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Mission OverviewAGENT COMPENSATIONWays toAs a SEACRET Agent, there are no complicated strategies to learnin order to achieve your financial goals. SEACRET provides Agentswith the right tools, training, and support to earn a residual income.All you have to do is simply share our innovative Dead Sea skincare with your friends, family, and colleagues.The SEACRET Agent Compensation Plan has 5 ways in which youcan build substantial wealth. If fact, there is no limit to how muchyou can earn with SEACRET. Your success is a direct result of yourconsistent efforts in building your team and moving productsthrough your network.It is simple, rewarding and fun!BuildWealth1Retail Customer Commission2VIP and EliteCustomer Commission3Team Commission4Leadership Check Match5Performance BonusesNote: Glossary of terminology located on page 11.2Total earnings will vary. Success with SEACRET occursonly with sales and team building, which requireshard work, diligence, and leadership.

Retail CustomerCommissionSEACRET Retail Customers receive: 1 Point for every dollar spent, which can beaccrued to redeem toward free productcredit: 500 points 15 in free product credit 1,000 points 40 in free product credit 2,500 points 120 in free product credit Birthday gifts 10 in product credit for every new Customerthey refer that places a 49.99 orderAs a SEACRET Agent you are always eligibleto earn commissions from Customer productsales. These are paid out on a weekly basisand reflect both your website orders andoffline product order forms.2VIP and Elite Customer CommissionHow to become a VIP Customer : Accrue 500 Points in a 12 month periodOR: First time Customers, can place a minimum order of 99 at the VIP price and this will unlock all VIP benefits until theend of the calendar year.OR: Customers can enroll in our replenishment program, "Bundleand Save” at any time!5 Ways to Build Wealth1VIP Benefits: All Retail Customer benefits Double (2) points for every dollar spent Just Because gifts Much more!How to become an Elite Customer:Accrue 2,000 Points in a 12 month periodSEACRET Agents can earn up to 150% Retailprofit on Customer sales. This is the differencebetween the Agent and Retail price of theproducts. 2015 www.SeacretDirect.comElite Benefits: All Retail Customer and VIP benefits Triple (3) points for every dollar spent Free shipping for 12 months from date of becoming an EliteCustomer. Orders must be 15 minimum3

5 Ways to Build Wealth3) GLOBAL VIP AND ELITE CUSTOMER POOL2VIP and Elite CustomerCompensation ContinuedGet paid in four different ways on yourVIP/Elite Customer purchasesWOW BonusResidual CommissionsGlobal Customer PoolEnroll 4 Pay No More1) WOW BONUSFirst Order BonusEarn 20-25% on the dollar amount of every new VIP/EliteCustomer first time order.20% Star through Executive25% Bronze and AboveBonus BuysEarn 30% on the total order of Bonus Buys with a first timeBundle order!2) RESIDUAL COMMISSIONSEarn 20-25% on the volume produced by your VIP/EliteCustomers. Enrolling VIP/Elite Customers is a great way forAgents to build a residual income. For all reoccurringsubsequent orders placed by your personally enrolled VIPand Elite Customers, (and any VIP/Elite Customers referredby them) you will earn 20-25% of the BV.*20% Star through Executive25% Bronze and AboveYou must qualify by either having 4 Active VIP and/or EliteCustomers who place an order of 49.99 per month, or 200TPV* in a 12 week rolling cycle.10 Active VIP and/or Elite Customers, who purchase 49.99or more in each calendar month, qualify you for the pooland give you one share.SEACRET allocates 2% of total VIP and Elite Customer salesvolume* into a global pool each month. You earn anadditional share for every 5 additional VIP and/or EliteCustomers you enroll and maintain each month. Themore VIP and/or Elite Customers you have the more sharesyou earn! Any of your personally enrolled Customers withtheir own VIP and/or Elite Customers count for you too!VIP or Elite Customers/ Share Shares101152203254305 5. so on4) ENROLL 4 AND PAY NO MOREWant to receive products for FREE? Enroll 4 and Pay NoMore! This incentive is available as a way to quickly growyour VIP and Elite Customer base by implementing apowerful referral plan. Agents earn 25% in product creditfrom the total sales of their VIP and/or Elite Customerspending total each calendar month when they have 4Active VIP and/or Elite Customers who purchase 49.99 ormore each in a calendar month.Example:**Bonus Buy is available with a first time Bundle only4 VIP or Elite x 49.99/mo 199.96 total dollars spentx 25% *200 TPV or 4 Active VIP and/or Elite Customers must be achieved to release VIP and/or Elite Customercommission. VIP and/or Elite Customer Commission will be accumulated for up to 12 weeks as long as anAgent remains Active until qualifications are met. Does not include first-time orders.4Every 5 VIP/Elite Customers getsyou an additional share!*Participating countries only.49.99 in Product Credit!

Team CommissionTHE POWER OF 21The SEACRET Agent Compensation Plan is simple. It is builton the Power of 2. Unlike many plans that require focus ona multitude of groups to succeed, our system requires thatyou focus on building just two teams. You get paid on yourentire team infinitely. This means there is NO generation capto your potential income.5 Ways to Build Wealth3How does it work?Simply share your SEACRET with two of your friends, family orcolleagues, and encourage them to do the same. Whenyou enroll 2 Agents and help them enroll 2 Agents, you arenow building a team. Duplicate this process over and overagain and watch your volume GROW. There is no limit tothe size your team can grow.YOU1The SEACRET Agent Compensation Plan is based on twolegs with a 1/3, 2/3 payout. As a Star, you earn 10% of thelesser volume team. As a Bronze or Above Agent, you earn15% of the lesser volume team. Team Commission BinaryMatches are paid in increments of 500 in lesser leg volumethat match against 1,000 in greater leg volume. When abinary match is paid, the volume is deducted from the leftand right team volumes in a 1/3, 2/3 ratio. For example, if aTeam Commission is paid on a lesser leg volume of 3,000,then you deduct 3,000 from the lesser leg and 6,000 fromthe greater leg. The remaining volume that has not beenmatched carries over to the next period.Agents can earn up to 25,000* per weekwith this one income stream alone!* In order to earn Team Commission, you must be an Active Agent (35 PV or 200 TPV) and Qualified(One personally enrolled Active Agent on both your Left and Right Team)5

5 Ways to Build Wealth4Leadership Check MatchQualified Bronze Agents and above are eligible to receive Leadership Check Match. This is anUNLIMITED stream of income for you, by simply helping other Agents achieve success. Earn up to20% on the Team Commission of Agents that you help achieve Bronze Rank or Above within yourenrollment tree. You can earn on up to 4 generations* of Bronze Agents and Above.TEAM 10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%234As a SEACRET Agent,success comes when you helpothers fulfill their hopes and dreams.6*Each Bronze or Above Agent down your enrollmenttree line counts as one generation. 2015,

Performance BonusesRank Advancement & Drive Your Dream BonusestWhen you achieve the rank of Star Agent, you will be eligible to receive the first of many one time RankAdvancement Bonuses. Every time you advance, your bonus becomes larger. Rank Advancement Bonuses startat 15, with the potential to reach up to 1,000,000!RankRank Advancement: 1 atinumRubyDiamondBlue DiamondRed DiamondCrownCrown Royale 15 200 (First 28 Days) or 100Exclusive Executive Wrist Watch 250 or iPad500 1,000 1,500 3,000 4,000 7,000 40,000** 100,000** 250,000** 1,000,000**Drive Your Dream: Every 4 Weeks* 5006008001,2001,4001,6002,0003,0004,0006,000Fast Start BonusesSuperstar Builder BonusesWith Every Agent that you personally enroll with one of our Agent Starter Sets you will earna Fast Start Bonus up to 300!Qualified Royale Agents and above earn a 100 Superstar Builder Bonus witheach Superstar promoted within their first 28 days in their "ROYALE" openline!Starter SetBasicPremiumSpecial AgentProfessional Active/Star15.0050.00150.00150.00Superstar & Higher 30.00 100.00 300.00 300.005 Ways to Build Wealth5 100Royale Openline is your entire enrollment tree leg down to the next Royale agent in your organization*For Agents to recieve the Drive Your Dream Bonus they must remain qualified at the specifc rank indicated in the table for four consecutive weekly pay periods. As you advancethrough the ranks, in order to maintain the higher bonus, you must be paid as the higher rank for four consecutive pay periods. If Agents fall out of qualification they must maintainthe rank for four consecutive pay periods to requalify for the bonus.**Blue Diamond and Above bonuses are paid in weekly installments.tAll bonus amounts are in USD.7

Your First Steps to Success5 Ways to Build WealthSEACRET AGENTRank Achievement Requirements:· Pay the 49 registration fee and complete the SEACRET Agent ApplicationNote: The 49 registration-fee is annualRANKING SYSTEMACTIVE AGENTRank Achievement Requirements:· Minimum of 35 PV or 200 TPVSTAR AGENT (QUALIFIED)Rank Achievement Requirements:· Active· Personally enrolled active Agent on the left and right teamBonus IncentiveSPECIAL AGENT QUALIFIED· Be a Qualified Agent*· Accumulate 900 TPV in first four weeks· Qualifies you for 15% Team Commission, first generationLeadership Checkmatch and 25% VIP and Elite CustomerCommission for your first 12 weeksSUPERSTAR AGENTRank Achievement Requirements:300 Total Personal Volume (TPV) or 4 Active VIP and/or Elite CustomersPersonally enrolled Agent on your left team with 300 TPVPersonally enrolled Agent on your right team with 300 TPVYOU300 TPVMaintenance Requirements:ActiveQualified300 New Volume on your Left Team, 300 New Volume on your Right Teamwithin 4 weeks300 TPVor4 VIP/ELITE300 TPVEXECUTIVE AGENTRank Achievement Requirements:Personally qualified as a Superstar Agent1,000 New Sales Volume within 4 weeks on Left Team1,000 New Sales Volume within 4 weeks on Right Team1,000LGVYOUMaintenance Requirements:ActiveQualified1,000 New Volume on your Left Team, 1,000 New Volume on your Right Teamwithin 4 weeks1,000RGVQualifiedSuperstarBRONZE AGENTRank Achievement & Maintenance Requirements:YOUPersonally qualified as a Superstar Agent2,000 New Volume on your Left Team, 2,000 New Volume on your Right Teamwithin 4 weeks2,000LGV2,000RGVQualifiedSuperstarROYALE AGENTRank Achievement & Maintenance Requirements:8Personally qualified as a Superstar AgentQualified Star Agent on your left team (enroller tree)Qualified Star Agent on your right team (enroller tree)5,000 New Volume on your Left Team, 5,000 New Volume on your Right Teamwithin 4 weeks*To be a Qualified Agent you must have an Active, personally enrolled Agent on both your left and right teams5,000LGVYOUSTAR5,000RGVQualifiedSuperstarSTAR

Achievement QualificationsRANK ADVANCE THROUGH GROUP VOLUME*RankLeftRightBronze Agent2,000 BV2,000 BVRoyale Agent5,000 BV Star5,000 BV StarSilver Agent8,000 BV Superstar8,000 BV SuperstarGold Agent14,000 BV Bronze14,000 BV BronzePlatinum Agent20,000 BV Bronze20,000 BV BronzeRuby Agent40,000 BV Silver40,000 BV SilverDiamond Agent80,000 BV Gold80,000 BV GoldBlue Diamond Agent200,000 BV Platinum200,000 BV PlatinumRed Diamond Agent400,000 BV Ruby400,000 BV RubyCrown Agent800,000 BV Diamond800,000 BV DiamondCrown Royale Agent2,000,000 BV Blue Diamond2,000,000 BV Blue DiamondAchievement QualificationsAgent Rank RequirementsNote: Achievement Ranks from Bronze Agent to Crown Royale Agent are dependent upon being Active and Qualified. Rank Advancement leadership requirements must be in the Agent’s enroller tree.*4 week total volume9

SEACRET Agent NotesSEACRET Agent Notes:10 2015,

SEACRET Agent Code WordsPersonal Volume (PV) - The sum of BV over the last 4 weeks (current previous 3)from an Agent’s personal transactions. PV does NOT include BV from VIP/EliteCustomers. See Total Personal Volume (TPV).Total Personal Volume (TPV) - The sum of an Agent’s BV from VIP/Elite Customers,Customers, and personal purchases at the Agent wholesale price.Group Volume (GV) - There are two (2) accumulations of Group Volume:1. Left Group Volume (LGV): The accumulation of BV from all product ordersplaced by Customers, VIP Customers, and Agents that are placed in thedownline of the Agent’s Left Leg (in the Placement Tree, excluding personallyenrolled Customers and VIP Customers). An Agent must be Active toaccumulate LGV.2.Right Group Volume (RGV): The accumulation of BV from all product ordersplaced by Customers, VIP Customers, and Agents that are placed in thedownline of the Agent’s Right Leg (in the Placement Tree, excluding personallyenrolled Customers and VIP Customers). An Agent must be Active toaccumulate RGV.Right Leg - The Right Leg comprises the first-level Agents on the Right side of theplacement tree and their entire downline.Legs - There are two (2) types of Legs:1. Enrollment Tree Leg: A personally-enrolled Agent (in the Enroller Tree) and theirentire downline. An Agent can have an unlimited number of legs in theEnroller Tree.2. Binary Tree Leg: A first-level Agent (in the Binary Tree) and their entiredownline. An Agent can have a maximum of two legs in the Binary Tree (i.e.,the Left Leg and the Right Leg).Lesser-Volume Leg - The Left Leg or Right Leg that has the lesser amount of BV in agiven period. Also see Greater-Volume Leg.Qualified - An Agent who is Active and has two (2) personally enrolled Agentsthat are each Active. One (1) must be placed in the Left Leg and one (1) must beplaced in the Right Leg (i.e. in the binary tree).Rank - A title assigned to an Agent that is based on the Agent’s performance.Replenishment Program - A service provided by SEACRET that automatically shipsproducts on a repeating 4-week basis to Agents and VIP Customers.Upline - There are two (2) upline organizations:Active - An Agent is considered Active for a specific week if they have at least 35PV or 200 TPV within four (4) consecutive weeks.1. Enrollment Tree Upline: An Agent’s Enroller and their Enroller and so on until thebeginning of the Enrollment Tree is reached.Agent - A person or business entity that is enrolled in SEACRET2. Placement Tree Upline: An Agent’s Placement Sponsor and their PlacementSponsor and so on until the beginning of the Placement Tree is reached.Agents are entered in the database with their own user identification numberMay enroll other Agents into the SEACRETMay obtain Customers and VIP CustomersAgents are eligible to earn all compensation incentives (i.e. commission)Active Replenishment - A Replenishment order that has at least 35 BV, or for VIPCustomers, at least 49.99 in value.Downline - There are two (2) downline organizations:Glossary of TerminologyBonus Volume (BV) - A value assigned to all commissionable services that is used todetermine Active status, ranks and to calculate incentives. BV is a generic term forall point volume in the system. PV and GV are types of BV.Week - A weekly Commission Period begins Monday morning at 12:00 AM andends the following Sunday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.Openline - Your enrollment tree organization down to the next agent that is atyour rank or higher.Rank-Specific Openline - When a rank is indicated before the term "openline", thisrefers to the enrollment tree organization down to the next Agent at that specificrank.1. Enroller Tree Downline: All first-level (i.e. front-line) Agents in the Enroller Treeand their first-level Agents, and so on, until the end of the Enroller Tree isreached.2. BinaryTree Downline: All first-level (i.e. front-line) Agents in the BinaryTree andtheir first-level Agents, and so on, until the end of the BinaryTree is reached.Enroller - An Agent that introduces and signs up another Agent. An Enroller is the firstupline Agent of any given Agent in the Enroller Tree.Greater-Volume Leg - The Left Leg or Right Leg that has the greater amount of GVin a given period. Also see Lesser-Volume Leg.Left Leg - The Left Leg comprises the first-level Agent on the Left side of theplacement tree and their entire downline.11

Thousands of people just like you are living their dreams with SEACRET.Secure your future today, (877) 680-9622.3344 E. Camelback Rd.Phoenix, AZ 2015 SEACRET Direct LLC US US EN AG CompensationPlan 150304

1) WOW BONUS First Order Bonus Earn 20-25% on the dollar amount of every new VIP/Elite Customer first time order. Bonus Buys Earn 30% on the total order of Bonus Buys with a first time Bundle order! Get paid in four different ways on your VIP/Elite Customer purchases 20% Star through Executive 25% Bronze and Above WOW Bonus Residual Commissions

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