2020 PRICE LIST EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020 .

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2020 PRICE LISTEFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS.BERETTA PISTOLSACTIONCAT CODEUPC CODEMODELCALIBERROUNDSMSRPDbl/Sngl 1,399J92XR20082442915715 92X Performance9 mm10 RoundsJ92XR21082442915708 92X Performance9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 1,399J92FR915082442908137 92X FR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 700J92FR921082442907581 92X FR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 700J92FR920082442907574 92X FR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92FR915G082442908144 92X GR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 700J92FR921G082442907642 92X GR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 700J92FR920G082442907635 92X GR FULL SIZE9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92QR915082442908113 92X FR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 700J92QR921082442907468 92X FR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 700J92QR920082442907451 92X FR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92QR915G082442908120 92X GR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 700J92QR921G082442907529 92X GR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 700J92QR920G082442907512 92X GR CENTURION9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92CR921082442907345 92X FR COMPACT WITH RAIL9 mmDbl/Sngl13 Rounds 700J92CR920082442907338 92X FR COMPACT WITH RAIL9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92CR921G082442907406 92X GR COMPACT WITH RAIL9 mmDbl/Sngl13 Rounds 700J92CR920G082442907390 92X GR COMPACT WITH RAIL9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92C921082442907222 92X F COMPACT9 mmDbl/Sngl13 Rounds 700J92C920082442907215 92X F COMPACT9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92C921G082442907284 92X G COMPACT9 mmDbl/Sngl13 Rounds 700J92C920G082442907277 92X G COMPACT9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700JS92M9A3M082442858609 M9A3 F 3-17RD FDE9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 1,100JS92M9A3082442858593 M9A3 F 3-17RD FDE9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 1,100J92F300M082442815503 92FS 9MM 3DOT PLASTIC 2-15RD9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 700J92F300082442029306 92FS,9MM 3-DOT/PLASTIC,2-10RD9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700J92F300CA082442893655 92FS 9MM 3-DOT 2-10RD (CA Compliant)9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 700JS92F500082442818221 92FS INOX 9mm 3DOT RBR 2-15RD9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 799JS92F510082442818733 92FS INOX 9mm 3DOT RBR 2-10RD9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 799JS92F510CA082442884998 92FS Inox (CA Compliant)9mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 799J92F700CA082442884974 92FS Brigadier (CA Compliant)9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 799J92F560CA082442884981 92FS Brigadier Inox (CA Compliant)9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 850J9A4F10082442111100 96A1.40 S&WDbl/Sngl12 Rounds 775J9A4F11082442111117 96A1.40 S&WDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 775J92M9A0M082442816371 M99 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 675J92M9A0082442816838 M99 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 675J92M9A0CA082442884967 M9 (CA Compliant)9mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 675JS92M9A1CA082442884950 M9A1 (CA Compliant)9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 775J92G9LTTM082442868912 92G Elite LTT9 mmDbl/Sngl18 Rounds 1,100J92G9LTT082442868202 92G Elite LTT9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 1,100J92GC9LTT082442907185 92G Elite LTT Compact9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 1,099J92GC9LTTM082442907178 92G Elite LTT Compact9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 1,099J92GQ9LTT082442908106 92G Elite LTT Centurion9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 1,099J92GQ9LTTM082442907154 92G Elite LTT Centurion9 mmDbl/Sngl18 Rounds 1,099J90A1M9F19082442736396 M9 22.22 LRDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 430J90A1M9F18082442736389 M9 22.22 LRDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 430J90A1M9A1F19082442736372 M9A1 22.22 LRDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 450J90A1M9A1F18082442736365 M9A1 22.22 LRDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 450J90A192FSRF59082442874524 92FSR Sniper Gray.22 LRDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 450J90A192FSRF58082442874517 92FSR Sniper Gray.22 LRDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 450J90A192FSRF19SK 082442874500 92FSR Suppressor Ready Kit.22 LRDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 495JXS9F21082442819730 Px4 Storm Type F Sub Compact9 mmDbl/Sngl13 Rounds 650JXC9F21082442154282 Px4 Storm Type F Compact9 mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 650JXC9F20082442153667 Px4 Storm Type F Compact9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650JXC4F21082442154732 Px4 Storm Type F Compact.40 S&WDbl/Sngl12 Rounds 650JXC4F20082442154688 Px4 Storm Type F Compact.40 S&WDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650JXC9GEL082442864686 Px4 Storm Type G Compact Carry9mmDbl/Sngl15 Rounds 899JXF9F21082442818191 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size9 mmDbl/Sngl17 Rounds 650JXF9F20082442817286 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size9 mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650Beretta USA CORP.17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek,MarylandPhone: 301-283-2191Fax: 301-283-01891

2020 PRICE LISTEFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS.Dbl/SnglJXF9F20CA082442885674 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size (CA Comp)9mm10 Rounds 650JXF9G20CA082442885681 Px4 Storm Type G Full Size (CA Comp)9mmDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650JXF4F21082442818207 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size.40 S&WDbl/Sngl14 Rounds 650JXF4F20082442817293 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size.40 S&WDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650JXF4F20CA082442885698 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size (CA Comp).40 S&WDbl/Sngl10 Rounds 650JXF5F25082442819754 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size.45 ACPDbl/Sngl9 & 10 Rounds 700JXF5F45082442819761 Px4 Storm SD Type F.45 ACPDbl/Sngl9 & 10 Rounds 1,150JAXF920082442874234 APX Full Size9 mmStriker10 Rounds 399JAXF915082442886565 APX Full Size9 mmStriker15 Rounds 399JAXF921082442874241 APX Full Size9 mmStriker17 Rounds 399JAXQ920082442894362 APX Centurion9 mmStriker10 Rounds 399JAXQ921082442894379 APX Centurion9 mmStriker15 Rounds 399JAXN920082442901664 APX Carry9 mmStriker6 8 Rounds 349JAXN92005082442915319 APX Carry FDE9 mmStriker6 8 Rounds 349JAXN92006082442915326 APX Carry Wolf Gray9 mmStriker6 8 Rounds 349JAXN92007082442915333 APX Carry OD Green9 mmStriker6 8 Rounds 349J212500082442188744 21 Bobcat Inox.22 LRDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 410J212125082442933849 21A Bobcat Covert.22 LRDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 529J212126082442933856 21A Bobcat FDE.22 LRDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 549J320500082442188812 3032 Tomcat Inox.32 ACPDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 485J320500CA082442924298 3032 Tomcat Inox (CA Comp).32 ACPDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 485J320125082442933825 3032 Tomcat Covert.32 ACPDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 575J320126082442933832 3032 Tomcat FDEDbl/Sngl7 Rounds 595CAT CODEJ686FJ0UPC CODE082442915036 686 Silver Pigeon I.32 ACPBERETTA FIELD SHOTGUNSMODELCHOKEOBF-HPMSRP 2,250J686FJ6082442915043 686 Silver Pigeon I1226"OBF-HP 2,250J686FJ8082442915050 686 Silver Pigeon I1228"OBF-HP 2,250J686FJ8V082442915067 686 Silver Pigeon I VITTORIA1228"OBF-HP 2,250J686FK0082442915074 686 Silver Pigeon I2030"OBF-HP 2,250J686FK6082442915081 686 Silver Pigeon I2026"OBF-HP 2,250J686FK8082442915098 686 Silver Pigeon I2028"OBF-HP 2,250J686FK8V082442915104 686 Silver Pigeon I VITTORIA2028"OBF-HP 2,250J686FM0082442915111 686 Silver Pigeon I2830"OBF-HP 2,250J686FM6082442915128 686 Silver Pigeon I2826"OBF-HP 2,250J686FM8082442915135 686 Silver Pigeon I2828"OBF-HP 2,250J686FN6082442915159 686 Silver Pigeon I.41026"OBF-HP 2,250J686FN8082442915166 686 Silver Pigeon I.41028"OBF-HP 2,250J686FP8082442915173 686 Silver Pigeon I COMBO20/2828"OBHP 3,575J686FR8082442915180 686 Silver Pigeon I COMBO082442886602 687EELL Diamond Pigeon28/.41028"MC 3,5751228"MCF 7,8251230"MCF 7,825J687FK8082442886619 687EELL Diamond Pigeon082442886626 687EELL Diamond Pigeon2028"MCF 7,825J687FK0082442886633 687EELL Diamond Pigeon2030"MCF 7,825J691N28V082442893983 691 Vitorria2028"OBF-HP 2,750J690F16082442734415 690 Field III1226"OBF-HP 3,300J693F16082442893891 693082442894058 6951226"OBF-HP 3,3001226"OBF-HP 4,250082442894065 695082442894072 6951228"OBF-HP 4,2502026"OBF-HP 4,250082442894089 695082442704951 486 Pistol Grip Beavertail2028"OBF-HP 4,2501228"OBFHP-486 5,550082442704999 486 Straight Stock Splinter082442723938 486 Pistol Grip Beavertail1228"OBFHP-486 5,5502028"OBFHP-486 5,550082442723945 486 Straight Stock Splinter082442738369 486 Straight Stock Splinter2028"OBFHP-486 5,5502828"OBFHP-486 5,550082442189390 A300 Outlander Wood082442721590 A300 Outlander Camo Realtree Max-51228"MC3 9001228"MC3 900082442868189 A300 Outlander Camo True Timber DRT082442901343 A300 Outlander Synthetic1228"MC3 9001224"MC3 8001228"MC3 800J30TH14082442189406 A300 Outlander Synthetic082442868585 A300 Outlander Turkey Realtree Xtra Green1224"Ext Full TruGlo 900J30TMB18082442916507 A300 Outlander Max5/Bronze 12/281228"MC3P 8J30TT14J30TT18Beretta USA CORP.17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek,MarylandPhone: 301-283-2191Fax: 301-283-0189GAUGE12BARREL30"2

2020 PRICE LISTEFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS. 950J30TUC18082442916514 A300 Outlander Btmland/Cobalt 12/281228"MC3PJ42XD16082442893709 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Synthetic1226"OBF-HOPB 1,800J42XD18082442893716 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Synthetic1228"OBF-HOPB 1,800J42XD18L082442893723 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Synthetic (Left Hand)1228"OBF-HOPB 1,850J42XD10082442893693 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Synthetic1230"OBF-HOPB 1,800J42XM16082442893747 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Marsh1226"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XM18082442893754 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Marsh1228"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XM10082442893730 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Marsh1230"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XN16082442893815 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Timber1226"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XN18082442893822 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Timber1228"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XN10082442893808 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Optifade Timber1230"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XU16082442893846 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Mossy Oak Bottomland1226"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XU18082442893853 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Mossy Oak Bottomland1228"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XU18L082442906775 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Mossy Oak Bottomland (Left Hand)1228"OBF-HOPB 2,000J42XU10082442893839 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Mossy Oak Bottomland1230"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XV16082442893778 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Realtree Max-51226"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XV18082442893785 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Realtree Max-51228"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XV18L082442893792 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Realtree Max-5 (Left Hand)1228"OBF-HOPB 2,000J42XV10082442893761 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO Realtree Max-51230"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XZ16082442893877 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO True Timber DRT1226"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XZ18082442893884 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO True Timber DRT1228"OBF-HOPB 1,950J42XZ10082442893860 A400 Xtreme PLUS KO True Timber DRT082442707686 A400 Xplor Action1230"OBF-HOPB 1,9501226"OBF-HP3 1,720082442707709 A400 Xplor Action082442707693 A400 Xplor Action KO1228"OBF-HP3 1,7201226"OBF-HP3 1,820082442707716 A400 Xplor Action KO082442733302 A400 Xplor Action Left Handed1228"OBF-HP3 1,8201228"OBF-HP3 1,770082442733319 A400 Xplor Action KO Left Handed082442582252 A400 Xplor Action1228"OBF-HP3 1,8202026"OBF-HP3 1,7202028"OBF-HP3 1,720J40AY26082442582269 A400 Xplor Action082442582276 A400 Xplor Action KO2026"OBF-HP3 1,820J40AY28082442582351 A400 Xplor Action KO2028"OBF-HP3 1,820J40AA86082442709116 A400 Xplor Action2826"OBF-HP3 1,720J40AA88082442709109 A400 Xplor Action2828"OBF-HP3 1,720J40AN16082442894102 A400 Upland KO1226"OBF-HP3 1,800J40AN18082442894119 A400 Upland KO1228"OBF-HP3 1,800J40AN26082442923772 A400 Upland KO2026"OCHP 1,800J40AN28082442923789 A400 Upland KO2028"OCHP 1,800J42AS18J40AC24082442894591 A400 LITE KO082442885001 A400 Lite Compact Synthetic (GunPod2)1228"OBHP 1,4202024"OBF-HP3 1,520J40AC26082442885018 A400 Lite Compact Synthetic (GunPod2)2026"OBF-HP3 1,520J40AS101230"OBF-HP3 1,600CAT CODEJ690E10082442777597 A400 Lite Synthetic (GunPod2)BERETTA COMPETITION SHOTGUNSMODELUPC CODE082442838953 690 Sporting - Black ReceiverCHOKEOBSP-HPMSRP 3,000J690E12082442838960 690 Sporting - Black Receiver1232"OBSP-HP 3,000J686SJ0082442915197 686 Silver Pigeon I, Sporting - Vented Mid Rib1230"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SJ0L082442915210 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting, Left Handed1230"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SJ0V082442915203 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting, Vittoria1230"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SJ2082442915227 686 Silver Pigeon I, Sporting - Vented Mid Rib1232"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SJ2L082442915234 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting, Left Handed1232"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SK0082442915241 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting OB-HP2030"OBSP-HP 2,350J686SK0V082442915258 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting, Vittoria2030"OBSP-HP 2,350J694B10082442916385 694 12/30 Sporting BFAST1230"OBSP-HP 4,850J694B12082442916392 694 12/32 Sporting BFAST1232"OBSP-HP 4,850J694Z10082442916477 694 12/30 Sporting BFAST LH1230"OBSP-HP 4,850J694Z12082442916484 694 12/32 Sporting BFAST LH1232"OBSP-HP 4,850J694E10082442916316 694 12/30 Sporting1230"OBSP-HP 4,500J694E12082442916323 694 12/32 Sporting1232"OBSP-HP 4,500J694L10082442916453 694 12/30 Sporting LH1230"OBSP-HP 4,500J694L121232"OBSP-HP 4,500J131C11N082442916460 694 12/32 Sporting LH082442884745 1301 Comp1221"IC 1,320J131C14N082442884752 1301 Comp1224"IC 40AA26J40AA28Beretta USA CORP.17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek,MarylandPhone: 301-283-2191Fax: 301-283-0189GAUGE12BARREL30"3

2020 PRICE LISTEFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS. 1,695J131C11PRO082442916194 1301 COMP PRO KO1221"OBF-HOPB1 1,695J131C14PRO082442916200 1301 COMP PRO KO1224"OBF-HOPB1082442894126 1301 Tactical082442894157 1301 Tactical FDE1218.5"OBHP 1,2951218.5"OBHP 1,395082442894188 1301 Tactical OD Green082442894218 1301 Tactical Marine1218.5"OBHP 1,3951218.5"OBHP 1,395082442893662 A300 Outlander, Sporting082442901350 A300 Outlander, Sporting, Reduced Length1230"MCV 1,1001230"MCV 1,100082442169408 A400 Xcel, Sporting082442908090 A400 Xcel, Sporting Vittoria1230"OBHPe 1,8201228"OBHPe 1,820082442712970 A400 Xcel, Sporting082442712963 A400 Xcel, Sporting2028"OBHPe 1,8202030"OBHPe 1,820082442169415 A400 Xcel, Sporting, KO082442169422 A400 Xcel, Sporting, KO1228"OBHPe 1,9201230"OBHPe 1,9201232"OBHPe 1,920J40CB10082442169439 A400 Xcel, Sporting, KO082442892665 A400 Xcel Sporting Black1230"OBHPe 2,220J40CB18082442892672 A400 Xcel Sporting Black1228"OBHPe 2,220J40CC10082442875019 A400 Xcel Sporting Black KO082442892658 A400 Xcel Sporting Black KO1230"OBHPe 2,3201228"OBHPe 2,320082442196800 A400 Xcel Par Trgt KO SL082442196817 A400 Xcel Par Trgt KO SL1230"OBHPe 1,9201232"OBHPe 1,920082442196824 A400 Xcel Par Trgt KO RL082442838038 A400 Xcel Multitarget1228"OBHPe 1,9201230"OBHPe 2,920082442794792 A400 Xcel Multitarget KO082442837956 A400 Xcel Multitarget KO1230"OBHPe 3,0201232"OBHPe 2CodeChokes IncludedDescriptionMC3F-M-ICMOBILE CHOKE BILE CHOKE 6MOBILE CHOKE FIELDMOBILE CHOKE SPORTMOBILE CHOKE SPORT 2OPTIMABORE SPORTINGOPTIMA HP SPORTING (5)CodeChokes IncludedDescriptionOBSK-HPIM-M-IC-SK-SKOPTIMA HP SKEET C-COPTIMA HP TRAP (5)OPTIMA HP SPORTING (3)OPTIMA HP FIELD (5)OPTIMA HP FIELD (3)18.4mm OPTIMA HP FIELD (5)OPTIMA HP FIELD (5) BLACKSAKO BOLT ACTION RIFLESCALIBERRATE OF TWISTBARRELMSRP082442928494 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel082442928500 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel.243 Win10"24 1/3" 1,700.270 Win10"24 1/3" 1,700082442928517 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel082442928524 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel7mm Rem Mag9.5"24 1/3" 1,700.308 Win11"20" 1,700082442928531 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel082442928548 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel.30-06 Sprg11"24 1/3" 1,700.300 Win Mag10"24 1/3" 1,7006.5 Creedmoor8"24 1/3" 1,7006.5 PRC8"24 1/3" 1,700082442928579 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel082442928586 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel.243 Win10"24 1/3" 1,800.270 Win10"24 1/3" 1,800082442928593 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel082442928609 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel7mm Rem Mag9.5"24 1/3" 1,800.308 Win11"24 1/3" 1,800082442928616 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel082442928623 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel.30-06 Sprg11"24 1/3" 1,800.300 Win Mag10"24 1/3" 1,8006.5 Creedmoor8"24 1/3" 1,8006.5 PRC8"24 1/3" 1,800.270 Win10"22 7/16" 1,800.30-06 SPRG11"22 7/16" 1,800082442820088 85 Grey Wolf082442817637 85 Grey Wolf.300 Win Mag11"24 3/8" 1,800.270 WSM10"24 3/8" 1,800082442817644 85 Grey Wolf082442820071 85 Grey Wolf.300 WSM11"24 3/8" 1,8007mm Rem Mag9.5"24 3/8" 1,800082442898575 85 Grey Wolf082442898308 85 Carbon Wolf6.5 Creedmoor8"24" 1,800.308 Win11"24" 3,750082442898315 85 Carbon Wolf082442898322 85 Carbon Wolf.30-06 SPRG11"24" 3,750.300 Win Mag11"24" 3,7507mm Rem Mag9.5"24" 3,7506.5 Creedmoor8"24" 3,750.22-250 Rem14"20 1/4" 2,575JRSF315082442897967 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442897974 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel.243 Win10"20 1/4" 2,575JRSF316082442897998 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel.308 Win11"20 1/4" 2,575CAT CW316JRSCW320JRSCW331JRSCW370JRSCW382JRSF314UPC CODEMODEL082442928555 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel082442928562 Sako S20 Hunter Cerakote Barrel082442928630 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel082442928647 Sako S20 Precision Cerakote Barrel082442817606 85 Grey Wolf082442817613 85 Grey Wolf082442898339 85 Carbon Wolf082442898346 85 Carbon WolfBeretta USA CORP.17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek,MarylandPhone: 301-283-2191Fax: 301-283-01894

2020 PRICE LISTEFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS.10" 2,575JRSF317.25-06 Rem22 7/16"082442898032 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel10" 2,575JRSF318.270 Win22 7/16"082442898049 85 Finnlight II Cerakote L52JRSFL70JRS1W37082442898056 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442898001 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel.30-06 SPRG11"22 7/16" 2,575.260 Rem8"20 1/4" 2,575082442898070 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442898087 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel.300 Win Mag11"24 2/5" 2,575.270 WSM14"24 2/5" 2,575082442898094 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442898025 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel.300 WSM14"24 2/5" 2,5756.5x55 Swede8"22 7/16" 2,5757mm-08 Rem9.5"20 1/4" 2,5757mm Rem Mag9.5"24 2/5" 2,5756.5 Creedmoor8"20 1/4" 2,575.22-250 Rem14"22 7/16" 1,900082442069166 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069173 85 Finnlight Stainless.243 Win10"20 7/8" 1,900.308 Win11"20 7/8" 1,900082442069180 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069197 85 Finnlight Stainless.25-06 Rem10"22 7/16" 1,900.270 Win10"22 7/16" 1,900082442069203 85 Finnlight Stainless082442556130 85 Finnlight Stainless.30-06 SPRG11"22 7/16" 1,900.260 Rem8"20 1/4" 1,900082442069210 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069227 85 Finnlight Stainless.300 Win Mag.270 WSM11"10"24 3/8"24 3/8" 1,900082442069234 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069241 85 Finnlight Stainless.300 WSM11"24 3/8" 1,9006.5x55 Swede8"24 3/8" 1,9007mm-08 Rem9.5"20 7/8" 1,9007mm Rem Mag.375 H&H9.5"11"24 3/8"21 1/4" 1,900.223 Rem10"23 5/8" 2,150082442897981 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442898063 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442898018 85 Finnlight II Cerakote Barrel082442069159 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069258 85 Finnlight Stainless082442069265 85 Finnlight Stainless 1,900 2,050JRS1G12082442011295 85 Kodiak082442820293 85 Varmint Stainless, Set TriggerJRS1G14082442820316 85 Varmint Stainless, Set Trigger.22-250 Rem14"23 5/8" 2,150JRS1G15082442820323 85 Varmint Stainless, Set Trigger.243 Win10"23 5/8" 2,150JRS1G16082442820330 85 Varmint Stainless, Set Trigger.308 Win11"23 5/8" 2,150JRS1G22082442820309 85 Varmint Stainless, Set Trigger.204 Ruger12"23 5/8" 2,150JRS1G82082442898582 85 Varmint Stainless, Set Trigger6.5 Creedmoor8"24 3/8" 2,200JRSBV16082442069272 85 Bavarian, Set Trigger082442069289 85 Bavarian, Set Trigger.308 Win11"22 7/16" 2,350.270 Win10"22 7/16" 2,350.30-06 SPRG11"22 7/16" 2,350JRSBV31082442069296 85 Bavarian, Set Trigger082442069302 85 Bavarian, Set Trigger.300 Win Mag11"24 3/8" 2,350

THIS PRICE LIST SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED PRICE LISTS. 2020 PRICE LIST JXF9F20CA 082442885674 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size (CA Comp) 9mm 10 Rounds 650 JXF9G20CA 082442885681 Px4 Storm Type G Full Size (CA Comp) 9mm 10 Rounds 650 JXF4F21 082442818207 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size .40 S&W 14 Rounds 650