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FLEET OPERATIONS CONTROL CENTERU. S. Pacific FleetFPO San Francisco 96617DSD:C3C2: ly5231Serl j April '19From:To:Commanding Officer, Fleet Operations Control Center, U. S.Pacific FleetDistribution ListSubj:FOCCPAC TR-46, Allied Routing Indicator Publication MaintenanceSystem (ACP 117); forwarding ofEnel:(1) FOCCPAC TR-46 of April 19701Enclosure (1) is forwarded for information and retention.2.FOCCPAC TR-46 supercedes FOCCPAC TR-4 which is hereby canceled0. V. CLARKBy directionDistribution:CNO (OP-35)CINCPAC (J02C)CINCPACFLTDCAPACNAVCOMMSTA HONONAVCOSSACT WASH DCNAVCOSSACT PACOMDETLANTCOMOPCONCENDDC(20)FILE LIBRARY(10)

PRÉFACÉThe Allied Routing Indicator Publication (ACP 117) Maintenance Systemwas developed at Fleet Operations Control Center, Pacificóte providean automated svstem capable of maintaining the ACP 117 The programproved highly advantageous by reducing manual labor, transcribed errors,and delays in effecting changes to the basic publication.The Initiftl concept and program were devised by ’-JG Claude CARPENTER,USNR, for the IBM 1401 computer and the program was placed in an opera tional status for delivery of computer printed pages to local commandsin December 1962,,The current version adapted to CDC 1604/160A computers, was written hyLTJO James ESTES, USNR. This document supersedes FOCCPAC TR-4 of March1964 which is hereby canceled.i

¿"ITABLE OF CONTENTSPrefacePageiTable of ContentsSection I1. II2. GENERAL DESCRIPTIONProgram FunctionsSource LanguageClassification of ProgramEquipment Used1-11-11-11-1- PROGRAMMER/USER MANUALProgram DesignFile Tape FormatCard FormatsDescription of Jovial TablesProcedures called in programPublications Clerk Functions2-12-12-22-42-52-7Section III - OPERATORS MANUAL3. UsedDescription of InputDescription of Output3-J3-13-1ii


SECTION IGENERAL DESCRIPTION1.1PROGRAM FUNCTIONSProgram F12C001, Allied Routing Indicator Publication (ACP 117) Mainte nance System, was developed to automate the manual process of generat ing, updating and editing the ACP 117.Basically, the system generatesprinted pages for the entire publication for distrihution to all localusers. Changes are then processed weekly and copies of only thosepages on which such changes have been made are sent to the same usersas replacement pages for their ACP 117 publication.In essence, onechange serves all users. Fundamentally, ACP consists of two elements:1) ACP 117 MASTER. This file, a reproduction on magnetic tapeof the entire ACP 117, consists of approximately 550 records, eachrecord containing A8 lines (one page) of the publication.)ACP 117 ProgramPhase 1 (Control), This section of the program interpretscontrol ilelds and assigns inputs to Phase ?. or Phase 3.Phase 2 (Update). This section accepts change cards andprocesses them against the ACP 117 file.Phase 3 (Edit). This section can, as requested, printeither the entire file or only those pages to which changes have beenmade.1.2SOURCE LANGUAGEF12C001 is a 1604A computer program written in JOVIAL J-3, a compilerlanguage developed for use on the OPCON computer system.1.3CLASSIFICATION OF PROGRAMAll data used and the program are unclassified.1.4EQUIPMENT USEDThe program operates on a 1604A computer modified for the OPCON centersystem and tM tapes generated are printed on a 160A computer similarlymodified. The following peripheral devices are used for the purposeindicated :DEVICE1402 Card ReaderMagnetic TapeMagnetic TapeMagnetic TapeMagnetic TapeMagnetic TapeMagnetic TapeFILE 1DESCRIPTIONInput Change CardsInput ACP 117 File TapeOutput ACP 117 File TapeOutput Change TapeMaster Edit TapeUser Edit TapeBinary Program Tape


*SECTION IIPROGRAMMEE/USER MANUAL2.1PROGRAM DESIGN2.1.1 The ACP 117 Maintenance System consists of the ACP 117 publica tion on a tape against which transactions are made in the form ofchange cards. Through the use of control cards, a control programdetermines type of runs and outputs required. Changes are enteredin the form of input change cards. The permissible options are asfollows, where run mode is used only as a designating term for eachallowable combination:MODESFUNCTIONSMODE 1MODE 2MODE 3UPDATEADDPAGEEDIT2.1.2 The ACP 117 program is divided into three separate phases:PHASE 1 - Control and input processingPHASE 2-UpdatePHASE 3-EditPHASE 1 (Control). The purpose of PHASE 1 is to read allchanges and edit cards, store them in the appropriate table andsort the change cards.PHASE 2 (Update). The purpose of PHASE 2 is to process allchange cards against the master file and produce the new updatedmaster.PHASE 3 (Edit) , The purpose of PHASE 3 is to edit the masterfile onto MASCHG. This phase puts the heading and page numbers on eachpage. The new master is edited onto MASCHG or USECHG depending on thecontrol card .2.2FILE TAPE FORMATThe ACP 117 file tape is composed of five sections numbered 0 to A,with each section having a different format except for columns 1-6.In all sections, the record number is contained in columns 1 - 7 inthe following manner:COLUMNSDATA12—4Section numberPage number within the sectionA if needed in adding pagesLine number56-72-1

The remaining information in each section is as follows:SECTION 08-910-76BlankAny requited informationSECTION 110-1619-7778-79Routing indicatorStation and locationChange numberSECTION 210-A647-4052-5760-6669-7678-79Location - Activity - FormationFacilityNormal routingCrypto routingSpecial routingChange numberSECTION 31421-3239-4959-7078-79Geographical area codeAir Force routing indicatorsArmy routing indicatorsNavy routing indicatorsChange numberSECTION 48-1719-5253-5961-6769-7678-792.3Short titleLong title and geographical locationNormal routingCrypto routingSpecial routingChange numberCARD FORMATS2.3.1 Input Change Card, The basic input to F12C001 is the changecard.Its purpose is to change records on the master file and itscomposition is identical to the ACP 117 file formats described Inparagraph B above. The record number (first six columns) is the keyitem for each record and determines the record that is to be changed.The new information to be inserted is punched in columns 8 - 80 inaccordance with paragraph B above. The input change cards do not haveto be sorted prior to loading since PHASE 1 of the ACP Program «nrtsall input. To delete a record, only the record number is punched;the remainder of the card is blank.2-2

*2,3.2 Edit Control Card. The EDIT card is used to control output, whenlisting the publication or change pages. The following format isused :çç ium DATAUPDATEADDPAGEUSERPUBMASTERPUBCLEANUPDELETE PAGEAUTODIN2.3.3MC/SSEC Control Cardsa. The Master Control/Suh-System Executive Control (MC/SSEC)system used in the FOCCPAC Computer Center retires additional controlcards to run any program, namely, JOB (J) , TASF (T) , an J 1 J cards. The contents of these cards are listed below:(PRASE 1MC/SSEC only):DATACOLUMNSJOB CARDJ(Priority 21)UACP 117F12C001(Requestor's name)1M0113-457-1215-2123-2729-32TASK CARDT(Any task name)10103013-1225-30FILE CARDS123456789COLUMN1 3-4 5-7 9 15-16 01/90849-5062-633002020207

M AND F. CARDSFollowing the file cards are the beginning and end of file cards for theCRI (card reader) file cards. The following is the format and order ofthese cards:COLUMNS1-8.2.416-30MACP1170101/908(control card here)EACP1170101/908MACP1170102/908(blank card)EACP1170102/908DESCRIPTION OF JOVIAL TABLES2.4.1TABLE TYPERUNLength - 1 entryPhase Created - PHASE 2Phase Used - PHASE 3Description - Table is used in processing the information in thequery card. It controls the type of run to be made.2.4.2TABLE UPDATELength - Variable:maximum of 999 entries; NENT set at constructionPhase Created - PHASE 1Phase Used - PHASE 2Description - Contains all change cards. This table is created,sorted and is used in processing against the master file in theUPDATE process.2.4.3TABLE PUBPAGELength - 49 entriesPhase Created - PHASE 2Phase Used - PHASE 1Description - This table is used when processing the changes inTable UPDATE with the master file. This table will contain onerecord of the master file.2.4.4TABLE WHAT0NELength - 49 entriesPhase Created - PHASE 2Phase Used - PHASE 3Description - This table is used when publishing the MASCHG, USECHG,or USEFTAPE.It contains the new master file.2-4

2.4.5TABLE PAGFSNEWLength - 20 entriesPhase Created - PHASE 2Phase Used - PHASE 3Description - This table is used when publishing each new pagein the new master.2.4.6TABLE WINGSLength - 13 entriesPhase Created - PHASE 2Phase Used - PHASE 3Description - This table is used to set up and put out the properheadings for the required publication.2.5PROCEDURES CALLED IN PROGRAM2.5.1PROCEDURE SORTEMType - Close subroutineFunction - Procedure SORTEM sorts the change cards inTable UPDATE. The key item is RECORD NUMBER.Phase used - PHASE 22.5.2PROCEDURE CONTROLType - Close subroutineFunction - Procedure control reads the contents of the query%ard into table TYPERUNPhase used - PHASE 12.5.3PROCEDURE PAGEADDTvpe - Close subroutineFunction - Adds new pages, blank, when records overflow agiven page of output.Phase used - PHASE 22.5.4PRi ' EPURE READACPType - Close subroutineFunction - Reads the old ACP master into table PUB PAGE.Phase used - PHASE 1

2.5.5PROCEDURE UPMASTERType - Close subroutineFunction - Updates the old master with the data submittedPhase Used - PHASE 22.5.6PROCEDURE ADDRECType - Close subroutineFunctin - Adds the record to the ACP master.Phase Used - PHASE 22.5.7PROCEDURE PUBLISHType - Close subroutineFunction - Publishes the new masterPhase Used - PHASE 32.5.8PROCEDURE HEADERType - Close subroutineFunction - Puts proper headers on new ACP masterPhase Used - PHASE 32.5.9PROCEDURE FILECHECKType - Close subroutineFunction - Checks for EOF.Phase Used - PHASES 2 and 32.5.10 PROCEDURE BOMBOUTType - Close subroutineFunction - Processes abnormal termsPhase Used - PHASES 1, 2, or 32-6

2.bPUBLICATIONS CLERK FUNCTIONS2.6.1 The Publications Clerk at FOCCPAC is responsible for thefollowing (see page 1-1):1)Maintenance of the ACP 117 File (data base)2)Maintenance of records outlined in paragraph G.2 below.3) Transforming changes promulgated by ALCOM message intocards punched in accordance with format described in paragraph B.A) Submission of change cards, edit cards, and all controlcards to the Computer Center (see paragraph C for formats).5)Checking of all printed changes for accuracy.2.6.2 Recovery Procedure. In order to recover from a machine mal function, the Publication Clerk must maintain the iollowing records:1) Production Log. The production log provides a history ofeach computer run made against the file.Each entry will include:(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)Date run submittedSerial number of runTape number of the old file (ACPXX11).Tape number of the new file (ACPYY11).Comments as required.2) MCS On-Tjne Printouts. A file of MCS on-line printoutsteach marked with the serial number of the run, shall be maintainedfor reconstruction of updating events.To prevent the total destruction of the ACP 117 File, four successivesets of the master file (ACP117MASTR908) shall be saved. A masterfile tape accidentally destroyed can be reconstructed by performinga routine update with the most recent of the four ACP 117 tapes.2-7


*SECTION IIIOPERATORS MANUAL3.1.Classification :UNCLASSIFIED3.2.Equipment :1402 Card Reader1604A160 A6 Tape Drives (excluding system master tapes)3.3.Files UsedFile Name3.4.FCNDeviceDescriptionInput Change/Fdit CardsInput ACP 117 FileOutput ACP 117 FileOutput changesOutput if modes 2 or 5 usedOutput changes (includingrecord numberBinary Program 1402 CRMag TapeMag TapeDisc PrintMag TapeDisc PrintACPI01Master DiscDe s crlpt1on of InputCard input is used for changes and edits. The old ACP 117 File(ACPXX11) is input from magnetic tape.The input card deck will becomposed of the following cards:Begininning-of-fileEDIT or EDITMS (Optional)Change CardsEnd-of-file3.5.Description of OutputThe output is in OPCON.3-1

CRI (card reader) file cards. The following is the format and order of these cards: COLUMNS 1-8 16-30 . MACP1170101/908 (control card here) . EACP1170101/908 . MACP1170102/908 (blank card) . EACP1170102/908 2.4 DESCRIPTION OF JOVIAL TABLES 2.4.1 TABLE TYPERUN Leng

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