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Bible Verse Comparison Charts from"New Age Bible Versions"Gail Riplinger 1993Note: 1) All editions and printings of the NIV and NASB et al. are not the same. 2) The NIV and NASB do nothave identical wording because each is copywritten. Space permits only one example, often that of the NASB,but heresy occurs in other versions as well, worded in a slightly different way.ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.2 Peter 1:21Matthew 25:311 Thessalonians 5:27Revelation 22:6Revelation 18:20John 7:391 Corinthians 2:13Matthew 12:31Acts 6:3Acts 8:18Matthew 8:29Philippians 3:3holy menholy angelsholy brethrenholy prophetsholy apostles and prophetsHoly GhostHoly GhostHoly GhostHoly GhostHoly GhostJesusworship GodLuciferJehovahHoly One of IsraelHoly GhostLord Jesus ChristGodheadthe gospelthe wordsthe Godthe Sonthe Saviorthe worldJesusJesusJesusJesusThe kingdom of GodGodGodGodGodthe name of the Lordthe spirithis Father’s name written in theirforeheadsmenangelsbrethrenprophetsapostles and ip (see Revelation 9, 13, 14, 16)morning starLordOneSpiritLorddivine beinga gospela messagea Goda sona Savioran ageheOMITTEDHeHimHis kingdomHeHeHeHeHis namehis spiritHis name and the name of His Fatherwritten on their foreheads (see Revelation14:11!)Luke 24:36Matthew 8:29Mark 2:15Mark 10:52Matthew 6:33Revelation 21:41 Timothy 3:16Galatians 1:15Matthew 22:32Acts 22:161 Corinthians 14:2Revelation 14:1Page 1 of 32

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Isaiah 14:12, 15Lucifer2 Thessalonians 1:21 Timothy 1:2Philemon 1:25Revelation 22:21Ephesians 3:14God our FatherGod our Fatherour Lord Jesusour Lord Jesus ChristI bow my knees unto the Father of ourLord Jesus Christ.For thine is the kingdom, and the powerand the glory, for ever, Amen.If ye shall ask anything in my name I willdo it.Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in myname, he will give it and praythis kind goeth not out but by prayer andfastingin fastingsin fastingsThis kind can come forth by nothing, but byprayer and fastinggive yourselves to fasting and prayerFour days ago I wasfasting and prayeddespiseth himhimHehehehehisit is hehimmorning star (NIV)star of the morning (NASB)(see Revelation 22:16 which is speaking ofChrist!)Luke 4:8Get thee behind me SatanOMITTEDLuke 11:2-4Our Father which art in heaven,Father, hallowed be your name. YourHallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. kingdom come. Give us each day our dailyThy will be done, as in heaven, so inbread. Forgive us our sins for we alsoearth. Give us day by day our daily bread. forgive everyone who sins against us. AndAnd forgive us our sins; for we also forgive lead us not into temptation.every one that is indebted to us. And leadus not into temptation; but deliver us fromevil.John 10:29, 30, 32my Fatherthe FatherJohn 14:28my Fatherthe FatherActs 3:25our fathersyour fathersGalatians 1:3our Lordthe Lord1 Thessalonians 1:3 God and our Fatherour God and Father1 Thessalonians 3:11 God himself and our Fatherour God and Father1 Thessalonians 3:13 God even our Fatherour God and FatherMatthew 6:13bJohn 14:14John 16:23Matthew 13:33Matthew 17:212 Corinthians 6:52 Corinthians 11:27Mark 9:291 Corinthians 7:5Acts 10:30Luke 10:16Luke 12:5Matthew 13:37Matthew 24:13John 4:25John 6:46John 7:18John 9:37John 15:21Page 2 of 32God the FatherGod the Fatherthe Lord Jesusthe Lord JesusI bow my knees before the Father.OMITTEDIf you ask me anything in my name, I will doit.If you shall ask the Father for anything hewill give it to you in my name.keep on the alertOMITTED [or bracketed]OMITTEDOMITTEDthis kind can come out only by prayerdevote yourself to prayerFour days I was prayingrejects the Onethe OneThe onethe one who enduresOnethe Onethe oneHe is the One (NIV)the One

ReferencesJohn 12:451 Corinthians 15:28Acts 7:38Acts 10:21Acts 10:42Acts 22:9Colossians 3:10Hebrews 5:7Hebrews 7:21Revelation 2:1Revelation 1:181 Peter 1:15John 1:14, 18Luke 9:35John 6:69KJVhe that seeth me seeth himunto himheheit is hehimhimunto himhimhehe that livethhe whichthe only begotten Son (v. 18)my beloved SonChrist, the Son of the living GodNIV, NASB, et al.he who beholds me beholds the One (NIV)the Onethe onethe one (NIV)this is the One (NIV)the Onethe image of the Onetears to the Onethe OneThe Onethe living One (NIV)One whothe One and Only (NIV, Luciferian)My Chosen One (“chosen” is in a few MSS)Holy One of God (Luke 4:34 reveals thatonly the devils call Jesus the “Holy One ofGod”)John 4:42this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the this One indeed is the Savior of the worldworldMark 12:32there is one God and there is none other he is One; and there is no else besides Himbut he (the word “God” is omitted from theminority Greek text)Matthew 19:17There is none good but one, that is GodThere is only One who is good (NIV,(minority text omits “God” and “there isLuciferian)none good.”)Luke 23:35the chosen of GodHis Chosen One (NIV, Living Bible)John 5:44GodOnly One (f) (Luciferian)The one and only GodJames 4:12oneonly one the One (NASB)only one the one (NIV)Luciferian “One-Only One”John 1:26there standeth one among youamong you stands One (NASB)Mathew 23:8-10one is your MasterOne is your teacher (NASB)one is your FatherOne is your father (NASB)John 8:50oneOneRomans 5:17by onethe OneRomans 5:19onethe OneRevelation 4:2one (italics)OneLuke 24:5the living among the deadthe living One (NASB)Revelation 1:18I am he that liveththe living One (NIV, Living Bible) (“One” isnot in any Greek text.)Romans 8:19, 20, 21 For the earnest expectation of the creature the creation waits eagerly for thewaiteth for the manifestation therevealing the creation its own willcreature not willinglyZechariah 14:9 in that day shall there be one LORD, and [I]n that day the LORD will be the only one,his name one.and His name the only one. (NASB)1 Thessalonians 1:4 your election of GodHe has chosen youRevelation 13:10He that leadeth into captivity, shall go into If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivitycaptivity.he will go.Revelation 13:8the Lamb slain from the foundation of the everyone whose name has not been writtenworldfrom the foundation of the worldRevelation 2:12heThe OnePage 3 of 32

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Revelation 2:13Revelation 17:6Matthew 11:3Luke 7:20Mark 1:7martyrmartyrArt thou he that should comeonewitnessesAre You the Coming One (NKJV)Luke 3:16John 4:25James 4:12Matthew 23:8-10Luke 1:49Psalm 50:1Joshua 22:22Matthew 21:42Mark 12:10Luke 20:17Acts 4:111 Peter 2:7Revelation 14:1Acts 22:16Leviticus 24:11Leviticus 24:16Galatians 6:17Isaiah 44:5Daniel 9:19John 17:113 John 1:7Acts 5:41Colossians 2:18Genesis 3:15Ephesians 5:25Ephesians 5:26Ephesians 5:27Luke 1:28Matthew 1:252 Kings 19:21Isaiah 23:12Isaiah 37:22Isaiah 47:1Jeremiah 18:13Jeremiah 31:4Jeremiah 31:21Jeremiah 46:11Lamentations 1:15Lamentations 2:13There cometh one mightier than I after me. after me One is coming who is mightier thanIbut one mightier than I comethbut One is coming who is mightier than Iwhen he is comewhen that One comesThere is one lawgiverThere is only one Lawgiver and Judge, theOne (NIV, NASB)one is your MasterOne is your Leaderhe that is mightythe Mighty Onethe mighty Godthe Mighty Onethe LORD Godthe Mighty Onehead of the cornercapstone (NIV)head of the cornercapstone (NIV)head of the cornercapstone (NIV)head of the cornercapstone (NIV)head of the cornercapstone (NIV)his Father’s name written in theirhis name and his Father’s name written onforeheadstheir foreheadsthe name of the Lordhis namethe name of the LORDthe Namewhen he blasphemeth the name of thewhen he blasphemes the Name, he mustLORD, shall be put to deathbe put to death (NIV)I bear in my body the marks of the LordI bear on my body the brand marks ofJesus.Jesus.subscribe with his hand unto the LORDtattoo upon the hand the name (LivingBible)thy people are called by this nameyour people bear your Name (NIV)those whom thou hast given methe name which thou hast given menameNameintruding into those things which he hathnot seenher seed; it shall bruise thy head and thoushalt bruise his heelitblessed art thou among womenfirstbornvirginPage 4 of 32taking his stand on visions he has seen.(“visions” is not in any Greek manuscript)she shall crush thy head and thou shalt liein wait for her heel (Catholic Bible)her (all Greek manuscripts read “it” thethree times, so is this a reference to theCatholic Church?)OMITTEDOMITTEDVirgin

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Amos 5:2Hebrews 1:3Ephesians 5:9Acts 22:6-11virginby himselffruit of the Spiritthere shone from heaven a great light.and were afraid; but they heard not thevoice of him that spake to me I couldnot see for the glory of that light I perceive that in all things ye are idol is nothingNeither shall he regard the God of hisfathers But in his estate shall he honorthe God of forces.DianaVirginOMITTEDfruit of the light[A] very bright light suddenly flashed fromheaven but [I] did not understand thevoice of the One who was speaking tome I could not see because of theI observe that you are very religious in allrespects.There is no such thing as an idol.the gods of his fathers but instead he willhonor a god of fortresses.I keep under [keep down] my body, andbring it into subjection.I beat my body (NIV)I punished my body and treat it roughly(Living Bible)I buffet my body (NASB) (“beat” and“punish” never appear in the Greek, but arethese references to flagellation?)self-abasement severe treatment of thebody harsh treatment of the body(flagellation?)I wish they would go the whole way andemasculate themselves. (NIV)I would like to see the knife slip. (JerusalemBible)Would that those who are troubling youwould even mutilate themselves. (NASB)OMITTEDBABYLONthe great citymysticallyFallen, fallen, is Babylon the great, she whoActs 17:221 Corinthians 8:4Daniel 11:36-39Acts 19:24, 27, 28,34, 351 Corinthians 9:27Colossians 2:23humility neglecting of the bodyGalatians 5:12I would they were even cut off whichtrouble you.Revelation 19:2Revelation 17:9,10Revelation 17:18Revelation 11:8Revelation 14:8at her handMYSTERY BABYLONthat great cityspirituallyBabylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,because shethe doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, whichthing I hate.Revelation 2:15Luke 11:38Luke 21:5Colossians 3:11Colossians 2:161 Peter 1:18Acts 12:151 Corinthians 11:16washedgifts[not in Greek]holydayby traditionangelWe have no such custom[The Greek word is toioutos, “such”]Are the following references to the Roman Catholic papacy?Matthew 16:18John 1:42Thou art Peter and upon this rocka stonePage 5 of 32Artemisthe teachings of the Nicolaitans (“Nico”meaning “to conquer,” and the Nicolaitanteaching was that there was a differencebetween clergy and common members ofthe church).ceremonially washedvotive giftsa renewalfestivalOMITTEDguardian angelwe have no other practiceYou are Peter, the Rock (NEB)Cephas (which translated means Peter)

ReferencesKJVMark 16:20[not in Greek]NIV, NASB, et al.Romans 14:1Romans 1:291 Corinthians 5:11 Corinthians 6:131 Corinthians 6:182 Corinthians 12:21Ephesians 5:3Colossians 3:5Revelation 2:14Revelation 2:20Revelation 9:21Revelation 14:8Revelation 17:2Revelation 18:3Revelation 18:9Revelation 19:2Hebrews 12:161 Corinthians 10:81 Corinthians 5:91 Corinthians 5:101 Corinthians 5:11Galatians 5:19James 3:15James 5:17Ephesians 5:5not to doubtful ationfornicationfornicationfornicatorcommit ry, fornicationsensualpassionswhoremongerAnd they promptly reported all theseinstructions to Peter Jesus himself sentout through them from east to west.Is the following reference to the Roman Catholic sacrament of confession?James 5:16confess your faults (Almost all Greek texts confess your sinshave the word for faults here;—not sins.)Is the following reference to the Roman Catholic sacrament of holy orders (priesthood)?Romans 15:16ministering the gospel of God that theministering as a priest the gospel of God,offering up of the Gentiles might bethat my offering of the Gentiles might beLuke 1:23ministrationpriestly serviceMatthew 23:5enlarge the borders of their garmentslengthen the tassels of their garmentsMatthew 23:14Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees,OMITTED (The “New” Greek Newhypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, Testament entirely omits verse 14, jumpingand for a pretence make long prayer:from 13 to 15.)therefore ye shall receive the greaterdamnation.Are the following references to the Roman Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist?Matthew 12:4shew breadconsecrated breadMark 2:26Luke 6:4John 6:33For the bread of God is he which cometh For the bread of God is that which comesdown from heaven and giveth life unto the down out heaven and gives life to the world.Matthew 26:17unleavened breadUnleavened BreadHebrews 10:12after he had offered one sacrifice for sins offered one sacrifice for sins and took hisforever, sat down on the right hand of God seat forever at the right hand of God.Acts 2:13New wine (unfermented grape juice)sweet winePage 6 of 32but not for the purpose of passing judgmentOMITTEDimmorality (NASB) (too ambiguous)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immorality (NASB)immoral (NASB)act immorally (NASB)immoral people (NASB)immoral people (NASB)immoral people (NASB)immorality (NASB)natural (NASB)nature (NASB)immorality (NASB)

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.1 Timothy 1:10Revelation 21:8Revelation 22:151 Timothy 1:10Mark 10:21whoremongerwhoremongerwhoremongerthem that defile themselves with mankindand come, take up the cross and followme2 Peter 1:21holy men1 Peter 1:22pure heart2 Timothy 3:17perfectJude 1:1sanctifiedEphesians 4:12perfectingHebrews 13:21make you perfectLuke 6:40perfect2 Corinthians 13:11 perfectRevelation 3:2perfect1 Thessalonians 5:23 blamelessimmoral men (NASB)immoral person (NASB)immoral persons (NASB)homosexual (NASB)Then come, follow meMatthew 19:21Philippians 4:8Hebrews 6:1Ephesians 4:131 Corinthians 2:6Matthew 5:44perfectvirtueperfectionperfectperfectBless them that curse you, do good tothem that hate you, and despitefully useyou.overtaken in a faultWe laborIf any man will do his willall that will live godlyboldnessconfirm your love toward himteachthanksgivingdistributingdiligently seek himbe ye holy [do it]do not your alms before mans 9:28John 16:10John 16:81 Timothy 6:6if any man is caught in any offenseWe have as our ambition to be pleasingIf any man is willing to do his willAll who desire to live godlyconfidencereaffirm your love for himencouragegratitudecontributingseek himYou shall be holy [magic?]Beware of practicing righteousness beforemenricheswealthriches and righteousnesswealth and prosperity (NIV)findeth life, righteousnessfinds life, prosperity (NIV)For I know the thoughts that I think toward I know the plans I have for you, declaresyou, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace.the LORD, plans to prosper essOMITTEDgodliness with contentment is great gain godliness actually is a means of great gainEcclesiastes 10:10Matthew 17:202 Corinthians 10:5Hebrews 3:6wisdom is profitable to directBecause of your unbeliefCasting down imaginations.rejoicingwisdom brings successbecause of the littleness of your faithWe demolish arguments.boastGalatians 6:12 Corinthians 5:9John 7:172 Timothy 3:121 Timothy 3:132 Corinthians 2:8Titus 2:41 Timothy 4:4Romans 12:13Hebrews 11:61 Peter 1:16Matthew 6:1Colossians 2:2Proverbs 8:18Proverbs 21:21Jeremiah 29:11Page 7 of 32menheartadequatecalledequippingequip youfully trainedcompletecompletedcomplete

ReferencesKJV2 Thessalonians 3:61 Timothy 2:91 Timothy 2:151 Timothy 3:21 Timothy 3:111 Timothy 3:4Titus 2:7Titus 2:21 Timothy 3:8Philippians 2:31 Timothy 1:41 Corinthians 4:101 Corinthians 4:11Acts 2:44Titus 2:15Luke 5:321 Corinthians 15:34Romans 12:8withdraw yourselvesmodestsobrietyof good behaviorbe gravegravitygravitygraveLikewise must the deacons be grave.bettergodly edifyingdespisednakedhad all things commonLet no man despise theerighteousrighteousnessgiveth with simplicityNIV, NASB, et al.keep aloofproper clothingproprietyrespectablebe dignifieddignitydignifieddignifiedDeacons must be men of dignitymore importantfurthering the administrationwithout honorpoorly clothedhad all things in commonLet no one disregard yourespectablesobermindedcontributing give generously (NIV)gives do so generously (NASB)be generous (Living Bible)do it generously (TEV)give with liberality (NASB)gives, with liberality (NKJV)gives, with liberality (J.W. Translation)Romans 12:13distributingcontributing1 Corinthians 10:24 Let no man seek his own wealthNobody should seek his own good.1 Timothy 6:10For the love of money is the root of all evil the love of money is a root of all kinds ofevilMatthew 5:44do good to them that hate youOMITTEDMark 11:26But if ye do not forgive, neither will yourOMITTEDFather which is in heaven forgive yourtrespassesGalatians 5:21murdersOMITTEDLuke 3:14Do violence to no manDon’t extort money2 Timothy 3:3despisers of those that are goodhaters of goodTitus 1:8a lover of good menloves what is good1 Timothy 2:9sobrietydiscreetlyTitus 1:8sobersensibleTitus 2:2sobertemperate1 Timothy 2:15sobrietyself-restraint1 Timothy 3:2soberprudentRomans 13:9Thou shalt not bear false witnessOMITTED2 Corinthians 8:21honesthonorablePhilippians 4:8honesthonorable1 Peter 2:12honestexcellent1 Timothy 2:2honestydignity2 Corinthians 4:2dishonestyshame2 Corinthians 4:2deceitfullyadulterating1 Thessalonians 2:3 deceiterrorRevelation 2:2liarsFALSEPage 8 of 32

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Psalm 40:4Blessed is that man that maketh the LORDhis trust, and respecteth not the proud, norsuch as turn aside to lies.their lies caused them to erreffeminitesodomitesBlessed is the man who makes the LORDhis trust, who does not look to the proud, tothose who turn aside to false gods.they have been led astray by false godsmale prostitutes nor homosexual offendersshrine prostitutesyour rejoicingglory on our behalfrejoicingboldness of speech toward you[not in Greek]your rejoicingrejoiceshall he have rejoicinggreat is my gloryingbe proud*be proud*our proud confidence*Great is my confidence in you*take pride in*proud confidence (NASB)*ought to take pride*he can take pride*take great pride* (*The Greek word for“proud” is huperephanos, and it occurs notonce in any of these verses. Rather, theword is kauchaomai, “rejoice [in ChristJesus].”not just please ourselves (“Just” is not inany Greek text.)let not your adornment be merely external(“Merely” is not in any Greek text.)like newborn babesput on the new self which in the likenessof God has been created in righteousnessand holinessBe imitatorsBe imitators of GodYOU ARE GODSaround the throne were twenty four thronesAmos 2:41 Corinthians 6:9Deuteronomy 23:171 Kings 15:121 Kings 22:462 Kings 23:72 Corinthians 1:142 Corinthians 5:122 Corinthians 1:122 Corinthians 7:4James 1:10Philippians 1:26James 1:9Galatians 6:42 Corinthians 7:4Romans 15:1not to please ourselves1 Peter 3:3Whose adorning let it not be that newborn babesput on the new man which after God iscreated in righteousness and trueholiness.followers of mefollowers of GodYe are godsaround the throne were four and twentyseatsin the image of ersThe Godheadthe GodheadFor thou hast made him a little lower thanthe angels.Thoumadest him a little lower than theangels.God shall wipe away all tearsI have come to do thy will, O GodGod was manifestBut when it pleased GodGod is notthe Head1 Peter 2:21 Corinthians 11:1Ephesians 5:1John 10:34Revelation 4:4Genesis 1:27Colossians 3:8Mark 7:22Matthew 15:19Titus 2:52 Timothy 3:2Romans 1:20Acts 17:29Psalm 8:5Hebrews 2:7Revelation 21:4Hebrews 10:91 Timothy 3:16Galatians 1:15Matthew 22:32Colossians 2:19Page 9 of 32Like God did God make man (Living ne naturethe divine beingYet Thou hast made him a little lower thanGod. hast made him for a little while lowerThouthan the angels.He shall wipe awayI have come to do thy willHe who was revealedBut when He (NASB)He is notthe head (NASB)

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Matthew 6:33Genesis 41:38Romans 11:4Acts 19:271 Samuel 28:132 Corinthians 10:4The Kingdom of GodA man in whom the Sprit of God is?What saith the answer of Godher magnificencegodsFor the weapons of our warfare are notcarnal but mighty through GodThis man is the great power of God.His kingdomA man like this in whom is a divine spirit?But what is the divine response (NASB)her divine majestya divine beingthe weapons of our warfare are not of theflesh but divinely powerfulThis man is the divine power known as theGreat Power. (NIV)as he hath prosperedwe might become the righteousness of GodActs 8:101 Corinthians 16:22 Corinthians 5:21Genesis 12:3Genesis 12:7Genesis 4:1as God hath prospered himwe might be made the righteousness ofGod in himin thee shall all families of the earth beblessedUnto thy seed will I give this land(Galatians 3:16 identifies the correctversion saying, “He saith not, And toseeds, as of many; but as of one, And tothy seed which is Christ.”)I have gotten a man from the LORDthe families of the earth shall blessthemselves (Revised Version)To your descendents I will give this landwith the help of the Lord I have broughtforth a manJohn 9:4Jesus answered I must workJesus answered We must work1 John 4:9the love of God toward us.was manifested in us.1 Peter 4:11ability which God givethstrength which God givethNew versions seem to reduce God’s role here; ability includes, “physical, moral, intellectual capacity; skill ofcompetence”; they limit his input to “strength.”John 10:29My Father, which gave them me, is greater What my Father has given me is greaterthan all.than everything (TEV)The new version, Good News for Modern Man (TEV), tells man that he not God, “is greater than everything.”The NIV and NASB concur in their footnotes.1 Peter 1:24all the glory of man as the flower of grass. all its glory like the flower of grassHaving grafted God’s glory on to man, new versions must now keep under wraps the verse which windows thewithering of man’s glory.)Matthew 10:5commandedinstructMark 7:7commandmentspreceptsMatthew 15:4God commandedGod saidMatthew 21:37reverencerespectMark 6:8commandedinstructed1 Timothy 4:11commandprescribed1 Peter 3:15fearreverenceLuke 9:43mighty powergreatnessMatthew 2:6shall ruleshall shepherdMatthew 4:24, 9:26 his famenews1 Timothy 1:17wise GodGodRevelation 19:1the Lord, our Godour GodTitus 1:4mercyOMITTED2 Corinthians 6:9chastenedpunishedEphesians 6:4nurture and admonitiondisciple and instruction of the Lord2 Corinthians 12:21 humbleGod may humiliate meJohn 20:17Touch me notstop clinging to mePage 10 of 32

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Acts 7:30, 35Luke 22:64Luke 11:54Luke 22:68Colossians 3:6bushthey struck him on the facethat they might accuse himnor let me gothe wrath of God cometh on the childrenof disobedienceThe old man which is corruptAnd the scripture was fulfilled which saith,“And he was numbered with thetransgressors.”the whole world lieth in wickednessthorn bushOMITTEDOMITTEDOMITTEDthe wrath of God is coming (NASB admitserror in 1995)old self which is being corruptedOMITTEDEphesians 4:22Mark 15:281 John 5:19Acts 17:22Matthew 15:8The whole world lies (in the power of theevil one).you are very religious in all respectsOMITTEDye are too superstitiousThis people draweth nigh unto me withtheir mouth2 Corinthians 10:10 weakunimpressivePhilippians 3:20our vile bodyour humble stateJames 4:5The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to evil. He jealously desires the Spirit which He hasmade to dwell in us.1 Corinthians 10:1ignorantunaware1 Corinthians 12:1ignorantunaware2 Corinthians 1:8ignorantunaware1 Corinthians 14:38 But if any man be ignorant, let him beBut if anyone does not recognize this, he isignorantnot recognizedRomans 1:22Professing themselves to be wiseProfessing to be wiseRevelation 12:12Woe to the inhabiters of the earthwoe to the earth1 Corinthians 4:4For I know nothing by myselfMy conscience is clear (NIV, NASB)Job 42:6I abhor myselfI retract (NASB)1 Thessalonians 2:4 We were allowed of GodWe have been approved by GodLuke 9:55, 56Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are OMITTEDof. For the Son of man is not come todestroy men’s lives but save them.Matthew 18:11For the Son of man is come to save thatOMITTEDwhich is lost.As usual the NIV and NASB’s footnote, “Some manuscripts have ” is spurious since there are four times asmany manuscripts which have the verse than the few that omit it.Colossians 2:11the sins of the fleshthe body of the fleshIsaiah 53:10When thou shalt make his soul an offeringfor sinour sins[not in Greek]woe unto the world because of offensesIf He would render Himself as a guiltoffering1 John 3:5take away sinsHebrews 9:7committed in ignoranceMatthew 18:7woe unto the world because of stumblingblocksHebrews 1:3by himself purged our sinsHe had made purification of sins1 Peter 4:1Christ hath suffered for usChrist hath suffered1 Corinthians 5:7is sacrificed for ushas been sacrificedLuke 22:19-20This is my body which is given for you; this This is my body [words probably not in theof s lengthy statementdois in remembranceall Greek MS, evenones alsolike P75.It is outin onlyNASBone 5th-6thcenturymanuscript (D). The Nestle’s text used for the NASB Greek follows manuscript D alone numerous times.Luke 7:30rejected the counsel of God againstthemselvesPage 11 of 32rejected God’s purpose for themselves

ReferencesKJVActs 8:20Thy money perish with theeJohn 9:341 Samuel 20:30thou wast altogether born in sinsThou son of the perverse rebelliouswomanAnd one shall say unto him, What arethese wounds in thy hands? Then he shallanswer, Those with which I was woundedin the house of my friends.Zechariah 13:61 Timothy 5:16Titus 2:51 Timothy 5:14Hebrews 11:11James 4:4p. 314John 7:53-8:11Luke 16:14Romans 1:29Ephesians 5:3Colossians 3:52 Timothy 3:2Psalm 10:4Psalm 119:36Jeremiah 22:17Jeremiah 6:13Jeremiah 8:10Ezekiel 18:21Proverbs 28:16Isaiah 57:17Colossians 3:5Matthew 19:29Luke 12:28NIV, NASB, et al.May you and your money go to hell (GoodNews for Modern Man, or TEV)you illegitimate bastard (Living Bible)You son of a b**** (Living Bible)And if someone asks, ‘Then what are thesescars on your chest and back? he will say, ‘Igot into a brawl at the home of a friend.’(Living Bible, Taylor’s footnote says, “selfinflicted cuts this is not a passagereferring to Christ.”)If any man or woman that believeth have If any woman who is a believer haswidows, let them relieve them.dependent widows let her assist them.keepers at homeworkers at home (NASB)busy at home (NIV)guide the housekeep house (The word in Timothy is not“keeper” ouros, but “guide” oikod.)Through faith also Sara herself receivedBy faith Abraham was even though hestrength to conceive seed, and waswas past age—and Sara herself wasdelivered of a child when she was pastbarren—was enabled to become a fatherage, because she judged him faithful who because he considered him faithful whohad promised.had made the promise (NIV) (bold wordsnot found in any Greek manuscript)Ye adulterers and adulteressesYou adulteresses (NASB)unfaithful wife (Living Bible)Children of Belialwicked women (New Scofield)These twelve verses show Christ revealing [[The earliest and most reliable manuscriptsthe adulterers among the “scribes” andand other ancient witnesses do not haveforgiving the adulterous woman. VonJohn 7:53-8:11]] reads the NIV, et al.Soden reveals “in the great majority of themanuscripts it stands in the text.” OnePrinceton scholar adds in The King JamesBible Defended (p 155), “The notes printedin the modern versions are completelymisleading.”The commandments against covetousness OMITTEDinclude, ‘Thou shalt not covet thyneighbors wife.’ New versions omit thisform of covetousness.inordinate affection (passion with one’swife is allowed)wifeO yePage 12 of 32passionOMITTEDO men

ReferencesKJVEphesians 6:6Romans 6:22servants of ChristBut now being made free from sin, andbecome servants to GodJohn 13:16John 15:15John 15:20John 18:17Acts 16:16Mark 10:44Luke 12:37Luke 12:43Luke 12:46Luke 12:47Luke 15:22Luke 7:2Luke 7:10Luke 19:13servantsservantsservant/lorddamselO menspiritual menadoption of sonspurchased for God with thy blood, menfrom very tribe.sonssonssons of nssons of the kingdomsons of the kingdomhis faithboyboystwo menblind menfree mensuch menmen whohe shall be savedfoolish mendemon (a “demon” is a demi-god) (NIV,NASB, NKJV, etc.)slaves of Christ (NIV, NASB)But now having been freed from sin andenslaved to God (NASB) (contradictionwith John 8:32, Matthew 6:301 Corinthians 3:1Ephesians 1:5Revelation 5:9O yespiritualadoption of childrenredeemed us to God by thy blood out ofevery kindredLuke 20:34childrenLuke 20:36childrenJohn 12:36childrenActs 7:23childrenActs 7:37childrenActs 9:15childrenActs 10:36childrenActs 13:10childEphesians 2:2childrenEphesians 5:6children1 Thessalonians 5:5 childrenHebrews 12:5childrenRevelation 7:4childrenMatthew 12:27childrenMatthew 17:26childrenMatthew 8:12children of the kingdomMatthew 13:38children of the kingdomRomans 12:6faithIsaiah 11:6childMatthew 2:16childrenMatthew 24:40twoMatthew 23:17blindRevelation 13:16free2 Timothy 3:5such1 Timothy 4:3them whichMatthew 24:13shall be savedLuke 24:25foolsdevilPage 13 of 32NIV, NASB, et al.

ReferencesKJVNIV, NASB, et al.Matthew 7:14Luke 21:19Hebrews 8:9narrow is the wayin your patience possess ye your souls.Because they c

Page 1 of 32 References KJV NIV, NASB, et al. 2 Peter 1:21 holy men men Matthew 25:31 holy angels angels 1 Thessalonians 5:27holy brethren brethren Revelation 22:6 holy prophets prophets Revelation 18:20 holy apostles and prophets apostles and prophets John 7:39 Holy Ghost Spirit 1 Corinthians 2:13 Holy Ghost Spirit Matthew 12:31 Holy Ghost Spirit Acts 6:3 Holy Ghost SpiritFile Size: 336KBPage Count: 32

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Mysteries of the Alphabet, Marc-Alain Ouaknin, University of Bar-Han, Israel* (In Awe of Thy Word, pp. 1179-83) In Gail Riplinger‘s new cult of ―letter meanings,‖ it is commendable, and even spiritually-minded, to use liberal, humanistic and esoteric resources in order to learn more about the hidden meanings of letters in

Luciferian) Luke 23:35 the chosen of God His Chosen One (NIV, Living Bible) Only One (f) (Luciferian) The one and only God only one the One (NASB) only one the one (NIV) Luciferian “One-Only One” there standeth one among you one is your Master One is your teacher (NASB) one is your Father One is your father (NASB) John 8:50 one One

See New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger Chapter 4 The One vs. the Holy One for warnings against the expression ‘the one.’ 1. Why does Jesus reveal Himself to the soldiers? John 18:8-9 state “Jesus answered, I

Let’s pick up all our things. It’s time to stop our play. Bible Story Time. n. Bible Song. SUPPLIES: Bible, CD player. Say: Who makes things grow? God makes things grow! How do we know? The Bible tells us so in 1 Corinthians 3. Show children the Bible. The Bible is God’s special book. The Bible tells us about God and Jesus. Let’s learn .

from average to bad. Paraphrases, such as the Living Bible, are useful for devotional use. 2. Study Bibles are a great addition to your Bible study tool box. As a start, I would recommend three: The Ryrie Study Bible, The Thompson Chain Reference Bible, and the Nelson Study Bible 3. Bible concordances are important. These books list every verse .

resolved white, age 5* remember allerton, age 6* wrestling brewster, age 6* richard more, age 6, ward bartholomew allerton, age 7* jasper more, age 7, ward [boy unknown 1st name] turner, age 7* ellen more, age 8, ward love brewster, age 9* [boy unknown 1st name] tinker, age 10

The expository preaching of New Testament quotations of the Old Testament: . Comm. Matt. Commentary on Matthew, Origen . Deut Deuteronomy, Holy Bible ESV English Standard Version, Holy Bible Exod Exodus, Holy Bible Ezek Ezekiel, Holy Bible Gal Galatians, Holy Bible Gen Genesis, Holy Bible HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible

Bible is the only Bible to be used in today’s Church: “Defending the King James Bible” video “Why Faith Christians should only use the King James Bible” book “Why do we hold to one Bible?” sermon and study Bible

Jun 02, 2019 · Bible Handbooks — Hayford’s Bible Handbook; Halley’s Bible Handbook; Eerdman’s Handbook . Concordances — Strong’s Concordance; Young’s Concordance . Bible Dictionaries — The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary; Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary . Word Study Books —

can open the Bible to Matthew 2:1 and point to the verse. Using Bible verses with young children gives adults opportunities to reinforce the truth that the Bible is a special book. Using Bible Skills with Kids Developing Bible skills with kids takes place every time they use their Bibles. Consider all of the moments in a single Bible study time:

Bible Commentary Acts of the Apostles, The Barclay, William 1 B Bible Commentary AMOS - Window To God Kirkpatrick, Dow 1 K Bible Commentary Amos - Window to God Kirkpatrick, Dow 1 K Bible Commentary Basic Bible Commentary, Acts Sargent James E. 1 S Bible Commentary Basic Bible Commentary, Exodus & Leviticus Schoville, Keith N. 1 S

The Tyndale Bible Dictionary includes all the significant people, places, and terms in the Bible. The dictionary also has comprehensive articles on all the books of the Bible, significant words in the Bible, translations of the Bible, manuscripts of the Bible, and the canon of Scripture (inc

Bible Song and Prayer Time—Sing a song, bring out the Bible, and pray together. Bible, CD player Hear and Tell the Bible Story—Hear how angels appeared to Mary and Joseph. Bible, CD player Do the Bible Story—Play a game, and celebrate the good news that Jesus is God's Son. Closing Christmas Message—Help Whiskers open a gift and discover

AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY v INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION BY JOHN FARQUHAR PLAKE, PH.D. American Bible Society T he original State of the Bible research project began in 1812. That’s right—1812. You might even say American Bible Society was founded to answer the needs of that first American Bible research project.

standard deviation of 3. Percentile ranks for scaled scores are also provided. Subtests take into account an individual's age and data is reported for the following age bands: 16-24 years of age; 25-34 years of age; 35-44 years of age; 45-54 years of age; 55-64 years of age; 65-74 years of age; 75-89 years of age.

1951 The New Testament in Modern English Olaf Norlie. 1952 The New Testament: A New Translation in Plain English. Charles K. Williams. 1952 Olive Pell Bible; Olive Bible. 1952 The Living Bible; Robert Ballou. 1952 Revised Standard Version. 1953 The New Testament: A New, Independen

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GC Gas Analysis Analyzers 52x GC Refinery Gas Analyzers (6 versions) 54x GC Natural Gas Analyzers (7 versions) 56x GC Greenhouse Gas Analyzers (3 versions) 57x TOGA Analyzer for use with HSS GC Gasoline, Fuel Analysis Analyzers 61x Gasoline Analyzer (inl. Oxygenates, Aromatics, 7 versions) 63x Biodiesel Analyzers (4 versions) 64x CO & CO 2 Graceful Beginnings books are for anyone new to the Bible. Joyful Walk Bible Studies are for maturing Christians. Melanie is a speaker, author, and trainer with Joyful Walk Ministries. Her mission is to help women learn to study the Bible for themselves and to grow their Bible

literary techniques, such as the writer’s handling of plot, setting, and character. Today the concept of literary interpretation frequently includes questions about social issues as well.Both kinds of questions are included in the chart that begins at the bottom of the page. Often you will find yourself writing about both technique and social issues. For example, Margaret Peel, a student who .