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The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progress Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/215Class of the weekStar of the WeekFriendship lysTolkienWilliamLewisNiamhRosenLaylaFriday 19th March 2021PUPILS can wear their own clothesAND BRING A FULL UNOPENEDCEREAL BOX for a whole schooldominos event! No other donation isneeded.Please note that we aim to donatethe cereal boxes to the foodbankFOODSHED following the event.TomiKiplingAlfie FWhat a wonderful week in school!We have very happy staff, pupilsand parents and carers thisweek!!!! It has been great to seeour pupils so excited and enjoyingbeing back with their class! Canyou please ensure they get anearly night, as we have noticedthat they are tired! This willensure they have the energy forboth friendship and learning!!!ExcellenceRespectEqualityYEARRonnie FEthan GJoel RTeddy BJamie PKaitlyn FCharles VGKai CFOURWilliam GSadeya COllie CRaheel RFIVEThis week I would like to give aBIG SHOUT OUT to our PhysicalEducation Team Mr Byford, MrNewlands, Mr Angove and MrSapsed!! Please read their updatebelow! They are all trulyinspirational, as they are sopassionate about their subject, itis infectious! The children lovePE in school, and although it ischallenging, they still have lots offun!!! These teachers are greatrole models for our pupils as theyexpect the best from everyone!Thank you so much gentlemenfor all your dedication,enthusiasm and hard work!!!! Weknow we are very lucky that youwork in our school!Shakespeare Alfie rationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progressCLASS OF THE WEEKTOLKIEN class Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/21As part of our learning about the ancient Greeks, we are imitatingtheir most famous type of art: pottery painting. Here are some of ourdesigns, which we will be painting onto clay next week!Mum is holding a cake.A girl clapping.He is six years old.Jelly is on the plate.Cards on the table.They are eating the food.Writer of the WeekGracie Boyce - Year 5RosenWell done geInspirationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progress Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/21WELLBEINGThis week in assembly we have been learning about Self-Efficacy. Self-efficacy is the belief that you arecapable of performing a task or managing a situation. It is about learning to persevere when you do notsucceed at your first attempt. When a child equates success to internal factors, they develop a senseof mastery, which reinforces stronger self-efficacy beliefs. A child with high self-efficacy works harder,is more optimistic, less anxious and perseveres more. We watched a cartoon about The Tortoise andthe Hare and talked about how determined the tortoise was to beat the hare in the race.Parents can help their children develop self-efficacy by; using specific praise regarding the task (not necessarily the outcome) for example,“You did well because you tried three times to open the container without giving up.” providing just-right activities - Children need to be encouraged to practice newskills that are challenging but achievable. being honest - Do not disregard the situation if the child does not succeed.Acknowledge the situation and offer suggestions for the child to use their strengthsthe next time. praising effort modeling self-efficacy themselvesIf you want to learn more about self-efficacy have a look here. H7GbHIZBRWYSome lucky Mums are goingto get a real surprise thisweekend!I have secretly spied somewonderful cards being madeacross the school! We allhope you have a wonderfulday! You have achieved somuch this year! This is achance to relax that is a longtime geInspirationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progress Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/21Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and British ValuesWe are all back to school! Yay! It has been a busy first week back for us all here at The Leys,but the children have been fantastic as always! Across the school we have been focussing onbuilding relationships again, discussing the different things we did in lockdown, learning aboutothers, further PSHE lessons and much more! The children have very much enjoyed beingback with their friends and teachers, having school dinner, playing different games on theplayground and more!Breakfast Time Chat In NurseryBuilding Towers Together In Year1TEAM WORKCircle Time In Nursery - PlayingOur favourite InspirationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progress Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/21Physical EducationHere at The Leys we are dedicated and passionate aboutproviding all our pupils with the highest quality PE andSports provision. We strive to achieve this by providing arich and diverse PE curriculum with additional extracurricular activities. We are driven to ensure that our PEcurriculum is accessible for all our pupils regardless ofindividual needs. Our vision for PE and Sport here at TheLeys is supported and shared by all, starting with our SeniorLeadership Team and specialised PE team and beyond.We are very fortunate to have the expertise and passion ofMr Newlands, Mr Angove and Mr Sapsed who delivercurriculum time teaching and extra curricular activities. Theyare all excellent role models for our pupils. This is furthersupported by our teachers enthusiasm and desire to help usachieve our collective goals!!As a school we are currently focusing on core physical skillsas well as emotional and social wellbeing. These objectivesare at the forefront of our planning and delivery as we moveforward together. There has never been a more vital time forour pupils to engage and share our vision. As a team wehave unfortunately noticed a decline in our pupils physicalcompetence levels, therefore we are asking that you supportus in our drive to improve by providing and supporting ourpupils with as many physical opportunities outside of school,bike rides, family runs, long dog walks, outside garden fun,parks and by keeping active everyday!!Over the coming weeks and months we will work hard,incredibly hard, to ensure that all our learners progressphysically as well as striving to improve teamwork and socialskills.Thank you all for your continued support and efforts as wetackle these challenging times rageInspirationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter Accelerating progress Enriching wellbeing Promoting partnerships12/03/21Term datesStart of term: 3 September 2020Inset day: 2 SeptemberTerm: 3 September -23 OctoberHalf term holiday: 26 October2020 - 30 October 2020Inset day: 2 NovemberTerm: 3 November -18DecemberOccasional Day: 7 DecemberChristmas holiday: 21 December2020 - 3 January 2021ExcellenceRespectInset day: 4 JanuaryTerm: 5 January - 12 FebruaryHalf term holiday: 15 February 2021- 19 February 2021Term : 22 February-26 March2021Easter holiday: 29 March 2021 - 9April 2021EqualityDeterminationCourageTerm: 12 April - 28 MayHalf term holiday: 31 May 2021 - 4June 2021Inset Day: 7 JuneTerm: 8 June-21 JulyInset day 22 JulySummer holiday: 23 July 2021 - 31August 2021InspirationFriendship

The Leys Primary and Nursery School Newsletter µ A ccel era t i ng p rog ress µEnri c hi ng wel l b ei ng µProm ot i ng p a rt nershi ps 1 2 /0 3 /2 1 WEL L B E IN G T hi s week i n assembl y we have been l earni ng about Self-Efficacy. Self-efficacy is the belief that you are capable of performing a task or managing a situation.