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ZEN BARN RESIDENCE - OTTAWA, ON CANADAResidential, Certified LEED PlatinumARCHITECT: Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.PROJECT TYPE:With an estimated 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to an average home and a 46%reduction of energy consumption, the Zen Barn achieved an EnerGuide rating of 82 — which is 10 points higherthan that required by the Ontario Building Code.

ENERGY EFFICIENCYB U I LT A R O U N D Y O U .Marvin windows and doors are made-to-order to suitthe aesthetic preferences and performance requirementsof each customer. Our products are Built around you —both the visible characteristics like size, color, and material;and performance features like U-factor and Solar HeatGain Coefficient (SHGC). As an industry leader in energyefficiency, we offer a variety of flexible and customizablewindow and door options that help customers balance theirinitial product investment with long-term performance andenergy cost savings. Select or combine options to meet thedemands of any residential or commercial location, project,climate, or budget.Marvin wood oraluminum cladwood windowsand doors havea reputation forquality and durability. Marvin’s thick, AAMA 2605 70%PVDF fluoropolymar finish, applied to an impact-resistant,extruded aluminum substrate, directly translates to moreyears of a gleaming clad exterior, backed by Marvin's20-year warranty against loss of adhesion, chalking or fading.*Contact your Marvin representative to find an energyefficient solution for your next project.* Loss of adhesion is covered for 10 years in coastal applications. For complete warranty informationsee

ENERGY START H E I N D U S T RY S TA N D A R D F O R R AT I N G E N E R GY E F F I C I E N C YENERGY STAR criteria varies in different areas of the country to suit specific climate and energy efficiencyrequirements. The new ENERGY STAR Version 6.0 values bring even greater energy efficiency to all four zonesof the U.S. There are Marvin window and door products in most operating styles that meet the 2015 Version 6.0ENERGY STAR specifications.ENERGY STAR CRITERIAZONEWINDOWSU-FACTORSHGC– 0.27any 0.28– 0.32 0.29– 0.37 0.30– 0.42NORTH CENTRAL ZONE– 0.30SOUTH CENTRAL ZONESOUTHERN ZONENORTHERN ZONEDOORSU-FACTORSHGC– 0.30– 0.40– 0.40– 0.30– 0.40– 0.30– 0.25– 0.30– 0.25– 0.40– 0.25– 0.30– 0.25

GLASS & GLAZINGPERFORMANCE OPTIONSMarvin offers thousands of window anddoor options with two or three panes ofglass and a range of glazing options tomeet the performance challenges of anyclimate. The correct glazing selection canmeet code requirements and provideoptimal and cost-saving energy efficiency.Our standard glass and glazing is insulatingglass with Low E2 and argon gas, but allproducts are made-to-order to suit theenergy efficiency requirements of eachindividual building or project.Solar heat absorbedby Low E2 coating on#2 surfaceLOW E COATINGS MANAGEVISIBLE LIGHT AND HEATGLAZING OPTIONS - LOW E INSULATING GLASS COATINGSGLAZINGDESCRIPTIONCLIMATEENERGY PERFORMANCELOW E1Features a single layer of metallic coating,which blocks heat loss to the outside whilereflecting heat back into a room.NORTHERNlow U-Factorhigh solar heat gainLOW E2Features a double layer of silver on an inside surfaceof IG glass. It provides year round performanceand comfort. This coating option provides betterprotection against radiant heat transfer than singlelayer metallic Low E coatings.NORTHERNNORTH-CENTRALSOUTH-CENTRALlow U-Factormedium solar heat gainLOW E3Features three layers of metallic silver andprovides the lowest solar heat gain performancein climates where sun exposure isintense and cooling costs are est U-Factorlower solar heat gainLOW ERSA high-performance insulating glass that features aLow E coating on the room-side glass (4th surface)and Low E3 on the 2nd glass surface. Unavailablein some northern zones as condensation can be aconcern in the coldest climates.NORTHERN r U-Factorlower solar heat gainI N S U L AT I N G G A S E SInsulating gases are pumped into the spaces between panes of glass to slow the transfer of heat, increasing theinsulating power of a window or door. Marvin products contain argon gas as our standard insulator, but we also offera krypton/argon/air blend for even greater energy efficiency. The addition of krypton to this gas blend lowers theU-factor and increases the insulating capabilities in narrow airspaces.

ENERGY STARMOST EFFICIENTThe ENERGY STAR Most Efficient classification recognizes products that meet high energy-efficiency guidelines. Marvin offersthe industry’s widest selection of wood and clad wood products that meet the rigorous Most Efficient criteria.ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENTOPERATING STYLEENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENTU-FACTORMAX .20SHGCPGOPERATING STYLEU-FACTORMAX .20SHGCPGMINMAXMINMAXMIN 0.130.38350. UltimateCasement Round TopOperator/Stationary0. UltimateCasement Round TopOperator/Stationary0. Ultimate CasementVenting Picture0. Inswing Casement0. Ultimate Awning0. Ultimate 0.120.37300. Direct Glaze Polygon0. Direct Glaze Polygon0. Magnum Tilt-Turn0. Magnum Tilt-Turn0. MagnumTilt-Turn 4 9/16" Jamb0. Direct GlazeRound TopWood Direct GlazeRound TopMINMAXMINMAXMIN 15HUNGCASEMENTClad Ultimate Double/SingleHung - Next GenerationClad Ultimate Double HungPicture - Next GenerationClad Ultimate Double HungTransom - Next Generation0.180.200.18Clad Ultimate Double HungRound Top Picture Transom Next GenerationClad Ultimate Double/SingleHung Picture Round Top Next GenerationWood UltimateDouble/Single HungWood Ultimate Double HungPicture 1 5/8" SashClad Ultimate InsertDouble/Single HungWood Ultimate InsertDouble/Single HungClad Ultimate InsertDouble Hung PictureWood Ultimate Double HungPicture 2" SashWood Ultimate Double/SingleHung Round TopWood Ultimate Double HungPicture Round Top 2" SashWood UltimateDouble Hung TransomWood Ultimate Double HungTransom Round Top 2" SashClad UltimateDouble/Single Hung MagnumWood UltimateDouble/Single Hung MagnumClad Ultimate Double HungPicture IZ3 MagnumClad SimulatedDouble Hung Hopper0. Ultimate CasementWood Ultimate 500. UltimateCasement PictureWood UltimateCasement PictureClad UltimatePushout CasementWood UltimatePushout CasementClad Ultimate PushoutCasement PictureWood Ultimate PushoutCasement PictureAWNINGClad UltimatePushout AwningWood UltimatePushout AwningGLIDERClad Ultimate GliderWood Ultimate GliderDIRECT GLAZE

MOUNTAIN CABIN - WOODLAND, UTResidential, CLT constructionARCHITECT: Shubin DonaldsonPROJECT TYPE:As one of the first Cross Laminated Timber construction projects to be built in the U.S., this residence is truly amodern-day log home. The epitome of recycle and reuse, lumber was harvested on the property, cleaned and cut bya local timber mill, shop assembled, and shipped to the site ready for install. Marvin’s energy-efficient clad productscomplement the conservation and sustainability already designed into the solid wood thermal mass structure.

LAKE LUZERNE RESIDENCE - ADIRONDACKS, NYResidential, Tripane windowsPhinney Design GroupPROJECT TYPE:ARCHITECT:Designed with a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, the Lake Luzerne residence offers a breathtaking view ofthe waterfront from every room of the house. Because of the amount of glass used in this residence, Marvin high-efficiency Tripane windows were instrumental in meeting energy code requirements.

HIGH PERFORMANCET R I PA N ETripane glazing, available with argon or krypton insulating gas,provides excellent energy performance. Available in products whereglazing thickness can be wider than ¾”, Tripane features two coatedpanes of glass with a third pane between them. Marvin offers Tripane in a variety of Low E glass options. It'savailable with Low E2 on both panes, with Low E1 onboth panes for high SHGC, or with Low E3 on theexterior pane and Low E1 on the interior pane for lowSHGC. Tempered and laminated glazing optionsare available to meet special safety and impactrequirements. Many Tripane glazed unitshave U-Factors less than 0.25, and fixed orcombination units can be lower than 0.20without sacrificing visible light transmission.GLAZING OPTIONSCLADULTIMATE CASEMENT3/4" IG1" IGU-FACTORSHGCU-FACTORSHGCLow E1 (IG)0.300.470.300.46Low E1 / Clr / Low E1 (Tripane)NANA0.240.39Low E2 (IG) E2 / Clr / Low E2 (Tripane)NANA0.230.25Low E3 (IG) E3 / Clr / Low E2 (Tripane)NANA0.240.18NEXT GENERATION CLADULTIMATE DOUBLE HUNG7/8" IGU-FACTORSHGCLow E1 (IG)0.300.50Low E1 / Clr / Low E1 (Tripane)0.250.41Low E2 (IG)0.300.30Low E2 / Clr / Low E2 (Tripane)0.250.26Low E3 (IG)0.290.20Low E3 / Clr / Low E2 (Tripane)0.260.18

KROON HALL - NEW HAVEN, CTUniversity facility, Certified LEED PlatinumARCHITECT: Centerbrook Architects, with Hopkins ArchitectsPROJECT TYPE:Kroon Hall is cutting-edge sustainable architecture. All windows are set deep into the walls to provide naturalshading in the summer and take advantage of solar heat gain in the winter. Marvin Tilt Turns in an open positioncan ventilate during cool evenings. With many windows operational, a signal system indicates if windows should beopen or closed for optimal energy efficiency.

SIGNATURE SERVICESC U S TO M C A PA B I L I T I E S I N E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N C YMarvin Signature Services engineers custom design solutions to meet unique structural, aesthetic and/orperformance requirements. Signature offers innovative possibilities, from modifying and customizing Marvinstandard products to designing entirely new solutions to optimize energy conservation and meet projectgoals. An experienced, dedicated Signature project manager will partner with you at the earliest design stageto concept and develop a tailor-made window or door solution.Combining the craftsmanship of a small millwork shop with the research and technology capabilities ofan industry leader, Signature Services will bring unparalleled service and personalization to even the mostchallenging, complicated projects.ENERGY PERFORMANCE PROGRAMSC O D E S , S TA N D A R D S , A N D C E R T I F I C AT I O N STechnologies for enhanced energy performance in new and existing construction have been driven primarily bymandatory building energy codes. Criteria for window energy performance vary according to state and localcodes, and are advanced through voluntary certification programs.NET ZEROMarvin offers various window types that contribute to net zero design, and also offers the flexibility andcustomization of made-to-order products that is often necessary to capitalize on the other variables involvedin net zero building.PA S S I V E H O U S EMarvin Windows and Doors leads the U.S. market in Passive solutions that meet Passive House InstituteU.S. criteria.LEED CERTIFIEDWhile individual windows and doors are not LEED certified, our products contribute significantly to the creditsrequired for whole-project certification. We’ve developed a database of Marvin products that generatesproject-specific reports for customers seeking LEED certification data. These reports can be included in LEEDcertification submissions — they provide performance data for Energy & Atmosphere credits; and break outrecycled content by component weight, both in pounds and in percentage of total weight, for Materials &Resources credits.

E N E R G Y- E F F I C I E N T P R O J E C T F E A T U R E D O N C O V E RBURR & BURTON ACADEMY MOUNTAIN CAMPUS - PERU, VTS chool facility, Certified LEED PlatinumARCHITECT: BensonwoodPROJECT TYPE:Energy-efficient Marvin windows and commercial doors played a crucial role in the design of the nearly zero netenergy building Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus. The all Tripane solution incorporated large operableawnings, fixed units and uniquely angled assemblies with optimized solar gain and shading. 2016 Marvin Windows and Doors. All rights reserved. Registered trademark of Marvin Windowsand Doors. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR certification mark are registered U.S. marks.Part #19980723. January 2016.

Clad Ultimate Pushout Casement 0.19 0.20 0.14 0.25 35 Wood Ultimate Pushout Casement 0.18 0.20 0.13 0.38 35 Clad Ultimate Pushout Casement Picture 0.16 0.20 0.15 0.45 50 Wood Ultimate Pushout Casement Picture 0.15 0.20 0.15 0.44 50 Clad Ultimate Casement Round Top Operator/Stationary 0.19 0.20 0.14 0.25

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to apply in coming decades. The history of energy efficiency in the U.S. provides a vital reference and guide to any future national energy-efficiency strategy. The Alliance to Save Energy’s Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy (ACNEEP) established a goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030 relative to 2011.