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01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page2Sealing boots Prevent dust, sand and water from getting into switches. On toggle versions, also prevent ice from blocking lever action Compatible with frontal sealing options (K and X408). Available in a wide range of colours. When necessary, a sealing ring or washer is supplied with theboot.MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS Boot material : neoprene or silicone (see comparative advantages below) Nut material : brass, nickel plated or matt black Operating temperature :- neoprene boots : -20 C to 50 C- silicone boots : -40 C to 85 C : excellent, : good, - : poorCOMPARATIVETEMPERATURE RANGEELASTICITYMECHANICALRESISTANCE - - ADVANTAGESLOWHIGHSilicone Neoprene-DIFFERENT TYPES OF BOOTSFull-toggle (standard) *Half-toggle ** Colour options availableTwo-part(no metal parts accessible) *For double sealingNutEXAMPLES OF MOUNTINGHH-2www.apem.comAPEM

01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page3Sealing bootsFor toggle switchesFor bushing Ø 6 x 0.75 (.236 x 0.75) - 5500 seriesBlackRedGreenWhiteKnurledNickel U1341-3)N3216B005(U1341-7)KnurledMatt 1343-3)N3216B002(U1343-7)HexNickel U1302-3)N3212B005(U1302-7)HexMatt 1304-3)N3212B002(U1304-7)13.40(.527)FULL-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSø12.00(.472 DIA)13.40(.527)NUT11 (.433)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 6,35-40NS (1/4-40UNS) - 5000 and 11000 seriesRedGreenWhiteKnurledNickel U1331-3)N3316B005(U1331-7)KnurledMatt 1333-3)N3316B002(U1333-7)HexNickel U1229-3)N3312B005(U1229-7)HexMatt 1231-3)N3312B002(U1231-7)13.40(.527)FULL-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackø12.00(.472 DIA)13.40(.527)NUT11 (.433)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 6,35-40NS (1/4-40UNS) - 5000 and 11000 seriesBOOTS SUPPLIED AS2 SEPARATE )14.20(.559)NEOPRENEø11.00(.433 DIA)Once the boot is mounted onto the panel, no switch metal part is accessible any more.For bushing Ø 10 x 0.75 (.393 x 0.75) - 10600 seriesFULL-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1612-3)N3415B005(U1612-7)Matt 1614-3)N3415B002(U1614-7)18.45(.726)KNURLED NUTHø18.00(.709 DIA)For bushing Ø 11,9-32 NS (15/32-32NS) - 12000, 5000M, 3500 and 6000 seriesAPEMFULL-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1031-3)N3511B005(U1031-7)Matt 1024-3)-www.apem.com23.00(.905)HEX NUT17 (.669)AC.FLATSH-3

01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page4Sealing bootsFor toggle switchesFor bushing Ø 11,9-32 NS (15/32-32NS) - 12000, 3500 and 6000 seriesHALF-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1600-3)N3511B015(U1600-7)Matt 1602-3)-11.20(.440)HEX NUT17 (.669)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 12000, 3500, 3600 and 600 seriesN3634600930.40(1.196)FULL-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOT(U2252)Ø12.00X0.75SI(.472X0.75IS DIA)Ø20.20(.795 DIA)For bushing Ø12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 600 series with -5 long leverN3634620950.00(1.968)FULL-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOT(U2197)Ø12.00X0.75SI(.472X0.75IS DIA)Ø27.00(1.062 DIA)For bushing Ø12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 4450, 4650 and 1600 seriesNickel platedN36116045(U09)Matt blackN36116042(U223)18.90(.744)FULL-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOTSHEX NUT17 (.669)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 600H, 660, 1000, 1500 and 3600HEX NUTFULL-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1565-3)N3611B005(U1565-7)Matt 1567-3)-22.85(.900)HFULL-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOTSH-4Nickel platedN36116005(U851)Matt blackN36116002(U853)www.apem.com17 (.669)AC.FLATSAPEM

01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page5Sealing bootsFor toggle switches or pushbutton switchesFor bushing Ø 12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 600H, 660, 1000 and 3600 seriesHALF-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1151-3)N3611B015(U1151-7)Matt 1153-3)-11.60(.457)HEX NUTHALF-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOTSNickel platedN36116015(U598)Matt blackN36116012(U600)17 (.669)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 4 x 0.70 (.157 x 0.70) - 9500 seriesPUSHBUTTON SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1829-3(N3122B005(U1829-7)Matt 1831-3)N3122B002(U1831-7)6.80(.267)HEX NUT8 (.315)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 6,35-40NS (1/4-40UNS) - 18000, 9000 and 13000 seriesBlackRedGreenWhiteKnurledNickel U1401-3)N3326B005(U1401-7)KnurledMatt 1403-3)N3326B002(U1403-7)HexNickel U1318-3)N3322B005(U1318-7)HexMatt 1320-3)N3322B002(U1320-7)11.00(.433)PUSHBUTTON SILICONE BOOTSø12.00(.472 DIA)11.00(.433)NUT11 (.433)AC.FLATSFor bushing Ø 6,35-40NS (1/4-40 UNS) - 8000 seriesNickel platedPUSHBUTTON SILICONE 455)KNURLEDNUTHø12.00(.472 DIA)For bushing Ø 10 x 0.75 (.393 x 0.75) - 10400 seriesAPEMPUSHBUTTON SILICONE BOOTSBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1624-3)N3425B005(U1624-7)Matt URLED NUTØ 18.00(.709 DIA)H-5

01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page6Sealing bootsFor pushbutton switchesFor bushing Ø 11,9-32 NS (15/32-32UNS) - 13000X778, 13000X768 and 8000-6X934 seriesBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel 89-3)N3521B005(U589-7)Matt 0-3)-12.80(.504)PUSHBUTTON SILICONE BOOTSHEX NUT17 (.669)AC.FLATSFor long plunger (-9) care should be taken over the panel thickness.For bushing Ø 12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 1200, 4700 and 4800 seriesBlackRedGreenWhiteNickel U1654-3)N3621B005(U1654-7)Matt 1656-3)-12.80(.504)PUSHBUTTON SILICONE BOOTSHEX NUTPUSHBUTTON BLACK NEOPRENE BOOTSNickel platedN36216005(U31)Matt blackN36216002(U225)Chrome platedN36216001(U224)17 (.669)AC.FLATSFor double sealing on IP and IB-IS 125-69.60(.377)SILICONE BOOTØ19.00(.748 DIA)Operating temperature : -40 C to 85 CThe flat seal or O-Ring supplied with the switch should not be used with this boot.For double sealing on IA seriesaØ16.00(.629 E BOOTØ21.00(.826 DIA)HFor AV series (models with Ø 19 mm ww.apem.com4.10(.161)SILICONE BOOTØ23.00(.905 DIA)APEM

01-Boots-A 01-Boots-A 22/11/12 12:11 Page7Sealing bootsFor pushbutton switches or rocker switches9.50(.374)For LPI seriesSILICONE BOOTBlackU3082TransparentU3088Ø46.50(1.830 DIA)11.00(.433)For 2600 series36.40(1.433)TRANSPARENT SILICONE BOOT28.80(1.134)U21507.60(.299)For FM seriesTRANSPARENT PVC 49)For KG seriesBLACK SILICONE BOOTAlso available with pad-printed symbols : 2.007)H-7

AC.FLATS 17 (.669) HEX NUT Nickel plated Matt black HALF-TOGGLE SILICONE BOOTS Black Red Green White For bushing Ø12 x 0.75 SI (.472x.075 IS) - 4450, 4650 and 1600 series 18.90 (.744) AC.FLATS 17 (.669) HEX NUT Nickel plated Matt black FULL-TOGGLE BLACK NEOPRENE BOOTS N36116045 (U09) N36116042 (U223) 22.

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