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Providing Information Bandwidth At the Fender Diagnose and Repair Vehicles Faster than Ever Before!You make money At the Fender . And stayingthere to get relevant timely diagnostics keeps youproductive. Meet Pegisys—the most advancedhand-held aftermarket diagnostic tool available—it’s designed to give you more freedom to workproductively. Our exclusive AirBridge WirelessTechnology means you can now be completelyuntethered from the vehicle (even when it’s upon the lift), and have immediate Internet access*to real time web-enabled diagnostic assets. . .OTC Direct-Hit Technician on-line diagnosticinformation for Pegisys .Talk about coverage and features! Pegisysprovides over 27 years of vehicle coverage (1980– 2007) for 44 different vehicle makes from over25 different manufacturers. It comes preloadedwith expanded Scan (Pathfinder ) and Scope(InfoTech ) diagnostics, Repair-Trac Tech Tips,Automated System Test , includes large screentouch control, SpeedScroll Thumb pads, built-in2-channel scope, audio & video capability and somuch more.Bottom line? Pegisys unleashes your potentialto work smarter and faster at the fender—that’sgood for the shop and good for you. Pegisys is adiagnostic freedom productivity machine. And it’sfrom OTC, the One Tool Company professionaltechnicians trust.* Requires the shop to have a wireless Internet network.(See page 8 for wireless solutions.)2Extensive VehicleCoverage (1980 -2007)Exclusive DiagnosticTests Saves TimeInteractive Data StreamInformationHigh-Speed2-Channel Scope

Pegisys—Revolutionizing Automotive DiagnosticsInformation At the Fender OTC Direct-Hit Technician , Powered by Identifix is anexciting new option to help you find fixes even faster withIdentifix’s unique, experience-based diagnostic information At the Fender on OTC’s Pegisys diagnostic tool.AirBridge Untethered DiagnosticsPegisys AirBridge Wireless Technology features highspeed WiFi 802.11b/g mini cards, allowing the VehicleCommunications Interface (VCI) to link wirelessly toPegisys. The technician can now inspect the vehicle’shard-to-reach computer-controlled components withoutbeing tethered to a conventional scantool cable. AirBridge wirelessconnectivity also means youcan access the internet rightfrom the tool!VCIJ2534 Reprogramming CapabilityPegisys Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI)hardware is J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant. What doesthis mean? The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)J2534-1 standard applies for all emissions-relatedsystems on 2004 and newer vehicles. The CaliforniaAir Resources Board (ARB) and the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) have both passed legislationmandating vehicle manufacturers comply with thestandard. SAE J2534-2 standard applies to vehiclesolder than 2004 and non-emissions systems.For example, a device compliant to the J2534-2 isrequired if you want to reprogram all the supportedGM controllers and those vehicle older than 2004.The Pegisys tool and VCI provide two tools in one –a high end diagnostic tool with wireless to the car andInternet capability and a J2534 compliant device forvehicle reprogramming. OTC has stood for value over85 years and Pegisys delivers!NOTE: The optional Pegisys J2534 software package will beavailable soon. Contact your OTC distributor for details or visitpegisysotc.com.3

Touch ScreenSpeedScroll Easy to Use—IntuitiveTech-Friendly GraphicsPegisys features a truly innovative Graphical UserInterface (GUI). Combined with Fast Touch screencontrol and the SpeedScroll keypad, the tooldelivers the fastest access to information in the industry. SpeedScroll rotational controls allow you to quickly andefficiently scroll through menus from the left side andindependently manipulate data from the right side. Scrollthrough long data lists fast – even when using gloves. The screen itself is also a navigation method. Thetouch screen and the unique graphic user interfaceallow you to use your finger, or the included stylus, tonavigate through menus and other diagnostic functions.It’s that simple on the 8.4 inch SVGA screen.Built for the Shop EnvironmentShop-tough, the Pegisys tool is engineered inside andout to work the way a Technician needs it. Made of super-resilient ABS plastic—like that foundin football helmets and car bumper extensions. Resilient rubber is molded in for maximum protectionon corners and edges. Even the hard drive is mounted in a shock resistantrubber gasket to protect it for a rough service environment.Unique eLearning Resources Specifically designed training modules with video Instructor guided, interactive testing and certification Only available at www.PegisysOTC.com.(Registration required)High Speed ScopeFeaturing the latest PC technologycombined with OTC’s 25-yearexperience in scan technology andintegrated 40 MSPS high speedscope make this the most advanceddiagnostic system in the industry.4

Software Subscription Updates 24/7No PC Required!Pegisys provides subscription updates 24/ 7 for directdownloading to the tool. No PC required! No more waitingfor the latest vehicle coverage or features to be releasedonce or twice a year or more. Now when a new vehiclecoverage package is complete it is made available fordownload. Timely new vehicle coverage and informationyou need to fix the car right the first time. Valuablenew features, diagnostic information, and softwareimprovements are also made available when complete.First Year is Provided Free!Pegisys Domestic and Asian vehicle coveragesubscription begins when the tool is registered andthe first year is provided free! You no longer need toworry about missing the next update because it came outright after you bought the tool. Beginning with your firstdownload the software is fresh and the latest available. Atthe end of the subscription period a renewal kit is availablefrom your OTC distributor. While most will see the tremendous value in having the latest vehicle coverage anddiagnostic information, some may chose to not renew oncetheir subscription ends. No problem, keep working with thesoftware coverage you have at the time the subscriptionends! Pegisys does not shutdown when the subscriptionends like some competitive tools.Subscription StatusProductivity Bundle SubscriptionThe value doesn’t end with 24/7 updates!Pegisys Productivity Bundle subscription packagecombines four software applications previously soldseparately – Domestic, Asian, ABS/Airbag, and InfoTech.Included in the bundle are improved versions of the QuickDTC Scan and Automated System. Whether you want toautomatically scan the vehicle’s many systems for DTC’sor run a complete Health Check, Pegisys delivers with apush of a button.Automated System Test SummaryOptional SoftwareThe 3825-01 European Starter Kit and 3825-02 HeavyDuty Standard Starter Kit are sold separately. Featuredin these kits are the new color coded OEM adapters foreasy identification and storage. New for Pegisys is theOTC Direct-Hit Technician Internet based diagnosticinformation subscription No. 3825-45. (See Page 3for details)On Tool HELP5

3825 Diagnostic System3825 Diagnostic SystemSoftwareVehicle Cable Set USA Domestic / Asian Vehicle Subscription (12 Months) Diagnostic InformationScan Diagnostic Information (Pathfinder)Scope Diagnostic Information (InfoTech)Repair-Trac OBD II Cable USA Domestic OEM OBD I Cables USA Asian OEM OBD I CablesIncluded Accessories Pegisys Carrying CaseOEM OBD I Cable Carrying CaseAirBridge Wireless Kit100 – 240 Volt Power SupplyScope Accessory KitKit Includes:3825-32, OBD II Adapter3825-10, Chrysler 1Adapter3825-17, Toyota DCL1/ Adapter3825-33, 100 - 240 VoltPower Supply3825-34, Chrysler 3Adapter3825-18, Toyota DCL2/ Adapter3825-35, Power cord,6' cigarette3825-12, Ford EECAdapter3825-19, Mitsubishi/Chrysler “Y” Adpater3825-41, Scope ProbeAssy Green3825-16, Ford ABSAdapter3825-20, Nissan 1Adapter3825-42, Scope ProbeAssy Yellow3421-93, Kia Adapter3825-21, Subaru Adapter3825-43, Scope ProbeAssy Black3825-11, MECS ABSAdapter3825-22, Misubishi/Hyundai Adapter3825-44, Scope KVProbe Assy3825-13, Geo-IsuzuAdapter3825-23, Honda Adapter212638, Battery Adapter3825-14, Mazda MECSAdapter3825-24, Nissan 2Adapter3825-09, GM 12 PinAdapter3825-15, Universal 9 PinAdapter6Cables are color coded: Blue Domestic,Green Asian, Red European optional.

3825 Diagnostic System AccessoriesOptional Software and Cables3825-01 – USA European Starter Kit(Software and Cables)3825-03 – Pegisys “Hot Swap” Kit3825-02 – Heavy-Duty Standard Starter Kit(Software and Cables)3825-45 – OTC Direct-Hit Technician ,Power by Identifix Starter Kit (Q4)3825-31 – 8' Vehicle Extension Cable3825-48 – Replacement Stylus PackOptional Scope AccessoriesNo. 3500-31 – Pressure/ vacuumadapter - Measure pressure from0–500 psi (0–3, 447 kPa); vacuumfrom 0–30 in Hg. An optional transduceris available to measure pressure from0–3,000 psi (0–17,237 kPa).No. 3500-38 – High pressure transducer Measures pressure from 0–3,000 psi(0–17,237 kPa). For use with 3500-31adapter kit.No. 3500-39 – Transducer 0–500 psi,vacuum 0–30 (replacement).No. 3820-07 – Temperature adapter moduleprovides scope and meters with temperaturecapabilities. Allows use of K-typetemperature probes.No. 3500-03 – Surface temp probe Measures surface temp ofhoses, engine blocks,catalytic converters, and tire temp. K-type connector.No. 3500-04 – Air temp probe - Measuresair temp when servicing HVAC systems.K-type connector.No. 3500-06 – Immersion temp probe Wire type measures liquid temp of coolant,oil, transmission fluid, fuel,etc. K-type connector.No. 3825-49 – Piercing probe set.No. 3820-13 – Low-range amp probe with display – use alone orconnected to scope. Long, small jaws combined with superiorperformance are ideal for: Ignition coils Fuel injectors Fuel pumps Relays Electric motors Parasitic draw 0–60A range, measure to 90A, 100mV/A High accuracy, and low noise interference Non-intrusive AC/DC current measurement Resolution: 10mA Average responding, RMS calibrated Auto ranging, auto zero, data hold, low battery indicatorNo. 3825-54 – Mid-range ampprobe with BNC adapter.Measures current in arange of 2–600 amps AC/DC.No. 3500-05 – Bead-type temperatureprobe - Measures air tempwhen servicing HVACsystems. K-type connector.7

Web Based Communication ProcessSOFTWARE UPDATESInternet SecurityProviding secure virus free updates andinformation downloads is a top priority atSPX. All Pegisys web communication ischanneled through a secure server firewallwith anti-virus protection. Next, Linux operating system provides the ultimateprotection for your productivity investment.No anti-virus software required.Wireless SolutionsGot connectivity? Have no fear – SPX has your solution. Introducing PegisysCONNECT , your one-stopsolution for maximizing the productivity of your Pegisys scan tool system. PegisysCONNECT is a flat-feeservice includes business-level wireless router, on-site installation (including firewall), and configurationwith Pegisys host unit. Services provided by Best Buy/ Geek Squad Business Solutions Team.A customized solution for Pegisys specifications and customer needs.Hardware: Linksys Wireless-G Router WRV200 with RangeBooster.Secure: Specifically selected to meet the business needs of Pegisys customers.FeaturesWhy Geek Squad? RangeBooster technology provides increased range and reliability. Includes SPI Firewall, Encryption, and Virtual Private network (VPN)features to help secure mobile worker connections. Nationwide coverage: 700 locations throughout the US, includingAlaska and Hawaii. Multiple BSSIDs and VLANs to provide separate secure networks. Enhanced wireless and wired QoS for improved voice/video quality. Web-based interface. SNMP1 and 2c for remote management and monitoring of device. 3-year limited factory warranty (provided by Linksys). Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are not completely satisfied, theywill work to correct the problem – fast and free. Up-front pricing: No matter how long it takes to perform theservice, you will know the exact cost before they start. No time windows: If you are scheduled for service at 1pm, that’swhen they’ll be there. Proven service: Over 5 million service calls and counting.Order online today at www.spxtooldepot.com08-108 2008 SPX. All rights reserved. Because of ongoing product improvements, we reserve the right to change design, materials, andspecifications without notice. Certain kits may require additional cables or adapters. Product shipped may differ from photo(s) shown.

3825-34, Chrysler 3 Adapter 3825-12, Ford EEC Adapter 3825-16, Ford ABS Adapter 3421-93, Kia Adapter 3825-11, MECS ABS Adapter 3825-13, Geo-Isuzu Adapter 3825-14, Mazda MECS Adapter 3825-15, Universal 9 Pin Adapter 3825-17, Toyota DCL 1/ Adapter 3825-18, Toyota DCL 2/ Adapter 3825-19, Mitsubishi/ Chrysler “Y” Adpater 3825-20, Nissan 1 Adapter

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