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Spark Plugs & Glow PlugsCatalogue 2019/2020


Spark Plugs & Glow tallationCharacteristicsIdentificationRange and InstallationCharacteristicsRange UpdatesApplication TablesBuyers GuideCross Reference ChartPhoto GuideTechnical chaftenKennzeichnungstabelleAuswahl & rQuerverweistabellenFotoanweisungTechnische Daten imÜberblick661 icheTabella di identificazioneGamma & InstallazioneCaratteristicheTabelle applicativeGuida per l’acquirenteTabella di riferimentoGuide fotograficaInformazioni Table of Tableau d’identificationGamme & InstallationCaractéristiquesTableaux d'affectationsGuide de l’acheteurTableau decorrespondances633 Guide photographique655 Vue d’ensemble de lagamme661 abla de identificaciónGama & MontajeCaracterísticasTablas de aplicaciónGuía de CompraReferencias CruzadasGuía de fotografíasCompendio técnicoSímbolos y ifieringstabellProdukter & referensFotonTeknisk 61WstępMontażCharakterystykaTabela identyfikacyjnaOferta & MontażCharakterystykaTabele zastosowańPrzewodnik kupującegoTabela zamiennikówPrzewodnik ze zdjęciamiOpis technicznySkróty3

Spark PlugsIntroductionGBThe DENSO differenceDENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technologysince 1959. We develop all of our ranges in-house, and manufacturethem in our own QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certified factories worldwide– with ‘zero defects’ as standard. We also provide this outstanding OEquality to the aftermarket. Including Nickel, Platinum, Twin Tip andIridium, DENSO Spark Plugs cover a complete range of continuallyupdated references. Guaranteeing optimum engine performance,choose DENSO Spark Plugs for every automotive, motorcycle,marine and small engine application.RangeTwin Tip (TT)Nickel TT Nickel alloy centre and a ‘twin’ protruding ground electrode Low carbon dioxide emissions Improved fuel efficiency Smooth engine running even under extreme conditions Best value for money performance spark plugIridium TT Two ultra-fine, highly durable centre and ground electrodes Improved performance of up to 20% compared with traditionalNickel plugs Life span of 120,000 Km Premium OEM technology now available at a lower price for awider range of vehicles Fuel savingsDirect FitNickel Copper glass seal helps heat dissipation Standard U-groove Deeply inserted copper core Heat resistant nickel plating Multi-ground electrode plugs availableDouble Platinum (Longlife) Improved, more reliable start More complete combustion (lower emissions) Improved ability to overcome tuning imperfections Superior throttle response and acceleration Race proven technologyIridium Power Superb ignitability Low required voltage Better acceleration response and operational stability Lower fuel consumptionIridium Longlife, Iridium Tough Superb ignitability Low required voltage Better acceleration response and operational stability Lower fuel consumption Longer lifetimeSuper Ignition Plug (SIP) Two ultra-fine, highly durable centre and ground electrodes Latest Spark Plug technology OE fitted in Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi,Mazda, Subaru, Toyota & Volvo Top performance Long lifetimeRacingInformation in this catalogue is valid for the date of issue. Pleaserefer to our e-Catalogue for the most up-to-date information.The recommendations in this catalogue are based on the latestinformation from manufacturers for operating under standardconditions. We do not accept legal claims arising out of thecontents of this list.Cross reference information should be used for guidance only.Design and material differences between manufacturers mayvary in the Heat Range. See the recommendations section forspecific engine applications.Where manufacturers’ names and/or numbers are stated, theseare given for reference purposes only and do not indicate thesource of manufacture or any connection in the course of tradewith the manufacturers named. In order to find the right sparkplug please refer to the original part number (OEM) on the partand find the corresponding DENSO part number in the crossreference table.DENSO spark plugs are developed and manufactured for theuse in automotive, motorcycle, marine, horticultural, agricultural,commercial, industrial and stationary engines. DENSO sparkplugs CANNOT be used in aircraft, helicopter or other aviationengines.4Iridium Racing F1 technology Ultimate acceleration High reliability Boosted performance

Spark PlugsIntroductionGBRangeTT RangeDirect mIridiumTypeNickel TTIridium TTNickelPlatinumIridium OEM5IridiumPowerIridiumToughSuper IgnitionPlug (SIP)IridiumRacingU-groove-- 1-- 2---Tapered cut groundelectrode--Some types3-- 2-Some types-Ground electrodematerialØ 1.5 mmNickel needleØ 0.7 NormalPlatinumtipped6Ø 0.7 mmPlatinum needleFull PlatinumCentre electrodediameterØ 1.5 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 2.5 mmØ 1.1 mmØ 0.55or 0.7 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 0.55 mmØ 0.4 mm4Available heat esistorAll TypesAll TypesMost TypesAll TypesAll TypesAll TypesAll TypesAll TypesAll TypesPerformance Fuel saving -Life time For racing onlySpark plug types without a ‘U’ in the type name do not have a U-grooveNot applicable to IU24A, IU27A, IU31A, IUF27A and IUF31A3Spark plug types with a ‘Z’ in the type name have a tapered cut ground electrode4Except for surface gap types5OEM Types, only for specific vehicles6Ø 0.7 mm Platinum needle available12CAUTION! (Prohibited usage of Spark Plugs) Never use DENSO Spark Plugs in the engines for any aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, gliders and drones. DENSOSpark Plugs are not designed and manufactured for any aircraft: use may result in a plane crash or other accidents due toengine malfunction. Never use DENSO Spark Plugs listed in our catalogue in the engines for generators and gas heat pump air conditioningsystems. These spark plugs are not designed and manufactured for such use. Such use may result in accidents, including powergeneration stop or heat generation stop. A separate catalogue for DENSO Cogeneration Spark Plugs specifically designed forgenerators (gas engines) is available. Please contact your DENSO representative for more information. Never use DENSO Spark Plugs for gas burner ignition. DENSO Spark Plugs that we sell are not designed and manufactured forsuch use. Such use may result in ignition failure or equipment damage due to overheating.5

Spark PlugsInstallationGBSpark plug installationRecommended Torque and Tightening Angle forDENSO plugs.ABCD1. Use the correct wrench for the hex on the plug, and be careful notto damage the insulator.2. When changing, make sure that the oil, etc. on the outside of theplug does not enter the engine interior.3. When putting the plugs in, clean the engine side of the flange andput in the plugs after making sure the gasket is in the flange.4. Make sure the plugs are vertical and tighten them by hand untilthey cannot be tightened any further (A B).5. Then use a torque wrench to tighten to the accurate torque valueas shown in the chart below. When no torque wrench is available,use a spark plug wrench to tighten with the recommended turns.For further information on the absolute torque value, please visitour e-catalogue.UK: INSTALLATION TORQUE SPECIFICATIONThread sizeNewplugUsedplugM8Y type8-10 Nм 1 turn 1/12turnM10U, N type10-15 Nм 2/3turn 1/12turnM10Stainlesssteel gasket10-15 Nм 3/4turn 1/12turnM12SXU, X, XE,XU, ZXE, ZXUtype15-20 Nм 1/3turn 1/12turnM14FK, J, K, KJ, P,PK, PKJ, PQ,Q, QJ, QL, S,SF, SK, SKJ,SV, SVK, VK,VKJ, W, ZTtype20-25 Nм 1/2turn 1/12turnM14Stainlesssteel gasket20-25 Nм 2/3turn 1/12turnM18L, M, MA, MWtype30-40 Nм 1/4turn 1/12turnM14PT, PTJ, T type20-30 Nм 1/16turn 1/16turnM18MA type30-40 Nм 1/4turn 1/12turnGasketTaper seat6RecommendedTorqueRecommendedTurnsI f a thread lubricant such as grease is coated onthe thread, tightening to the recommended torqueis tightening too much; this has been linked to sealleakage. Do not use a thread lubricant.Tightening more than the tightening angles andtorques shown in the above table could result indamage to the engine and furthermore could resultin the plug coming off at the thread.

Spark PlugsCharacteristicsGBSpark Plug CharacteristicsTerminal Thread, removable, crimped or solidCeramic insulator The five rib design is used throughout the surfaceThis reduces voltage loss and prevents missed sparksHigh-purity alumina is usedGood electrical insulation, durability and thermal conductivityChemically stableSpecial copper-glass seal Air tightness, durability and thermal conductivity are good.RingHousing A highly corrosion resistant nickel platingElectrical heat seal Heat resistance, gives good hermeticity and low variation in heat range.Resistor With a 5 KΩ resistance, reduces radio noise.PackingCopper cored center electrode Compared to other manufacturers, DENSO uses higher copper concentrations for betterthermal properties From low to high speeds, a strong steady spark.Center electrode DENSO’s iridium plugs have the world’s smallest 0,4mm diameter center electrodeGround electrode Available with U-groove which gives a more complete combustionTaper cut results in a steady ignition.Available with Platinum tip for long lifetimeAvailable with needle tip for long lifetime and best ignitabilitySpark gap Most DENSO Spark Plugs are pre-gapped to fit your application, you don’t need to gap ityourself7

Spark PlugsIdentification TableGBNickel Plugs, Platinum Plugs and Iridium PlugsIDENTIFYING DENSO SPARK PLUGSSS(Reach: 12.7 mm)M. 18 25.4(Reach: 12 mm)with Ø1.0 mmneedle typeMA. 18 20.6platinum (SIP)MW. 18 20.6F Ø0.55 mmiridium withØ0.7 mm needletype platinum(SIP)P Ø1.1 mmplatinum withplatinum tipS Ø0.7 mm iridiumwith platinum tipSV Ø0.4 mm iridiumwith platinum tipZ Ø0.55 mmiridium withplatinum tip(Taper seat, Reach: 12 mm)(Reach: 12 mm)EBOSCHHeat RangeCHAMPIONplatinum (SIP)E Ø0.7 mm iridiumThread Diameterand Hex SizeC. 12 14.0L. 18 22.2NGKwith Ø0.7 mmneedle type162022DENSOType of preciousmetalD Ø0.7 mm iridiumWKXU4J. 14 20.61810(Projected plug)14416/149K. 14 16.016512/11820610/9 ed Miniatureplug)LP. 14 20.6(Plug for LPGapplications)Q. 14 16.0(Miniature plug)QJ. 14 16.0(Projected Miniatureplug)QL. 14 20.6(Miniature long cylinderhousing plug)S. 14 20.6(Surface gap plug(for RE engines))T. 14 16.0(Taper seat)W. 14 20.6W. 14 19.0(Compact type)X. 12 18.0XE. 12 14.0XU. 12 16.0N. 10 16.0U. 10 16.0Y. 8 13.0Shape (Type)(Spark position: 7.0 mm)J16AR-U11A. 21.5 mm S29AB. 19.0 mmJ16BR-U2KJ. 14 16.0ReachA. 19.0 mm A Double ground(Spark position: 9.5 mm)9(Miniature plug)HXRPRCR32 10.5 53341135 11.52electrodes W22EAAY Double groundelectrodes with bent shapeJ16AYB Triple groundelectrodes W22EB groundC. 19.0 mm BG Tripleelectrodes (shroud)(Spark position: 5.0 mm)KJ20CR-L11D. 19.0 mm(Shroud 2) K20DTR-S11SK20BGR11C Shroud 1.5mmSXU22HCR11D 4 ground electrodesE (With gasket)W27EDRE . 19.0 mm W16EX-UD ProjectedE (With gasket)(1.5 mm projection,E . 20.0 mm W25EBRspark position 3.5 mm)E (Taper seat)XU22HDR9E .19.0 mm T16EPR-U E Shroud: 2.0mmF. 12.7 mm W20FP-UFXE20HE11FE. 19.0 mm K Projected(Half thread) U24FER9G. 19.0 mm(Shroud 3.5) PK20GR8G. 19.0 mm(Shroud 3) X27GPR-U(1 mm projection)W16EKR-S11LM Compact type(Hex 20.6 mm)W14LM-UH.26.5 mm QJ16HR-U M Shortened insulatorhead lengthH. 19.0 mm(Spark position: 8.5 mm)K16HPR-U11L.11.2 mm W14LN (Taper seat, Half thread) .17.5 mm T20NR-U11W27EMR-CM Compact type(Hex 19.0 mm)W20M-UP Projected(1.5 mm projection)W16EP-UV (Taper seat)V.25.0 mm PT16VR13 None. 9.5 mm W14M-U Q Projected 2mm, Spark11.2 mm L14-U, M24S19.0 mm SK20R1121.5 mm S29ANone (Taper seat). 8.3 mm T20M-U11.2 mm T16PR-Uposition 3.5mmR 5Kohm resistor K16R-US Non-projected(0 mm Projection)W22ES-US Iridium on a single sideKJ20SR11-U-A-11SShape (Type)-A Special specificationSK16PR-A11-B Special specificationK16PSR-B8-C Cut-back groundelectrode W27EMR-C-C Special specificationFC16HR-C9-CY Special specificationFC16HR-CY9-D Copper-core GroundDK20PR-D13-E Special specificationSK16PR-E11-F Special specificationSK16PR-F11-G Grease applied on tothreads, for CNGSK20R8-G-GL Platinum centerelectrode X22EPR-GL-L Heat resistant groundelectrode K20PR-L11-L 3.5 mm projectedinsulator formotorcycles W20FP-UL-L Retracted insulator formotorcycles W20FR-L-M Larger groundelectrodeSK20PR-M11S-N For Yamaha andKawasaki U27ESR-N-P Double PlatinumGround ElectrodeSK20R-P11-P Single-sided platinumplug K16PR-P11-R 10K ohm resistorK22PR-UR-S Semi-surface gapdischarge typeW20EP-S11T Double ground-S Stainless gasketTM Double ground-T For LPGTN Double ground-T Special specificationX Fully projected-TP Taper-cut, single-sideelectrodes K16TR11electrodes K22TMR11electrodes K22TNR-S(2.5 mm inum plugK20PR-TP11-U U groove groundelectrode K16PR-U-US Star-shaped centerelectrode W20M-US-V 1.3 mm diameter, nickelcenter electrodeW27ES-V81111Gap05. 0.5 mm (.020 )08. 0.8 mm (.032 )09. 0.9 mm (.035 )10. 1.0 mm (.040 )11. 1.1 mm (.044 )13. 1.3 mm (.050 )14. 1.4 mm (.055 )15. 1.5 mm (.060 ) None Cars: 0.8 mmM/C: 0.7 mm Exceptions P16R,PQ16R, PQ20Rare 1.1 mm

Spark PlugsIdentification TableGBIridium Power, Iridium ToughIDENTIFYING DENSO SPARK PLUGSIVFUKH2720High Performance PlugThread Diameter, Reach and Hex SizeHeat RangeI Ø0.4 mm iridium Power V Ø0.4 mm iridium withplatinum tip Tough VF Ø0.4 mm iridium withØ0.7 mm needle typeplatinum Tough (SIP)VD Ø0.7 mm iridium withØ0.7 mm needle typeplatinum Tough (SIP) Thread Diameter Reach Hex Size (mm)CH 12 26.5 14.0K 14 19.0 16.0KA 14 19.0 (Shrouded, New Triple Electrodes) 16.0KB 14 19.0 (New Triple Electrodes) 16.0KBH 14 26.5 (New Triple Electrodes) 16.0KD 14 19.0 (Shrouded) 16.0KH 14 26.5 16.0NH 10 19.0 (Half Thread) 16.0SUEH 10x26.5x14.0T 14 17.5 (Taper Seat) 16.0TF 14 11.2 (Taper Seat) 16.0TL 14 25.0 (Taper Seat, Long Insulator) 16.0TV 14 25.0 (Taper Seat) 16.0Q 14 19.0 16.0U 10 19.0 16.0UF 10 12.7 16.0UH 10 19.0 (Half Thread) 16.0W 14 19.0 20.6WF 14 12.7 20.6WM 14 19.0 20.6 (Compact Insulator)X 12 19.0 18.0XEH 12 26.5 (Shroud 2.0) 14.0XG 12 19.0 (Shroud 3.0) 18.0XU 12 19.0 16.0XUH 12 26.5 16.0Y 8 19.0 (Half Thread) 13.0AShape 42794/593299.5573110553210.55334113511.5CHAMPION BOSCH2A Slant electrode, No U-Groove,No taper cutB Projected insulator (1.5 mm)C No U-GrooveD No U-Groove, lnconel groundelectrodeE Shroud: 2 mmES Stainless steel gasketF Special specificationG Stainless steel gasketI Spark position: 4 mmProjected insulator (1.5 mm)J Spark position: 5 mmK Spark position: 4 mmProjected insulator (2.5 mm)L Spark position: 5 mmT For LPG applicationsY 0.8 mm gapZ Taper cutTT SeriesIDENTIFYING DENSO SPARK PLUGSIWXEH1620Type of precious metalThread Diameter, Reach and Hex SizeHeat RangeI Ø0.4 mm iridium withØ0.7 mm needle typeplatinum tip (SIP) Thread Diameter Reach Hex Size (mm)K 14 19.0 16.0KBH 14 26.5 (New Triple Electrodes) 16.0KH 14 26.5 16.0Q 14 19.0 16.0T 14 17.5 (Taper Seat) 16.0TF 14 11.2 (Taper Seat) 16.0TL 14 25.0 (Taper Seat, Long Insulator) 16.0TV 14 25.0 (Taper Seat) 16.0W 14 19.0 20.6WF 14 12.7 20.6XEH 12 26.5 (Shroud 2.0) 14.0XU 12 19.0 16.0XUH 12 26.5 16.0TTETTShape (Type)DENSONGK16512/11820610/97/62278.75CHAMPION BOSCHE Shroud: 2 mmIXEH20ETTTT Nickel TT(Ø 1.5 mm centre, Ø 1.5 mmground electrode)W16TTTT Iridium TT(Ø 0.4 mm centre, Ø 0.7 mmground electrode)IW16TTI Spark position: 4 mmProjected insulator (1.5 mm)XUH20TTI9

Glow PlugsRange & InstallationGBGlow Plug RangeHow to install a Glow PlugDENSO’s Glow Plug programme is a major OE quality, all-makesintroduction; launched to provide Aftermarket customers with analternative, advanced branded choice for their growing Diesel needs.Recommended torque specification for DENSO Glow Plugs:1. Use the correct wrench for the Glow Plug and Terminal.2. When changing Glow Plugs, make sure that oil, dirt etc. on theoutside of the disassembled Glow Plug does not enter into thecylinder.3. When mounting the Glow Plug, clean the engine side of the flangeand make sure the Glow Plug is correctly inline with the thread ofthe cylinderhead.4. Make sure the plug is correctly positioned and tighten it by handuntil it cannot be tightened any further.5. Then, use a torque wrench to tighten it accurately to the torqueshowed in the chart below.The cutting edge programme benefits from DENSO Corporation’spedigree as a world leading OE manufacturer of Glow Plugs forleading automotive suppliers around the world. Engineered to OEstandards, our Aftermarket Glow Plug programme comprises 138 partnumbers covering more than 4,800 applications; equivalent to 98%of the European parc. Ongoing extensions are planned to continuallyenhance and update the range.The DENSO Glow Plug programme encompasses all current GlowPlug technologies including single coil, double coil, extended postheating, ceramic Glow Plugs and instant heating.DENSO Glow Plugs feature: OE quality Glow Plugs that meet or exceed manufacturers’specifications Faster heat-up times and a reliable cold-start Extended post-heat temperatures for lower emissions Excellent coverage ensures suitability for almost every dieselengine in Europe More applications covered with fewer part references Easy to use part numbering system Meets ISO TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 standardsComparison of DENSO Glow Plug TypesRecommendedtorqueThread sizeM8x1.00Glow plugTerminal8-10 NmM9x1.008-10 NmM10x1.0010-12 NmM10x1.2510-12 NmM12x1.2515-20 NmM14x1.2520-25 NmM18x1.5030-40 NmM4x0.71-1.5 NmM5x0.83-4 NmDO NOT USE A THREAD LUBRICANT! If a threadlubricant such as grease is coated on the tread, theresistance between the Glow Plug and the cylinderheadwill be less resulting in over tightening.Temperature ( celsius )Tightening more than the torques shown in the tablecould result in damage to the Glow Plug and engine.Time (seconds)Instant HeatingCeramicExtended Post-HeatingDouble Coil10RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION TORQUE SPECIFICATIONGlow Plug failure is most commonly caused byexcessive voltage and/or heat. Glow Plugs are designedto operate between 850 to 1100 degrees.When the electrical current to the Glow Plug is held toolong, either because of a faulty relay and/or controller,it can lead to overheating which will cause the GlowPlug to swell, split or burst and cause immediate failure.Therefore it is advisable to check out the entire electricalsystem before changing to new Glow Plugs.Overly advanced injection timing, leaky injectors, orpetrol running in your engine will cause the combustiontemperature to increase too much; damaging the GlowPlugs. A faulty relay and controller can also causeGlow Plug failure so it is advisable to check out theentire system before changing to new Glow Plugs.

Glow PlugsCharacteristicsGBThe blueprint for superior Glow Plug technologyTerminal & Shell The outer casing and terminal are zinc coated to resist corrosion.Insulator The Glow Plug insulating disc has exceptional strength, insulation and thermalconductivity to ensure that a short circuit cannot occur.Casing An alloy casing surrounds and protects the Glow Plug to provide heat resistance.Seal A rubber seal is in place to prevent air from seeping through and corroding the coilInsulation Electrical insulation of the coil is provided by firmly packed magnesium oxide powder,which is also an efficient heat conductorRegulating Coil The main coil acts as a regulator within the Glow Plug to control and sustain temperaturerise, and ensure a rapid warm-up.Coil Connection Laser welding connects the Heating and Regulating coils to maintain their position at alltimes and ensure consistent resistance characteristics.Heating Coil A shorter, tapered coil inside the end of the Glow Plug delivers a quick start (from as littleas 3 seconds) even in cold conditions. It can then hold its post-heating temperature forup to six minutes after cold start. This contributes to lower engine emissions.Tip The narrowed plug tip ensures improved heating efficiency and excellent performance.11

Spark PlugsEinleitungDDer DENSO-UnterschiedIn der Zündkerzentechnologie hat DENSO seit 1959 Standardsaufgestellt. Wir entwickeln alle unsere Produktreihen im eigenenHause; die Produktion erfolgt in unseren eigenen, gemäß QS 9000und ISO 9000 zertifizierten Werken in allen Teilen der Welt – undfehlerfreie Fertigung gehört selbstverständlich zum Standard.Mit dieser herausragenden OE-Qualität beliefern wir auch denAftermarket. Über die Produktreihen Nickel, Platin, Twin Tip undIridium hinaus, decken Zündkerzen von DENSO ein komplettesSpektrum kontinuierlich aktualisierter Anwendungen ab. Mit seinenwegweisenden Technologien und der alle Marken umfassendenAuswahl garantiert das DENSO Zündkerzenprogramm eine optimaleMotorleistung von Kraftfahrzeugen, Motorrädern, Bootsmotoren undKleinmotoranwendungen.SortimentTwin Tip (TT)Nickel TT Mittelelektrode aus Nickellegierung und doppelte Masseelektrode Geringe Kohlendioxidemissionen Besserer Kraftstoffverbrauch Hohe Laufruhe des Motors, selbst unter extremen Bedingungen Hochleistungs-Zündkerze mit dem besten Preis-LeistungsVerhältnisIridium TT Verbessertes, verlässlicheres Startverhalten Bis zu 20% bessere Leistung im Vergleich zu herkömmlichenNickel-Kerzen Standzeit von 120,000 km Premium OEM Technologie jetzt zu einem günstigeren Preis füreine noch breitere Fahrzeugpalette erhältlich KraftstoffeinsparungenInformationen in diesem Katalog entsprechen dem Stand desErscheinungsdatums. Die aktuellsten Informationen finden Sieonline in unserem E-Katalog.Die Empfehlungen in diesem Katalog basieren auf den neuestenInformationen der Hersteller zum Betrieb unter normalenBedingungen. Wir schließen jegliche Haftungsansprücheaufgrund des Inhalts dieses Katalogs aus.Cross-Referenzen bzw. Querverweisinformationen dienen nur alsOrientierungshilfe. Design- und Materialunterschiede zwischenden Herstellern können im Wärmebereich variieren. Angaben zuspeziellen Anwendungen finden Sie im Kapitel Empfehlungen.Angegebene Herstellernamen und/oder -nummern dienennur Orientierungszwecken und sind keine verbindlichenAussagen zum Hersteller oder irgendeiner Beziehung zumHersteller im Rahmen der Geschäftstätigkeit. Um die richtigeZündkerze zu finden, prüfen Sie bitte die Originalteilenummer(OEM) auf dem Produkt und ermitteln sie die entsprechendeDENSO Teilenummer in der Cross-Referenzen-Tabelle/Querverweistabelle.Die passenden DENSO Zündkerzen sind ausschliesslichfür den Einsatz in KFZ-, Motorrad-, Marineanwendungen-,Gartengeräte-, Landwirtschaftlichen-, Industrie- und stationärenMotoren bestimmt. DENSO Zündkerzen dürfen nicht inFlugzeugtriebwerken eingesetzt werden.12DirekteinbaukerzenNickel Abdichtung mit Kupferglasschmelze fördert Wärmeableitung Standardmäßige U-Rille Tiefliegender Kupferkern Wärmebeständige Nickelummantelung Zündkerzen mit Mehrfach-Elektroden erhältlichDouble Platinum (Longlife) Verbessertes, verlässlicheres Startverhalten Vollständigere Verbrennung (geringere Schadstoffemissionen) Stärkere Kompensation von Tuningmängeln Spontane Gasannahme und bessere Beschleunigung Rennsporterprobte TechnologieIridium Power Überlegenes Zündverhalten Niedriger Zündspannungsbedarf Besseres Beschleunigungsverhalten, bessere Betriebsstabilität Reduzierter KraftstoffverbrauchIridium Longlife, Iridium Tough Überlegenes Zündverhalten Niedriger Zündspannungsbedarf Besseres Beschleunigungsverhalten, bessere Betriebsstabilität Reduzierter Kraftstoffverbrauch Längere LebensdauerSuperzündkerze (SIP) Zwei äußerst dünne, hoch verschleißfeste Mittel- undMasseelektroden Neueste Zündkerzentechnologie Wird als Erstausstattung in Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan,Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota und Volvo eingebaut. Spitzenleistung Lange StandzeitRennzündkerzenIridium Racing F1-Technologie Ultimative Beschleunigung Hohe Verlässlichkeit Gesteigerte Leistungsabgabe

Spark tinumIridiumIridiumSuperzündkerze(SIP)TypNickel TTIridium TTNickelPlatinumIridium OEM5IridiumPowerIridiumToughU-Rille-- 1-- 2---Konisch zulaufendeMasseelektrode--Einige Typen3-- 2-Einige itze6Ø 0.7 mmnadelförmigePlatinelektrodePlatin massivMaterialMasseelektrodeØ 1.5 mmØ 0.7 mmnadelförmigenadelförmigeNickelelektrode rodeØ 1.5 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 2.5 mmØ 1.1 mmØ 0.55oder 0.7 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 0.4 mmØ 0.55 mmØ 0.4 216-2716-3416-2716-2424-35EntstörwiderstandAlle TypenAlle TypenDie meistenTypenAlle TypenAlle TypenAlle TypenAlle TypenAlle TypenAlle TypenLeistung Kraftstoffeinsparung -Standzeit Nur für denRennsportZündkerzen ohne ein ‘U’ in der Typbezeichnung haben keine U-RilleNicht zutreffend für IU24A, IU27A, IU31A, IUF27A und IUF31A3Zündkerzen mit einem „Z“ in der Typbezeichnung besitzen eine konisch zulaufende Masseelektrode4Außer Gleitfunkenzündkerzen5OEM-Typen, nur für bestimmte Fahrzeuge6Mit nadelförmiger Platinspitze 0.7mm erhältlich12ACHTUNG! (Zündkerzenverwendung untersagt!) Verwenden Sie DENSO Zündkerzen niemals in Motoren von Luftfahrzeugen jeglicher Art, einschließlich Flugzeugen, Helikoptern,Segelflugzeugen und Drohnen. DENSO Zündkerzen sind weder für Luftfahrzeuge ausgelegt noch dafür hergestellt: DieVerwendung könnte möglicherweise aufgrund von Motorfehlfunktionen zu Flugzeugabstürzen oder anderen Unfällen führen. Verwenden Sie DENSO Zündkerzen niemals für die Zündung von Gasbrennern/ Gasheizgeräten. DENSO Zündkerzen, diewir vertreiben sind nicht für eine solche Verwendung ausgelegt und nicht dafür hergestellt. Eine solche Verwendung kannmöglicherweise zu Zündaussetzern, Fehlzündungen oder zur Beschädigung der Ausrüstung durch Überhitzung führen. Verwenden Sie DENSO Zündkerzen, die in unserem Katalog gelistet sind, niemals in Motoren von Generatoren undgasbetriebenen Wärmepumpen-Klimaanlagen. Diese Zündkerzen sind nicht für eine solche Verwendung ausgelegt undnicht dafür hergestellt. Die Verwendung könnte möglicherweise zu Störungen und Schäden einschließlich des Stopps vonStromerzeugung oder Wärmeerzeugung führen. DENSO bietet ein separates Zündkerzen-Sortiment für Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungan. Diese Zündkerzen sind speziell für die Verwendung in Generatoren (gasbetriebenen Motoren) ausgelegt und hergestellt.Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie von Ihrem DENSO Vertriebskontakt.13

Spark PlugsMontageDZündkerzen MontageEmpfohlenes Drehmoment und Anzugswinkel fürDENSO-Zündkerzen.ABCD1. Verwenden Sie den richtigen Schraubenschlüssel für denSechskant der Zündkerze, und achten Sie darauf, den Isolatornicht zu beschädigen.2. Beachten Sie beim Wechseln der Kerze, dass keineVerunreinigungen etc. von außerhalb in das Innere des Motorsgelangen.3. Bevor Sie die Zündkerzen einsetzen, reinigen Sie den Flanschim Motor und kontrollieren Sie anschließend dass der Dichtringkorrekt sitzt.4. Überprüfen Sie, ob die Zündkerzen vertikal ausgerichtet sind undziehen Sie diese so weit wie möglich von Hand an (A B).5. Nutzen Sie einen Drehmomentschlüssel, um das richtigeAnzugsdrehmoment zu wählen, das Sie unten stehender Tabelleentnehmen können. Wenn Sie keinen Drehmomentschlüssel zurHand haben, nutzen Sie einen Zündkerzenschlüssel, um die Kerzemit den empfohlenen Umdrehungen festzuziehen. Für weitereInformationen zum genauen Anzugsdrehmoment nutzen Sie bitteunseren E-Katalog (C D).http:

DENSO Spark Plugs are not designed and manufactured for any aircraft: use may result in a plane crash or other accidents due to engine malfunction. Never use DENSO Spark Plugs listed in our catalogue in the engines for generators and gas heat pump air conditioning systems. These spark

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Spark Plugs DENSO’s Motorcycle Spark Plug range features the most advanced technology in motorcycle engine ignition. A commitment to R&D and a heritage in the highest level of motorcycle motorsports has pioneered innovation in DENSO Motorcycle Spark Plugs. Our cutting-edge ca

Spark Plug (ngk,dpr7ea-9) Spark Plug (denso,x22epr-u9) Spark Plug (ngk,dpr8ea-9) Spark Plug (denso,x24epr-u9) Spark Plug (ngk,dpr9ea-9) Spark Plug (denso,x27epr-u9) Cap, Head Cover Lh Cap, Head Cover Rh Cushion, Head Cover Cap Washer, Head Cover Cap Upper Washer, Head Cover Cap Low

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DENSO Robotics . ロボットスクールのご案内. 2018年度. DENSO Robotics DENSO Robotics

Spark plug color codes: for Iridium Tough and Iridium Plugs and Iridium TT, for Iridium Power, for Iridium Racing and Two Tops Plugs, for Platinum Plugs and Platinum TT, and black for general spark plugs. 车种 车型 发动机型式 DENSO IRIDIUM 比亚迪 S6 2.4L 4G69 KJ20CR-L11IK20L IK20TT PK20TT K20TT

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