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2016.10.07Smart Home and Smart CommunitySimulatorJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)TAN

"Smart" Systems Mixture of traditional embedded systems (ET) andenterprise information (IT) systemsInteraction with real-world entities Networking of all entities M2M (Machine to Machine), IoT (Internet of Things), IoE(Internet of Everything)SoS (Sysem of Systems)Intelligence 2Sensors and ActuatorsCPS (Cyber Physical Systems)cloud computingBig-DataRCCCC2016 TAN Yasuo

Five Elements for Smart Systems Connect Sense take a physical action using actuators [actuation]Learn 3based on the knowledge decide what to do [control logics,algorithms]Actuate data acquisition, read the situation [sensing, context extraction]Make a decision connecting various kinds of sensors and actuators [M2Mcommunication, connectivity]remember the situation and results of actions [database]2016 TAN Yasuo

“Connect” With No New WireLong history and variety of technology optionsExamples: Power Line Communication (PLC) Coaxial Cable Communication High-speed ( 500Mbps)Wireless Communication 4High-speed (100Mbps 1Gbps)Phone Line Communication Low-speed old technologies (kbps) [ 500kHz band]High-speed (100Mbps 1Gbps)[2 200MHz band]Low-speed and low-power[ 500kHz band]Wi-Fi : high-speed and popularBluetooth : tough and secureZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-SUN : long battery life and huge number of nodesLPWA (LoRa, SigFox, Ingenu, Flexnet, NB-IoT, etc) : long distance long battery life

“Connect” technology for HEMS -TTC TR-1043ECHONET Lite5-7ECHONETLite overLayer2frameUDP / .4gPhy.MediaUTP /OpticalFiberRadio Wave(2.4/5G)Radio Wave(2.4G)Radio Wave(2.4G/920M) UN32Ethernet5IPv4IPv6Power LineITU-TG.hnIEEE1901JJ-300.20JJ-300.21HD-PLCITU-T 2.15.4IEEE802.15.4efamilyPAN profileZigBee IP, 920IP※Only ZigBee IP supports 2.4G

“Sense” and “Actuate” Sensing and actuating devices in ECHONET standardClass GroupDevicesgas leak sensor, crime prevention sensor, emergency button, first-aid sensor,earthquake sensor, electric leak sensor, human detection sensor, visitor sensor,call sensor, condensation sensor, air pollution sensor, oxygen sensor, luminancesensor, sound sensor, mailing sensor, weight sensor, temperature sensor,humidity sensor, rain sensor, water level sensor, bath water level sensor, bathheating status sensor, water leak sensor, water overflow sensor, fire sensor,Sensor-related Device Class Groupcigarette smoke sensor, CO2 sensor, gas sensor, VOC sensor, differentialpressure sensor, air speed sensor, odor sensor, flame sensor, electric energysensor, current value sensor, water flow rate sensor, micromotion sensor,passage sensor, bed presence sensor, open/close sensor, activity amount sensor,human body location sensor, snow sensorhome air conditioner, air conditioner ventilation fan, air cleaner, humidifier,Air Conditioner-related Device Class Groupelectric heater, Fan heater, package-type commercial air conditioner (indoorunit), package-type commercial air conditioner (outdoor unit)electrically operated shade, electric shutter, electric storm window, sprinkler (forgarden), off peak electric water heater, electric toilet seat (warm-water washingtoilet seat, heating toilet seat, etc.), electric lock, instantaneous water heater,Housing/Facilities-related Device Class Groupbathroom heater and dryer, household solar power generation, cold or hot waterheat source equipment, floor heater, watt-hour meter, gas meter, LP gas meter,general lighting, buzzerelectric hot water pot (electric thermos), refrigerator, combination microwaveCooking/Household-related Device Class Groupoven (electronic oven), cooking heater, rice cooker, washing machine, washerand dryerHealth-related Device Class Groupweighing machineManagement/Operation-related Device Class Group no objects defined nowAudiovisual-related Device Class Groupdisplay, television6

“Make a Decision“ & “Learn”7

Next Generation Home Networks (2007) ServiceProvidersCloud computing for home appliancesVariousIndustries likeretail, repair,logistics, etc.Home GatewaysDomain ControllersISPsブリッジInternet ... NGNブリッジ Portals /PlatformsProprietary Protocol DevicesWide Area NetworksIn-House Network8NonIntelligentDevices

Smart home / community Testbed A testbed (workbench) designed for development ofnext generation smart homeConsists of real part (experimental houses) andvirtual part (simulators)Experimental Houses Testbed for Ambient NetworkSystem 2 (TANS2) Experimental house, iHouseSimulators Protocol-based HN Emulator StarBED with SpringOS, RUNE,QOMET Popular home networkmiddleware Environment simulator Numerical simulation of physicaldata in the house environment9

CHADANSStarBEDServiceProvidersVariousIndustries likeretail, repair,logistics, etc.ISPsCHADANS DomainCloud-computingempowered Home-networkControllersHome GatewaysArchitecture testbeD for Ambient Network �....NGNブリッジ...Portals /PlatformsProprietary Protocol DevicesWidearea NetworksJAIST Super ComputersProtocol-basedHN EmulatorEnvironmentSimulator10In-House networkNonIntelligentDevices

Requirements for Experimental Houses1.2.3.4.Coverage of service typesRepetitive experiments with parametersAutomatic configuration for various kinds ofexperimentsOrganoleptic evaluation by usersTANS2iHouseHVAC*, energy management All servicesFull-automatic experimentAutomatic experiment for noninteractive servicesScenario based automaticconfigurationAutomatic configuration for basicpart of equipmentsTemperature, humidity,luminanceReal user experience for all services* HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning11

TANS2: Testbed for Ambient Network System 2TANS2-A( 168.1.100Internal in3DACSExternal SwitchPolycom150.65.230.14712Curtain2BoardCurtain1

iHouse: ishikawa, internetted, inspiring, intelligent House 13Advanced Experimental and Provisioning Facility of HomeNetwork SystemsBased on “StandardHouse Design”by ArchitecturalInstitute of Japan

iHouse Floor Plan1st FloorEntranceHallKitchen2nd FloorWashroomSpare RoomBathroomDining Room& Living Room14JapaneseStyleRoomMaster RoomBed Room2Bed Room1

Outlets and WindowsPower over Ethernet(PoE)NormalOutletExperimentOutletECHONET CircuitPart for Driving Motor15

SensorsMotion SensorTemperature &Brightness SensorDoor Open/CloseDetection Sensor16

Weather SensorsAerovane(Wind Speed& Direction)SunshineRecorderLuminometerThermometer& HygrometerRain & SnowGauge17

CurtainCurtain Automatic MotorCommunicationModuleDriving MotorModule18

Air-conditionerWiFi orBluetoothCommunicationAdapter19

Light (DC Powered LED)20

iHouse Features Connecting sensors, housing equipment, home appliances andelectronic devices using ECHONET All kinds of applications are supported and provides manydifferent APIs ECHONETUPnP (via the ECHONET-UPnP gateway)Simplified language called HGML (Home Gateway Markup Language)"Kaden API" APIs from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)Cloud-based services without local servers 21Resulting more than 300 objectsECHONET Lite v1.1 and ECHONET v3.6 is switchableNetwork connection and OSGi-based home gateways

iHouse Wiring Experiment outlets that are connected to separate breakersare provided for measuring and experimental equipment24/48V DC power supply to all the LED lights and PoE sockets Power grid connection via the neighboring facility, IshikawaCreate Laboratory 22In-house DC power supply as long as AC 100V power lineAlso 400V DC power supply that is installed for the solar panelDistribution line emulatorSolar panelLi-Ion batteryFuel cellEngine co-generation

Requirements for Simulators1.2.3.All components from services on the net tophysical environment in the houseUtilization of measured experimental dataScalability for million usersProtocol-based HN EmulatorEnvironmental SimulatorEmulation of all network part of theHN system using StarBEDtechnologiesNumerical simulation for physicalenvironment in the houseSimulation with macro-model ofcomponents based on the statisticalmodel from measured dataMeasured data as boundaryconditionConnection to StarBEDConnection to super computersin JAIST23


StarBED 25The world largest network simulator

Protocol-based HN Simulator Intel Architecture 32 (IA-32) processor based clusterCombination of real device, simulation and emulation Emulation approach 26 Execution of the real objectcode of the target system Real-time execution Interaction with realdevices and usersMulti-level emulation Binary-level (processoremulation) System call, library (OSemulation) API (middlewareemulation) Behavior (device/systememulation, statistical model)

Environmental SimulatorHome appliance andprotocolsPhysical field simulationbased on CFD etc.Power consumption of allkinds of home devicesHuman activity based onstatistical data and mentalmodels27

Simulated iHouse Thermal conduction and Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) based modeling of iHouseTime[Hr]Simulated temperatures of rooms iniHouse28Difference between simulated and observedtemperatures in each room

Scalability (Millions of Houses) Multi-level emulation of RUNE (Real-time UbiquitousNetwork Emulation environment) Auto-configuration by “SpringOS” NICT Hokuriku StarBED Technical Center (STC)Cluster of thousands of nodesConnection to super computers in JAIST 29K-language is provided to describe the simulator configurationConnection to StarBED Variable grain of the emulation for required reality and/or realtime processingHome appliance, house, community, town, city, etcMassively parallel processors: Cray, NEC, SGI, etc

Community �ニティを想定(① �(③ �公表資料を基に作成)街 区住 �校-延床 20,000 〇〇④区立緑ヶ丘中学校-延床 8,000 〇〇⑤日本大学文理学部-延床 85,000 〇⑥区立松沢中学校-延床 7,400 〇⑦区立松沢小学校-延床 9,600 〇延床 8,200 �・延床面積7,400 �延床面積9,600 �設住宅街区⑤日本大学 面積8,200 �・延床面積8,000 ��学櫻丘高等学校・延床面積20,000 ��集

Design of Powerdistribution ��宅ルート

Community Simulator32

Conceptual Reference Diagram for Smart Grid From “Smart Grid overview” ITU-T FG-Smart deliverableFigure 2. Conceptual Reference Diagram for Smart Grid33ITU-T FG-Smart deliverables Use Cases for Smart Grid Requirements ofcommunication for Smart Grid Smart Grid Architecture Smart Grid Overview Terminology

Relationship of SmartGrid StandardsOpenADR(Automated DemandResponse)Smart Grid Domain ModelIEC62325・Energy Market電力取引IEC61970-CIM・EMS Operation・Power Systems系統運用DROASISEI(Energy Information standards)EIS AllianceFSGIM(Facility Smart GridBEMSInformation Model)IEC61968DCIM・DMS Operation・Asset Management・Consumer Meter・Load Control配電管理Smart Grid Common Base ModelASHRAE SPC201ZigBee SEP2(Smart Energy Profile)HEMSKNXECHONETEUI(Energy Usage Information model)ESPI(Energy Service Provider Interface)NAESBエネルギー使用情報CIM Core, Domain packageエネルギー基本情報Information Technology34UMLXML・Usecase, Class diagram・Sequence, State Transition・RDF Schema・XML ��ービスインフラ」 (2015.02発行)を参照

Inter/intra-regional collaborationITU-TETSI(Europe)GSMATTA India)TIA(USA)IEEEATIS TAPCore memberCJK(ARIB, CCSA, TTA, TTC), GSC, 3GPP/3GPP2, oneM2MMoU/LoIITU, ETSI, IEEE, GISFI, TSDSI, MSTFBI, NBTC, ZigBeeAlliance, Wi-SUN Alliance, HD-PLC, GSMA, etcCopyright 2016 TTC. All Rights Reserved.35

TTC Standards developmentITU-TRecsITU-TUpstream activitiesMiCICT CouncilITU Sectional TTCTTC Working GroupsTTC StdsParticipation/ProposalsNW operators, broadcasters,venders, user groups, etc.Copyright 2016 TTC. All Rights Reserved.36

Activities of Next generation HN system WG Next generation HN system WGThe areas of standardization expertise of this working group arehome network systems including architecture, user support andservice platform, all of which are studied by WP1 of ITU-T SG15. Apr.2004 EstablishedAfter the successful end of DHF (Digital Home network Forum), TTClaunched the Next Generation HN System WG which inherits theachievements of DHF. Upstream activities of Next generation HN system WG are : ITU-T J.190r1 (Architecture of MediaHomeNet) ITU-T H.622 (A generic home network architecture with support formultimedia services) ITU-T G.9903 (Narrowband orthogonal frequency division multiplexingpower line communication transceivers for G3-PLC networks) ITU-T G.9970 (Generic home network transport architecture) ITU-T G.9971 (Requirements of transport functions in IP homenetworks) ITU-T G.9973 (Protocol for identifying home network topology) TR-1043 (Implementation guidelines of Home network communicationinterface) TR-1053 (Customer support functions for home network serviceplatform)37Copyright 2016All Rights Reserved. ITU-T Y.2070 (RequirementsandTTC.architectureof home energy

Concluding Remarks 38IoT Systems like smart home and smart communityconsists of real devices and cyber componentswhich includes cloud services in the networkTo develop the smart community system, smarthome and services for them, testbed that coversboth real and cyber part of the system is requiredWe have developed such an environment with realexperimental houses (TANS2 and iHouse) andsimulators (Protocol-based HN simulator andenvironmental simulator)We are now developing the community simulatorbased on real model city and “virtual pilot program”will be realized

Backup Slides39

SpringOSEnvironmental description (topology part)configuration phasenodeset client class c num 1nodeset server class s num 1netset ethnet class e num t[0]ethnet[1]ethnet[2]ethnet[3]Execution descriptionDescribed as a remote procedure executionand synchronization condition40execution phase

RUNE RUNE Manager on eachhost OS provides thefunction of ConduitcommunicationA space is allocated to each summation entity and communicationbetween space is provided by SpaceUser AUser BKineticsAir ConditionerThermalFieldRemote ControllerAirConditionerThermal FieldElectromagnetic FieldKinetics41Conduit

ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi -SUN : . temperature sensor, humidity sensor, rain sensor, water level sensor, bath water level sensor, bath heating status sensor, water leak sensor, water overflow sensor, fire sensor, cigarette smoke sensor, CO2 sensor, gas s

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Smart Home/Business Smart Meters (AMI) Smart Distribution System S t Utilit . 9Smart Meter Plan Filing - August 14, 2009 9Anticipated Smart Meter PUC approval - Mid-April 2010 . Up to 600,000 Smart Meters and associated infrastructure, supporting PECO's Act 129 Smart Meter Initiative Multiple Smart Grid Investments