control valves (5 .

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with genuine Becker control valve actuators. Should you already have existing control valve actuator(s) in service, the addition of a VRP-B-CH can improve performance and minimize atmospheric bleed emissions. Some compatible actuators: Bettis T-Series piston actuators Rotork Fisher Type 470 piston actuators Fisher Type .

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