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The Impact ofData Governance and Data Qualityon MDMPeter R. Benson, ISO 8000 MDQM CertifiedProject leader for ISO 22745 and ISO 8000Copyright 2013 by Peter R. BensonAll rights reservedSlide 1

IntroductionsSlide 2

Information isPowerDatais iguousAxiomA statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.Quality information can only be based on quality data

Taxonomy of assificationnodesreference data (code lists)reference data (codeclassification nodeslists)transaction datamastermaster datadataMasterdataidentification datadescriptive dataphysicalcharacteristicsCopyright 2013 by ECCMAclassification dataperformancecharacteristics

Data Maturity ModelGlobal Data ExcellenceMaximize the Business Value of Enterprise Data

Data Governance is about ccessPolicies must be stated so thatthey can be referencedCopyright 2013 by ECCMAData

Regulatory Compliance

Defining Requirements for DataIFTHENcompliance withlaws, regulationsand policies isconfirmed usingdatalaws, regulationsand policies can berepresented asrequirements fordataISO 22745 is the international standard for stating requirementsfor data using an open technical dictionaryISO 8000 quality data is data that meets stated requirementsCopyright 2013 by ECCMA

What does “Quality” Mean?When you order seafood fromQuality Fresh Seafood, you can beconfident that you are receiving thevery best quality of seafood anddelivery.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 9

ISO 9000 Definition of “Quality”3.1.1qualitydegree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirementsISO 9000:2005(E)Slide 10

Requirements are used to Measure Quality3.1.2requirementneed or expectation that is stated, generally implied or obligatoryISO 9000:2005(E)Quality is about meeting requirementsQuality data: data that meets stated requirementsnothing more and nothing less!(data that exceeds stated requirements does not increase the quality of the data)Copyright 2013 by ECCMASlide 11

ISO 8000 Family of StandardsISO 8000General PrinciplesPart 1IntroductionPart 2TerminologyPart 100introductionPart 120ProvenancePart 110SyntaxCopyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonTransactiondataMaster DataSemanticencodingPart 130AccuracyPart 140CompletenessMeetsrequirementsSlide 12

ISO 8000 Quality DataData that meets stated requirementsData that is portable(defined syntax and defined semantic encoding)ISO 8000 quality data is portable data that meets stated requirementsECCMA recommends that companies own and control their own corporatedictionary, data requirements and description rules.Data coded using a licensed dictionary or validated using licensed datarequirements or created using licensed description rules is subject to the termsof the license.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 13

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Data Quality“Mass is an intrinsic property of any physical object, weight is an extrinsic propertythat varies depending on the strength of the gravitational field in which therespective object is placed.”Intrinsic (internal) data quality characteristicsCharacteristic that you can evaluate by looking at the data itself, (expectationthat is generally implied) Is the data complete: what is the % of empty cells? Is the data consistent: are the values consistent in their formatting?Extrinsic (external) data quality characteristic ISO 8000 Quality Data:Is the syntax referenced – is the data compliant with the syntax?Is the semantic encoding referenced – is the data encoded?Is the data requirement referenced – does the data meet therequirement?Copyright 2013 by ECCMASlide 14

Master Data ManagementThe Front EndThe Back EndSlide 15

Motivation for ISO 22745 and ISO 8000Quality ERP Descriptions52368965412 – Tire Bridgestone435/95 R2556329845 – Tyre BS 435/R25 StandardPurpose E3 2 Star Radial125435 – Bridge Stone 25inch 435/95965123465 – Tyre Bridgestone PartNumber 12345Standardised Long Description:Tire: Pneumatic, Vehicular: Service Type for WhichDesigned: Loader Tire Rim Nominal Diameter: 25'Tire Width: 445mm Aspect Ratio: 0.95 Tire PlyArrangement: Radial Ply Rating: 2* Tire & RimAssociation Number: E3 Tread Material: StandardTire Air Retention Method: Tubeless Tire LoadIndex and Speed Symbol: NA Tread Pattern: VHBTKPH Rating: 80Standardised Short Description:Tire Pneumatic: Loader 25‘ 445mm 0.95 2*Slide 16

Data is the new reality!Slide 17

Motivation for ISO 22745 and ISO 8000Controlling costs requires betterasset, product , component andprocess visibility. This is achievedthrough faster, better and lower costaccess to authoritative characteristicdata.Slide 18

Motivation for ISO 22745 and ISO 8000“From a logistics informationperspective an F-15 is just 171,000 parts flying in veryclose formation.”Cataloging and Standardization Act, Public Law 82-436 as codified by United StatesCode, Title 10, Chapter 145 – Cataloging and Standardization Sec. 2451.(a) The Secretary of Defense shall develop a single catalog system and related program ofstandardizing supplies for the Department of Defense.(b) In cataloging, the Secretary shall name, describe, classify, and number each itemrecurrently used, bought, stocked, or distributed by the Department of Defense, so thatonly one distinctive combination of letters or numerals, or both, identifies the same itemthroughout the Department of Defense. Only one identification may be used for each itemfor all supply functions from purchase to final disposal in the field or other area.Slide 19

NCS ArchitectureACodP-1IdentificationSchemeNSNMaster Datais coded using concepts inconformsto theconstraints inFIIGIdentificationGuideH6 MRDDictionaryconstrainsthe use of

Motivation for ISO 22745 and ISO 8000Controlling costs requires betterasset, product , component andprocess visibility. This is achievedthrough faster, better and lower costaccess to authoritative characteristicdata.Slide 21

eOTD ctionaryMaster DataeOTD-r-xmlis coded using concepts inconformsto theconstraints inIdentificationGuideeOTD-i-xmleOTDconstrainsthe use of

These are data requirementsSlide 23

The quality of the data depends on how you ask for itSlide 24

ISO 8000 would not solve the highlighted problem!

ISO 22745 ArchitectureIdentificationSchemeISO 22745-13DictionaryDataISO 22745-40is coded using concepts inconformsto theconstraints inDataRequirementISO 22745-10constrainsthe use ofISO 22745-30Slide 26

Corporate DictionarySomecommonexamples ofdatarequirementsCopyright 2013 by ECCMA

Terminology Referenced in a Standard ModelThe eOTD (ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary) is an ISO 22745-20 compliant centralregistry of terminology. Each concept and terminological component in the eOTD isassigned a unique and permanent public domain identifier.Users create their corporate dictionaries as subsets of the eOTD and use the eOTDconcept identifiers to manage concept equivalence mapping.ISO 22745 - ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD)TermsAbbreviationsTerminologyPublic DomainConcept Identifier0161-1#xx-xxxxxx#1DefinitionsImages

The property-value pairEverything (Individuals, organizations, locations, goods, services, processes,rules, transactions) can be described using property-value pairs.PropertyValuePropertyValueCLASS NAMEBOLTDATE2012-08-12PRODUCT NUMBER3225020037CREDIT CARD NUMBER3225020037NOMINAL THREAD DIAMETER1.0 INCHMERCHANT NUMBER15689345WIDTH ACROSS FLATS1.450 INCHESAMOUNT156.45 DOLLARSWIDTH ACROSS CORNERS1.653 INCHESHEAD HEIGHT0.591 INCHESCOUNT PER PACK10PropertyValueSTATEPAPACK PRICE0.80 DOLLARSTITLE33CHAPTER75PARAGRAPH3362NAMEMaximum speed limitsPropertyValueFIRST NAMEJOELAST right 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 29

Terminology Referenced in a Standard ogyCorporateterminology Public domain concept identifiers Free identifier resolution to underlyingterminology (web services) Hyperlink to source standards Multilingual Multiple terms, definitions and imageslinked to single concept identifierSlide 30

Applying Concept Equivalence to Enrich a DictionarySABICconcept equivalence tableeOTD Concept ID0161-1#01-1073082#1TermBOLT01-1073082 01-086142Sabic Bolt Rockwell Bolt01-1073082 01-068756Sabic Bolt ASTM boltEx usA fastener that is externally threaded on one end andgenerally with some style of head on the other end and isnormally intended to be tightened or released by torquing anut and designed to fasten objects together.ActiveEquivalent conceptsA fastener consisting of a threaded pin or rod with a head atone end and designed to be inserted through holes inassembled parts and secured by a mated nut that istightened by applying ltF 1789 - F16RockwellAutomation,IncASTMКрепежная принадлежность, представляющая собойстержень с нарезанной резьбой и головкой на однойстороне, предназначенный для помещения вотверстия собираемых вместе деталей споследующей их фиксацией с помощью гайки,затягиваемой до определенного крутящего момента.headed and externally threaded fastener designed to beassembled with a nutActiveActiveSlide 31

Business ConstraintsLAWS(Mandatory)STANDARDS(Contractual requirements thatcan be independently verified)BEST PRACTICE(Voluntary)Copyright 2013 by ECCMA

StandardsStandards are published documents that establish specifications andprocedures.Standards describe protocols that improve compatibility andinteroperability.Standards are designed to be referenced in contracts.As standards are globally adopted, they reduce cost and improveinternational trade.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. Benson

ISO 8000 referenced in a NATO contractASD Specification 2000M (S2000M) is a standard that specifies the informationexchange requirements for most materiel management functions commonlyperformed in supporting international projects. S2000M is based on a business modelagreed between military customers and industry suppliers.As of Mar 2011 ASD 2000M Chapter 1B section 3.1 includes the following statement, :The Contractor shall supply identification and characteristic data in accordance withISO 8000-110:2009 on any of the selected items covered in his contract. Followingan initial codification request as specified in section 3.2, the NATO CodificationBureau (NCB) shall present a list of the required properties in accordance with theUS Federal Item Identification Guides.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 35

ISO 8000 referenced in a commercial contractThe contractor, sub-contractor or supplier shall, as and when requested to do so,supply technical data in electronic format on any of the items covered in thiscontract as follows:The data shall be ISO 8000-110:2009 compliant. The data shall comply with registered ISO 22745-30 compliant data requirements The data shall be encoded using concept identifiers from an ISO 22745 compliant opentechnical dictionary that supports free resolution to concept definitions. The data shall be provided in ISO 22745-40 compliant Extensible Markup Language (xml). Providing the data necessary for the “safe and efficient” operation of plant andequipment is an established legal requirement in most countries. Creating ISO 8000-110:2009 compliant data does not require the payment of anylicense fees or the use of specialized software, it is within the technical ability of allsuppliers regardless of their size.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 36

Automating the data supply chain using ISO 22745A data provider may not have all the data requested so they inturn send a request through their data supply chain using thesame ISO 22745 standard exchangesRequest for dataeOTD-q-xmlISO 22745-35SubRequest for dataeOTD-q-xmlISO 22745-35DataproviderDatarequesterData requirementeOTD-i-xmlISO 22745-30Data exchangeeOTD-r-xmlISO 22745-40Copyright 2013 by ECCMAData exchangeeOTD-r-xmlISO 22745-40

Use standards to contract for quality data1.2.3.ISO 8000 quality data is portable dataISO 8000-120 quality data is data withprovenanceISO 22745 is the internationalstandard for the exchange of qualitydataEntrust your master data supply chain to acertified ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager(Look for ISO 8000 MDQM Certified)

Emerging Data Quality Drivers1. Data Portability2. Provenance3. Authoritative dataCompanies are discovering how to manage a datasupply chain to acquire and distribute authoritativehigh quality dataISO 22745 is the international standardfor the exchange of quality data

Provenance – ISO 8000-120Master DataPart 120ProvenanceProvenance: “the history of the data” At the data element level When was it extracted from the database Who is the owner of the databaseAuthoritative data is data where the author of the data is identified. Legallythe author has control over the data but occasionally third party validationis required for data to be considered authoritative. While an “author” maysell the copyright (the “ownership”) in the data, the author remains theauthoritative source of the data.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 40

Accuracy – ISO 8000-130Master DataPart 130AccuracyA common definition of“accuracy” is the degree towhich something reflects thereal world. The problem withthis definition is that thecomparison with the real worldis rarely absolute. At the data element level Who makes the claim to accuracy (business identifier) If the accuracy is covered by a warrantee what is the UniversalResource Identifier (URI) where the warrantee is located. If the accuracy is asserted what is the Universal Resource Identifier(URI) where the assertion is located.Copyright 2012 by Peter R. BensonSlide 41

ISO 8000-120 data warehouse used to manage contentCopyright 2013 by ECCMASlide 42

Big Data?1to1 MediaSlide 43

Questions?Mr. Peter R. Benson,ISO 8000 MDQM [email protected]

1. ISO 8000 quality data is portable data 2. ISO 8000-120 quality data is data with provenance 3. ISO 22745 is the international standard for the exchange of quality data Use standards to contract for quality data Entrust your master data supply chain to a certified ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (Look for ISO 8000 MDQM Certified)