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0DU\·V 1RWHERRNAugust 2006www.legionofmarytidewater.comSectionFront PageNews & EventsHandbook StudyFaith FocusGrowing in LovePage12345Object of theLegion of Mary“The object of the Legion ofMary is the glory of Godthrough the holiness of itsmembers developed by prayerand active co-operation, underecclesiastical guidance, inMary’s and the Church’s workof crushing the head of theserpent and advancing the reignof Christ.” This quote frompage 11 of the Handbook aptlydescribes the object of theLegion. (Cont. p.3)Issue 4Fr. Francis Peffley Speaking at Tidewater Curia CongressLegion CongressOn July 29 the Tidewater Curia held a Legion ofMary Congress. Fr. Peffley, spiritual director ofthe Arlington Regia, and about 50 Legion of Marymembers in the Tidewater area joined in thiscongress. The four topics of discussion were:home visitation, work reports, prayer, andperseverance. (Cont. p.2)Living Vatican IIThe Second Vatican Council issued the Degree Orientalium Ecclesiarum, which is says,“The Holy Catholic Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ, is made up of the faithfulwho are organically united in the Holy Spirit by the same faith, the same sacraments and thesame government and who, combining together into various groups which are held togetherby a hierarchy, form separate Churches or Rites. Between these there exists an admirablebond of union, such that the variety within the Church in no way harms its unity; rather itmanifests it, for it is the mind of the Catholic Church that each individual Church or Riteshould retain its traditions whole and entire and likewise that it should adapt its way of life tothe different needs of time and place.” (cont. p.4)Mary’s NotebookIssue 4, August 2006 page 1 of 1

News and EventsAugust 2006www.legionofmarytidewater.comLegion Congress[Cont. p.1]Issue 4, Mary’s Notebook We suffer in this world by not seeingthe fruits of our good works. Wemust not lose hope, but must trust inGod in perseverance through toughtimes. It is through trusting in Godand following the Legion of Marysystem in these times that we can passour trials and increase in holiness.Mary’s NotebookAvailable by E-mailSeveral things were learned during theLegion Congress, they include: Door-to-door evangelization is thepreferred work of the Legion of Mary,and every praesidium should seek tosend out 1-3 teams weekly for doorto-door evangelization Every member must give an adequateand audible work report, and it is theduty of all praesidium members,especially the president, to not acceptfailure in this duty The legionary must seek Theosis(oneness with God) through continualprayerMary’s NotebookThis month’s addition is the first of Mary’sNotebook available both on-line, and via email. To sign up to have Mary’s Notebooke-mailed to you monthly go to:www.legionofmarytidewater.com/enews/.Mary’s Notebook may be freely distributedelectronically, may be printed and redistributed, and/or can be otherwise shared.Legion of Mary LetterPublished In CatholicVirginianThe July 3rd issue of the Catholic Virginianincludes a letter about the Legion of Mary.The letter praised the Legion of Mary’swork of going door-to-door in the RichmondDiocse. Please be sure to read the letter at:http://www.catholicvirginian.org/Issue 4, August 2006 page 2 of 2

Handbook StudyAugust 2006www.legionofmarytidewater.comIssue 4, Mary’s NotebookObject of the Legion(Cont. from p.1)It is sometimes easy to forget that peoplejoin the Legion of Mary for the purpose ofgiving glory to God, through increasing theirown personal holiness. The Legion of Maryseeks to turn average Catholics into normalCatholics. In other words, it seeks to turnevery-day, typical Catholics into people wholive out their Catholic faith, as they ought to.The Handbook says, “Does not St. JohnChrysostom say that he had never succeededin persuading himself that anyone couldachieve salvation who had never doneanything for the salvation of his neighbor?”The Legion of Mary engages in the work ofproclaiming the good news to all creation,because doing so is needed for our ownpersonal holiness. We cannot give glory toGod by our own holiness, unless we seek toinflame the world with love of Christ Jesus.According to the Handbook:Material relief must not be given — even inthe smallest ways; and experience showsthat it is necessary to mention that oldclothing belongs to this category. In rulingthus, the Legion does not slight the act ofrelief giving in itself. It simply declares thatfor the Legion it is impracticable. To give tothe poor is a good work. Done with asupernatural motive it is a sublime one. Thesystems of many great societies rest uponthis principle; notably that of the Society ofSt. Vincent de Paul to whose example andMary’s Notebookspirit the Legion rejoices to proclaim itselfdeeply indebted — so much, in fact, as tomake it possible to say that the roots of theLegion lay in that Society. But to the Legionis assigned a different field of duty. Itssystem is built upon the principle of bringingspiritual good to every individual in thepopulation. This program and one of reliefgiving are not compatible in practicebecause:(a) The visits of an organization which givesrelief will seldom be welcomed by personswho do not need relief. They will fear lestsuch a visitation would label them in theeyes of their neighbors as benefiting in somematerial way. So the praesidium whichearns the name of relief-giving will quicklyfind its field of work narrowed exceedingly.Material relief may be to other societies akey which opens. It is the key with which theLegion locks itself out.(b) Those who expect to receive, and aredisappointed, become aggrieved and henceimpervious to legionary influence.(c) Even among those who are subjects forrelief, the Legion will not accomplishspiritual good by giving. Let the Legionleave this to those other agencies whosespecial work it is, and which have a specialgrace for it. Certainly, legionaries will haveno grace for it, because thereby they breaktheir rule. The praesidium which errs in thisway will find itself involved in grievouscomplications, and will never bring anythingbut sorrow to the Legion.Issue 4, August 2006 page 3 of 3

Faith FocusAugust 2006www.legionofmarytidewater.comLiving Vatican II(Cont. from p.1)The Tidewater, Virginia area is blessed tohave two Eastern-Rite parishes in its mist.Ascension of Our Lord, located at 114Palace Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23185; andOur Lady of Perpetual Help, located in at216 South Parliament Drive, VirginiaBeach, VA 23462.All Roman Catholics arestrongly encouraged tolive out the calling ofVatican II, and visit oneof these Catholicparishes. Likewise,Catholics should takeefforts to educate theirchildren about the Eastern Rites. Accordingto the Second Vatican Council, “The laity should be taught as part of its catecheticaleducation about rites and their rules.”Members of the Legion of Mary have aparticular duty to learn of the Eastern Rites.The Legion of Mary Handbook, quotes PopeJohn Paul II’s encyclical “OrientaleLumen,” saying “Since in fact, we believethat the venerable and ancient tradition ofthe Eastern Churches is an integral part ofthe heritage of Christ’s Church, the firstneed for Catholics is to be familiar with thattradition.”Eastern-Rite Catholic should not beconfused with Orthodox Christians. Whilewe rightly call Orthodox Christians ourMary’s NotebookIssue 4, Mary’s Notebookbrothers and sisters, and while they maintainvalid sacraments, we are still praying for fullunity with the Orthodox.The Legion of Mary Handbook says of theOrthodox, “These Orthodox Churches aretruly our Sister Churches, we must promotein every way possible reconciliation andunity between us according to the mind ofChrist and in keeping with the guidelines ofthe document “Unitatis Redintegratio” ofthe Second Vatican Council.”Further, we are to note that in the 1940s TheVatican gave the Legion of Mary specialpermission to recruit Orthodox Christiansinto its ranks. Thus, the Tidewater Curiaopenly welcomes and invites OrthodoxChristians to join our praesidia, and seeks toform praesida at Orthodox Churches. Allthat is said in the Legion of Mary Handbookabout protestants, does not apply to theOrthodox, as they possess valid holy orders,true sacraments, and are not protestants.Although we cannot invite protestants intothe Legion of Mary, and althoughprotestants do not have valid holy orders anddo not celebrate the Eucharist, we shouldstill pray for their conversion. Protestants,and other non-Catholics, who are willing tosay the Legion of Mary prayers, may begiven copies of the prayers and encouragedto say them. They should be visitedregularly, and encouraged to convert to theone, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Itis the Legion of Mary’s desire that allbecome one in Christ, through Mary.Issue 4, August 2006 page 4 of 4

Growing in LoveAugust 2006www.legionofmarytidewater.comAbout This SectionSometimes in life it is easy to look track ofthe big-picture. We get bogged downsometimes in the details of day-to-day life,and forget what life is all about, and aboutwhat really matters. This section seeks totalk about those things that – when it comesdown to it – really matter.The Heart of the Legionof Mary MeetingIf a devotion to Our Lady is absent, there isno Legion of Mary. There is no part of themeeting more important than the setting upof the Legion altar, on which Mary stands topreside at the meeting.Issue 4, Mary’s NotebookAbout six inches forward from and sixinches to the right of the statue stands theVexillum Legionis, the standard of theLegion of Mary.The task of setting up the altar for themeeting is so important that the Handbookreserves this duty to none other than thepraesidium president.The question is rightly asked: if apraesidium does not love Mary enough tomake for her a proper alter, how can thepraesidium claim to love its members orthose it meets on its works? If it is true thatthe greatest commandment is love, of whatvalue is any praesidium if it fails to love?Let us honor our Mother and our Father, andalways seek to set-up a proper alter for Maryand her spouse.Go and Make Disciplesof the NationsThe altar consists of a white cloth. In thecenter, towards the back of the altar is astatue of Our Lady of Grace, flanked by twovases with flowers. At the front corners ofthe altar are two candlesticks with lightedcandles.Mary’s NotebookExtension and recruiting is at the heart of thelegion call to love. Jesus’s prayer that all beone is only fulfilled though the inviting ofsouls to come together in service of Christ.Let us seek to invite everyone we meet tothe joy of serving Christ and His Mother; forChristians will be asked to render anaccount, not just of themselves, but also ofthe whole world.Issue 4, August 2006 page 5 of 5

Mary’s Notebook Issue 4, August 2006 page 1 of 1 0DU\·V1RWHERRN August 2006 www.legionofmarytidewater.com Issue 4 Section Page Front Page 1 News & Events 2 Handbook Study 3 Faith Focus 4 Growing in Love 5 Object of the Legion of Mary “The object of the Legion of Mary

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1.2. The Royal Charter was granted in 1925 and, on the Legion’s 50th Anniversary in 1971, the British Legion became The Royal British Legion. 1.3. By the time of the Legion's formation in 1921, the tradition of an annual Two Minutes Silence in memory of the dead had been established. The first ever Poppy Appeal was

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