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THE TRUE BEVERAGEDISPENSER GIVES YOUAs a leader in commercialrefrigeration since 1945, True hasa reputation for being the industry’s bestTHE PERFECTSERVEwhen it comes to superior performanceand quality.With its new line of residentialwine cabinets, beverage centersand undercounter refrigerators,True now brings this heritage ofperformance to you, with productsdesigned specifically to suit yourwide range of needs.Ideal for the beer connoisseur or forthose who love to entertain, this draftbeer dispenser uses our exclusiveairflow technology to deliver a frostyand refreshing beverage every time.Best of all, this versatile beer kegcooler is completely convertible to aBeverage Center, Wine Cabinet or AllRefrigerator, making it adaptable asyour needs change.

F E AT U RE SAVAIL ABLE MODELS24 INCH MODELSTrue PrecisionControl with steeltouch technologySINGLE TAP15 INCH MODELSDUAL TAPSINGLE TAPStandard with lock(stainless steelmodels only)STAINLESS SOLIDOVERLAY SOLIDSTAINLESS SOLIDOVERLAY SOLIDSTAINLESS SOLIDOVERLAY SOLIDTUR-24BD-R/ L-SS-BTUR-24BD-R/ L-OP-BTUR-24DD-R/ L-SS-BTUR-24DD-R/ L-OP-BTUR-15BD-R/ L-SS-BTUR-15BD-R/ L-OP-BExclusive airflowtechnology providesthe perfect serve*Cabinets are shown with custom overlay panel and door handle supplied by others.All cabinets are standard with draft tower, CO 2 tank, CO 2 regulator valve, and low profile Sankey tapper.

KEG FOOTPRINTSPLAN VIEWS25 3/425" 3/4"23 7/823" 7/8"23 7/823" 7/8"11 7/811" 7/8"TUR-24BD - R-SS - B24 INCHWIDTH: 237/8”DEPTH: 237/8”SINGLE TAP MODELSCO2HEIGHT: 341/4”DUAL TAP MODELSCO2CO210 1/410" 1/4"Dimensions are the same forTUR-24DD-R-SS-B.Distance from the center ofthe tapper handle to edge ofcabinet on the TUR-24DDis 9 7/16".50" 50"25 1/425" 1/4"34 1/434" 1/4"†Depth does not include 17/8 for door handle.*Height does not include 153/4" for tapper.CO246 7/846" 7/8"50" 50"34 1/434" 1/4"4 1/8" 4 Barrel3 3/4" 3 3/4"SixthBarrelSixthBarrelDimensions may vary by 1/8”SixthBarrel14 7/8"25 3/4"14 7/8"25 3/4"23 7/8"23 7/8"TUR-15BD - R-SS - B7 1/2"7 1/2"10 1/4"50"50"WIDTH: 14 7/8”50"10 1/4"37 7/8"*With supplied wire shelf.50"DEPTH: 237/8”15 INCHSlimQuarterBarrelSIXTHBARRELSLIM QUARTERBARRELSINGLE TAP MODELSCO2HEIGHT: 341/4”KEG GUIDECO2SHORT QUARTERBARREL4 1/8"4 1/8"3 3/4"3 3/4"Dimensions may vary by 1/8”O PENING DIMENSIONS23 3/8"13 7/8"WIDTH: 15" for 15 Inch models or 24" for 24 Inch models16 1/8"16 1/4"34 1/4"34 1/4"Height Dimensions / – ½” Specifications subject to change without notice. Stainless steel models can be freestanding or built-in for any setting.OP/ OG models are built-in only. Please refer to w w for most current specifications.23 3/8"SixthBarrel†Depth does not include 17/8 for door handle.*Height does not include 153/4" for tapper.34 1/4"34 1/4"11 1/8"9 1/4"DEPTH: 24"HEIGHT: 34½"ROUGHOPENINGWIDTH15"OR 24"ROUGHOPENINGDEPTH24"ROUGHOPENINGHEIGHT34 ½"16 1/4"37 7/8"

Discover the entire line of high-performance wine cabinets,beverage centers, and undercounter refrigerators.www.true-residential.comTrue Residential 2001 East Terra Lane O’Fallon, MO 63366 phone: 636-240-2400toll free: 1-888-616-8783 fax: 636-272-7546 e-mail: info @ web: www.true-residential.comGP 6.15 1000

15 INCH KEG GUIDE *With supplied wire shelf. SINGLE TAP MODELS Slim Quarter Barrel CO 2 Sixth Barrel CO 2 24 INCH SINGLE TAP MODELS Sixth Barrel Sixth Barrel CO 2 Sixth Barrel CO 2 Slim Quarter Barrel Slim Quarter Barrel CO 2 CO 2 Quarter Barrel Short DUAL TAP MODELS 11 1/8" 23 3/8" 9 1/4" 23 3/8" 13 7/8" 16 1/8" SHORT QUARTER BARREL SLIM .

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

the detergent dispenser, if the dispenser is large enough. Do not add powder color-safe bleach with a liquid detergent. Mixing powders and liquids together may cause “caking” in the dispenser. If there is no color-safe bleach dispenser or if the detergent dispenser is not large enough for both pow