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USC Marshall School of BusinessAcademic Information ServicesExcel 2007 Cheat SheetFind Excel 2003 Commands in Excel 2007Use this handout to find where Excel 2003 commands are located in Excel 2007. It consists of the following threesections:Navigation tips about getting around in Excel 2007.New location of buttons from the old Standard and Formatting toolbars.New locations of the old menu items.NAVIGATION TIPSTabbed RibbonsThe old menu system and toolbar buttons have been combined into stationary tabs with buttons on them.Click a tab to view a differentset of buttons.Double click a tab to hide all buttons. Doubleclick a tab again to view the buttons.Click theMicrosoft buttonin the upper leftto display thismenu Special TabsSelecting objects such ascharts and PivotTables willcause new tabs to appear.These tabs contain buttonswhich pertain to the type ofobject you have selected.Double clickingthe object willmake the tabappear ANDdisplay itsbuttons. Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 1 of 13

Quickly Browse Through TabsIf you hover your mouse within the ribbon area andspin your mouse wheel, you can quickly scroll throughthe tabs.Split ButtonsNote that somebuttons have twohalves. The top partissues its mostcommon use whilethe bottom partbrings up a list ofcommands.Accessing More OptionsSome sections on theribbon have a “More”arrow which will bring upwindow with more options.Most of these you haveprobably seen before.Right Click for Quick CommandsIf you right click an area or object in Excel, you will get a pop-upmenu and usually a small formatting tool bar. The pop-up menucommands will change to reflect the area or type of object youright clicked.Keyboard ShortcutsMost shortcut keys still work (for example, Control S saves).However if you used to navigate the menu by pressing the ALTkey, the letters or numbers you have to press now will be adifferent sequence. Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 2 of 13

The Quick Access ToolbarThis is the only customizable toolbar in Excel. You can add and removebuttons from it and if desired, move its location to below the ribbon ratherthan above.Adding Buttons to the Quick Access ToolbarThere are several methods of adding buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar:Right click any button on any tab and select“Add to Quick Access Toolbar”.Click the drop down arrow on its right andthen click the command you wish toappear on the toolbar. Click it again toremove the command.To view all available buttonsand organize the QuickAccess Toolbar:a. Right click any button.b. Click “Customize QuickAccess Toolbar”.c. Select an icon from thelist then click the “Add”button.d. Organize the toolbar byusing the up/downarrows.Remove Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar1. Right click the button to be removed.2. Select “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”.Move the Quick Access Toolbar Below the RibbonThis will give you room for more buttonswithout cutting off your file on the title bar.1. Right click any button on the Quick AccessToolbar.2. Select “Show Quick Access Toolbar Belowthe Ribbon”. Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 3 of 13

NEW LOCATION OF BUTTONS FROM THE OLDSTANDARD AND FORMATTING TOOLBARSStandard & Formatting Toolbar Buttons – Excel 2007 LocationExcel 2003AlignHome -AutosumFormulas -BordersHome -Cell BackgroundHome -ChartsInsert Cut, Copy, PasteHome Drawing ToolsInsert – ShapesFont ColorFont Size, typeface, alignment, color,bold, italic, underline, borders, etc.Home -Home FormatHome Format PainterHome -FunctionsIndent Marshall School of Business - USCHome -8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 4 of 13

Standard & Formatting Toolbar Buttons – Excel 2007 LocationExcel 2003Merge and CenterHome NewthenOpenthenPermission (Info Rights Mgmt.)thenthenPrintthenPrint PreviewthenthenRedoOn Quick Access Toolbar:ResearchReview SaveOn Quick Access Toolbar:SortHome -Also under DATASpellingReview UndoOn Quick Access Toolbar:Zoom Marshall School of Business - USCLower right corner of screen8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 5 of 13

NEW LOCATIONS OF THE OLD MENU COMMANDSMENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003Add-InsLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Add-Ins tabArrangeView –AutoCorrect Options---AutoformatHome CellsRowsColumnsWorksheetCellsHome Home – then any of the expand arrows:ChartInsert –ClearHome -thenClosethenCommentComments Marshall School of Business - USCReview –Review – Show All Comments or Show/Hide Comment8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 6 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003LOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Compare and Merge WorkbooksSee Review Compare Side by SideView Conditional FormattingHome ConsolidateData –CopyHome Custom ViewView – Custom ViewsCustomize--DeleteHome DiagramInsert Error CheckingFile Search(Diagrams have been replaced with “SmartArt”)Formulas ?FillHome Filter – Advanced FilterthenData –Filter – AutofilterData – Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 7 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003FindFormLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Home Discontinued?Formula AuditingFormulas Formula BarView – Formula BarFreeze PanesView –Full ScreenView – Full ScreenFunctionFormulas -(Also under Home then down arrow:)Goal SeekData – What If Analysis – Goal SeekGoto / Goto SpecialHome Group and OutlineData – Outline area Header / FooterPage Layout orInsert –(View – Normal to get out).HideView –HyperlinkInsert Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 8 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003Import External DataLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Data – Get External Data areaListInsert –(Excel “List” has been renamed to “Excel Table”)MacroView –Move or Copy SheetRight click the sheet’s nameNameFormulas – Create from SelectionNewthenNew WindowView –NormalView – NormalObjectOnline CollaborationOpenInsert No longer Integrated?thenOptions Marshall School of Business - USC- Then look under the different links on the left.Note some Calculation options are under the “Formulas” tab:8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 9 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003Page BreakLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Page Layout – Breaks Page Break PreviewView –PasteHome -(upper half of button)Paste SpecialHome -(Lower half of button) – Paste SpecialPermissionthenthenPictureInsert Pivot Table and PivotChart ReportInsert –PrintthenthenPrint Area – Clear Print AreaPrint Area – Set Print AreaPage Layout -–Print PreviewthenthenPropertiesthenthenProtectionReview Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 10 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003Refresh DataLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Data –ReplaceHome ResearchReview Row – AutofitRow – Hide/UnhideRow – HeightColumn – AutofitColumn – Hide/UnhideColumn – WidthSheet – RenameSheet – Hide/UnhideSheet – BackgroundSheet – Tab colorHome – Format SavethenorSave AsthenSave as Web Pagethenthen change the type to “Web Page”.Save WorkspaceView – Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 11 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003LOCATION IN EXCEL 2007ScenariosData – What If Analysis – Scenario Manager Send TothenShare WorkbookReview Shared Workspace--SortSpeechData –Unable to Locate in ExcelSpellingReview SplitSplit – Remove SplitStatus BarStyleView –View Right click the Status Bar to access Status Bar content options.Home SubtotalsData –SymbolInsert Synchronous ScrollingView – Synchronous ScrollingTableTask Pane Marshall School of Business - USCData – Data Table No longer exists8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 12 of 13

MENU ITEM IN EXCEL 2003Text to ColumnsToolbarsLOCATION IN EXCEL 2007Data –No longer existsTrack ChangesReview – Track ChangesUnhideView –ValidationData –XMLData –ZoomView thenor lower right corner of screen: Marshall School of Business - USC8/15/12By Wayne WilmethPage 13 of 13

Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet Find Excel 2003 Commands in Excel 2007 Use this handout to find where Excel 2003 commands are located in Excel 2007. It consists of the following three sections: Navigation tips about getting around in Excel 2007. New location of buttons from the old Standard and

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